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Don ki Jung (Current Theega) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Manchu Manoj, Rakul Preet Singh, Sunny Leone

“Live every moment in love.” “Smile makes life easier.” “Don’t waste your life.
Love every moment.” “Smile makes life easier.” “I am ahead of times.” “I don’t fear risks.” “I have high ambitions.” “I am an enthusiast.” “I fought against all odds.” “I have never had cake walks.” “I can sacrifice my
life for my love.” “I fear no one.” “I never back down.” “I achieve everything I want.” “Don’t waste your life.
Love every moment.” “Smile makes life easier.” “Don’t waste your life.
Love every moment.” “Smile makes life easier.” “Don’t waste your life.
Love every moment.” “Smile makes life easier.” Sir, we are going to Shivram
Yadav’s house. Who do you want to meet? Shivram Yadav. Oh! He is inside, you can go. Okay. Come on. Hello, ma’am.
We want to meet Mr Shivram. He is in the prayer.
Please have a seat. Hail Lord Shiva! All the Gods,
please keep our village peaceful. Hello, sir. -Yes, inspector.
Why are you here? Your daughter eloped
with her lover. We are sorry, sir. -Villagers
say that you killed her. Is this true or not? Our team
is here to confirm the news. We killed her. Inspector, you cannot arrest sir. ‘He is Shivram Yadav.’ ‘He is a big entity
of Bharatpur.’ ‘He has three daughters.’ ‘But he has no son.’ ‘Shivram Yadav considers
his rifle as his son.’ ‘This rifle is his pride and his
mustache is his identity.’ Tau sneezed, call the doctor.
-Keep quiet. He doesn’t need a doctor. He sneezed because of the climate
change. -Tauji, am I right? I thought, a lion roared. Tauji’s sneeze is very powerful. Well, it’s inauspicious
if anyone sneezes.. ..but Tauji’s sneeze
is auspicious. You are right. ‘Four of them are Shivram
Yadav’s henchmen.’ ‘They find his sneeze
like a lion’s roar.’ ‘Shivram likes to go hunting
with his henchmen.’ ‘Shivram Yadav thinks that
he is a great hunter.’ ‘But he failed to
hunt every time.’ ‘His name is Veer Singh Yadav.’ ‘He is a biggest lair
and boaster.’ ‘Shivram and Veer Singh Yadav
fought 17 years ago.’. -Serve her. Tauji is blessed with a daughter.
-Really? Yadav,
Goddess Laxmi is born to Tauji. You are right. No one can bear another
girl child nowadays. You are the biggest fool
I have ever seen. You are giving sweets for
the third daughter. Listen, I will be happier if I
will have 2 more daughters. Yes. Listen to me carefully. She will fall in love after
she is grown up. What if she will elope
with someone? Will you give us sweets
even after that? Hey, mind your words, it
won’t be good for you. What will you do? Tauji, why are you quiet?
Why ain’t you answering him? Listen, what will he do? Hey, what is this?
You cut his ear! You cut my ear. I cut your ear this time, next
time I will slit your throat. What will villagers think
about you now? I don’t care. But he should think, who he is
talking to. -You cut my ear. But remember my words. What will you do if your
daughter will elope? Hey, forget about it. Even if any one of Tauji’s
daughter will fell in love.. Tauji will cut both his ears. Or he will kill his daughter.
-Is this condition fine? Okay. I agree to this. How are you Mr Shivram Yadav. Is everything okay? -Yes,
I am absolutely fit and fine. Tauji’s 2 daughters are married.
-His son-in-law is a lawyer. Another son-in-law
is a policeman. He will get his third daughter
married to a doctor. Then Tauji will rule
this village. But thinking about it will
not make is happen. Your third daughter’s future
doesn’t seem to be normal to me. Keep watch on her. I hope, she doesn’t fall
in love with someone. There must be a guy
somewhere around.. Stop the tractor. Why did you stop the tractor? You are an outsider,
you don’t know him. He is dangerous man. He is Raju. We can go from here after
he clears the road. Why do you fear him? -Everyone is
scared of an electric shock. We should better let
him pass this road. Is it so? Wait and watch.
