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Diya Tamil Full Movie | Sai Pallavi | Naga Shourya | A.L. Vijay | Tamil 2018 movies

Ms. Tulasi! Who is Ms. Tulasi here? The doctor’s calling you in. Mr. Krishna! Are you Mr. Krishna? How old are you? 19 years old. Is this the age to be doing this? Give me your dad’s phone number.
-What happened, doctor? She is pregnant. What have you done! You have brought shame to the family. We trusted you
and you end up doing this? Is it for this
my brother is financing your education? If your mom comes to know,
she will kill you! Don’t you know better
than to stay away from such lowly people? Who is lowly? You didn’t bring up your daughter well. Trying to blame my son! Did you hear what he said? Listen up! Mind your words!
-What do you mean “mind your words”? We sent her here to get an education
and look what you have done! Had it been our town, that’s it! What can you do? Was it only my son’s fault?
-Yes, it was his fault! Keep your fights at home.
This is a hospital. ‘Who was it?’ ‘Who sowed you?’ ‘Who was it?’ ‘Who destroyed you?’ ‘Who was it?’ ‘Who wrote your fate?’ ‘Who was it?’ ‘Who erased you?’ ‘O fireling!’ ‘Who extinguished you?’ ‘O flower!’ ‘Who squashed you?’ ‘Who killed you
before you even came to be?’ ‘O unborn child!’ ‘Endless sorrow…’ ‘…is the cycle of birth.’ ‘O my love…’ ‘Is that why you scattered away?’ ‘This doomed world
is but a simmering hell.’ ‘O my beauty…’ ‘Is that why you melted away?’ ‘You withered away
in the fire of your mother’s womb.’ ‘O dear child!’ Five years later. Please come in. This is the first wedding in your family.
Why such a simple affair? What’s the point of a lavish wedding? We bought them a house with the money. It is getting ready. Are you all going to move in there?
-No, sir! It’s for the young ones! Will you invite us for the house warming? There is a minor litigation issue.
Case is in court. I’m waiting for them
to hand over the house. Please come in first.
Posing a lot of questions! Aunty, pillows?
-Inside. No one is around! I had been looking for you.
-What are you doing? Hey Krishna! Grandma! Always in a hurry! One doesn’t get to see you otherwise!
-See me? He’s blushing! Haven’t slept yet?
-Yeah, right! I will. He’s yapping
not knowing my situation. Mom!
-What is it, son? There are so many people around. It was your dad’s idea to make everyone
stay at home instead of a hotel. What about me? Go upstairs and sleep. First night? Is this your ‘first night’? She looked gorgeous in this saree.
-Yeah, she looked great. Son! Come and sleep in here. Come on in, son! With you?
-Yeah! Yes, dear boy!
Come on in! You did a great job! What’s the hurry?
Stay a couple more days! Two more days? Uncle, you could stay a little longer. I’m going to Singapore tomorrow. One has to manage the business. I’m sure you know. We will be back. It’s getting late.
Let’s go! Come on, uncle! It’s getting late.
-Why are you in a hurry? Mom.
Take care. So many people!
When will they ever leave? Hey, I’m not going anywhere. Your father invites us
only once in a blue moon. I’m going to spend four days
sightseeing Chennai. Come here, Krishna! This is for you!
-What is it, dad? Flight tickets for you and Tulasi.
It has all the bookings for your honeymoon. Enjoy these four days! Only four days? Four days! Shimla. What happened to you?
-What happened? You aren’t happy!
-Who said that? No one has to say it. It is quite obvious. You look like you have been forced
into this marriage. Nothing of that sort. Five years!
I was not supposed to see or talk to you. So many conditions! I have been waiting for this day. You look so sullen
as if it is an arranged marriage. You may have forgotten everything. But I can’t. I can’t forget anything. We should have had a child by now. She should have been five years old. Pandian, aren’t we going home? Your dad asked me to take you
to the new flat. Krishna, have you landed? Yes, dad. I have some good news.
-What is it, dad? We have won the case
involving our flat. They have handed over the keys. Really?
That’s very good. You and Tulasi can move in
to the new house. We have arranged for all the things
you both would need. What about you?
-Mom and I will come over this weekend. What about you?
-Mom and I will come over this weekend. Come in. Be careful. They have set up everything.
It looks great. Isn’t this awesome? It was dad! He has saved up money little by little
to build this house for us. I was upset that he made our wedding
a very simple affair. But it was all for our good.
