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– ♪ I don’t wanna be
no Cinderella ♪ ♪ Sittin’ in a cold, old,
dusty cellar ♪ ♪ Waitin’ for somebody
to come and set me free ♪ – ♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – (FBE) We’re gonna get nostalgic
and see how well you know some classic Disney Channel
original movies. – Oh, okay.
Disney Channel. It’s been a minute. – Oh my God,
I’m so stoked right now! – Oh my God, yay! Okay, this is gonna be
so fun for me. – Oh, okay. I think I’m gonna do
pretty well at this one. I watched a lot of them. – I’m so excited! They’re just a quintessential
part of my childhood. – I know all of them!
All of them. Even the ones that everyone hated.
I know them all. – I’m excited to see
some of the throwback stuff that I used to watch
when I was in the fifth grade. Let’s [bleep] do it! – ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Do you recognize
this movie from 1999? – Oh, that’s Raven, okay.
Look at how young she is. – I know that’s Raven Symone. And it ‘aint the Cosby Show.
It’s That’s So Raven. – This was the one I cared
about the least and there were, like,
four of them. Zenu–
Zenon. No, one of them is
a warrior princess, one of them is
a Disney movie. I get them mixed up. – Oh, Zenon. – This is Zenon.
I don’t know what the whole title is, but it’s Zenon
something something. – Yo, it’s Zenon:
Girl of the 21st Century. Yeah, this is one
of the classics. I had the biggest crush
on that girl who played Zenon. – That’s Zenon, right? I didn’t care for this movie
as much. I only know it because
Raven was in it. – (FBE) This one is called…
– “Zenon.” I don’t remember this one.
I’m gonna ask my kids if they remember any “Zenon.” – “Girl of the 21st Century.”
Aww. I think this one was
one of my favorites. – Zenon.
I was close! I knew there was a “Z.”
“Girl of the 21st Century.” Wow, dated. – Oh my God,
that’s this century! (laughs)
No, no. We’re living in Zenon’s time. – (FBE) It’s starring
Kirsten Storms as Zenon and her gal pal played by
Raven Symone. – That’s right.
And then I remember Raven was not in
the next ones. She was only in the first. – (FBE) This film was intended
to actually be a television series, but it wound up being
a trilogy, having a “Zequel” in 2001,
and “Z3” in 2004. – “Zequel.”
How corny. – Even me at seven was like,
“‘Zequel’s not a word.” But I like it. – A “Zequel?”
I’m sorry, that’s just horrible. I remember liking
this movie, though. I remember thinking it was
funny and interesting and my parents probably
hated it. – ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Do you know this movie? – Uh, something to do
with basketball. I don’t recognize the actors. – I don’t recognize the cute
little boys. Why is he tiny?
Is that just the perception? Is he actually that size?
Honey, I shrunk my basketball team? – Something a leprechaun.
He’s a leprechaun. Luck of the Irish. – Luck of the Irish. – Oh, is this Luck of the Irish? – It used to play
on St. Patrick’s Day every year and so I watched it every year. – This was one of my favorite
films, dude. I loved this so much, because he turned into
a [bleep] leprechaun. – (FBE) This one is called…
– “The Luck of the Irish.” (laughs)
I don’t remember that. – There’s nothing in this picture
that would reference that at all. Are they called the “leprechaun”–
Is he a leprechaun? Is he a leprechaun
basketball player?! Are you serious? – This is so cheesy
leaning on the words and stuff. Ugh. – I have such a weird nostalgia
for this film. I don’t know why. This is in my top five
favorite childhood things ever. – ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) How about this one?
Do you know it? – Okay, who’s–
I know those two were in the Cheetah Girls. – Oh my God,
Cheetah Girls. Give me a break.
Come on, now. – This is OG Cheetah girls
’cause Raven Symone is still in it. – Cheetah Girls!
(laughs) You know I know that one
right there. Shoot, my kids watched that one. – I just remember a lot
