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Detroit Actors Support Black Restaurant Week – Episode 1: Nacks with John Criswell

Yo, what’s going on beautiful people this this this this This is a vlog about Detroit. Hey, yo yo, wait up man I’m here with my boy John John was going on man. What’s happening? What’s happening? It’s a fellow actor. We’re about to go to the griot music lounge. It’s a poor black restaurant week here in Detroit, Michigan We actually just ran into these birds and John was like yo, let’s hop on one and we could take it to that actual restaurant spot. So that’s what we did I’m trying to film me riding action. I’ma try right now Let’s see what happens trying to ride it with one hand And you push this throttle but fuck you push this throttle and then you move and so I’m moving one This is this our third Street bar And then I’m the chimp mint hey somebody tell him that he don’t want to miss skee-ball Y’all go on the chip and what up, what I do in my fireworks walk the champ in basketball, you know I told y’all I was stepped before that was a step You know on the champion of following that I’m champion of skee-ball – somebody tell this man. He cannot beat me But you know what I own that I don’t talk. What are you doing talking out the side of his neck somebody doing okay? We’re gonna talk we is respected night. We really key bar. So for yourself Yeah, okay, let’s go grab some food man We finally found next It’s inside of the third Street bar. I’m actually here with the owner’s wife This is the owner’s wife She’s gonna be taking care of us today as far as our order. And yeah, I’m excited So could you tell us what you all are offering as far as the black restaurant week knows is it like a particular? Means on our menu which you see on our port over there we mostly do sliders House cut fries with various toppings a few other things as well, but we are often a restaurant week we’re doing your choice of two sliders a fry and then you also get a Little ticket to take up to the bar at certain bar Or a popsicle Okay, it’s it’s a little fast Okay Let’s get this this order going. Yeah. All right. We appreciate it. Thank you Thank You Kathleen So yeah, um This guy John is an actor some of y’all probably don’t know. I’m an actor as well So how did you get into acting man robbing boxing since 2008 2009? Maybe we were longer I don’t know did that bencher you into acting or how did that work out? Yeah, that bitch’ll music acting because I just entertaining people right? Doing a ring in the middle of a crowd, right? I just the entertainment part and then I went to college and I had to take an elective and both intro intro to acting Yeah, maybe that yeah, I think that was it and I had to do a play What a young lady and I didn’t know my lives But it’s like when I got on stage and goods like it was instant love and that was it. Who was this? What year 2011 but I didn’t a q2 2014 unit. Okay, and now you were working at the correct. Yep You’re a full-time for time working out because because God is good. I know amazing amazing amazing You’ve got anything coming up. I have a film short film coming out and my first ever Voice-over cartoon what? Yes best dope. Yes, is it gonna be like on network? So it’s gonna be on YouTube. It’s gonna be on you to a Cartoon connect they get over a million subscribers. That’s dope. This really doesn’t really belt mine I’m proud of you ma’am. And I’m looking to do some stuff like that to just graduating with my theatre degree I got into it when I was a teenager when I was around like 16 as far as like really trying to do productions and stuff. Okay. I got into some community theater I started doing lead roles with heart players. They were located in a Rosedale But now they’re located at the rep for theater on laaser Laaser, what do you say lost our last year last year? Lost sir mash and Grand River last year in Denver is Bella Street, LA SH. Er Wrong is not spelled LAX is la H ser la sir, oh Yeah, sure. Oh Okay, my man So I got into the acting scene through film and they would start to give me Lead roles after lead roles and I saw really found a passion for it and then I have left college for a little while But when I decided to go back I said, you know what I’m gonna go for acting I came back He said you got two years left knock off those two years and Here I am with a acting degree just graduated this past spring we Just ran into a fellow customer of this business this establishment. Your name is Brian Gregory, Brian Gregory He just told us that he is a graphic designer and we’re the mists of asking this random question. So you tell us Are you feeling school? I am NOT don’t you graduate in five years. Do you have student loans still huge? okay, so if Donald Trump offer to pay off your student loan and All you have to do was help build the wall What do you do? I would do a lot of stuff to remove the student can’t even really start my life as a 29 year old male He said no, I wouldn’t I would know Give me some I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t do it either All right, what he did it took me a second day like really you should really think about it But no I thought about it true, and we do a lot of bad things But I wouldn’t do but accept money from Trump to build a wall we have food now We have food That’s unfortunate that’s good So this is the chicken club chicken So So so charred I Taste the char a lot taste a little bit. This is the Philly cheese day I do like it though. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I do like it slimy and peasant. Call me move Looks like Oh, not dad, you know, is it you go switch around? No you guys gotta call your mama Try not to lick mop I guess it don’t matter. You know, you you gonna do it. I’ll do it. Cool. Oh This is really good, I’m not to try the chicken club. No aching I can’t imagine I can’t imagine it being that great if it doesn’t have bacon on it. Well, it is buddy it is Okay, so this is being shrimp po-boy with lettuce tomato cilantro male, oh It’s cilantro male not cilantro. Amnael, is that correct? Cilantro male so I’m looking at it. Mm-hmm, and it’s green on the inside Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm We just finished up eating food was excellent and I’m about to try and figure out how He can get whupped in this Skeebo, let’s get this game started. I want to show him how to play skee-ball I Want to show him that he is not going to win So I went and got me some shoes Why turn up mother put this camera down somewhere where y’all can see both of us. All right. Hold that phone Oh Boy come on in a row Miss Maggie got to after I got to the top It’s called warm-up Yeah, we’ve got to break this top. Obviously. It’s up one more time, right? All right tuning in Some other time when we get a blog together, so what can I find? Instagram out who the hell is John underscore John Criswell? The show so y’all check him out all his social media pump is content share it Like it comment let everybody know about a man and we always appreciate you. Thank you so much for watching Don’t forget to Like comment, subscribe and please share That is the best little support to me right now unless I want to give me money in Yeah, that’d be great in a sponsor below. We just having fun that I want to continue to bring you all great content So go ahead and have one today. See I’m sorry. I’m coming in from now in town and you should definitely check out. What stuck

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