Right? Wow!
What a view! Who are you angry with?
Me or my dad? It wasn’t my decision!
You know that! I felt so bad that day. It was really hard for me. But, thinking about the past
isn’t going to help. Tulasi, I want you to be happy. I’m ready to do anything for that. God will bless us with not one
but two children like Diya. Life will get busy.
We won’t even have time to talk. This is our time now. I’m not ready to waste it. They want us to be happy. We got to be happy here.
So cheer up! This is our dream house.
Diya will be born here soon. She is going to be running and playing
around the house. ‘A soothing lullaby…’ ‘She seeks that thing
you forgot to sing.’ ‘The one you didn’t cuddle and coddle
as the apple of your eye…’ ‘She is still a precious part of you.’ ‘A soothing lullaby…’ ‘She seeks that thing
you forgot to sing.’ ‘Even without saying a word…’ ‘…she calls you ‘mom’ every moment.’ ‘That gentle smile you cast away…’ ‘…follows you wherever you go.’ ‘Bearing a question upon her heart…’ ‘To speak her love for you…’ ‘…she needs not a life.’ ‘Just waiting, just gazing…’ ‘…she proclaims her love!’ ‘To catch your eye…’ ‘To touch your hand…’ ‘To shower you with kisses…’ ‘…she yearns away!’ ‘But, there is no way.’ ‘There are no words.’ ‘Is the forgotten pain, a thorn now?’ ‘Is silence, a word now?’ My boy… Go and tell your father. Tell him Moorthy is out on bail. Tell him
his life will no longer be peaceful. He’s the builder of this place. I paid him the money he wanted. He said the land value has risen
and he had spent a lot. He demanded another 25 lakhs
for the registration. I tried working it out, to no avail. So I filed a complaint with the police
and sued him. Let it go.
Don’t worry about this. I’ll tell the Assistant Commissioner
about this. He’ll handle it. Why go through this again?
Just pay him what he wants. And then what? If everyone were to fear him like this
and pay him what he wants… …he’ll keep cheating them
and get rich. I’ll take care of it. Why deal with this again?
-It’s okay… Hello, uncle! Hello! Come on in! When did you come? All done at the hospital? Did aunty not come?
-She doesn’t know I’m here. We were just chatting. Did you give him coffee? We were just talking…
-I’ll be back. There’s no need for that. I’ll come for lunch on Sunday
with aunty. See you both then. How come there’s no water? What is this? Motor’s been running all this while.
Still, not even a drop of water! Who’s there? Who pushed me in here? Help! Mom! Dad! My husband!
Oh God! My husband! Krishna, there’s a call from Sathish. Ask him what’s up. Hello?
What is it, Sathish? Drink some of this, mom.
-Please drink, aunty. Tulasi, your mother’s here. Mom… What happened, Tulasi? How did this happen? What is all this? He went to see my brother Krishna
last night. I don’t know when he came back home
and went to sleep. He seemed perfectly normal. I can’t believe any of this. This case has three possibilities. Suicide. Accident. Murder. Chances of suicide are very low. Why would anyone want to kill themselves
in such a painful way? ‘Trigger Star’ fights back! They’d choose simpler methods. Going by the autopsy report,
this is no accident. It is murder. What was that? Murder, sir. The serial kisser’s busted! Get out of here. Before leaving,
order some raisins for me. ‘Shall I torment you for a while,
Julie?’ With regards to this case,
there are three possibilities. Suicide. Accident. Murder. Would anyone attempt suicide
by suffocating inside a water tank? Why be a cop
if you’re scared of death? As long as the work happens,
let it go. This is definitely not suicide! An accident in a water tank?
Sounds funny! More than the autopsy report… …Ragavan’s instinct
says it’s a murder! Did you come here
just to say that? So begin the enquiry right away.
Why waste time yapping over here? I’ll kick it off on an auspicious day! Stay on process, Ragavan! These guys come in using recommendation
and screw all of us over! He needs to be put in an encounter team
and be killed by some thug! Per the post mortem report,
your father died by suffocation. Why would he go to the roof at that time?
