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What is this? Can’t you see men
standing on the road? Why? What happened to your ears? Can’t you hear the honking? Look, what have you done! Kiran, why do you lock horns
with these useless fellows! Hey, you! Why are you interfering? Shut up! Shameless! Kiran, do you know
what Mahesh did yesterday? What? – He punctured
Lalita’s cycle’s tyre! Really? Damsel, why do you lie
early in the morning? The tyre got punctured
because she sat on it! He is lying! l myself saw it! You should have
slapped him right there! Ma’am, even we would
have taken some action! Do you know with
whom are you talking? Yes! Kamla transport
company’s uncontrollable bus! Shut up! Am l a bus?
– Yes! You are a bus! Am l uncontrollable?
– Yes! You will control me?
– Yes! Will you give him a chance? Ma’am, why are you quiet? Tell me! l will show you! Move! l too will see you! – Come here!
Come here! Come here! Come here! Shekhar! Don’t
lock horns with Kiran! She is heartless! She is very sharp! And l have heard that her
mother is worst than her! What happened to your leg?
Keep it on the plate! The other leg too? Laxmi! Get water! Water is very cold! But
today why this? l should be.. Are you the wife or am l? Oh! l forgot what l am! But l didn’t forget!
Today is ‘Vat Purnima’. That’s why l am
performing veneration. Oh! On this day Savitri had wors
hipped the banyan tree. l worshipped the
banyan tree in the morning. Now l am worshipping you. Savitri, once in a year you offer
flower at this Satyawan’s feet. And all the 12
months you chant mantra. lf l had let you
handle the business then.. ..Kamla Transport company
would have gone bankrupt. Shekhar! l don’t have a penny!
You didn’t receive the money? No. My palm is feeling ticklish.
lt must be on its way. Greetings, Shekhar!
– Greetings, attorney. Come. Come! Come, attorney!
You have a long life! Mahesh, Shekhar receives the
money. And you wait for it. Attorney, notjust the
money but these clothes.. ..too belong to Shekhar! Actually the river
water goes to the tank. The water from the
tank travels to the tap. And from the tap to
our stomach. And then.. Quiet! Attorney, please give
me the name of that Godly man.. ..who sends me 250
rupees every month! Shekhar, you always
ask the same question. And every time l give the
same answer. l am helpless. He has forbidden me
from giving his name. Greetings.
– Greetings. Shekhar, you just enjoy the money. Why do you want to
know about the source! Must be some anonymous donator. l don’t like anonymous
donation or any secret thing. Through the attorney to whom do
you send 250 rupees every month? Who is this Shekhar? He never even came to greet us. l greet you everyday. Greetings. Why have you folded your hands? You look after the
accounts the whole day. Can’t l even fold my hands? Saroja!
– Yes, ma’am! You go to office!
– Yes! Wait!
– Yes! You folded your hands in
front of my secretary! What will she think?
You talk nonsense! l was quietly reading Gita.
You started the radio! But l have switched
off the radio, father. Dear, not even the
radio station can.. ..switch off this radio. But l will stop your
donation business! Father, l am leaving for college. l too am leaving for office. You too leave! Daughter goes to college
and wife goes to office. Wow! Wow! Greetings, aunt! What do you eat nowadays?
You have become so fat! Fool! Stupid! Crazy! You mock me! What happened, Lalita? What happened? – He says l am fat!
He calls me aunt! l.. l didn’t call her.
l called that buffalo fat! You looked at the buffalo!
But you meant me! ls this true, Mahesh? No, Shekhar. l swear
on this fatso’s father. l called her and not the buffalo.. l called that
buffalo fat and not her! lf you don’t believe
me, you can ask her! Am l right, aunt? Aunt, say.. So the buffalo is your aunt? Yes!
– Shut up! l consider cow as my
mother and buffalo as my aunt. l didn’t say anything to her.
ln fact she scolded me. ls he speaking the truth? l too didn’t abuse you! l was
talking about that donkey! Oh! What did l know that you wer
e calling your brother! Forgive me! l am very sorry!
– ldiot! You people have no manners! Let’s go, Lalita! We
shouldn’t argue with them! Come on! Come on! Come on! Kiran, where will we find the book.. ..which teaches us about manners? Tell us! Why do you need the book? Not all of you! Turn by turn! First me! Yes, yes! First you
should learn a lesson! Because you are the
leader of these insolent guys! Yes! Will you teach me
here or somewhere else? Somewhere else! Come!
– Let’s go! Hold this! Hold this! l will shut the door! Wow! Wow! Wow! He is so lucky! But Shekhar, be careful!
She is very sharp! Why are you so quiet? l was wondering..
unnecessarily l fought with you. l too was thinking the same. Actually we get to know a
person when we are close to him. Did you know me? Yes. You look hard. But
you have a tender heart. l too think the same about you. Really? Can l sit in the front? Yes, why not?
– Thank you! Thank you! Kiran!
– Yes! Are you angry with me? Angry and with you? Like me you too are hot tempered. l feel affection too.
– Affection? Why are you trembling? No. l mean this is
my first experience. First experience?
– Yes. Have you never sat in a car before? No. Yes. But..
– What? Not with somebody.
– Oh! l too never sat with somebody. Kiran!
– Yes! As long as you want. l feel like just
walking on and on with you. Really? Yes. Look, from the backseat
you came in the front. And now you are coming closer! Kiran, l can’t stay away from you. What happened? The engine has become hot.
– So? We have to pour cold water! Look, the bucket is in the bonnet. Please get water from there.
– l will be back in a jiffy. Has the engine cooled down? Did you learn a lesson in manners? Kiran, this is cheating! This is the answer of your question. Come back on foot. You will be back
by tomorrow morning. The city is 20 miles away from here. No train, no bus, no horse carriage. You won’t find any
transportation on this road. Bye. Kiran! Kiran! Kiran! Kiran, wait!
Kiran, stop! Kiran! Ma’am, your engine got repaired? Shekhar!
– Yes! Shekhar! Shekhar! My car broke down! So what? Your legs
are fine! Walk on foot! You will surely reach
city by tomorrow morning. The city is not very
far away. Only 15 miles. No train, no bus, no horse carriage. You won’t find any
transportation on this road. Shekhar!
– Here! Bye! ”Come on, young man.”
– Shekhar! ”Come on..” Shekhar! Shekhar!
– What happened? Shekhar! – What happened? Shekhar!
Have mercy on me! l am alone! You left my company!
– Yes. But l am not so heartless that
l will leave you here alone. How nice! Shekhar! Shekhar! You are so nice!
– l am nice! Do you really mean it? Promise me! You will
never betray me again! All your life?
– What happened? l expressed my feelings! Look, what a
beautiful moonlit night! Shall we go walking? What? 15 miles.. on foot?
– Yes! On foot! O my God! l can’t do this! lf you want, l will carry you. No, no!
– No! Neither this nor that! Then.. We will spend the night here. Fine? Spend the night.. here? With you? No? l will leave! Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen! Will you leave me alone? Great! You don’t
want to come with me! You don’t want to stay with me! Then what do you want? You sleep on the
front seat of the car! l will sleep on the back seat! Great! Great! Great!
As if l am a worm! That l will fit in a small space! Look! A fine bed for me! That’s a hay stack! No, ma’am! That’s a soft bed! Come on! Sleep in the car! Come on! Shekhar! Shekhar! Shekhar! Shekhar! Shekhar! What happened? Look! You got scared of the
Goddess and you came to me! Shekhar! l am scared!
Can l sleep here? Alone.. here.. with me? Shekhar! Don’t joke! You sleep there.
l will sleep here. Move. Fine. Sleep. Sleep. What is this? Why
did you hold my hand? Great! First you
kept your hand on mine! And you are blaming me! -What! Leave! ”Why did your glance turn upset?” ”Forgive me if l
have made a mistake.” ”Why did your glance turn upset?” ”Forgive me if l
have made a mistake.” ”l didn’t have any such intentions.” ”Your mistake became a punishment.” ”l didn’t have any such intentions.” ”Your mistake became a punishment.” ”Even if punishment, at
least l got something today.” ”Punishment too is
a series of love.” ”Even if punishment, at
least l got something today.” ”Punishment too is
a series of love.” ”Now no matter what
the outcome of love is.” ”Meeting you is enough.” ”Why did your glance turn upset?” ”Forgive me if l
have made a mistake.” ”l didn’t have any such intentions.” ”Your mistake became a punishment.” ”Why are you so
proud that we have met?” ”Why are you forced to flatter me?” ”Why are you so
proud that we have met?” ”Why are you forced to flatter me?” ”Why did you feel the
need to appease me?” ”You learnt how to harass me.” ”Why did your glance turn upset?” ”Forgive me if l
have made a mistake.” ”lf l had not angered you then
how could l have appeased you?” ”How could l have
brought you near me?” ”lf l had not angered you then
how could l have appeased you?” ”How could l have
brought you near me?” ”My desire was to love you.” ”Today my heartfelt
prayer was answered.” ”Why did your glance turn upset?” ”Forgive me if l
have made a mistake.” ”l didn’t have any such intentions.” ”Your mistake became a punishment.” Shekhar!
– Yes! l thought.. you are
a hot tempered man. And Kiran, l thought
you are very egoistic. And now? Now my anger and your ego..
both have converted into love. Shekhar, do you know? By talking openly even
enemies become friends. They become one. Will it last forever?
– Yes. Forever. l am yours. And l will remain yours. What a dangerous place! The same number, the same car. But he is neither
inside nor outside. Shekhar! Shekhar! Shekhar! Why are you scared? lt’s me! You have come at the right
time! Our car broke down! Our? Shekhar, this
car has become our car? Shekhar, this car
became ours so soon. Why not? After all its Kiran’s car! lt has broken down at the
right place! So romantic! l was right. l thought something
must have happened. So l came here on my scooter. You have done the right thing,
Mahesh. – Yes. Now let’s go! – Yes! But how can we three go? Not three, we both are going. Shekhar, goodnight. Kiran! Stay for sometime.
– lts quite late. Kiran! Where were you for
so long? Who is this guy? Mother.. he is my college friend. Who? Shekhar? How come you know
her college friend? Kamla, it’s a long story. l understood! He is that Shekhar whom you
send 250 rupees every month. Greetings. Are you that Godly man who
sends me 250 rupees every month? l didn’t know that
Kiran is your daughter. Did you see the
outcome of giving donation? He is playing with our honour! Mother, he wants to honour
us. l want to marry him. What did you say? With this pauper! With this ungrateful man who
is dependant on us? – Mother! Aunt, l am not ungrateful!
You have mistaken me! l won’t go against
your wishes. Greetings. Shekhar! Shekhar!
– Where are you going? Mother!
– Get in! Mother!
– Will you come or not! Beware if you ever meet him again! Kamla, you always
speak without thinking! Shekhar is not a pauper. He is the grandson
of that Godly man.. ..because of whom your Kamla
Transport Service started! No matter what we do, we
can’t repay his favour! Shekhar is Mr. Rai’s grandson? Yes. He died helping others. He is that man’s grandson.
And he is leading a poor life. Father, l will marry only him. Never! l don’t like this guy! Who are you to choose? With God’s will till date you
never chose a guy for Kiran! Kiran chose Shekhar. Now my and God’s will is that
our wealth which is growing.. ..because of Mr. Rai’s favour.. ..should go to his own grandson. Yes, yes! l understood
father and daughter’s plan! But can that guy look
after our empire? – Yes. Mother, he comes first in the class. He too used to come
first in his class. l will decide after the interview. You will interview your son-in-law? ls this a bus driver or
a bus conductor’s post? We can fire a driver or
a bus conductor anytime we want! But not son-in-law! l will write down a few
questions for Shekhar. lf he gave the right answers
then this marriage is possible. Otherwise no! Father! God knows what
questions mother will write. Let her first write.