of cheetah print. A lot of leopard and cheetah spots. – I remember all the songs
and every girl in my grade wanted cheetah pants and stuff.
Just, like, cheetah print. That was all the rage
after this movie. – I love Cheetah Girls, even though Cheetah Girls 2
was the best one. I know all the choreography
to Cheetah Girls 2, but I also know every single song
from Cheetah Girls in general. – The Cheetah Girls, dog! ♪ I don’t wanna be
no Cinderella ♪ ♪ Sittin’ in a cold, old,
dusty cellar ♪ ♪ Waitin’ for somebody
to come and set me free ♪ Yeah, that’s my shit, dude! – (FBE) This is the poster
for The Cheetah Girls. – Yeah.
Aww, my cousin and I used to try to learn
the dance routines and sing the songs
and I don’t think we ever got it right,
but it was so much fun. – (FBE) So this popular
female empowering film also stars Raven Symone and it was produced by
Whitney Houston. – Oh wow, I didn’t know that. – In hindsight,
that makes a lot of sense, but in regular sight,
I never would have thought of that. – I didn’t know that!
Maybe that’s why it’s so good. She made everything golden.
She didn’t even have to sing. She’s like, “Here, put my name
in the credits. Put a little sprinkle on it.”
Bam, golden. That movie went everywhere. – ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Do you know this movie? – Oh my God.
This is not coming to me. – I remember the boy
from the Disney Channel. Damn, I don’t remember
the name of this movie, though. – He’s surfing on something
in the snow. That’s interesting.
Is he snowboarding? He’s not dressed appropriately. – I feel like I’ve seen it,
but I just don’t remember it. – I remember that kid’s face
and I remember that he annoyed the mess outta me. – Is it, like, “Johnny Long”
or something? – Was it “Tommy Tsunami”
“Tommy Salami?” (laughs)
No, it’s something “tsunami.” “Tommy” something.
I remember people talking about it. – Johnny Tsunami. – Oh, yeah.
Johnny Tsunami. Yes, I loved this movie! – Johnny Tsunami! (sobbing) You guys–
you guys don’t understand. I’m so happy looking
at all of these! – (FBE) This one is called…
– “Johnny Tsunami!” I’ve heard the title. – “Johnny Tsunami.”
I remember the name, but I don’t remember
watching the movie. – I remember being a five-year-old
and I was like “I wanna surf and snowboard!”
It fit both of my dreams. – ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Anything about this one
look familiar? – Okay, I assume it’s
Halloween themed of some kind. Is Debbie Reynolds supposed
to be a witch? – Something Halloween?
“Scary Witch?” “The Witch of the Scary West.”
I don’t know what it is. – Oh my God, this is
Halloweentown. – My favorite.
Halloweentown. – Ooh, ooh, ooh.
Halloweentown! Yes, this was my favorite
trilogy as well. Even when they switched out
the main girl. – Hocus Pocus.
No? Halloweentown.
That’s what it is. Halloweentown, yeah. – This is a [bleep] classic.
When October rolls around, I get the Hocus Pocus,
Halloweentown vibes. – (FBE) This one is called…
– “Halloweentown.” Oh, okay.
I’ve never heard of that one. – I watched this every Halloween
and sometimes a couple months before Halloween
just to get me in the mood for spooky time. – If you want to talk
about nostalgia, this is it. And they always play it
around Halloween-time and it’s my favorite thing to watch. – Seeing Halloweentown commercials
on Disney Channel. That’s when I started to feel like
“It’s Halloween!” and holidays were such a huge deal
when you’re a kid, and it’s just like–
aw man, it’s so good. – ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Next one,
do you know it? – Oh, that’s my boy
of Transformers. What’s his name?
Shia Labeouf. That’s when he was younger. – Oh my God,
that’s what’s-his-name in the front. Transformers boy. It looks like they’re
possibly stranded. – Oh my God,
Even Stevens– I don’t know the full name.
“Family Vacation?” – The Even Stevens Movie. – Even Stevens Movie.
I love this movie. I think I remember
when it premiered. – The Even Stevens Movie!
(laughing) Yo! It’s young Shia, boy. – Is this just