-Is lunch ready? We don’t know that. We suspect this maybe a murder. Didn’t you confirm to me
that this was murder? Just cause I’m young,
think you can fool me? This is definitely a cold blooded murder. The perpetrators maybe mercenaries,
Maoists, or even Naxalites! Or hell, they may even be terrorists! But Ragavan is ready for any… Can you think of any enemies
that your father or your family may have? No, sir. Nobody like that… Are you kidding? Going by the word of some kid,
you came to interrogate me? So you didn’t do it?
-I have nothing to do with this! He’s not the guy. Why bother a gentleman?
Let’s go! They always say that.
As cops, we need to probe further. I’m aware of that. Alright?
-Yes, sir. But my instinct asks
why wouldn’t you have done it? If I wanted to kill him for what he did,
I’d have done it a long time ago! Why would I drown him in a water tank? You killed my father
and pretend like you know nothing of it? Your father must have had a dozen enemies
like me. Go and ask them! I won’t spare you!
-Let go of my shirt! Break it up! Don’t you have any sense?
You brought me to a battle zone! You’re all suspended!
I’m out of here! Ragavan!
Don’t stay on process! My mother’s very upset. I’m sending her and Sathish to America
for six months, to get over this. Take your mother back to our house. I’ll stay with my mother tonight… …finish work at the construction site
and will come home tomorrow. What is this? Is the door stuck? My God!
It’s not opening! Please come here, Tulasi!
The door isn’t opening! It is jammed! What is this? What happened, mom?
-I don’t know. The door was jammed. It scared me! Where is Krishna?
I’ll bid him goodbye and return home. You can tell him by phone. No, dear.
He looked so devastated that day. I’d like to console him
and then head over to the train station. Alright. I’ll book a cab.
You can tell him on the way. Mom…
-Hold on a minute, driver! What happened?
-Emergency case at the hospital. Can I ride with you?
-Sure. Krishna will drop you off at the station. What is this, driver?
The door isn’t opening. I don’t know, ma’am.
Let me check. Come on in.
-The child lock is on! I don’t know how that happened, ma’am.
Sorry. We’re here, mom. Shall I tell Krishna that you’re here? It’s alright, dear. I’ll take care of it.
You get going. Alright? I’ll take that.
-Bye. Is flooring over in that block?
-Up to twenty floors, sir. Good! Send it to the ground floor! I said ground floor!
Why are you coming up? I didn’t do it.
It’s going automatically! Stop that thing! I’m trying! Why are you sending it up
when I told you to send it down? It hasn’t been fixed yet, sir! What are you doing?
Stop the lift! I can’t make sense of this! It won’t stop!
-Turn off the power right now! I’ve turned it off! What happened?
-I don’t know, sir. How is it still going up? It stopped on its own!
-I don’t understand, sir! Is anybody there? The lift door won’t open! Somebody please open the door! The lift’s falling down, sir! What happened? Move aside! What happened?
-Move! Some repair work you’ve done!
-It was being checked. Can’t explain this. Have an industrial crane clear this tonight
and get a new lift ready! Tulasi, coffee please. Where’s your mother?
-She left. She came to the site to meet you. What? She came to the site?
When? I was the one who dropped her. No. I didn’t see her. She came to inform you… Yeah, tell me. Clear everything. Mom!
-Ma’am! Sir, we didn’t know that she was inside. If we did, we could have saved her. We don’t know how she got into the lift
that was being installed. What happened, uncle? Call the ambulance! I know what you’re thinking, son. There is no link between me
and what is happening in your family. It is true that I was angry at your dad. But, I am not that bad a person
to destroy your family. What to do?
These are bad times. If you or your family needs any help… …don’t hesitate to ask me. I just came over to tell you this. How many days
will you brood over this? If I had dropped mom,
this wouldn’t have happened, right? Don’t stress yourself unnecessarily. If it is destiny’s play,
no one can change it. You should become normal.
You should go to back to the hospital. If your was mom was alive,
she would have wished the same. I want to see my uncle. We will shift him to the normal ward
in another two days. But it would be better
if no one disturbs him. We’ll take care of it. I’ve already talked to the doctor. Tulasi! I heard about it only yesterday. Two people passed away in a week. I am sorry. Uncle will be fine. If you need anything,
do call me. Take care.
Bye. Did you get the call, sir?
-Yes, I received the call. Who called?
-Don’t know, but they called from the spot. At what time?
-Around 4 to 5 am in the morning. How come you are here? She is our family doctor. We have known her for years.
We met her yesterday in the hospital. We were shocked when we heard this news. There is some link between you
and the three deaths. What are you saying, sir? Will anyone kill their own mother
and father-in-law? True! Will anyone do that?