Then see what l do. lnterview for the son-in-law?
What are you saying? Kiran’s mother is a bit crazy. And l know how to take
advantage of crazy people. -What! l mean it’s an intelligent
thing to do. – Oh! Great! Great! Look, dear. Here is
the question paper. And here is the
paper for the answers. With great difficulty l got hold
of this. – Wow! Wow! Great! Great! What do you mean? l mean thanks! For
stealing this! You are a nice man! l am helpless! l am helpless! Shekhar, for my and Kiran’s
sale you should listen to Kamla. But.. l can’t cheat on somebody. Great! He is betraying his own wife! And you can’t deceive
your future mother-in-law! To marry the person whom you love,
you have to lie and cheat. Only then will you get to marry her. Do you know Krishan?
– Yes. Which one? l am not talking
about our classmate Krishan. Then?
– l am talking about Lord Krishna. The one who plays the
flute. Wow! Wow! Wow! To get Arjun married to Subadra.. ..he played such a nice ruse. He is playing the
same ruse. Great! Great! No, no! Thanks!
Thanks! You too are great! Shekhar, l hope you
won’t disappoint me. Fine. lt’s my duty to obey you. Read the questions and answers once. You don’t worry. l will make him memorize it. So that he will repeat it
when asked. Don’t worry. Thank you! Thank you! So tomorrow morning come home at 10. lt’s my responsibility! l will set the alarm so that
he wakes up in the morning. And he will reach the
examination hall exactly at 10. Mahesh, it’s all
thanks to your good deeds. No, sir. lt’s all
thanks to your sin. Oh! Yes, yes! Shekhar, bye!
– Bye! Sir! Why this garland? Because till date only
question papers have been leaked. But you leaked the question
paper and the answer paper both. Why don’t you become
our college principal? Great!
– Great! Not great! Thanks!
– Yes! Thanks! Thanks! Shekhar, now memorise this quickly. Come! Come! Did you memorise the
questions and answers? Yes. He has memorised it very well! With great difficulty he got
those questions and answers! With great difficulty l made him
memorise those questions and answers! Sit! Sit! Sit! Mother!
– Whose mother? Oh my God! Greetings. Good morning! Who is he? He.. – l am his sycophant!
No, l am his friend. Mahesh. Shekhar thinks
of me as his friend. l always follow him like a
shadow! Always clinging! ls this Hanuman’s
relative your friend? Yes, l am.. What did you say? l
am an ape? Hang on! This religious
question was not in the paper. Yes.
– Then? What paper? University’s exams are approaching. So that’s why these poor
guys always think about paper! You take your interview. Sit! Sit! Sit! l am telling you,
not him! Sit! – Sit! Come! Sit! What should be a wife’s
status in her husband’s life? Husband and wife
should have equal status. What does marriage mean? A pure social relationship
between a man and a woman. Wrong! According to me the
contract of man’s slavery. Correct?
– Yes! Correct! Correct! – Quiet! What is the proof
that you love Kiran? What is the proof that
you are in your senses.. ..while asking this question? The answer is not straight! lf the question is not straight
then the answer too won’t be! The world runs on belief. l
believe you. You believe me. How should a live-in
son-in-law treat his in-laws? lf he is not a self-made
man then to always agree.. ..with his in-laws and
be his wife’s slave. How will you treat your in-laws? Like the man who is
self-made and has self-respect! Wow! Wow! Great!
Great! Great! Great! lf you are the manager of
Kamla Transport Company.. ..and if a driver asks
for a leave saying.. ..that my wife is not well,
will you give him a leave.. ..or will you fire him? l will tell him to go home
and strangulate his wife! What do employees of
Kamla Transport Company.. for wife and leaves? Nonsense! Do you know what will be the
outcome of this interview? l will fail! l won’t marry Kiran! You have failed! l knew that father and daughter will
steal the paper and give it to you. And you will give the
answers which you have memorised. But no. l am pleased
to hear your answers. You love my daughter.
And not my money. You will marry Kiran. And you will be the manager
of Kamla Transport Company. Forgive me. l misunderstood you. Now too you have mistaken me. But l have judged you correctly. You have patient and pride too. After marriage let me
see how long it lasts. Forgive him. He is insensible.
He is immature. Listen!
– Yes! What do you have to say? Your decision is like
government’s decision. What can l say? Fine! Fine! The marriage will
take place this month. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!
– Mother! Mother, you are so nice! God bless you, dear! God bless you! God bless you, dear! God bless you! Saroja.. honeymoon.. Ma’am, l have
arranged for everything! Shekhar, either go to moon
or venus for your honeymoon. Look, in 1970 they are
going to go there. – Mahesh! ”This weather, the
season and the sceneries.” ”My heart is not in
my control, beloved.” ”O beloved.” ”Come and embrace me.” ”Stop gesturing with your eyes.” ”My body has started smouldering.” ”l am yours.” ”You are mine.” ”Come, dwell in my heart.” ”Loosen your tresses.” ”Spread your tresses on my eyes.” ”Loosen your tresses.” ”Spread your tresses on my eyes.” ”Arouse such magic of love.” ”That the whole
world is intoxicated.” ”Stop gesturing with your eyes.” ”My body has started smouldering.” ”l am yours.” ”You are mine.” ”Come, dwell in my heart.” ”This weather, the
season and the sceneries.” ”My heart is not in
my control, beloved.” ”O beloved.” ”Come and embrace me.” ”Eyes have read the
language of eyes.” ”Desires are young in my heart.” ”Come and hold my arms.” ”l know what lies in your heart.” ”This weather, the
season and the sceneries.” ”My heart is not in
my control, beloved.” ”O beloved.” ”Come and embrace me.” ”Stop gesturing with your eyes.” ”My body has started smouldering.” ”l am yours.” ”You are mine.” ”Come, dwell in my heart.” Did anything happen? Doctor! O my God! l am gone! l am gone! O my God! lf you
give me another birth.. ..then make me a
man and not a woman! No! Doctor! Have patience, dear! Have patience! Congratulations! Congratulations! Heard the voice! Now bet
whether it’s a boy or a girl? For 5 rupees!
– l will ask Kamla! Kamla! No! lt’s a girl! The lucky girl is born! Wow! Just like her grandma! Great! Her mouth is shut!
And still we can hear the sound! Congratulations! Another child! Twins!
– Twins! Twins! Twins! Twins! Twins! Twins.
– l am very happy. Give me a kiss! Kiran! Children look just like you! They look like you! We can’t say now! Faces change! They are just babies! Kiran! Did you give
Ganga and Jamuna a bath? Ganga and Jamuna? Yes! Our children! Mother has named
the elder one Ganga.. ..and the younger one Jamuna! Great! Without telling me,
you chose the names! Why do you feel bad? Mother is elder. She
named them Ganga and Jamuna. So its fine!
– Fine! Shekhar! lts 11 o’clock! lf you will go to office so late.. ..then what will
happen to the company? Remember! You are
not just a son-in-law! You are also the manager of
our bus transport company! What manager? l can’t
do anything on my own! All this is happening
because of your mother! Don’t get angry. Mother
has more experience than you. You should listen to her. Then why this manager’s post
and why the salary of a manager? Because you are my son-in-law! Then you should have paid me
for being your son-in-law! l would have sat at home and
looked after the children! But the income-tax
officer won’t agree to it! Oh! Hello! What? Accident? A man met with an
accident with our bus! Did you take him to the hospital? Very good! l will
just be there! Yes! Here is he! Look, l am Kamla
Transport’s manager! l have come to apologise
for my bus driver’s mistake. lt’s not his mistake,
dear. lts Maya’s fate’s fault. She is going to get
married after 15 days. We are labourers. We didn’t want our
daughter to become a labourer. Her alliance was
fixed with a mechanic. And he got wounded. Don’t cry, aunt. l am her brother. l will make all the arrangement. And the company too will
give you the compensation. A woman had come from the company. She gave me 300
rupees for compensation.. ..and she took my signature. No problem, aunt. l will
bear the marriage expense. God bless you, dear. Send somebody with me.
– Maya! You go with him! Greetings. Come, sister. Come! Saroja! She is that poor man’s daughter.. ..who got wounded by our bus. Give her 3000 rupees as
compensation and a receipt. We have already given a
receipt of 300 rupees. Why? Didn’t you get the money? l know that! Do what l say! l won’t give the money
without boss’s permission! What do you mean?
– l am sorry. The decision has been taken!
So why to argue about it? But according to me this
is not the right decision! Poor man’s life is not so cheap! l have decided to
give her 3000 rupees! Shekhar, when our buses
run on water and not petrol.. ..only then will poor
people’s life become expensive. That day we will
even give 30000 rupees! This is business! Mercy and good deeds
have no place in business! But mercy and goods deeds
are important for humanity! l have decided to pay 3000 rupees! lt’s very easy to splurge
and give away other’s money! Earning it and then giving it
makes you feel proud and kind! Oh! Today l understood! lt’s better to starve
than to work for in-laws! l am giving her 3000 rupees!
Deduct it from my salary! Take it, sister. Here is the receipt of 3000 rupees! And my resignation too! Come! Come! Come! Come!
Come! Come, Mr. Rai! Come! Come! Greetings, sister-in-law!
– Greetings, brother Mahesh! Notjust Mahesh, Ramesh,
Suresh, Dinesh and Ganesh too. He looks like an elephant.
But his voice is very meek. Fine! Fine! Sister-in-law, where is Shekhar? Come with me! What are you looking at? Come on! Why are you quiet?
Look, who has come! Welcome your friends.
– Yes. Shekhar, the
arrangement is so nice! – Fine! Today too that old
lady is infuriated. Forget it! Come on!
– Come! Come! Come! Shekhar!
– Sit! Look, l won’t get first class in BA. And l don’t want to
pass with third class too. Why do you worry? Shekhar is there! Kamla transport is there!
He will help all of us! Start eating! Shekhar, won’t you eat?
– You eat! Forgive me!
– Yes! This table is reserved
for important people! What? Do important
people have horn or tail? Ma’am, here
everybody is equal! Equal! Everybody is the guest! Shall l show
you Shekhar’s invitation letter? l told you! This table is
for important people! – Saroja! Why are you yelling? You should have asked
before letting them sit here! You people get up! Sit
somewhere else! – What! Great! Are we footballs that we will
be tossed here and there? Please, Mahesh! Forgive me! Shekhar, you forgive us!
Because we are going! We don’t want to eat here! Shekhar, l didn’t know that you
are not respected in this house! Come on! Mahesh, l beg you! Please! Please, Ganesh! Try
to understand! Please! Please! ‘Shekhar, l didn’t know that you
are not respected in this house!’ ‘Come on!’ Mahesh, did you eat something? Where did he go? Tell me! l think your friends
left without eating anything! Stop them! What are you thinking? l am thinking that l
have got your place! Yes! Your house is a playground! Till date you were
tossed around like a ball! And now your wife wants to
toss me around like a ball! But at times the
player who throws the ball.. ..he too is wounded and he falls! Kiran! Come with me! What insolence is this? People are watching! You are
dragging her like a servant! Today l will show you whether
l am the servant or the king! Come! – Let go of my hand!