The Even Stevens Movie? I watched every episode
of Even Stevens and that was a classic movie. – Oh my God,
is this The Even Steven Movie? I didn’t really watch
Even Steven the show. It wasn’t my thing. I was more of a
Lizzy McGuire girl. – That was a good movie. When he’s sitting in the throne
of junk food, ah. I wanted that to be me. – (FBE) This is…
– “The Even Stevens Movie?” “Even Stevens?”
Is “Stevens” their last name? – Even Stevens.
Ah, I knew it. God darn it,
my kids watch this one, too. – It was a great movie
and a great series and I just want Beans
to come back in a big way. I want a Beans spin-off.
That’s all I want. He loved bacon.
I love bacon. He was a relatable character. – ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Last one.
Do you know it? – Oh.
(nervous laugh) Some dude dancing or something? – I’m assuming this is
High School Musical. I don’t know much about it.
I’ve never seen any of them. – That’s High School Musical. – Oh, High School Musical. Course we all know
High School Musical. – The cherry on top!
[bleep] High School Musical. – This was an epic film. – This was literally my life. I have a sleeping bag
with this on it. Like, the front title. – I know everything
about High School Musical. I had everything
High School Musical owned and then I know
every routine. It’s that bad. – (FBE) This one is called…
– Oh, “High School Musical.” My kids watch it. – It was a talented group of people
with a fun story and kids just gravitated
towards it. – This was Disney’s biggest success
on the Disney Channel movies. It’s still memed to this day. – (FBE) The trilogy was directed
by Kenny Ortega who was also famous
for directing Hocus Pocus and the Newsies. High School Musical was Disney
Channel’s most watched film that year, with 7.7 million viewers
in its premier broadcast in the U.S. – So you’re saying
on the premier day, High School Musical
that it aired on the Disney Channel, it made that much money?
Wow, that’s insane. – I think it’s such a good movie.
It was so good. Even the second one
was really good. I enjoyed it. It’s a film I like to watch
with my sister. It’s super nostalgic. – Disney Channel was my life.
Coming home every Friday, after school at 8/7 central,
waiting for that kid to do the splits in the air
and it’s, like– that’s your time. That means you need
to sit down with your popcorn and watch this Disney Channel
original movie. – ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – Thanks for watching this episode
of Do They Know It? on the React Channel. – Subscribe.
We have new shows every week. – Bye everybody.
See you next time. – Hey guys, Alyssa here,
a producer from the React Channel. To all my fellow Disney
nerds out there, what’s your favorite
original movie? Let me know.
See you soon.


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  2. Louis Edgar Author

    The iPad idea from Steve Jobs came from Zenon and omg you left out tons of movies there is more. Smart House, The thirteen Year, Moms got a date with the vampire, The other me, jumping ship, and so much more. You should do Nostalgic Nickelodeon shows like All that, The Amanda Show, Drake and Josh, Zoey 101.

  3. lovelylinds Author

    "Even though Cheetah Girls 2 was he best one. I know all the choreography to Cheetah Girls 2." I SAID THE SAME EXACT THING. I know all the dances, lol.

  4. Aubs Johnson Author

    Brandon is my spirit animal 😂. Same, “when October rolls around I get the Hocus Pocus, halloweentown vibes” same Brandon, same

  5. Sammie Good Author

    My first concert ever was when I was 8 and it was to see the Cheetah Girls. Thats how obsessed and in love I was/kind of still am with them. 😭😍

  6. Victoria Queen Author

    What about "my moms got a date with a vampire" or "my date with the presidents daughter" or "don't look under the bed" ??? Or "wish upon a star" or "lifesize" !!!!disney used to be so good back than! Man !


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