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Diver Ed and the Dive-In Theater | JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD

Next on Jonathan Bird’s Blue World, a dive in Maine with Diver Ed and a close call with a lobster! Hi I’m Jonathan Bird and
welcome to my world! ( ♪ music ) Today I’m in beautiful Bar
Harbor, Maine, where I’m
spending the day with my friend Diver Ed and his amazing
Dive-In Theatre Program aboard
the Starfish Enterprise. “See if it grabs a hold of your
head hair. ( ed laughs ) Man,
look at all the hair it pulled out of my head.” Diver Ed takes families out on
his boat up in Bar Harbor every
summer for an underwater adventure, where nobody has to
get wet—except him. I’m Diver Ed. You have already
met my lively wife Captain Evil
right over here… Ed’s wife Edna is known as
Captain Evil, although I don’t
know why. She seems perfectly
nice to me. She’s part of the show,
and so are the family dogs. “Pull it apart; stick it on
over your head. If you’ve got
big floppy ears you can pull them through like that. The
strap on the side goes around
your back. On the end of the
strap is a clip, you just clip it to
the ring in the front, and then
pull on the free end to tighten it. Everyone give him a
hand! Good job, way to go!” And members of the audience get
deputized too… Ed: “What’s your name?” Boy: (mumbles) Ed: “What is it?” Boy: “Noah” Ed: “Noah? Noah, you’re my head
passenger in charge of the
toilet today Noah. Noah the toilet boy! Woohoo! Everybody
loves a good toilet boy.” Edna: This is mini Ed number
124… Diver Ed always takes a dive
buddy with him it’s dangerous
to dive alone. And since I am joining the dive today, they
get a buddy for me too. This is mini-Jonathan and umm
he’s got force fins on. He will
be diving today and he is going to be filming the
expedition down there so he’
ready to go. We’re not in the tropics up in
Maine. The water temperature
today is only 50 degrees. Jonathan: “Lot of stuff for
cold water.” Diver Ed and I get a little
help jumping into the water. On your mark, get set, go! Once we are under water, Diver
Ed wastes no time. He madly
swims around collecting
creatures to bring back on board for the
passengers to examine and
touch. I can barely keep up with his frantic pace. When he has collected enough
specimens, he heads back to the
surface to get his specially equipped high definition
underwater camera to take
people on a real time
underwater adventure. The lights bring the ocean
bottom alive for his passengers
back on the boat. He’s got a sea cucumber. This
is a relative of starfish, and
starfish have five rows of suction cup feet. As Diver Ed and Mini-Ed check
out a sea cucumber, Captain
Evil gives the audience a
lesson. EDNA: So there’s the mouth and
you can see that it looks just
a lot like the butt. It’s pretty hard to be an animal
where your mouth looks just
like your butt, but that’s the way it is for sea cucumbers. Diver Ed and his camera find
the most amazing creatures,
right under the boat. EDNA: That’s very very cute
diver Ed, look he’s got a
little spike on his head. He’s adorable. So all that stuff, he
sticks on. Ed: Look it, he’s so cute! Edna: I know, he’s looking
right at us. Look at his little
grumpy mouth. ( laughs ) Oh man. As Diver Ed and I continue
across the bottom, he shows the
audience all kinds of amazing animals that live in the cold
water of the North Atlantic,
while Edna narrates from above. Edna: This is a baby sea
scallop. Look at those eyes,
all those black dots that look like poppy seeds are eyes.
Scallops have two rows of eyes
rimming each shell, nobody knows why so you guys should go to
college and become marine
biologists and tell me why
because I want to know. This is a baby. In between sea stars, skulpins
and other cool critters, Diver
Ed and I have some fun goofing around. Edna: Hey! You found something
else down here, what’s this? (
laughs ) This is Jonathan Bird, how cool. Not quite sure
what he’s saying. ( laughs )
It’s probably good to breathe. Meanwhile, mini Ed has found
himself a mysterious looking
shell. That’s not just a shell! It’s a
hermit crab! Edna: Now you can see a Hermit
crab has two different size
claws, they’re actually more closely related to a lobster
than a crab. And there’s his
eyes. Boy okay here he comes Diver Ed, he’s peeking out. He
just has to know. Edna: Diver Ed, what a night
shot, what a cute shrimp this
is. And then Ed finds an angry
lobster. Edna: He’s beautiful but he
doesn’t look friendly. Oh
yikes! Listen, I don’t know why