-What are you doing? I am asking him to clear the path.
-Hey, don’t. -You don’t get it. Hey, clear the path.
Wait and watch. -Hey, stop it. What are you doing?
You will get us into a trouble. I will see. Hey, what? Are you trying to
scare me with this horn? What should I do?
You are loitering on the road. Am I supposed to pray you? Oh my God! You are praying
with the music of horn. You got good rhymes
and not times. What is that? Sand! Superb! Go now! Go! Drive now. -Quiet. Go, your grandfather
is waiting for you. Hello, is this MRO?
-Yes, I am MRO here. Who is this? Okay, I am Raju, MP, MLA. Listen,
I am speaking from AM in field. Do you know what is happening
in the state? State is dooming.
Why does it matter to you? Oh my God!
Sir, what are you saying? People are stealing sand from
your village. -Rivers are dried up. Where will the villagers
get the water from, sir? I will inform the collector if
you won’t take any action. Hey, stop the tractor. Stop it. -Quiet. Do you know who owns this?
Shankar Pandey. Whoever owns it,
it’s our duty to check. VIP Association’s President,
Raju sir complained against you. Constable, arrest everyone. You don’t know who owns
these tractors. Shankar Pandey Owns it. ‘He is Shankar Pandey.’ ‘He is a professional goon
and a contract killer.’ ‘He is a dangerous goon.’ Why did you let them
take the tractor? Sir, Raju from the neighboring
village complained. You should have killed him right
there. Why did you return? Listen. -Brother. It is not a big deal. Let it go. Who is Raju? -He is the President
of the VIP association.. neighboring village. Raju! I am very hungry. Dad. Hold on a minute, son.
-You take a long time to cook. Get it quickly. I am very hungry. Yes, son! I am getting the food. Serve me lentils. You are jobless after
having a degree. Villagers ask me why don’t
your son find a job? Tell them, you don’t know.
-Son, I cannot cook anymore. That is why, your food is become
tasteless nowadays. Father, did you serve our dog? Son, I forgot to serve him. Don’t give him any food. If he will eat this food,
he won’t believe in tasty food. Has the lentils preparation
gone wrong? Do you think, I would blabber
so much if lentils were good? That’s why I insist,
find a nice girl and get married. I am trying since a long time.
But no girl likes me. Son, don’t make them like you.
-Find a nice girl at least. I think, God has forgotten
to make a girl for you. That’s impossible. -I am sure,
God has created a girl.. ..for me somewhere on the earth. Father,
I am going to the college. Okay, my child. Bye. -Okay, bye. Mr Shivram Yadav,
what are you up-to? Are you cleaning your son today? Dear,
are you going to the college? Yes, uncle. Now you will see the drama
happening in the college. This girl will fall in
love in the college. Sing as much as you want,
you won’t be able to cut my ears. Because, she is my daughter.
Do you get it? Yes, I get it. Such a boaster. Silly. My legs are paining
waiting for her. When will he arrive? Here he is. Listen. -Did the new bus arrive? At what time will that
bus be here? -8:30. What is the time now? -8:30. My bus is at 9 AM but
I am here since 7 AM. My bus is at 9:30 AM but
I am here since 6 AM. She won’t look at you even if
you stand here for whole day. What are you doing? -I had no
work so thought to please my eyes. Why isn’t she here yet? Tell me. Hey, talk slowly.
Someone will hear it out. Nonsense. -No one heard it. My bus is coming here. God must be crazy. I am seeing the same shots
since 6 months. I don’t know about you but I
can’t take it now. -Same here. I also think the same so I am
planning to write a love letter. Hey, start writing. Write. I am your lover. You are my flower. -Great! -Bad! He starts praising if
offered a cup of tea. Don’t bother.
