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DOCTOR SLEEP – Final Trailer [HD]

♪♪♪When I was a kid…there was a place.A dark place.They closed it down
and let it rot.
But the things that
lived there…
-Hello, Danny.they come back.♪♪♪Not many ride the bus
this far north.
You running away
from something? I’m running away
from myself, I guess.Hi.You can hear me.You’re magic… like me. I don’t know about magic. I always called it the shining.The world is a hungry place.A dangerous place.These people… they hurt people like us.These empty devils…they’ll eat what shines.And they’ve noticed
that little girl. Well, hi there. Get out of my head!
Get out! I haven’t felt power
like that in so long. They’re coming. ♪♪♪Where are we going?There’s a place. You sure you want to do this? I’m ready. Yes, you run, dear… and then I will find you… and you will scream for years.Come and play with us…forever and ever.


  1. Cerebral Static Author

    WB: "Hey Remember the Shining? Remember Stanley Kubricks the Shining? Hey remember that classic horror movie the Shining? Hey remember "Hello Danny?" Hey remember The Shining?"

  2. Cerebral Static Author

    Call me an elitist but trying to follow-up Stanley Kubrick's penultimate horror masterpiece kinda comes off as the height of pompous. Also I'm not saying it's gonna suck, but I am that Mike Flanagan directed Ouija: Origin of Evil and Oculus. Hey unrelated question, but if Mcdonald's tried to make filet Mignon steak, what would it taste like? Just food for thought.

  3. Busty Blonde Beach Bunny Author

    At 2:05 it seem's like young Ben Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) rubbed some of the Star Wars force onto the little girl giving her the power. The hell with the Shining when you got the Force behind you. Right ? 🙂

  4. Timothy Chavez Author

    She has blue eyes and blond hair framing her face and spilling over her shoulders. Dan notes that she is "pretty, but not beautiful", except her wide-set eyes; he believes that she will be a heart-breaker in five years… Mmmmmhm maybe I read the wrong book?

  5. Juana Alberto Author

    Let’s go my girl Kyliegh.She’s in my grade we had chorus together. She’s a great singer. We both go to a middle school in Georgia 8th grade. By far a hilarious person and a pretty good friend. She’s had a great personality and ik this movies gonna be great. Love u K

  6. SemiSolid Snake Author

    I'm pretty sure that the grown-up version of Danny would look like this

  7. Darren Frey Author

    Since they are making this to go more along with the movie version of The Shining rather than the book, how are they going to explain Halloran coming back to life?

  8. Steve Nevil Author

    I think I'm going to come away disappointed from this, and frankly I'm surprised Stephen King approved it. Even if it changes the narrative to suit Kubrick's mangled version of the story (readers know the Overlook burned to the ground), and ignores the startling revelation that Danny and Abra are related in favor of 'diversity,' it's got the potential to be great…. but it appears to completely ignore Danny's recovery from chronic alcoholism, which forms the central theme of the book. This novel was Stephen King's love letter to AA, and from all appearances they've cut the heart out of the story.

  9. TheRexTera Author

    So this would be the sequel to the movie The Shining. Not the book. Weird considering that Stephen King didn’t really like some of the changes Stanley Kubrick made to the movie compared to the book.

  10. jason lu Author

    psychic vampires vs danny torrance. The force is strong in danny, but not as strong as others like the Jake Chambers kid from the dark tower series. Most of king's book are connected one way or another. All Easter eggs. The real villain of all these evil monsters and being in most of his books is, the crimson king. Even Randall Flag bows down to the crimson king. And he brought the end of the world with a super flu. The real hero of the all nexus of reality is the last gunslinger.

  11. NOISEf7 Author

    Kind of weird that Stephen King made a sequel, Stephen king did not like the shinning by Kubrick and at the end of the Kubrick version the Hotel still stand When Wendy and Danny escape but in the book and the series (made by stephen king) the Hotel Burn at the end because of a faulty safety valve in the boiler room….so Stephen king is Making a sequel to a movie that he did not like well annyway Screw the detail I WANT TO SEE THIS SOOOOOOO BAD

  12. DarrenJSeeley Author

    I was so looking forward to the trailer and this film. Then they make direct references to Kubrick's film version, which lightly disappointed me. They even go back to The Overlook, just as we seen it in Kubrick's film.(sigh).

  13. triodesrbetter Author

    Love the running away loner act. The flashes, voices, and connection are fine too. Hate the superpowers bullshit and how it's going to be an X-men movie at the end. "I'm the more powerful mutant"…."no I am." Really wish they kept the supernatural elements subliminal like the original Shining. Nowadays, everything has to turn into superheros.

  14. Busty Blonde Beach Bunny Author

    Starting At 0:09 I hope they start Singing and playing tune: "Midnight for the stars and you. Midnight and a rendezvous. Your eyes held a message tender saying I surrender all my love to you …" Just like in "The Shining" Movie. I would love that ! 🙂


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