What will people say? What is left to say? This is not Kamla
Transport Company’s silverjubilee! lt’s the function of my humiliation! What happened? What happened? What’s the matter? Take the children! We won’t
even drink water of this house! l won’t stay here even for a minute! But what happened? Tell me! l will tell you! l have made a grave
mistake by making.. ..this insolent man
my live-in son-in-law! Mother, what are you saying? l am right! We have
to endure this beast! l am a human being! And the one who calls a man a
beast that person is the beast! What are you saying? Mother is elder to you
in age and relationship. Talk to her respectfully. Does anybody in this house knows.. to talk respectfully? How much is your father respected! And you can see how
she is respecting me! Take the children and
come with me! -Kiran! Will you come or not? Just think! Where will we go? Wherever l take you! lnstead of living in this house,
its better to live on the street! Who is stopping you? Whether you live on the street
or anywhere else! -Mother! Quiet! You can’t feed yourself. And you want to take your
wife and children along! Mother, keep quiet! l beg of you! You keep quiet! Get in! Mother! Mother,
leave me! Mother! Mother! Mother! Open the door!
– The door is open! Let Kiran come out!
– Kiran won’t come! You can leave! Kiran
will live in this house! She is my daughter! She is my wife! Not you,
but l have a right on her! l will take her! She won’t go! lf you want
to live, you can live here! lf you want to leave, you
can leave! This is my decision! l want to hear Kiran’s decision,
and not yours! Kiran, do you want to
live here or come with me? You want your
mother or your husband? Kiran! Answer me,
Kiran! Answer me! Kiran! lf you won’t come
with me right now.. ..then you will
never see my face again! Kiran’s silence
reveals her decision! She wants her mother!
She will live here! Fine! Beware if you touched the children! They are my children!
l will take them! A baby stays with her mother!
This is what the law too says! l don’t care for the law!
One child will stay with me! Shekhar! Don’t force
me to call the police! You can do whatever you want! Listen! Quickly call the police! Shekhar is leaving with Ganga! So what? He is taking his daughter! He is not taking away your bus tyre! He will return
once his anger abates! Come outside. People
are asking for you. But..
– Nothing doing! Come! Come! Ganga.. l am going to Singapore. But what will l do there? There is darkness all around, Ganga. There is only darkness. This year my business
incurred heavy loss. You and had a loss? What to do? l am old. lf you know of a
capable man, then tell me. Where has Radha gone?
Where has Radha gone? Radha fell into the pond! Radha!
– Radha! Radha!
– Radha! Radha!
– Radha! Radha!
– Radha! Radha! My child! Radha! Somebody save her! Very good. Come on! Thank God! Thank God! Radha! Radha! My child! My child! Listen! You have
done a favour on me.. saving my daughter! Here!
– Money! Taking money for saving
the child is not humanity. This was my duty! Very good! You have
pleased me, young man! What do you do? Nothing. l have come
from lndia for a job! ln lndia where did you live?
– Bangalore! Earlier l too used
to live in Bangalore! l have a bungalow there! Do you know Mr. Rai Harbanlal? Yes. He died a long time ago. Yes. He was my good friend. ls that so? l am his grandson! Oh! You are his grandson!
– Yes! You are my grandson also!
And my manager too! Thank you, sir! Dear Shekhar! l am craving for you and Ganga! Return home on reading this
advertisement! Or take me with you! Yours Kiran! Maya, did you see? He is the same man who gave
3000 rupees for the marriage! Such a kind man too
could face such a problem! Good morning, boss!
– Good morning, Mr. Shekhar! What are you doing, Ganga? She throws one toy and
she picks up another one! This is what she does! This is what even you do! You step somewhere and
you look somewhere else! You have converted your
house too into an office! Boss, l want to achieve something.. the time Ganga grows up! So that l could give
her that luxurious life.. ..from where l have brought her! Why not? Why not? Keep up, my boy! Dear, play with this ball.
Yes! Throw it! Throw it! Yes! Ganga, l am going to office!
– Okay, father. My gift! Jamuna, have your milk! Mummy, is this the
time to drink milk? Grandma gives me apple juice! You don’t know anything! You are right, dear! l
don’t know anything! lf l had known something.. Father!
– Yes! What does this mean?
– What? Your mother and
your place of birth.. greater than heaven. l am away from my place of
birth and my mother too! Father, when will
you take me to mother? Ganga! So many times l have
told you not to talk about mother! You only say that mother
is greater than heaven! And you get irritated
on hearing about mother. Study! Good morning, grandpa! Good morning, Ganga!
– Good morning, boss! No, no, no! Mr. Shekhar,
don’t call me boss! Now you have become my partner! l and your partner? l mean
a partner in your company? Yes, once you had said that l wan
t to achieve something. That day itself l had
considered you as my partner. Your share in the profit is 1/4th. My company which otherwise
would have run into losses.. has profited a
lot because of you! Thank you, Mr. Joseph! Thank you! Thank you very much! Secondly now l want to retire
and go to my motherland Africa. Father.
– Yes. When will we go to our motherland?
– We.. Darling, you too go.
Motherland is motherland! Shekhar, she should go
to lndia! You go to lndia! l present my
Bangalore’s bungalow to Ganga! Thank you, sir!
– Grandpa, you too come with us! Yes, l will surely come to see you! Do it! Shave your head! ”My greetings to Muslim and Hindu.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”Whenever l shave your
head, l receive money.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”Everybody can come for a hair cut.” ”Everybody can come for a hair cut.” ”With Hindu priest
and Muslim priest.” ”l have a bond with everybody.” ”With Hindu priest
and Muslim priest.” ”l have a bond..” Grey hair! ”lt’s my job to make
everybody look smart.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”My greetings to Muslim and Hindu.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”l will give you a nice hair cut.” ”Come, dear.” ”Nowadays people like makeup.” ls it fine from the back?
ls it fine from the front? ”l will give you a nice hair cut.” ”Come, dear.” ”Nowadays people like makeup.” ”You will get a damsel
but first look smart.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”My greetings to Muslim and Hindu.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”There are many forms
of this profession.” ”What do l explain to you?” ”There are many forms
of this profession.” ”What do l explain to you?” ”Nowadays people do
any kind of business.” Ambassador! Fiat! ”Nowadays people do
any kind of business.” ”The one who ruin people’s life.” ”The one who ruin people’s life.” ”He is called a leader.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”My greetings to Muslim and Hindu.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”Whenever l shave your
head, l receive money.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” ”Dear, l am a barber.” Do it! Shave.. Mahesh! Shekhar! – Mahesh!
Mahesh! Mahesh! – Shekhar.. Mahesh! What have
you done to yourself? Nothing! Nowadays l am a barber! But where were you for so long? l was in Singapore!
– Singapore! Yes! l came here a
month ago! Come home! No! No, Shekhar. l..
– So what? Come! Fine! l will come!
– Come! Come in! O my God! This is a
grand house! lt’s quite huge! What’s the rent, Shekhar? This is my house. My boss Mr. Joseph
gifted this to Ganga. Tell me. How are things? Not good. You can see for yourself. Shekhar, after you
left l did everything. l worked as a labourer,
a shoes polisher. l distributed newspaper.
l pulled carriage. You have become a poet!
– l learnt singing! l learnt music! Wow! Wow! Wow! l learnt cooking!
l know how to cook! ln these 7-8 years l
learnt 64 things. – ls that so? Still l am poor. l
mean l can’t feed myself. Shekhar, it’s true! Every man who is talented,
he has to starve! Mahesh, now you won’t starve! From today you are
my secretary. Got it? No! l will look after this house. l will look after the kitchen.
Meaning a butler. Butler?
– Yes! No, no!
– What do you think of a butler? Butler eats before the employer. Forget that! Even Hitler
ate the butler’s leftover. l see! You can do
whatever you want! Fine! Listen! Did you marry? No. Seeing your plight
l started hating women. l didn’t work where
there was a woman. l took the oath that
l will never marry! Fine! Let’s go inside.
– Father! Father! Let’s go to school!
– Yes, dear! Mahesh, do you know who she is? She is Ganga!
– O my God! She has grown up! lt means l have grown old! Father, who is he?
– He.. Dear, l am your uncle Mahesh! Your father’s friend
even before your birth. l see! l see! Father, when
will the dance teacher come? l have called her today, dear. You learn dancing too? You are pronouncing
it wrong! l am a girl! l know it, dear! – But why
are you teaching me grammar? Shekhar, she is very smart! Uncle, you are really nice!
– What did you say, dear? What is this, mummy? You always see the
photo and you cry! Will father come back by crying? Fine, Jamuna! She is senseless! Grandma, when father
took away sister.. ..then what were you all doing? lf l had been there, l would
have caught hold of father. And l would have snatched sister! Dear, you were there. But
you were in your cradle. l didn’t see. Maybe l was asleep. She talks so sweetly. lts time. l have to drop you to
school and go to office. Fine. Mummy, l am going! Don’t cry! No, dear! Now you leave! Here! Kiran! Here is money!
– Money? Why are you giving it to me? Shekhar has sent it, dear.
And he has sent a letter too. Letter? ‘Dear father.. l am
returning your money with interest.’ ‘Yours Shekhar.’ He didn’t write anything about me? Not about Jamuna too! He didn’t even write his address. The way l used to send him
money through the attorney. Similarly a man came
and gave the money. But dear, at least we know that
he is fine wherever he is. Here. What will l do with this
money? Give it to mother. The day he married me.. l too
became indebted for this loan. He repaid the loan.
But he forgot me. He didn’t even write..
where he lives, how is Ganga. Rani! Rani! Your pencil is so nice! l have two! One rupee for each! Will you give me one?
– Money? l will give it to you tomorrow.
– Fine! Here! Jamuna! Wow! Your
dress is so lovely! My grandma got it from America! Jamuna, your slippers too are nice! My grandma got it from London! Bag too is so nice! My grandma got this from Japan! Her grandma has made her a
display of foreign goods. Jamuna! Jamuna! This
girl from Singapore! She is very egoistic! She
thinks she is very intelligent! She is not! Yes. But she looks like you. Hey, girl! Why do you look like me? l don’t look like you! You
have worn a modern dress! l have worn a traditional dress! No! l am asking, why does
your face resemble mine? Ask God or your grandma!
She must have got it! Teacher!
– Good morning, teacher! Good morning, teacher!
– Good morning! Good morning, teacher!
– Good morning! Good morning, teacher!
– Good morning! Good morning, teacher!
– Good morning! Kids, yesterday
Tolstoy’s famous story.. ..little girls are
wiser than men meaning.. ..children are wiser
than men, was narrated. Remember it?
– Yes, teacher! Teacher, my father has taught
me a song based on this story! Shall l sing it, teacher?
– Yes. ”Children have a pure heart.” ”Children have a pure heart.” ”They are the apple
of everybody’s eyes.” ”They are small
flowers which God likes.” ”Children have a pure heart.” ”They get upset and then
they forget their anger.” ”Then they embrace you.” ”The one with whom they fight.” ”They talk to him
the very next moment.” ”The one with whom they fight.” ”They talk to him
the very next moment.” ”They have no enmity.” ”Nobody is a stranger for them.” ”They spread their
innocence everywhere.” ”Children have a pure heart.” ”They are the apple
of everybody’s eyes.” ”They are small
flowers which God likes.” ”Children have a pure heart.” ”As long a person is
a child, he is true.” ”As he grows up, he gets corrupted.” ”Anger turns into hatred.” ”Greed seizes him.” ”Childhood is
untouched by these sins.” ”And thus days pass by.” ”Children have a pure heart.” ”They are the apple
of everybody’s eyes.” ”They are small
flowers which God likes.” ”Children have a pure heart.” ”Body is tender and
heart is beautiful.” ”Children are better than elders.” ”They don’t lie.” ”They don’t
consider caste and creed.” ”There is no
difference of language.” ”There is no
difference of religion.” ”For them, temple, mosque
and gurudwara are the same.” ”Children have a pure heart.” ”They are the apple
of everybody’s eyes.” ”They are small
flowers which God likes.” ”Children have a pure heart.” ”They are the apple
of everybody’s eyes.” ”They are small
flowers which God likes.” ”Children have a pure heart.” ”Children have a pure heart.” Very good, Ganga!
lt’s a really nice song! You all should learn this song!