A fool will never get it. You continue. I have power, you are clever. Please love me dear,
we will marry in tower. No, Eiffel tower. She will fall for you after
reading this letter. We should get a gentleman to
give this letter to her. I am a gentleman. I said,, a gentleman,
not a roadside romeo. Hey, look there. You are right. Yes, you! Come here. What happened? What is this? Love letter.
-No, love letter for me! I can’t fall in love while studying.
I want to become a doctor. Oh my God! My father will kill
me if he will find it out. Have you ever seen yourself
in the mirror? You are a kid expecting
a love letter! Who is this letter for? Give this letter to Sunny
Leone Sunny ma’am.. Raju MA in field. Please give
this letter on my behalf. Oh ho! I can’t do it.
She will scold me. Please ask someone else
to give it. -Hey! Are you Shivram Yadav’s daughter.
-Yes. So what? If you won’t give this letter
to the teacher then.. I will tell your father
that you.. ..asked for a love letter to me.
-But when did I ask for it? Just now,
you asked me for a love letter. All of them are witnesses. Hey, add a smile. God! Today, I am going to explain
Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Will you give it to ma’am?
-Really? No.
I won’t. -Girls, what’s going on? Nothing, ma’am.
There is a love letter. Love letter! -Get it here. I am your lover,
you are my flower. I have power, you are clever. Please marry me dear,
we will marry on Eiffel Tower. Who gave it to you? A man should understand
that a lady.. not an object
to make fun of. A girl should always be powerful
to keep them in control. Take my example. No one dared to give me a
love letter till date. You should become like me. Actually,
this letter is for you not me. He gave it. -Who gave it? Who is that fool? He gave it. He gave it! That village boy. Put pepper spray on his face if
he will give another letter. Okay, ma’am. -Go. We have to complete notes.
-He is here. Let’s rush. Did you give the letter
to the teacher? Yes, I gave her. Tell me if there
is anything else I can do. Oh my god! You are amazing! But, what did the teacher say? What should I tell him now? Yes, tomorrow stand in front
of the school at 8 AM sharp. Close your eyes and say teacher.. ..teacher loudly,
she will meet you. Hold on! When I will say
‘Teacher, teacher’ loudly.. ..she will appear in front of me.
She is very romantic. Listen to me. You are very young. Go to mom and dad. Good job. All the best! Thank you. Teacher. “You are amazing!” “You are immensely graceful.” “Show me your moves.” “You are the epitome of style.” “You have a long way to go.” “You increase my heartbeat.” “Hey, Raja!” “Come on, Raja.” “Come on, have fun.” “Have fun with me.” “Enjoy being in love.” “Sunday is a fun day for lovers.” “Spend this happy Sunday with me,
filled with love.” “Sunday is a fun day for lovers.” “Let me taste your magic.
Please fulfill my wish.” “Billo, you have some magic
in your beauty.” “You are fair.
You are God’s special creation.” “You are the beauty queen.” “You are great!” “Shower your love on me.” “God must be happy to
have created you.” “You are a doll.” “Nothing intoxicates me
more than you do.” “Baby, I become useless.” “You are fiery.
You make me restless.” “You are just like a bomb.” “Sunday is a fun day for lovers.” “Spend this happy Sunday with me,
filled with love.” “Your eyes are intoxicating
and inviting.” “Baby, you are gorgeous.” “Being in love with you makes
me feel like heaven.” “You are the epitome of beauty.” “No one is like you.” “Please give me the first
chance to love you.” “Baby,
come to me slowly and touch me.” “Baby, touch me.” “Your perfume excites me.” “It excites me.” “I can’t wait anymore.