we have to keep getting new cameras.
There he goes Diver Ed. Ed: Ah! The lobster is after me! Edna: Something has gone
horribly wrong. Ed: Ah help me please! Ahh! Ahh! Edna: Diver Ed, you need help
and you need it now. His buddy
is going to have to come over. Ed: ( screams inaudible words ) Edna: Oh no Diver Ed, mini Ed
needs help now he is in big
trouble. Oh man Diver Ed you’ve gotta do something, he is being
used as a battering ram. After his escape from the
lobster, poor mini Ed stumbles
into the clutches of a stinging
anemone. Edna: Diver Ed, can you do
anything? I don’t think he can
move. Oh I can’t believe you did that. I told him not to do
this. Ed: I found him, unfortunately
his heart stopped. He needs CPR
right away! Edna: All right, mini Ed’s
heart stopped, he now needs
CPR. Two rescue breaths, a
couple of chest compressions;
fortunately Eddie is certified
in CPR. This is a really good
reason why you should always go with a
dive buddy, in case you need
underwater CPR. Ed: No need to worry, I brought
him back life. Edna: Diver Ed, thank goodness
for that. So it worked. Ed: Woohoo! Edna: Good use of the buddy
system, I’m glad you were there
for him. Mini-Jonathan meanwhile is so
busy filming, he’s not paying
attention…and whoa buddy, lookout from behind! Fortunately I come to the
rescue and Mini-Jonathan is
going to be O.K. The dive is so exhilarating
that Diver Ed and I are pretty
pumped when we surface! I mean really pumped! I mean
pumped up! Ed: You’re going to be a clam
I’m going to be a starfish. Now
unfortunately, for Lindsay the clam, it’s feeding time for
me, Eddie the starfish. If I
wanted to eat Lindsay the clam I’d grab a hold of those
two shells with my arms and
with the suction cup feet, hold on really tight. Now I’d spread
those shells as far apart as
possible, eject my stomach out of my mouth. You ready?
(Strange noise) Stick it down
between the two shells, suck all of her guts into my
stomach, once my stomach is
full I suck it back into my
mouth. You’ve got some great tasting guts
Lindsay! All right, give her a
hand, great job Lindsay way to
go. Ed: This is a sea scallop, a
lot of people want to know what
I do for a living in the winter
time, I dive for (ahhh) I didn’t know
that was going to happen, did
you? Ed: Everyone knows what this is! Kids: Lobster! Ed: Lobsters have two kinds of
claws; the bigger one is used
for crushing things, what kind of claw is that? Crusher
claw, good. What about the
smaller one that pinches things? Girl: Pincher and ripping claw! Ed: Pinching claw, good, let’s
see if it pinches. Come on
lobster, see if you can get me. Edna: If it’s clear, that’s
just salt water. Any idea what
it’s gonna be doing if it starts to turn brown? Going poopie!
That’s the butt end of the sea
cucumber. Ed: They can really tighten up
their muscles and make
themselves hard and round. Not
only that, but they secrete a
wonderful mucus. (eww) That
makes them really slippery. Ed: Now if anybody ever asks
you, Rebecca, if you learned
anything on this trip today, what are you going to say? Yes
or no, did you learn anything? Rebecca: Yeah. Ed: Okay good, yes is the
correct answer. After the show, everyone gets
to examine the specimens and
even hold them, before Diver Ed returns them to the ocean
unharmed. Eventually it’s time to head
back. My dive buddy
Mini-Jonathan and I will never
forget this day aboard the Starfish
Enterprise. ( ♪ music )


  1. マルクLee Author

    Wow jonathan ur the luckiest person i know i never scuba dived in my life i wonder how you go get ready jump in the water float then you press something to sink, I would like to know how 😮

    Oh and #EarlySquad

  2. Professional Commenter Author

    @BlueWorldTV, I have watched other clips on different shows and they were shots or video you have taken. Do you sell them the rights to use the videos or how does that work? These were big TV shows too.

  3. Aleinbänger Author

    Not sure what I think about this video… I've been a subscriber for a couple of years and liked almost every video I watched, but just can't give a like here. This guy is so obnoxious and basically teaches children that it's fine to treat other animals like toys. I mean, wtf is this shaking an alive lobster at 6:00 and 6:57, for example?

  4. Elaine B Author

    Who else saw the word SHARK written on mini Jonathan's arm??? Because I did!!! Sharky xxx… Well spotted Sharky!!! Shame I don't live near Diver Ed; I think I'd have had lots of fun on his boat, child or adult!!!


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