– Okay, teacher! A dance teacher was going to come. She has still not arrived. She is a woman. She will
take an hour to apply powder. What?
– l mean makeup. First she will apply kohl.
Then she will apply lipstick. Then she will apply rouge.
– Greetings! Greetings! Come! Come! She is my daughter.
– Greetings. And her daughter?
– She is unmarried. And yours?
– Mahesh! – l was just.. She has taught dance to
many officer’s children. Saved! l thought officers!
What’s her name? Menaka!
– Menaka! But here there is no Vishwamitra!
– Quiet! Look!
– Yes! Look, the child goes to
school in the morning. Can you come in the evening? Why not? She can come anytime! O my God! The phone is ringing! Excuse me! What’s your name?
– Madhumati! Hey! Why do you push me?
– Who are you? l am a man!
– l can see that! Are you Mr.
Shekhar’s brother-in-law? What did you say?
Brother-in-law? Keep quiet! l see! l see! Why are you making rounds?
Do you want to buy this house? No! Mr. Shekhar lives
alone in such a big house! He is not alone! Three
people live here! – Three? Me.. Mr. Shekhar and our
child Ganga. Got hurt? What do you think my Shekhar is? He rejected his billionaire wife! What are you in this house? l am everything. l am
cook and kitchen too. l am a donkey too. Be
careful. l even kick! l know how to stop you! Leave! Leave my leg!
Don’t tarnish my leg! Leave! You have not one,
not two, but many cars! But you always go to temple on foot. You should go on foot
to worship God, dear. Why? Grandma always go
to the temple in a car! ln a big car!
– She is your grandma! ls grandma better than you? Yes, dear. She is
your mummy’s mummy. And l am just your mummy. God is great! He lets
grandma travel in a car! lt’s raining! Why are you standing
here? Come inside! lts okay! lt’s raining very heavily!
Do come in! Come, dear! You sit. l will just come. Mummy, shall l watch the rains? Fine, dear. But don’t get drenched.
– Fine. Look, you are going for night duty. You have to stay
awake the whole night. Here is milk. Don’t
forget to drink it. How can l forget? Listen!
– What? Look, you forgot your umbrella! lt’s raining! And you
were going out! Here! Maya. l love you.
l will live for 100 years. This love will never wane.
– My Maya! Where is your child? She is playing outside.
Do you have a child? My husband is very childish. My entire day is
spent looking after him. l saw your serving
nature and your devotion. He is my God. He has to bow down his
head at his workplace. lf he has to bow down
his head at home too.. ..then what will he go through. This is a woman’s duty. She makes her home
either heaven or hell. You are right, sister. There are many
wretched women in this world.. ..who forgot this truth and
thus made their house hell. Only fortunate people get this joy! Your house is a heaven. l got this heaven
because of a Godly man! Come, l will show you. l got married with
the money he gave me. But he gave me a house and
he himself lost his house. His wife has made his house hell! You are crying! Who are you? The wretched woman who
made her house hell. A blind woman who
couldn’t recognise her God. l am his wife. Mummy! Mummy, the rain has stopped!
Let’s go to temple! Dear, we are at the temple.
Now let’s go home. Sister, may your
heaven always flourish! ”Why did your glance turn upset?” ”Forgive me if l
have made a mistake.” ”l didn’t have any such intentions.” ”Your mistake became a punishment.” ”You can punish me if you want.” ”But at least tell me
what my mistake is.” ”Give me some
benefit of my innocence.” ”The God of my heart, my God.” ”This is the limit of atrocity.” ”l didn’t have any such intentions.” ”Your mistake became a punishment.” ”Why did your glance turn upset?” ”Forgive me if l
have made a mistake.” Hey, give me the money!
– What money? Great! Yesterday you took my pencil! And today you are saying what money! Give me the money! Beware if you touched me! Rani! Rani! l took the pencil!
Here is your money! l am Ganga and she is Jamuna! There is so much of confusion! lt will be better if you both
write your names on your forehead! Girl from Singapore!
You beg, you steal! And l am accused! Jamuna, mind your language!
l belong to a decent family! l am a gentleman father’s daughter. l belong to a decent family! My mother and my
grandma are gentlemen! To hell with your English! She calls her mother
and grandma as gentlemen! You should say lady! You keep your English with you!
l am an expert in Hindi! Hindi expert, tell me why is our
language called mother tongue.. ..and not father tongue? Father tongue? Mother tongue? Why not father tongue? Yes! Because in
English we say ladies first! So first mother and then father. She is an expert in Hindi!
And she harps about English! Don’t you know? Who
teaches a child to talk? Mother! Mother’s language is
the child’s language. That’s why it’s
called mother tongue. Jamuna lost! Mahesh!
– O my God! What happened? You stopped me! Now l am sure
the medical shop will be closed! l was going to buy
medicine for heartache. Do you have heartache? l don’t have a heart!
So how will it hurt? lt’s for you! You are ill!
– Me? Yes! And you are
hiding your illness! lt will become chronic!
And then you will suffer! Look, Shekhar. There is only
one cure for it! And it’s Kiran! Shekhar, bring sister-in-law home! No, Mahesh! This is not possible! How can l go to the
house which l rejected? l will go there! l’ll face them. Why are you taking this ring?
– l will just tell you! What is this? Ram’s devotee Hanuman! How will Sita know? This
ring is Ram’s memento. And here is Hanuman. Kiran! What has happened to you suddenly? You didn’t eat since last night! And how too you are sitting quiet! What dearth do you feel here? You are the daughter
of a wealthy mother. Wealth can’t take the
place of a husband, mother. Without husband wife is like
that temple without God’s idol. Your God left you 7-8 years ago! l should have arrested
him that day itself. Even now if l find Shekhar then
l will hand him over to the police! l will send him to prison
and only then rest in peace! Police? Prison? What kind of a woman are you? l lost my joy. My family got ruined. But your nature didn’t change. For so many years l am suffering. And you are talking of
sending him to prison! Because of you he left me! For God’s sake don’t
say anything about him! Keep quiet! Enough! Enough! You too keep quiet! You are always after mother!
How has she wronged you? You always harass mother! Why are you sniffing
your nose like your father? And you are showing your
wrath like your father! Now mother and
daughter remember him! Jamuna, you shouldn’t talk
to grandma like this, dear. Why not? She made my father leave! lf father had been there, he
would have taught me many things! There is a girl from
Singapore in my school. Her father teaches her writing,
reading, dancing, singing. Everything! Mummy, l too want father! Jamuna! Jamuna! Mahesh! What are you doing? This Hanuman ran
away from that Lanka! What do you mean? Nothing! Hold your ring! l had gone to show Sita the ring! And l am coming back empty-hand! Hey! Are you mad? Yes! l am mad! Shekhar,
now we will leave this country! We will go to that country
where Ganges doesn’t flow. Shekhar, where husband
and wife don’t fight. And if they fight then
they resolve it quickly too. Fine, Hanuman. Tell
me. What happened? She is Kalyug’s Sita.
– Yes. – Why are you crying? She wants to send my Ram
on an exile. -An exile!? She wants to send you to jail. l have heard with my own ears.
Her mother was saying this. She wants to send me jail!? Huh! The so called little relation l had. Even that is broken. This means.. Mother and daughter’s
heart has not changed yet! How will it change after all? They are proud of their money. Shekhar, listen to me. Come on; let’s go to Singapore. What do you think? l’ll get
afraid of women and flee away? One.. two.. ”l will dance in
front of Lord Nandan.” ”l will dance in
front of Lord Nandan.” Greetings!
– Greetings. Greetings. Menaka, you yourself
dance and show him. All right. ”l will dance in
front of Lord Nandan.” ”l will dance in
front of Lord Nandan.” ”l dance and impress my Lord.” ”l dance and impress my Lord.” ”l will dance for my beloved.” ”l will dance in
front of Lord Nandan.” ”l will dance in
front of Lord Nandan.” ”Dancing gracefully,
beautifully, enchantingly.. ..superbly,
enticingly and swift footed.” ”Walked in a gracefully style,
luring and tempting.” ”She went with on with
Lord Manmonhan in her heart.” ”With beloved in her heart.” ”With beloved in her heart.” ”Tying the anklet of a love song.” ”Tying the anklet of a love song.” ”l will recite the
hymns of my Lord.” ”The rules of society
and limits of family.” ”l will not obey any one of them.” ”l will go and fall
at my beloved’s feet.” ”l will go and fall
at my beloved’s feet.” ”l will recite the hymns of Meera.” ”l will dance in
front of Lord Nandan.” ”l will dance in
front of Lord Nandan.” ”l’ll dance in front of him.” ”l’ll dance in front of him.” Shekhar!
– Huh? Shekhar, it’s you who
are staring at that side. But it’s me who’s getting afraid. Listen pal, a female is
not written in your destiny. One is hell bent on
sending you to jail. Who knows where she will send you! Hey, you are mad! Yes, l am mad. But you don’t act like a mad man. This Menaka is a dancer. A dancer. No, no, she is very respectable. You go. Go and cook food. Go. Menaka, you dance very well. l will train Ganga into
a better dancer than me. l am really very fortunate. A great dancer like you
will train my Ganga to dance. Mother, if you find it right. You both can stay in
this house itself. Err.. l mean to say,
you both won’t have.. ..the trouble of
travelling till here. And my Ganga will have the company.. ..of a lady like Menaka. How can we ignore your talks? And then even Menaka
likes Ganga so much. We’ll come to stay
here from tomorrow itself! Thank you very, very much. All right. l’ll be leaving now. ‘Raja’s marriage
procession will arrive.” ”The night will be colourful.” ”But l will dance..” ‘Oh! l forgot to bring the sweets.’ ‘Raja’s marriage
procession will arrive.” Oh wow! Breakfast! Wow! Let us eat! Come on! Oh wow!
Luscious! Delicious! Oh wow! Dear, please bring curds. Curds. Mother, milk and curds together!? Hey everything is fine.
Everything will do. You bring it. Hey? Butter! l see, fatso! Now l understood. How you flatter people so much? Madam, this is my kitchen. Not a cow stable. Hey don’t eat too much butter. Or you’ll slip and fall. Come on, get lost from here. Hey, l haven’t such good
breakfast in my lifetime. Let me eat the breakfast to my fill. What did you say? The breakfast is very delicious!
Really? – l swear. Then open it! -What? Your mouth!
– Oh yes! Yes! Oh! Very nice. Thank you. lt seems you must have surely.. ..been a woman in last birth. You are exactly the right thing. But if l stay for four
more days with you.. Do you know what l’ll
become in next birth? What?
– This! But you must surely have been
a buffalo in previous birth. Or a bull of Pratapur’s bull. Come on, return it to me. Hey, what are you doing, you cook! This is our house from today. Hey, leave my hand.
