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Devin Nunes Says Democrats Want Naked Pictures Of Trump

So yesterday there was obviously quite the
spectacle in Congress as a law makers spoke to a director of national intelligence Maguire
and Devin Nunez, one of the very first Republicans to go, decided to use his time to attack the
Democrats to say that the Democrats were drumming up yet another witch hunt, and oddly enough
that the Democrats want to get naked pictures of Donald Trump. Now, I wish, I wish I was exaggerating when
I said that, but unfortunately that is what Devin Nunez said on the record in Congress
during a congressional hearing about the president’s misconduct, Devin Nunez, the man who is suing
to parody Twitter accounts because they made fun of him. The man who lied about his wife being harassed
at school now is accusing democratic law makers of speaking to people in the Ukraine or according
to him who they thought were from the Ukraine about getting their hands on naked pictures
of the president of the United States. Now, some people think that Nunez is referring
to the pay tape mentioned in the Steele dossier that never materialized and likely does not
exist. But a tape is not a naked picture. It tapes the tape and I think Devin Nunez
is smart enough to know that. And uh, I have no idea what he’s talking about
with these naked pictures, but I’m gonna go ahead and remind Devin Nunez that nobody in
this country wants a naked picture of Donald Trump. Nobody. I’m pretty sure even his most hardcore supporters
would be like, yeah, no thanks. I don’t, I don’t need to see that. Not to mention the fact that stormy Daniels,
uh, did a fairly disgusting job of describing what a naked picture of Donald Trump would
look like. So we don’t need more than that, uh, description
that was, that was pretty jarring as it were. But nonetheless, what Nunez is doing here
is he’s creating this straw man argument. He’s trying to say, look how insane and extreme
the Democrats are because they even want naked pictures of Donald Trump. Well, we don’t want naked pictures. Donald Trump. As I said, nobody wants naked pictures of
Donald Trump, but he’s leading us down a path of ridiculousity. I guess because the level of ridiculousness
in that statement is off the charts show. If he can distract people with this stupid
argument, force people to argue the stupid point that no, we don’t want naked pictures
of the president. Anything he can do to distract people away
from the real issue at hand, which is the Donald Trump asked a foreign power to interfere
in the election. Whatever he can do to get people to not talk
about that is a win for Devin Nunez, but I don’t think Nunez understands the gravity
of this situation here. I don’t think he realizes that the public
is not going to be misled. The public understands the Democrats aren’t
the bad guys here and the public understands by large margins that uh-oh the president
very clearly broke the law in something needs to happen. Nobody is being distracted by your naked photo
comment, Devin, maybe you should focus more on those ridiculous lawsuits you have filed
and less time on wasting everyone’s time in the house of representatives.


  1. andre bouchard Author

    Nunes credibility is under zero on any subject after been out to give the White House talking points from House investigation on the Russian 2016 meddling election.

  2. Ian Tan Author

    Actually, somebody would definitely like to have a full blown, corner-to-corner wallpaper of Donald Trump; Donald Trump. Remember the shopped Times covers he has?

  3. Sean Masami Shimamoto Author

    He’s referring to two Russian pranksters offering naked Trump pictures to Adam Schiff…but Schiff referred it to the FBI, as he was supposed to do. I don’t like Schiff, but you gotta give credit where credit is due.

  4. Willow Nighthawk Author

    LMAO…I thought I had misheard Nunez at the hearing. I thought he was drunk. Maybe he was and it takes that now to defend tRump with a straight face. Thanks for clearing that up for me

  5. horseywater Author

    Lying to congress is a felony for everyone else: it should be ( and would be on a real planet ) a felony for congress men and women to give false testimony in open session even if they're not under oath. There is a reason why " bearing false witness " is one of only ten commandments.

  6. Edith Woods Author

    No he wants nake picture of trump.nasty ,sick fool no we would go into shock, all that old a** skin balls hanging to the floor, skin looking like rubber , what want to see that min men. Oh this make me sick just thinking about it

  7. Fotina L Author

    sure, but strictly to point and laugh. 🙂 he should keep those pictures on his super secret triple password protected drive where no one will ever have access to such horrors.

  8. tom patterson Author

    devin nunez is a sick puppy he's just upset as many times as trump has seen his ass he's never been offered a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. they say this and that about a snitch. devin nunez is a snitch. devin nunez really wants to see Trump naked you know the old Story the friend of mine wants to see Trump naked it's really devin nunez who wants to see Trump naked

  9. Joan Carlson Author

    How about trumptryong to stop vapor smoking. I wonder how much the tabacco industry has offered him. He is all about money. That pig wants to cut snap benifits for school lunches. He really is a pig, isn t he?

  10. Roberto Tamesis Author

    You will only confirm what psychologist have long suspected " for the lack in size they compensate in any boastourous activity and often it's lie.

  11. waita minute Author

    Why is Naked Pictures of Trump even on Devin Nunes mind in the first place ? Does Devin have a Mushroom fetish ? Does Devin want to compare Trumps Mushroom size to His ? What is Devin's Perverted problem and fascination with wanting to see Trump Naked ? Is Devin thinking about approaching Melania to slide her a little on the side ? I think Devin needs to be investigated for thinking about Trump naked for pete sakes.

  12. 4 YOU Author

    what Trump did was light the fuse…and that lit fuse is sizzling and speeding down and away to full blown impeachment..and there is nothing that Nunes or anybody can do to stop the final destination…Of Donald Trump.

  13. Kaiju-Z Author

    The nude Trump pics thing is related to an attempt by Russian comedians to con Adam Schiff for their show and how that fell apart for them, I believe?

  14. Neil Davies Author

    I'd love every Democrat congressman to stand up one by one and say "I don't want naked pictures of Donald Trump", then sit down. Every single one of them. Nunes will be proven a liar again.

  15. Physique0 Author

    I want to see the naked pictures of Trump where the Russian callgirls piss and shit in his toilet groveling mouth and he eats it. This OBVIOUSLY is what Putin has over him.

  16. Jean Arey Author

    Maybe it’s Nunes who is in love with Trump and wants to see him naked and is projecting on us! He seems to be the one from the beginning who lies and lies for Trump and acts like a puppy around him. Please love me Trump!

  17. Phillip Pahl Author

    When I heard this it sounded like a child grabbing straws and making up excuses. Right now the republican party is thrashing out like a injured animal and there will be more crazy stuff like this.

  18. Depcom Author

    LMAO! So much crime. So much corruption. So much weirdness. So much perversion in our government. So much utter stupidity in these people who are supposedly well educated and so intelligent. LOL! All that wasted money sending these people to college. They learned nothing about being responsible adults.


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