-No, sir. What you say sounds right.
It is logical. Tulasi was the last person
that all three of them saw. Not only that, all the three have died
in the same manner. Out of suffocation. That is a strong coincidence. I know that. But Ragavan’s intuition says,
all these are murders. All these are accidents.
Don’t talk like a child. Who is talking like a child?
The murderer or me? Don’t get it? In the doctor’s car,
all the doors had the child lock on! But there was no child in that car.
Why? How? Was it you who found it?
It was I who found it! It came in a flow.
Was it right? Brilliant, sir. You don’t have answers
for any of my questions, right? But I will find the murderer. I’ll bring him before the law
and get him a death sentence! No matter what a big shot he is! Let’s see who wins.
That guy or this Ragavan! Uncle! How are you?
-I’m good, dear. How’s your health?
-It’s fine. Are you fine?
-When were you discharged? Just now.
-You could have informed us. That’s not a problem. I am leaving to the site.
You guys carry on. Wonder whose sin it is,
this is devastating our family. You don’t worry. Everything will be alright,
if we perform some rituals. No, uncle. Krishna doesn’t believe in all this. You are young folks.
You’ll never understand this. All this is beyond our understanding. If the holy man Balaswamy comes over
and performs rituals… …all the negative energy will leave us. It’s for our own good. Wonder whose sin it is,
this is devastating our family. All the three died in a similar way.
Out of suffocation. That is a strong coincidence. In the doctor’s car,
all the doors had the child lock on! But there was no child in that car.
Why? Driver, the door is not opening? The child lock is on!
I don’t know how it happened, ma’am. Tulasi was the last person
that all three of them saw. Bye, dear.
-Get going. She is pregnant. What have you done! You have brought shame to the family. Listen up! Mind your words! What has happened has happened.
There is no point in us fighting. Their future is more important. I have been thinking the same. Getting them married
is the right thing to do. How is that possible? She has just written
the medical entrance examination. We wanted her to become a doctor.
We had a lot of dreams. How can we do this? Your son has to focus on his career
and settle down. That is what is good for their lives. You are right. But what can be done now? Don’t get stressed.
Let’s sort this out now. We will get them married
after 5 years. By then, they will be done
with their education. What about the baby in her womb? Abort it. Yes, let’s abort it.
That’s the right thing to do. Doctor, please go ahead
with the formalities. Mom. I’m sorry. I made a mistake. But let’s not do this.
Please. Keep quiet. We know what’s right. Dad.
-Keep quiet! I’ll kill you. Doctor, please tell them. Don’t worry.
I’ll handle it. It won’t take more than ten minutes.
It’s quite common these days. Don’t be scared. Uncle, please tell mom not to do this. Would you be fine with it
if it was your daughter? If my daughter had done the same thing,
I would have killed her. Krishna, this is our child. Why are you keeping quiet? Say something! They are only saying it for our good. They have agreed to get us married. Why can’t we do this for them? Tulasi! Relax, Tulasi!
-What happened? What happened to her? How can you go on talking like this? She is pregnant and weak. She is no longer a minor. Nobody can force her against her will. Please, just leave her alone. Just relax. Don’t get emotional.
Your health is more important. Nurse, give me the injection.
-Here, doctor! Hypoglycemia. Abort it. Yes, let’s abort it. Don’t worry.
It won’t take more than ten minutes. If my daughter had done the same thing,
I would have killed her. Hello, Tulasi. Uncle, where are you?
-Tell me, I can hear you. Uncle! Diya! Diya! Diya! Mom! Go ahead, sir.
Did you get any clues? Is anybody in your family
in the export business? Why do you ask? Around 50-55 years age.
Short and fair? Yes. Tulasi’s uncle. Did he come to meet you
or Tulasi yesterday? Yes. He had been discharged
from the hospital and visited us today. Why do you ask? What happened? I’m sorry.
He is no more. Your uncle… Is he dead? Why can’t we do this for them? Don’t go with them. They’re all going.
How can I not go with them? If we get Tulasi in our custody
and question her for two days… …it will get us closer
to the perpetrator. Are you an idiot? Anyone who meets that woman
ends up dead! And you want me to meet her? I get it.
You’re targeting me, right? If I die, you become sub-inspector!
