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Diabetes | Group’s Kid Vid Cinema

You’re watching Lifetree Kids! Hi! My name is Kyle and I’m 12 years old. I like to draw, do sports, play with action
figures or shoot hoops. Kyle is a very nice boy. He likes to play with you and he’ll be kind
with you if you’re kind with him. I like to draw a lot of animals. I like to draw dragons and sharks and I like
to draw anime. When I grow up, I want to be an athlete or
an architect or an engineer. Kyle’s good at math, but I’m a better dancer. I’m kidding, I’m kidding! Kyle and his family love to joke around and
have a good time. But things haven’t also been so happy. Not that long ago, Kyle discovered he has diabetes. This disease has forced Kyle to make some
pretty big changes in his life. Before we hear more from Kyle, let’s find
out what exactly diabetes is. Diabetes means you have too much sugar in
your blood. When you eat food with sugar, some of it ends
up in your blood. And normally, your body has a pretty cool
way of moving that sugar from the blood into your cells. That gives you energy to run, walk, jump and
play. But when you have diabetes, your body can’t
move the sugar into the cells so it stays in the blood and that makes you sick. You can’t catch diabetes from a friend like
you can catch a cold. Some people just get it. Now let’s get back to Kyle and hear about
the time he found out he had diabetes. I remember one day I was out with some friends
playing, and I started to get really tired and I just want to go eat. And I was really thirsty so we came home. Then I was sitting on the couch all day for
two days in a row. I lost 10 pounds in a week. I told Paul to look at Kyle. He looks a little bit skinny. I think he only weighed 70 pounds to start
with at that time. He went from 70 to 60 in less than a week. He was just not himself. Kyle came into our room in the middle of the
night and he had mentioned that he has been going to the bathroom a lot lately. I remember that one night I got up 9 times
in a couple of hours. I mean, it was pretty bad. When he came to our bedroom, too, he did say
to us…I was like, “Mom, we should probably take me to the doctor.” After looking at him, Paul said, “Well, let’s
call the doctor.” So we called the pediatrician and they immediately
wrote up a paper and sent us over to the children’s hospital. I think the average blood glucose rating is
in the 80s and Kyle’s was like 800. Immediately they took him to the emergency
room and confirmed that he does have type 1 diabetes. I just wasn’t sure about anything at that point. I was just so out of it. Even though Kyle has diabetes and his life
has changed, he still has the opportunity to live an awesome life. He goes to school and gets to hang out with
his friends, but every once in a while he has to prick his finger and check his blood
sugar level. When I prick myself, it doesn’t really hurt,
but sometimes I just get annoyed. Maybe the blood won’t come out so I have to
prick it again. And the blood won’t
come out so I have to try a different finger. I prick it and the blood still won’t come out. Once Kyle knows his blood sugar level, his family logs into into a notebook and a spreadsheet so that they can email the results to their doctor. And sometimes before dinner, Kyle even gets an insulin shot that helps his body regulate his blood sugar levels. Ouch! My mom and dad give me the shots for now, but eventually I’ll learn how to do it and be able to give myself the shot. It would have been easy for Kyle and his family to doubt God’s love in such a hard time. But Kyle’s family trusts the Bible when it says this: In the book of Psalms, chapter 89 verse 2, “Your unfailing love will last forever.” With that promise from God, Kyle will be sure that God will never stop loving him in the good times and the bad. When the first happened and Kyle was saying, “Why do I have to have this disease?” One of the things that we told him was God is going to use you for something great and for something bigger. We know that in all things, God works out for good for those who love him. Since I’ve had diabetes, I’ve learned that God can fix you when your broken or help heal you if you’re sick. Wow! Isn’t it cool to know that even though Kyle was sad when he found out he had diabetes, he still trusts God and trusts that God will take care of him. God will always love you.


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