– Get lost! Now do you intend to
eat my hand? Leave it! No!
– No? Will you hit me? Will you kill me?
You will hit me with the spoon? Mr. Shekhar! Mr. Shekhar! This cook is hitting me! Oh excellent! Well said!
This is too much! l just picked up the spoon. And you are saying l am hitting
you with the spoon? You liar! ln telling lies you
defeat even Chinese. Your packing should be
done and send to Peking. Change your clothes every
morning and evening. Fine? Oh, oh mummy! You
consider me as a small kid. l am not going anywhere else. l am just going for a picnic. Live carefully, dear. And listen.. don’t
fight with anyone. Okay? l won’t quarrel. But l
won’t listen to anyone too. l am the
granddaughter of grandmother. Well said, Jamuna. You’ll surely bring
fame to your grandma. Okay dear, take these
boxes of chocolates.. ..and biscuits also along with you. All right. Mother.. l don’t feel
like sending her alone. She is just going on a picnic. Along with
entertainment; she’ll get knowledge. She will learn something there. Mummy, shall l take this photo? What will you do by
taking this photo, dear? When l’ll miss you;
l’ll see this photo. Oh Jamuna! Come on. Yes! Get going. Go carefully, dear. Okay? Bye-bye! Father, everyone’s mother has come. lf my mother had been there. Even she would have come. l have come, haven’t l? You are not my mother. You are my teacher. Father!
– Yes? l am going on a picnic. And you are not feeling well. lf you say l won’t go. l am feeling well today, dear. You go happily. What happened? You forgot? My tip! That’s it! Bye-bye!
– Bye-bye! You go now, mummy. Dear, whatever l have explained. Remember it, okay?
– All right. Bye-bye! Hey, take this at least. You dropped your handkerchief, dear. Take this.
– Thank you. How are you feeling now? l am fine. Baby, did you forgot to
give him the medicines? Hey? Oh yes! But l have to take the
medicine after l eat food. This medicine has to be
taken before eating. – Oh! Here. Drink it. Oh! lt smells of liquor! lt smells of liquor
but acts as a medicine. All right. lf you are
saying, l’ll drink it. Mother says, a limited dose of.. ..poison is an immortal drink. An overdose of immortal
drink becomes poison too. Ganga! Ganga! Ganga! Ganga! Ganga, this is just superb! Huh! Just see! How they are
flattering Ganga from all sides! You are very proud. That’s why girls don’t come to you. What should l do? l have got
the habits of grandmother. Doesn’t matter. Shall l call
them to you? – Yes, call them. Give me the biscuit box then.
– Here. Biscuits! Biscuits! Jamuna is distributing biscuits. Jamuna is distributing
biscuits. Come soon. l want biscuit! – l want biscuit!
– l want biscuit! l want biscuit! l want biscuit! Make a line!
Make a queue. Come on, say. ‘Jamuna is the queen of queens!’ ‘Ganga is a maid servant.’ Before eating the
biscuit or after eating it? Huh? Before eating it! Come on, say.
– ‘Jamuna is the queen of queens!’ ‘Ganga is a maid servant.’ Here. Distribute the biscuits. Finished eating the biscuits? We finished eating. ls the box empty?
– lt’s empty. ‘Jamuna is simple and innocent.’ ‘But she has no brains.’ ‘She is a fighter-cock!’ Shame-shame!
– Shame-shame! – Shame-shame! Shame-shame!
– Shame-shame! – Shame-shame! You had given me this idea and.. ..l am left with this empty box. What should l do?
People did the same with me. What did they do? They took money from my
daddy during election. And gave the votes to others. Your daddy didn’t do anything
with them? – He definitely did. He took equal revenge at
the right opportunity. Then even we should do something. Ganga, you are right. l am a fighter-cock. But l will not fight anymore. From today, we
both are best friends. And this chocolate box is the
proof of our friendship. Here. We also want to eat.
– We also want to eat. We want chocolates.
– We want chocolates. Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Oh! Oh no!
– Mud! Mud! You cheat! Being a
friend you cheated us!? You and my friend!? Half-blind! You and your grandma are half-blind! Not my grandma, your grandma! What did you say? Get up Jamuna! Get up!
– Get up, Ganga. Get up! Get up, Jamuna!
– Get up, Ganga. Get up! Jamuna, thrash her properly. Ganga, hit her hard. Get up, Jamuna!
– Get up, Ganga. Teach her a good lesson, Jamuna. Ganga, hit her properly. Come on, Jamuna. Come on! Get up, Ganga. Get up! Get up, Jamuna!
– Ganga, get up! Get up, Jamuna!
– Get up, Ganga! Get up, Jamuna!
– Get up, Ganga. Come on! Jamuna!
– Ganga! Come on! Get up, Jamuna!
– Get up, Ganga! Get up, Jamuna!
– Get up, Ganga! You mischievous girls.
Always fighting! One comes to picnic to make
friendship, get knowledge. And you both are fighting? Now there is only one
punishment for you both. Come with me. Come. Until you both don’t
learn to love each other. You’ll be shut in one room. Oh no! This is my place! Defeated you again! You are an excellent player! ln fact you are a player. l am just a toy. l’ll dance as you make me dance.
– Really? Here! This! Hey?
– Huh? l got so engrossed in playing this.
l forgot to give you medicine. Hey listen.. Here. Take this.
– Huh? No. l don’t want to drink more. l just drank it. My head is reeling! That’s why l am giving you this. You’ll get good sleep. l’ll sleep peacefully?
– Yes. The food is kept since when. Hey, let me eat it at least. Only those jump to eat. The ones who have never seen food. The one who’ll eat later. She’ll eat my leftover. We throw the first
morsel to dogs and cats. The dogs and cats sit
and stare. Huh! – Huh! Huh! The animals leave
behind the leftover plate. The beggars pick up
the leftover leaf. At our house the servant
picks up. The servant. Those who depend on
servants are handicapped. ”Kids are true at heart.” ”The adorable ones of the world.” ”These are those little flowers.” ”Whom God likes very much.” ”Kids are true at heart.” ”They become angry
and make up again.” ”They become friends again.” ”With whomever they fight.” ”They talk the next moment itself.” ”With whomever they fight.” ”They talk the next moment itself.” ”They don’t have
enmity with anyone.” ”No one is a stranger for them.” ”Everyone gets their innocence.” ”With open welcome arms.” ”Kids are true at heart.” ”The adorable ones of the world.” ”These are those little flowers.” ”Whom God likes very much.” ”Kids are true at heart.” Oh! Oh my god! Good grief!!!
A worm! A worm! Help! Help! Help! Help! A worm! A worm! This is not a worm.
lt is a rainy insect. This worm doesn’t bites. l am feeling afraid. Come on Jamuna, you sleep with me. Are you telling the truth? Yes! Come on! Sit! Go to sleep. Mother must be missing me. Even father must be missing me. ”Beloved, O’ beloved!” ”Beloved, O’ beloved!” ”Don’t make me
desperate at such time.” ”Such a pleasant
night; youth is so thirsty.” ”Come on; come in my arms.” ”Beloved, O’ beloved!” ”Beloved, O’ beloved!” ”Don’t make me
desperate at such time.” ”Such a pleasant
night; youth is so thirsty.” ”Come on; come in my arms.” ”Beloved, O’ beloved!” ”lf you lose once; you’ll
never get this support again.” ”Come, l’ll light
stars in your nights.” ”lf you lose once; you’ll
never get this support again.” ”Come, l’ll light
stars in your nights.” ”Enter my breath.” ”Reside in my eyes.” ”O’ my sweetheart,
open up a little.” ”Don’t waste the
moments of union like this.” ”Beloved, O’ beloved!” ”Beloved, O’ beloved!” ”Don’t make me
desperate at such time.” ”Such a pleasant
night; youth is so thirsty.” ”Come on; come in my arms.” ”Beloved, O’ beloved!” ”Drink from my eyes;
become a drunkard.” ”Let this world become
a little colourful.” ”Drink from my eyes;
become a drunkard.” ”Let this world become
a little colourful.” ”Settle in the colours.” ”Mingle in the flowers.” ”O’ my darling, have no doubts.” ”Come on; embrace me with love.” ”Beloved, O’ beloved!” ”Beloved, O’ beloved!” ”Don’t make me
desperate at such time.” ”Such a pleasant
night; youth is so thirsty.” ”Come on; come in my arms.” ”Beloved, O’ beloved!” ”Beloved, O’ beloved!” ”Don’t make me
desperate at such time.” ”Such a pleasant
night; youth is so thirsty.” ”Come on; come in my arms.” ”Beloved, O’ beloved!” Mother, what are you doing? Let it be morning first. Come on. Let’s go. Let’s go. Here Ganga, eat this chocolate. lt’s good, isn’t it?
– Oh yes. Greetings, teacher.
– Greetings, teacher. Greetings! Oh wow! You both are friends now. Not only this. We both
have become best friends. Teacher, the song last
night changed our hearts. Your hearts are tender. That’s why Tolstoy has said. ‘Little girls are wiser than men.’ This means little girls are
more intelligent than elders. Today we are returning back. Pack your luggage in your bags. And get ready. Okay?
– All right, teacher. ‘Goodness me! What have l done!?’ Mother!
– Wretched girl! Filthy damsel! You have put me to shame! You have ruined your own destiny! lt is not Shekhar’s
mistake; it’s my mistake. l considered him respectful,
sick and sent you to him. Oh my, my! Shekhar has
left us nowhere! Oh God! Don’t tell him anything, mother. ln his unconsciousness of fewer. He told me to dance. l danced. He told me to sit near him. l sat. Then.. then.. l know what happened after that. But when it is gone;
what’s the use of yelling? Oh no! l am done for! – Mother,
l have full trust on myself. But if l have considered any
mistake in unconsciousness. l ask forgiveness for that. lf you just say sorry. Her stigma won’t be wiped out. This mad girl considered you as God. But you proved a demon! You should have thought
what about her future!? Mother, now Menaka’s
future is my future. Don’t weep. Don’t weep. l don’t have a father.
You don’t have a mother. Ganga, if this happens.
– What? What if my mummy
marries your father? Keep quiet, mad girl. A father can marry several times. But a mother can marry only once. Yes, yes, l forget. lt’s good you called me a mad girl. Forgive me, Jamuna. l called you a mad girl. No, l am a little mad too. l speak anything. l have got my grandma’s nature. Young ones do get some
qualities of the elders. My father says l am
proud like my mother. And my grandma says l am
stubborn like my father. Hey do it again! Even my father does the same.
– Really? Whose photo is this? This is the photo of my parents. Give it to me.
– No. lt is my father’s photograph. No. lt is my mummy’s photo. No. lt is my father’s photograph. So are our parents the same? Your mother’s name?
– Kiran. Kiran!?
– Yes. Your father’s name? Shekhar!
– Shekhar!? This means we both are
sisters!? Oh Jamuna! Sister! Jamuna!
– Sister! Sister, l want to meet mother. Sister, l want to meet father. All right. You come with me. No. Father fought
with mummy and left her. And l lived with mummy. lf he says go to your mummy. Then!? Yes. Even this is right. You come with me. lf mummy says, ‘go
to your father. Then?’ Mummy won’t say this. But grandma will surely say. She is very dangerous! Then what should we do? Yes! What to do? l have an idea!
– What? You go to mummy’s place. l will go to father. You are right. Because we both look alike. This is the idea! l am Ganga! You are Jamuna! No one can recognise us. Who all stay in your house? And what is their identity? You’ll recognise mummy. Right?