I can’t live without you.” “Feel my love for you.” “Sunday is a fun day for lovers.” “Spend this happy Sunday with me,
filled with love.” “You are amazing!” “You are immensely graceful.” “Show me your moves.” “You are the epitome of style.” “You have a long way to go.” “Increase my heartbeat.” Fool, what were you doing in my
arms? -Help! Help! [Dog barks]. Hey, run. -I am following
you. -Why are you here? Julie, no! It’s me. Raju,
you are shining like gold today. Did you buy this shirt
or got stitched? -Hey! You must have got it stitched.
What is the matter? Teacher. Did she die? I have impressed her.
-With one love letter! You go and get ready, man! -Okay. We reached here before
the school starts. Hey, this is my personal affair. ‘Close your eyes while standing
in front of the school.’ ‘Say Teacher, teacher loudly.
Teacher will appear there.’ Teacher, teacher. Gorilla, not me. Eat him. She is a human. Check it. -Aunt. I called the teacher here,
why did you come to me? Teacher will not be here today. Why? -It’s 2nd October.
School has a holiday today. Oh, I see. Alcohol shops are
closed on 2nd October. Why is the school closed today? Hey, it’s a public holiday for
Gandhi’s Jayanti (birthday). I know, Mahatma Gandhi,
but who is Jayanti? I think, you are the one. Shameless! You are teasing
me! I will kill you. Raju, you met me at the right
time. Come here. -What? What important work you
have got for me? Nothing special.
Go and tie him in the shed. Uncle, how can he carry a fox
with him in this colorful shirt? What? ‘. -I am not a fox, fool.’ Hey, this is not fox, this is ox. ‘Rascal, he is right.’ Are Ox and fox two
different animals? Okay, relax. Son, bank manager asked
me to reach early. Please tie him in the shed. Wait, dad. Come on, let’s tie him. -Sorry,
I don’t walk with animals. Hey, I’m with you everywhere since
20 years. -What are you saying? You again ruined my punch.
-Come on. Your father gave you
the right job. Stop this nonsense and walk. Hey, look there. It is so relaxing. Great! -He is shameless. Raju, hi. Where are you taking your ox?
-Would you join me for jogging? You say something. His father asked him to put
this ox in the shelter. Congratulations.
-Eww! Shake hands with him. I won’t. His hands are dirty.
-My hands are clean. No! -No. Aren’t you ashamed? You scratch with your hands and
shakes hands without cleaning. I did that everyone does.
-What did you do before that? I was there.. -Quiet. How can anyone shake hands
with these stinking hands? Smell it. -It has no smell. Wash your hands using soap then
come for a hands shake. Hello, ma’am.
Are you here for jogging? Yes, they are selected
for the army drill. So, I am taking them for jogging.
-Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations, ma’am! Thank you. -All the best. All the best. -Thank you. Ma’am! He touched you! -I didn’t get it. You have no idea how he used his
hands before touching you. What did he do? Tell her. -Listen. He relieved himself and then
he scratched his body. Then he touched your face.
-What was wrong in it? Congratulations, ma’am! How dare you touch me? Oh my God! What all the things
are happening with us today! Raju, your love-letter. Yes,
I have to clear many queries. Come on. -Yeah. Hey, you fooled me. You had a holiday in the school,
how can she call me today? I just conveyed her message
to you. -What can I do? You knew about the holiday. I knew it. But it is possible that she had
some personal work with you. She is smart. What to do? You stay here,
I will get a scholar here. Listen,
your cow is flirting with my ox. Hey, this is not a cow.
She is Laxmi. Laxmi!
You mean, Laxmichaya! -Hey! I won’t spare you if you
will make fun of Laxmi. Laxmi is my mom’s favorite. What?
Your father loves that rifle.. ..and your mother loves this cow. Doesn’t any one in you family
love any humans? Yes, you have amenities for
animals. -What about us, humans? You are cool!
We have an alcohol glass. Hey, don’t talk nonsense.
-We think, you are a fool. Listen, quiet!
-You quiet and get out. Mind your words while
talking about Laxmi. Hey, stop it.