-Stop it, sir! I asked you to close the case,
not my life! Get lost! It’s not that…
-That’ll do! Rule it as an accident! Krishna, we… What happened to you? I need to talk to you alone. You said you wanted to talk. What do you want to talk about? What I’m going to tell you
may be shocking. Hard to believe, too. But it’s the truth. Diya… Our baby… …exists. Mom! I want to see you. They saw to it that you never will. So… you killed all of them? Yes. They are evil, mom. They separated us. We don’t need anybody. The two of us are enough. Everyone who wanted Diya to be aborted
are dead. You’re the only one left in that list. Diya won’t spare you. She’s going to kill you next. In order to keep Diya from killing you,
I must always be with you. Please try to understand. Didn’t you sleep? Why were you up all night? Don’t talk so loudly. Diya might hear you. You don’t believe me, do you? There are pills for everything.
We can cure this. It’s not that I don’t believe you.
But… For many days, you were upset
over the abortion. Then there were many deaths
in our family. This kind of restlessness… …is quite natural.
I understand. Why can’t you believe me?
I’m perfectly fine! Stop it, Diya! Diya killed Krishna’s father,
my mother, and our doctor! Krishna’s next on her list.
Please believe me! As long as Krishna is with me,
Diya won’t kill him. He’s safe if he’s with me. I don’t know
how to make him understand that! At least, you must believe me. I’m telling the truth! Please understand!
-Relax! I believe you! Take these two pills at night. You’ll sleep well. If you still feel this way next week,
come back here again. We’ll try another medicine. I’m neither ill nor insane, Krishna!
I’m telling you the truth! Diya won’t spare you, either.
If you’re with me, you’re safe. Please understand! It’s alright if you’re taking a long break.
When will you be back? I don’t know. Krishna! The pot fell
as I was hanging it up… What’s up? What happened? Really? Nobody was hurt, right? Call the foreman!
I’m on my way! Have the crane clear it up.
I’m coming! I have urgent work to do… Where are you going?
I told you not to go without me! There’s a problem at the new site.
A ceiling has fallen! I’ll be right back. I’ll go with you! Nothing will happen to me.
Relax. The building must be done by next month.
I’ll be back. Auto! Please stop! Please go! Where to, ma’am?
-What? I’ll tell you. Go! Drive faster, please! Never mind the speed!
Tell me where you want to go! Keep driving!
I’ll tell you. Is Krishna around? Mr. Krishna is not here.
Nobody’s here. Is anyone…
-Check the construction site. Wait!
Which site? I need to pick up school kids, ma’am!
Tell me where to go, or find another auto! Police station. Is the Sub Inspector here?
-What happened? My husband Krishna… Have Aadhar cards with death certificates!
Can’t cremate without it! Sir…
-Hello! Oh no, no!
-Wait a minute, sir… Why did you come here?
We didn’t call you! There is no case against you.
All enquires will be done by phone! Go! If you’re here, we’re in danger!
-My husband is going to die! Please try and save him!
-He’s ‘going to die’? How do you know that?
-You won’t believe me if I told you! Our unborn baby, Diya,
is killing everyone in my family! She’s going to kill Krishna, too.
Please save him! If I save Krishna,
who will save me? Now go! He won’t answer the phone…
-Get her out of here! Let’s go, ma’am.
-Constable! Come along, ma’am.
Listen to me! How did this happen?
-While wiring, it cracked under pressure. Use additional staff to clear this! Nothing’s done yet!
-They started at dawn. It’ll wrap up soon. Stop talking crap!
Who’ll explain it to the Managing Director? It’ll be done right away.
We’ll start now. No problem! My job is only planning and supervision.
You must take care of logistics! So much has happened!
What were you all doing? Don’t try to talk your way
out of this… Where to now, ma’am? Ma’am!
I asked you where you want to go now! The building must be done by next month. Go to Old Mahabalipuram Road. This block must be ready in ten days.
I can’t explain this mess to the M.D.! We can do it! Make it fast! Stop the vehicle! The pillar’s coming your way, sir!
Move! Raise it up all the way! Lift that!
Carefully! Our unborn baby, Diya,
is killing everyone in my family! In the doctor’s car,
all the doors had the child lock on! But there was no child in that car.
Why? She’s going to kill Krishna, too. It’s true that you saved me. But this kind of accident
is very common at the site. Please don’t correlate this with that. No, Krishna.
You don’t know. Diya did it. The chain snapping.