– Yes. My grandma wears spectacles. And she walks sternly like this. And grandfather
keeps on chanting beads. At your house you only
have your father. Right? No. Father’s friend,
uncle Mahesh is also there. He talks a lot. And makes me laugh a lot. There is one dance teacher Menaka. And she has her mummy. Short and stout! Her
name is Madhumati. Why has father kept the
dance teacher at home? lf it had been my grandma.. ..she would have
kicked her out of house. l don’t know all this. When you go there; you ask him. All right. Here. You wear my frock. And l’ll wear your clothes. Okay. Tell me, Jamuna. How do l look in your frock? Very beautiful! But fool! You didn’t
change your hairstyle. Oh yes! l forgot. l’ll comb right now. Tell me now. lt’s perfect, isn’t it? Wow! Now no one can recognise us. We’ll talk to each
other on every Friday. All right. Come on, give me a kiss. Okay sister?
– Yes, come. Jamuna, look. The one
who is coming in that car. He is our father. Don’t forget my talks. Even you don’t forget.
– All right. So dear Ganga, how was your picnic? Oh father! You are looking at me as
if you never saw me before? Ganga, what’s the matter? What is this new habit? Are you imitating me? No father, l am not imitating you. l see! So you learnt
to call me formally too. You forgot everything. Okay, my tip! Tip? She didn’t
tell me before going. She? Who is she? What are you saying? No father.. she.. she..
– l see! You forgot that too. My tip! Oh! l understood! l understood! Hey Ganga, who gave
you these earrings? Grandma gave me. Grandma?
– Oh yes father.. One girl on picnic
blabbered like a grandma. And we called her grandma. She only gave it to me. – Oh l see!
All right. Come on, dear. ‘Mother didn’t come yet.’ Dear Jamuna, whom
are you searching for? That is our car. l am seeing whether
mother has come or not. Mummy has gone to the temple. She has sent me to fetch you. Come on. Now tell me. How much fun did you have at picnic? How much did you enjoy? How much did you fight? How much did you quarrel? Once even l had gone for picnic. You know what l did?
– What? l didn’t like my master at all. At night when master went to sleep. Then l kept a lump of
jaggery under master’s pillow. Then what? All the ants
were under master’s pillow. The ants bit
master the entire night. And master went on sleeping. But when master got
up in the morning. And he saw his face in the mirror. Then his face! Oh! His face
was swollen like anything! Uncle Mahesh, she has said. You talk a lot. And make us laugh a lot. Huh? She had said this!? Who had said? Err.. no one. Err.. nothing! Yes uncle, when the ants
bit him; how could he sleep? And even the ants are not foolish. They didn’t eat
jaggery the entire night. And went on biting him!? l am caught! l am trapped! Dear, the ants were
eating the jaggery only. But for a change of taste. They tasted master also a little. Like a chutney! Yummy! But hey! You have changed! Hey? Hey? Did you get
afraid or what? – Yes. Oh no! l said just like that. First you used to
believe all my talks. Now you doubt me. You fatso robber! Return my stuff! Your stuff?
– Yes, did you bring? What?
– That.. that.. that.. that. What that.. that.. that.. that?
– ‘lt was green and alluring.’ ‘lt was studded with many beads.’ ‘lt was standing in
King’s garden with a blanket.’ Oh corn! Err.. l
searched a lot for the corn. But l didn’t get one. Well said! You have
told another lie. Right? Yes.. err no!! You say and no too. You forgot to speak. Both father and
daughter have forgotten me. You know, first your father used.. come down from upstairs. And now the food for that great man. lt goes upstairs from down. And l don’t even eat food. Only the kitchen keeps on eating. My father had told me. ‘Dear Mahesh, you’ll
never progress in life.’ And mother had said. ‘Dear, you’ll eat only
after feeding four people.’ l listened to both of them. l never made any progress.
l eat after eating four people. And you know l..
– Enough! Enough! Let it be now. Go. Go and bring my bag from car. ‘This is too much!’ ‘Father gave me a small jerk.’ ‘And daughter gave a fine shot.’ ‘Father made me a
cook from a barber.’ ‘And daughter made me
a coolie from a cook.’ ‘Dear Mahesh, sharpen your razor.’ ‘Barber’s job was better!’ ‘Hail Lord! Hail Lord!
Hail Lord! Hail Lord!’ ‘Who is he?’ ‘Might be he is the cook.’ Hey cook! Oh dear Jamuna, so you
returned from picnic? You have defeated
your grandma also today. Just because your
grandfather kept a towel around him. You made him a cook. Hey dear, it had been better
if you called me something else. A poor cook is a great artist.
He works so hard and eats. Your grandfather just sits
at home and kills mosquitoes. ls mother at home? Huh? No.. your
mother is not at home. Your grandma is upstairs. Go. Go. What do you think of me? Not even God can deceive me. Don’t l know this much? Who is a horse and who a donkey? No. No. l am sorry. l am telling
the truth. – What will you say? Don’t l see your eyes? Where are your earrings? You lost them. Right? They cost 50 rupees. Just for 50 rupees.
You scolded me so much. lf my father had been here. He must not have said anything. Father! Father! What precious things
your father has given you? Grandma, don’t say
anything about father. You shouted like a witch and
drove that poor fellow away. Jamuna! Manner less girl! Why are you scolding the poor girl? She called me a cook too. lf she called you a
witch. What’s wrong? And you only had said. Let her go to picnic.
Children get knowledge. They get to learn something. My daughter has learned. She has changed totally. Excellent dear! Well done!
What a lesson you have taught us! Now let it be. Jamuna, go inside now. Jamuna! Dear Jamuna! So you arrived? Mother! Mother! Jamuna! Mother! Jamuna! Mother! – Jamuna, l was not
able to come to receive you. Because l had gone
to the temple, dear. Why are you crying, dear? Mother, you are so good! You are so beautiful! Just like Sita. Leaving such a good mother. How did father ever left? Huh! Mad girl! What sort of things are
you talking today, dear? And you are looking at me as if.. As if you have seen
me for the first time. She has completely changed. Her grandma seems as a witch to her. She made her grandfather a cook. She is calling you a
mother instead of mummy. She lost the earrings. As if money has no value. Why are you
repeating about money, Kamla? Money is a very bad thing. A wife from her husband,
brother from a brother.. separates a
son from his father. Stop giving your lecture. Go and recite hymns. Shall l go alone?
– What? No, no. l am going. l am going.
– Kiran, take Jamuna inside. Come on. Come, dear. Mother, take me on your lap once. Come. One.. two.. Mother! Hey!! Ganga, by staying for
so many days at picnic. You forgot everything. No teacher, l haven’t forgotten. Now l’ll dance properly.
– All right, dance. Teacher! The
matter is such, teacher. My leg is paining. l fell down while
playing at the picnic. l sprained my ankle. Oh! You got a sprain? Then you should show a doctor. Whether to show a
doctor or a cobbler. What you have to do with that? l will show her. You both get yourselves examined. Mother and daughter both
have stuck here. – Shut up! Dear Ganga, please come here. Give me a kiss. Oh no! Awful tobacco smell! No dear, don’t say such thing. l am your grandmother. Shucks! You and my grandmother!? You are a honey bee! No! No! Not a honey bee. Madhumati. No. Honey-bee! Uncle Mahesh says your
name is.. Honey-bee! l see! All this is your mischief! Hey why? My name is Honey-bee! l am sorry. Your name is not Honey-bee. ln fact it is a fly. The one which spreads disease. lt dwells in a gutter. Hey Mahesh, why do you cook here? Then what should l do? Come with me.
– Huh? l will adopt you. l will bring you up.
l will sway you in a cradle. So you are flattering me? This magic won’t work on me. Mahesh! -Hey why are you
calling me Mahesh? Call son Mahesh. lt seems you won’t spare me. Jamuna! Jamuna! Jamuna! ‘Who knows where
this girl disappears?’ Jamuna! Hey O’ Jamuna! ‘Kiran’s mother, Kamla.’ ‘Huh? Kiran’s mother!?’ ‘l can’t live in
this house anymore.’ ‘l can’t live in this house!?’ ‘l can’t breathe also in this hell.’ ‘l am going to become an ascetic.’ ‘l am going to become a saint.’ ‘So he has taken up asceticism!?’ ‘Goodness me! l am
doomed!’ ‘l am ruined!’ Hey Gopal! Hey Kiran! Hey Radha!’ Where have everyone gone? l am ruined! l am done for! Kiran! Dear Kiran! What happened, mother? l am doomed. He has
taken up asceticism, dear. What should l do now? What happened, grandma? What else will happen? He has ruined my life and gone. He has taken up asceticism. Who, grandma? -You keep quiet. Grandma is dying. And above that she
is asking questions. Kiran, call up at the office. Tell Saroja to call up the police. Order our buses, cars,
jeeps to run in all directions. After all what has happened, mother. Dear, your father has left me. He has made you an orphan, my child. He has taken up asceticism. Asceticism!? Mother, there comes father.
– Huh? Huh!? What have you thought of? House work, office work,
l am handling everything. Then why do you need
to take up asceticism? A saint? Hey good lady,
have l gone mad? That l will take
up asceticism today? Then did you write this
letterjust to make me weep? Letter? Since you have taken up ..all responsibility in your hands. l didn’t even get the
opportunity to write my name. You are weeping about a letter. Show me what is this letter? Yes. Show me. Show me. Oh! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! You recognised me;
but not my handwriting. Just see is this my handwriting? Read it. Just read and see. Oh yes! This is
not your handwriting. Then who has written this letter? Whoever must has have
written it, grandma. Just listening to the news
of grandfather’s asceticism. You panicked so much. You started weeping. But how many tears
mother is shedding for father. Aren’t you concerned about this? Jamuna, what have you done? You keep quiet, mother. Grandma can feel only her sorrow. l see! So this is your mischief! But there is truth in her talks. Well done, dear..
– Now let it be. You only encourage her. A small girl is trying to teach me!? Huh! lf you have any brains
then someone can teach you. You have no sense at all. Yes! Mother, did l say anything wrong?
– No! No! Oh Jamuna! Here. Drink this milk. Shall l sleep with you? You didn’t to sleep
with me any other day. Then why today? Can’t a mother sleep
with her daughter? You and my mother!? Get lost from here. And never come to my room again. Menaka, what’s the matter? Why don’t you say anything? Did the little girl
say anything to you? As you told me; l am
showering motherhood on her. But she is not ready to
accept me as her mother. Menaka, don’t feel bad. After all she is a kid. Slowly, she’ll become casual. Then there will be no
problem in our marriage. Just agree that if Ganga agrees. Will your first wife agree to this? Will the law accept this? l will see all that. We have been
separated since 7 to 8 years. Go and go to sleep. ‘Now l will sleep peacefully.’ Hello? Who is it? Who? Grandfather? Grandfather!? Who are you? l am your granddaughter. Call Ganga immediately. Dear, it is wrong number. Call up at Haridwar for Ganga. ‘Oh no! l made a mistake.’ Not Ganga, call Jamuna. Oh! Err.. but Jamuna is sleeping. Sleeping! Sleeping! lf she is sleeping then wake her up. l have an important work. Hey, you are threatening me? At least tell me who are you? ‘Oh! l am done for.’ ‘Grandfather is making
a lot of inquiries.’ Hello? Hey hello?
