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Digital 3d graffiti making tutorial(cinema 4d , adobe illustrator,photoshop)

drag your sketch to illustrator open new document (ctrl+n) make sure that your resolution 1920×1080 (ctrl+r ) to open ruler slide line to identify bottom and top lines create new layer select pen tool or just hit (P) close fill keep the stroke black up you may change stroke weight if you want do not make edges sharp you may rearrange by selecting direct selecting
tool(A) hold (alt) and click to cut the lines select scissors tool (C) select disconnected lines and delete 2:Arranging line width select width tool(shift+w) make the lines properly unfold the layer and lock the line which is
blocking you to reach line that you want open your favourite music to motivate yourself 😛 3:Inner-lines unfold all layers create new layer called inner lines to get rid of
confusion lock lines layer slide original picture to look through inner-lines select pen tool and do same process over 4:Exporting data to cinema 4d delete all layers except “lines and inner-lines” click save as(shift+ctrl+s) make sure save as illustrator 8 version this is the way that I have found to export cinema
4d if you know other type exporting please
inform me remove all paths to space apply extrude tool by holding (alt) one by one fold’em all enlarge all elements thickness if you do not wanna deal with making new
scene like me you can use cinema 4d’s
available scenes delete the focus of camera paste your object close down camera’s view to move and rotate
graffiti hit “f5” select your object and move it towards center of
x,y,z axis select “t” to scale it down click render setting and alter width and height
settings to 1920×1080 get back to your camera arrange both them all as you want vary the material properties click render it can take a while according to the your scene there are some example renders before I record if you are satisfied to your render right click to the image still image and
select photoshop(psd) and save 5:editing image there are tons of way to edit your image by
photosop . I’ll do simple stuff but you could do better it is


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