The rock falling. All part of Diya’s plan to kill you. Tulasi, please…
-My child… I don’t know what’s causing you grief. But I see that this grief
is not just between the two of you. Sometimes, a fault from the past
tends to revolve around us as karma. In order to be free of it,
a few penances should be sufficient. If you wish,
go meet Mr. Kanchipuram Balaswamy. He will give you the right solution
for your situation. Uncle mentioned him too.
Shall we call him home right away? Rituals and penances
can make this alright. I don’t know what will be made alright. But I want you to be free of this. Mom! Please don’t do this, mom! It hurts, mom! Stop this, mom!
It really hurts! Don’t do this, mom!
It’s hurting me! What happened, Tulasi? I’ll answer it. My name is Balaswamy.
Is this the home of Krishna and Tulasi? No.
There’s nobody here by those names. This was the address given over the phone. The crane cable got disconnected
and the pillar fell here. Note down everything.
-Yes, sir. Where were you then? I was talking to my boss.
Few people were around. From there?
-No, not there. The doctor’s accident didn’t happen here.
It was over there. Get me the CCTV footage. Ramesh.
-Yes, sir. Got the death certificate?
-I’ll get it. Get it for all the deaths. Don’t miss any.
-Yes, sir. And the CCTV footage?
-It’s ready. All cameras?
-Yes, sir. Won’t you check, Balakumar?
You know how long we have waited for it? You get the postmortem report
while getting the death certificate. Why is it still here? Go and get a copy of this. Send it to the Commissioner.
The media shouldn’t know. Keep it a secret. Tulasi, this is an important meeting.
I’ll come in ten minutes. I will come with you.
-No, you stay here. You be here.
I’ll be back. Tulasi?
-She is outside. I saw your message.
She’s in bad shape. Yes, doctor.
I don’t know what to do. Tulasi should get alright.
I’m ready to do anything for that. Help me, doctor. Please. If you are not with Tulasi,
she is scared that you’ll be in danger. That’s the problem. It is very simple.
We first need to remove that fear. Tulasi must see that nothing will happen
to you, even if she’s not around. If she starts believing it,
she will be alright. Tulasi won’t leave my side
even for a minute. You have to leave her
and stay away for two days. Tulasi shouldn’t know your whereabouts. No one should know. Also, switch off your phone. You can come back to her
after two days. Then, she will trust that nothing
will happen to you. Give it a try.
I think this simple psychiatric approach… …will be the best treatment for her. Let’s see. Shall we go? Take that footage?
-This one? Forward it.
-Okay, sir. Stop there. Zoom a bit.
-Just a minute, sir. How did the car wiper
switch on automatically? What if Tulasi is right? Could it be the soul of her unborn child
who has killed everyone? I need to meet Tulasi right now. Krishna! Diya! You live in Chennai.
Then why did you ask for the guest house? I have been tied up with a lot of work. Thought of switching off the phone
and taking a break for two days. No problem. I got the basement ready
for you. Feel comfortable. No one will disturb you for two days. Watchman is not here.
You must take care of food on your own. Take care.
Bye. Hi, Tulasi. Where is Krishna? Krishna is on leave.
Don’t you know about it? Leave? Do you know where he has gone?
-I don’t know. Any problem?
Is everything fine? Tulasi! Mr. Krishna! Excuse me!
Anyone there? Is Krishna here?
-He hasn’t come yet. Do you know where will he be?
-No, ma’am. Hey, give me Tulasi’s number. We don’t have Tulasi’s number.
We have Krishna’s number. Krishna’s number is switched off!
-I’m sorry. Won’t you even note the number
of a person who files a complaint? Brother, do you know where Krishna is? I don’t know, ma’am.
He didn’t come here. Tulasi. Tulasi!
Turn the car around. Go fast! Get going, you! Go fast, man! Diya!
No! Mom! What happened, doctor? You saved not just one life, but two. She is pregnant! Diya! I want to see you.
Please! Mom!


  1. Tines kumar Vijan Author

    Great movie.. Ithu parthalachum abortion stop pannunga.. As I experienced i know this feeling well .. I'm just miss you papa.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Nuruzzaman Forhad Author

    Sai pallavivis good actor, people make this movie at reality for life,and every pepole knowledge this movie masses.thank you sai pallavi and movies all actor. Fantastic movie.

  3. Prokes Mia Author



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