Why don’t you speak? Tell me, who are you? What is your name? l.. l am her picnic friend. She will understand. Oh yeah. Many girls had
gone with her for picnic. Who are you among them? First tell me your name. Oh, oh! Again the same thing! Tell her, a mother’s
daughter is calling her. Huh? Mother’s daughter!? ln which language is this name? Why are you concerned? Are you going to tell her
or shall l tell grandmother? Oh yes.. yes.. yes. l
am going. l am going. l am going. But how did you come to know? That l am afraid of my wife? Not only me, the
entire city knows this. Go. Go and call Jamuna. Oh yes, yes. l am going. l am going. ‘A thing to be proud of!’ ‘And did you hear?’ ‘Without advertisement my
name is famous in the city.’ Seeking your blessings. Thank you. Hey dear Jamuna.
You are still awake? And l told her you
have gone to sleep. Go. Go and it’s your telephone. Telephone?
– Yes. Today is not Friday. Whether it is Friday or Saturday. But the one who has
called is a form of Durga. She scolds me in such a
manner. Just don’t ask. l’ll remember it for my lifetime. Exactly your grandma’s form. What name did she tell? Miss Mother’s daughter. Jamuna, who is this
mother’s daughter? l’ll ask her and come. Who is this mother’s daughter? Oh yes. Go. Go. Go
dear, go. Go soon. ‘What is a cow?’ Hello? Who, Jamuna?
– Yes. lt’s me, Jamuna.
Mother is so beautiful. You are bothered about beauty. Here the house is getting ruined. Whose house? l don’t mean the house. That dance teacher is trying
to get married with father. What? She was not like that. She was very good. Hey fool! You
consider everyone nice. lf she marries father.. ..she won’t allow
mummy to enter the house. Then what should we do? Shall l come there? Hey, everything will
mess up if you come there. You stay there and
take care of mother. l will take care of everything here. Understood, Ganga? Oh my gosh! Uncle Mahesh, you!? Tell me. Who are you? l am Ganga. You are not Ganga. Yes. l am Ganga.
– Shut up!!! Hey! What are you
doing to the little girl? Oh my daughter! Oh
my adorable princess! Hey why are you harassing her? l am asking you. Why
aren’t you replying? Hey get lost!
– What? – Hey no, no, no. Why are you after me? Hey, l was just making a call. Daughter was not feeling sleepy. So she came to me. You go and fall with
your heavy body on the bed. l will go to bed. l will go and fall on the bed. You think you’ll escape from me? No. Aha! Come inside.
– No! Come inside. Tell me the truth. Tell me. Tell me!! l am Ganga.
– No. You are not Ganga. lf you were Ganga. You would have
never called up Ganga. l doubted you from beginning. But said you were
Ganga and misguided me. Tell me, who are you?
– l am Jamuna. Ganga’s sister. Jamuna? But you used stay
with your mother, dear. Right? Yes! We both sisters
met at the picnic. She went to mother. l came here to father. Uncle Mahesh, will you
tell this to father? Hey no, dear. This
is a game of the war. Your father is surrounded
in the army of deceit ones. The enemies have
captured his heart and mind. Hey! Why are you perspiring? You put your hand on my shoulder. l got scared. You fearful kid! ln
fact l got scared one day. ln the year of 1955 and half. l was studying at the Koklibai.. ..Poonamchand Pitambar High School. Our exams were going on. Do you know what happened? Dear, first listen to me. After that you sneeze.
Otherwise it will be inauspicious. What happened after that? During the exams the boy who
was sitting in front of me.. ..l started copying from him. Then suddenly one hand
grasped my shoulder. Dhen-te-ren! What is this dhen-te-ren, uncle? This is back ground music, dear. Was back ground music
also played in your school? Oh yes, dear. Do you know what
happened after that? What happened? – Under the
hand, l started shivering. My body perspired like anything. And as soon l turned back and saw. A black monster was
standing behind me. A black monster?
– Our head master. He told me. Hey why, so you were copying? l said, yes sir. You copied?
– l said, l copied. Then he must have hit you a lot. This is the grief, dear. He didn’t hit me. lf he would have hit me,
it had been better. lnstead of hitting me, he told me. Come on, give me that copy. l said, why sir? So he said, ‘Because.. even
my son is giving his exams.’ ‘But that fool neither knows
to write nor to copy like you.’ He took that copy
and gave it to his son. The result was this. That headmaster’s son
passed with first class. And he got a job
in police force too. Today he is catching thieves. And l am the one. l. The one who copied first. That means the original copy writer. Unfortunately l am cooking
and feeding the thieves. l am feeding your father’s enemies. Uncle, l have overcome my fear now. Tell me. How should we
unite mummy and father? This is a very difficult question. lt is not in any
human’s hand to unite them. Yes. Only Lord Balaji Shree Venka
teshwar can unite them. Really, uncle?
– Yes dear. Nothing is difficult
for this generous Lord. l had a far off
related uncle and aunt. One day uncle and aunt had a fight. Uncle threw aunt out of the house. Poor aunt. Weeping she went
to Lord Balaji at Tirupati. There she touched his feet
and begged for her husband. Second day itself
uncle went to aunt. And asked forgiveness from aunt. And brought her back
to his house again. And now both uncle and aunt. They keep on doing
the cha-cha-cha dance. Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha!
– Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha! Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha!
– Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha! Dear Jamuna!
– Cha-cha. – Huh? Oh my God! l am sorry. Dear Ganga.
– Yes. lt’s very late at night now. You go to sleep. God
will make everything fine. Okay? Good night. Good night.
– Give me a kiss. Grandfather. – Yes dear.
Tell me. What’s the matter? The matter is such, grandfather.
– Yes. Yes. Mother is here. What if anyone traps
father and marries him? The elders worry
about their children. You yourself are a kid. Why do you worry? Go. Go and play.
– Go. Go. Oh wow! Why are you laughing, dear?
– Look there, mother. That is a cock and a hen. That is a chick. Father, you are a cock. Mummy, you are a hen. And l am the chick. The cock loves the hen. The hen loves the cock. And both love the chick. Once again. Hey!
– Naughty girl. ”The cock and hen see lovingly.” ”Little chick plays with joy.” ”Whom should l tell?” ”The one who’ll unite
my mother and father.” ”The cock and hen see lovingly.” ”Little chick plays with joy.” ”Whom should l tell?” ”The one who’ll unite
my mother and father.” ”The cock and hen see lovingly.” ”She-sparrow and
he-sparrow bring grains together.” ”They open the beak of their
small chick and feed him.” ”When l think of my destiny.” ”Tears well up in my eyes.” ”Tears well up in my eyes.” ”The cock and hen see lovingly.” ”Little chick plays with joy.” ”Whom should l tell?” ”The one who’ll unite
my mother and father.” ”The cock and hen see lovingly.” ”The little child next
door plays with her parents.” ”The little child next
door plays with her parents.” ”My childhood suffers the
pain of separated parents.” ”Someone should
give me such a house.” ”Let them take a
palace or two in return.” ”Let them take a
palace or two in return.” ”The cock and hen see lovingly.” ”Little chick plays with joy.” ”Whom should l tell?” ”The one who’ll unite
my mother and father.” ”The cock and hen see lovingly.” ”To speak in front of the elders.” ”This is not the work of us kids.” ”Until their heart doesn’t melt.” ”There is no peace for us.” ”What to stay in such a house.” ”Where Ram is not along with Sita.” ”Where Ram is not along with Sita.” ”The cock and hen see lovingly.” ”Little chick plays with joy.” ”Whom should l tell?” ”The one who’ll unite
my mother and father.” ”The cock and hen see lovingly.” Jamuna!
– What is it? Shall l tell you one thing?
Will you listen? Grandmother.
– Yes? Whose photograph is this? Shankar-Parvati. This? Sita-Ram.
– And this? Radha-Krishna. Lord Shankar is with Parvati. Lord Ram with Sita. Lord Krishna with Radha. And with grandma.. grandfather. Then why not father with mother? Excellent! Oh dear Jamuna, well
said! Very well said. Why are you praising her? Jamuna, being a kid,
don’t talk like elders. Then what should l talk? Talks of benefit according to age. Talks of benefit? Grandma, with what does
the bus runs? – Petrol. That’s it? lt will run
just if it has petrol. One needs a driver and a
conductor to drive it. Grandma, even the family is a bus. To run it, the father is the
driver, mother the conductor. And the children are the passengers. They come without ticket only. You have become very smart, darling. l see! So you have
taught all this to her. Why will l teach? lt is your saying. Lecture is yours and
grand daughter is yours. Reply her or accept defeat. Shut up!
– When do l ever speak? Ganga, just see. l have brought so many toys for you. This playing set. This monkey. And this doll. This walking cow. Moo! Moo! ‘They are difficult to trap.’ l was cleaning teeth.
– Huh! – Huh! So strange! How did you like all these toys? They are very nice. And this dancing monkey? Why did you bring the
dancing money, father? We already have the
dancing dance teacher at home. Don’t say such a thing, dear. Shall l tell you one thing? Whatever you want
to tell me. l know. How do you know? That monkey, that witch,
these toys told me everything. Excellent! Excellent! What is excellent? This.. this drama’s dialogues.
They are excellent. Stop your nonsense. Mad guy. Come on go inside.
– l am going. Ganga, you want mother. Right? Yes father, please bring mother. l have seen a new mother for you. A new mother?
– Yes. ln which shop did you see her? Well said! Well said! Hey! Whom are you praising? The actor of this drama. What dialogues he is uttering! lt seems as if he is giving slaps. Shut up! And go inside
and read this drama. All right. l am going. Father.
– Yes dear? Why a new mother?
– Bring my mother. Which self-respected
man can stay with her? And who can stay with
this wretched dancer? She dances, and
makes the others dance. Wonderful!! This was not a slap but a blow! Ganga should be made the
leader of opposition party. Mahesh! l used to
think how Ganga changed. But you have changed her.
You have spoiled her. Shekhar, neither l have
changed Ganga nor spoiled. But l surely want this much. l should save you
from getting ruined. Mahesh! Be in your limits and talk. Don’t forget who you
are and what you are! l didn’t forget myself, Shekhar. ln fact you have forgotten yourself. You have forgotten
your children’s future. l know myself very well. And l know this Menaka well too. She is a cheap, deceit,
wrongdoer and evil dancer! She is my future wife. No! No! No! She is not your future wife. ln fact she is a bad,
lousy woman, fool! Shut up!! Don’t hit him, father. Don’t hit uncle. Don’t hit him. Don’t slap him. Why did you stop, Shekhar? Please hit me. These are those hands who
fed me when l was hungry. They wiped out my flowing tears. Considered an orphan
like me as his real brother. Embraced me. Loved me. l can never forget this, Shekhar. l have been fed by you. l am not ungrateful, my friend. l am not ungrateful. My body belongs to you. My everything is yours. Kill me. Do anything to me. But please don’t
ruin yourself, my pal. Don’t get cheated by them. Because of you my
father hit my uncle. Get out of this house. l will stay here only.
l won’t go anywhere. So you won’t go?
– No. – Go away from here. – No. Go away.
– l won’t go. – Go away. Mother!
– Ganga! – Ganga! Shekhar, daughter is unconscious.
– Ganga. Call up the doctor immediately. Mahesh, whether to
call up the doctor.. ..or what else has to be done.
l myself will do that. Will you please get out? ‘A father can never
take mother’s place.’ ‘What should l do now?’ Who? Uncle Mahesh.
– Yes, dear. What did you say?
– Jamuna’s life is in danger? Yes. That teacher
has thrashed her a lot. Mom let’s go. Who is jamuna?
your daughter. Oh, oh! My daughter is with me. No. Your daughter is with father. And father’s daughter is with you. l am Ganga. She is Jamuna. We sisters met at the picnic. Jamuna wanted to see father. So she went there. l wanted to meet mother. So l came here. We both look alike. That’s why you both
didn’t come to know. You are Ganga!? Oh Ganga! Oh Ganga, my child! My child! My child! My child! Ganga, where is your father? ln this very city.
– ln this city? My darling doll! My lost treasure. Oh, oh! Kiss me later. Come soon. Teacher has
pushed Ganga from the stairs. Which teacher? Will you ask everything here only? First you come. l’ll
tell you on the way. Father? Hey go dear, go. Go soon. Go. Where are you going? Hey, listen to me, Kamla. She is going to her
husband’s house. Don’t stop her. How did this husband
arrive after so many years? l will tell you this later. First let her go, Kamla. No. Till l am alive. Kiran can never meet
Shekhar in this birth. Come on; go inside.
– Father! Hey, what are you asking
your father? – No grandma. Come on; go inside.
– Hey Kamla, l say just leave her. This is too much! Today you got the
strength to catch my hand!? Today l have the guts
even to kick you, Kamla. Because of Dashrath’s weakness. Ram had to bear the
exile of 14 years. But l will end my
daughter’s exile in 7 years. Go dear; l’ll see who stops you! Go! Kiran, l say stop!! Hey, l say stop here! Or remember, l’ll
beat you black and blue. What did you say?
– That only what you heard! What has happened to you today? The same guts which
you had till today. But now it has changed its place. l am the master of this house. And my rule will
prevail in this house. Did you hear? Go now.
– l won’t go. l say, go.
– l won’t go. Hey, you will definitely go. Come on. Go inside. Go inside. Or l’ll kill you. Come on. Go now. Father, l will go to mummy.
– Mummy? Yes. l feel scared here. That teacher will hit me. Mummy never thrashed me. She didn’t even touch me. You have not even
seen your mother’s face. What are you saying, dear? l am not Ganga, l am Jamuna. We sisters met at the picnic. She went there. l came here. l will go to mummy. l won’t stay here.
l won’t stay here. Jamuna! Jamuna!
– Mummy! Dear Jamuna!
– Jamuna! Dear Jamuna! Dear child! Mummy!
– My child! You?! l am seeing you after so many years. Please forgive me. So you did this drama now? No. No. Not me. These children have
played this drama. No. Not the kids. You and your mother
have plotted this plan. Otherwise after so many years. From where has this love emerged? l have understood. You have come to snatch my daughter. No. No. This is wrong. l have brought my
other daughter with me too. And l have come to offer
my humble self to you. You have come to
offer yourself to me. Or come to
surrender me to the police? What are you saying? Now you can’t deceive me. Get out of here. Get lost. Where should l go? This house is my temple. You are my Lord. Where should go? Well said! First l was a
demon now l became a God? l tried so much to find you. But.. but l didn’t
found you anywhere. After the austerity of so many days. Today l have found you. Enough! Enough! Stop pretending as a humble wife. Both the daughters
will stay with me. Listen.. mother!
– Mother! Please listen to me. For God’s sake; please
don’t separate me from my kids. At least listen to me..
– Go away from here. For God’s sake; please
don’t separate me from my kids. Let me stay with them. No. You can’t stay here. There is no place in
this house for you. Go. Go to your mother. No. l will stay here only. l will live and die here only. This is my place. No. This is impossible. This place is for someone else. Listen.. listen to me. Please listen. Listen to me. Listen.. please open the door. Sister, father drove
mummy out of the house. What should we do? How to make father understand? How to unite both of them? ‘Only Lord Balaji Shree
Venkateshwar can unite them.’ ‘Nothing is difficult
for this generous Lord.’ Sister, uncle Mahesh used to say. Only Lord Balaji can unite them. Then come on; let’s go to Tirupati. Yes. We’ll go there
and tell Lord Balaji. Sister, come here. Jamuna, be careful. You don’t worry. Madhumati, you!? Yes me. Where are you fleeing? We both are going to Tirupati. Tirupati? Why are
you going to Tirupati? We have a little
work with Lord Balaji. l see! Then l’ll do the
work of reaching you there. You are so good. You’ll come to know
my goodness later. Come on; l’ll make
you sit in the train. Come on. Sister, come soon.
– All right. Hey Nandu!
– Greetings! Greetings! Dear, he is uncle Nandu. He’ll make you reach
Lord Balaji at Tirupati. He?
– Yes. He is a very good man. He has a dangerous looking face. No dear, l only look like this. Nandu, make the kids
reach there safely. Don’t worry. l’ll make
them reach the right place. Come, dear.
– Come on. Shekhar, l have no right of being.. ..called a friend of
a big man like you. But l sure have a right to grieve.. ..about
sister-in-law Kiran’s sorrow. ln fact you should
think this, Shekhar. Leaving behind her
parents; their wealth and money. Why this poor lady wept at
your doorstep the entire night? To ask forgiveness. To beg for mercy. For God’s sake,
please have mercy on her. l have already given that
right to someone else, Mahesh. Tomorrow i will marry wih menka. Mother, what have you done? My heart is thumping with fear. Come on. Let’s flee from here. Hey, you are mad. We’ll leave so much
wealth for others? That foolish Shekhar thinks
that under the effect of liquor. He had an
illegitimate relation with you. That’s why he is marrying
you tomorrow out of fear. As soon he’ll get married.
He’ll be doomed. What will he do then? Forget about marriage, mother. lf he comes to know; you have
sent the children from here. Why are you worrying about it? He’ll come to know only
when the kids will return. Tell me. Where are my kids? What have you done with them? Tell me or l’ll strangle your neck!
– No. No! Come on, tell me soon. Tell me. l am telling you. Leave my neck. Mother has.. mother..
– Tell me soon! Mother sent them to
Tirupati with Nandu. l see! Why did you
sent the kids to Tirupati? Who is this Nandu? Nandu. Nandu is my relative. The kids wanted to pay
homage to Lord Balaji. That’s why l sent them with Nandu. Did you understand now, Shekhar? She is an evil fly
and she is a scorpion. Mahesh, please forgive me, pal. l am going to Tirupati. Just see these witches
shouldn’t escape from here. You don’t worry about them. Their plaits are in my hand. You both go. Go and save the kids.
– Oh God! This is the plait!
– Oh my gosh! Till today l haven’t done any work. For which l received an award. But.. now l will get one. Tell me, my honey-bee. Which juice will you have? Of Babool’s flower
or Pular’s flower. Hey! Don’t move. Be firm on your place. Just think your wings are broken. Scorpion! Hey scorpion! Even your stings will be broken. So that you can’t sting any
respectable man in future. Oh wow!
– This is too much! Till yesterday the
daughter was dancing. Today mother is
moving her fat waist. Hey Ram! Hey you! By uttering Ram’s
name by your dirty tongue. You are spoiling his name too. You both will have
to stand here itself. Until the police doesn’t arrive. Hey honey-bee, if
you move even a little. Just think you are dead! Scorpion, till tomorrow
anklets chiming at your feet. Bangles rhyming in your hands. lf l don’t make you wear hand
cuffs and chains in their place. Don’t call me Mahesh too. Sit down. Stand up. O Lord Balaji, protect my kids. Here. Tirupati has arrived. Get down. Please come. Look there. That is
Tirupati’s mountain. Lord Balaji is at
such a great height? Within some time; you’ll
reach to greater height. Here. Eat something. Listen.. you both sit here and eat. Don’t go anywhere. l
will return right now. Hey why? Why are you so late? Huh? Hey, you stay here.
l’ll come right now. l was waiting for you since when. Did you bring it or not?
– Here. Take this. Now it’s something! Well done! Jamuna, let’s run from here. He has brought us here to kill. Where should we go, sister?
– To God! Come soon. Here. Take this. This is not fair,
boss. Only this much? Hey, why are you complaining? Let the work be over.
l’ll give you more. Come with me. Hey? Where have they gone? Look there. There they go. Come fast. Come faster, Jamuna. God knows where the kids must be! What they must be undergoing? lt’s a very dangerous place. Come carefully. Ouch! There they go, boss! They have arrived. Look there! Look
there are our daughters. Ganga!
– Jamuna! Where have they gone now?
– There they go, boss. Jamuna!!! Sister, they have come near. Come on; let’s hide here. Where have the
wretched ones disappeared now? They must be somewhere here only. Shera, the breathing sound is.. ..heard from somewhere here. Don’t go there. lt
is dangerous there. Jamuna!! Oh! Be careful. Ganga! Wretched ones have
made my feet sore. There they go.
– Catch them. Kiran, look there. Ganga! Jamuna!
– Ganga! Boss, look there. Come on; give this to me. Sister, he has come near. Run! Stop! Ganga! Jamuna! Aaah! So you wanted to run and escape? Now l will see where you’ll go? l won’t spare you till the hell. O Lord Balaji, please save us. O Lord Balaji,
please save us. O Lord. So you are calling
Lord Balaji for help? Call him. Call him. O Lord Balaji, please save us. O Lord Balaji, please save us. O Lord Balaji,
please save us. O Lord. Now l will see. How your
Lord Balaji saves you!? O Lord Balaji,
please save us. O Lord. Your Lord Balaji can’t do
anything in front of this. That’s it! ln just a
moment you two will be no more. O Lord Balaji, please save us. Aaah! Jamuna, did you see? Lord
Balaji has finished him. Why won’t he finish him? Do you know who Lord Balaji is? Who is he? Lord Vishnu is Lord Balaji. And everything is
Lord Vishnu’s hands. We had prayed to God, didn’t we? That’s why he sent a
snake and killed him. Jamuna! Ganga! Jamuna, see. Mother
and father are coming. Yes sister, they are
coming to take us. Come on. Wait. First l will talk to them. Mother!
– Father! Ganga! Jamuna! Mother! We are coming. Climb down, dear. For what? For whom? Who is our dear one
for whom we should come? l am here, dear. And mother? Even l am here, dear. Climb down soon. When mummy is there;
father is not there. Father is there; mummy is not there. We want both of them. We both are there. Will you both stay together? Yes. Yes. We both
will live together. Take an oath. We swear upon it.
– We swear upon it. Swear upon Lord Balaji. Yes! Yes! We swear upon Lord Balaji. Say, ‘We’ll never fight.’ We’ll never fight.
– We’ll never fight. Come on; stand together
like Lord Ram and Sita. We are coming. Slowly. Carefully. Ganga!
– My dear. Jamuna, my dear. Jamuna! Ganga! Lord Balaji, you give wisdom to all. Give wisdom to my wife also. Give her good wisdom. l swear in front of Lord. l will stay within the limits of
a wife, mother, mother-in-law. O Lord Balaji, the way you
united us with our parents. ln the same way give the
love of their parents.. all the kids in this world. Thank you very, very much!


  1. rumana yesmin Author

    Wonderful movie,I'v seen this film so many times,songs are really nice,but at the last climax scene the movie is stuck here!!!!!!!!,so sad.

  2. Corbin Aries Author

    I consider myself very lucky and blessed to be exposed by so many cultures during my growing years…so it's not surprising that I love Indian movies…thank you for sharing…I enjoyed the movie very much…I especially loved the ending…Lord Vishnu who comes in many forms…so true…thanks again…peace

  3. zuhayr mustun Author

    its astonishing!!!!!!!!! the old mother is in fact nigar sultana- the beautiful courtesan in mughl-e-azam and in this movie she is only 36.


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