They ran away. -Leave from here. Oh God! Shivram Yadav’s cow
eloped with Raju’s ox. You slapped him. I slapped him because
he misbehaved. So I am here to apologise. Sorry, Kavita. I am here to
apologise to you. -Leave me. Please forgive him.
Kavita, forgive him. Please. Did you like my style?
I apologise this way. -Leave me. Now I will do many things
with you. -Leave her. Leave her. What are you doing? Hey, quiet. You slapped my boy. I will show you the consequence
of slapping my henchman. I am explaining you to avoid
these 2 villages getting enemies. Apologise to her quietly. What will you do if I won’t? Hey, you hit me!
How dare you do that? Stay here if you think
you are a man. I don’t need courage to stay
here. I just need a chair. I will get it. Hey, you don’t know who I am. You don’t know who my brother is. You slapped me without knowing
about my family. You will get killed now. Hey! My brother, father, uncle,
great-grandfather, neighbor. Why are you listing out
these people to me? I am not a coward to
get scared of.. ..threatening of people like you. I am a man! Leave from here if you
want to stay alive. Touch me if you have
doubt on my skills. Thank you, man! Next! Hey, just dash him. Game over! Thank you! I will kill you if you dare
to tease any woman. Tauji, every girl in college
has to face all this. This problem will
be solved if we.. ..will get Kavita married. -Yes. Where is Kavita? They are my sons-in-law. -He is
here with a proposal for Kavita. You guys talk to each other,
I will be back. -Yes. Oh, here is Kavita. She is very beautiful and smart. I liked her. Are you back from the college?
-Yes. -What are you studying? High school! -Very good.
One should get educated. Thank you, uncle. Didn’t you tell her anything? We were about to tell her but
you did not give us a chance. Will she agree to marry to me? I doubt. -You doubt. This is an insult for
software industry. Mom, what is happening? We are preparing for
your marriage. But I want to study further. I won’t marry now. I can’t do anything about it. I am following your father’s
instructions. I don’t want to discuss
it any further. Go, get ready. Mom.
Sister, you can speak to dad. You know that I can’t
talk to dad. Sister,
at least, you help me out. None of us can convince dad.
You just go and get ready. I will talk to dad if you
guys can’t do it for me. Kavita. Shivram Yadav is fixing
his youngest daughter.. Kavita’s marriage with Vishnu
Raj’s elder son. Start the preparations. Munna, give me tea. Hey, listen. Look at that. I have seen her somewhere. Hey, she is Kavita. She is too young to get married. Girls will get married at younger
age if we won’t do anything. It’s situation’s demand that
we should not be late. Get the bike. -Give me the keys. Let’s go. -Come on. What style! Come in with me. Yes, sir. No, it’s us.
-I am talking to you, sir. She is addressing us. What is happening in the society
when you are there? People who marry their daughters
at young age can ignore it. But our VIP association
will not stay calm. Law says, a girl can’t marry
until she is 18 years old. But Shivram Yadav’s daughter is.. ..a minor and is getting married. It seems,
your law and order is sleeping. Because he is a respected
man in the village. A person doesn’t get respect
with mustache and a rifle. Cool, Raju. Let it be. Ma’am, we are not at hill station
to get cool. It’s your duty. Take my advice and go back. How can I go back? It pains. A girl gets restrictions on
meeting strangers, or new people. Get up early,
cook and feed everyone. She is expected to pray and
stay at home after 6 PM. She can’t watch television
after 9 PM. Don’t talk to anyone on a phone. Don’t display your
photo on Facebook. Parents get them married
at young age. They never back answer
their parents. How will you justify all this? Raju, have it. Thank you. Now I will come to the point.
-Will you come to stop the wedding? Or I will have to approach
the commissioner. Come on, tell me. Welcome. -Please welcome. Hey, everyone should get
everything. -Yes, Tauji. This wedding should become
memorable for everyone. Tauji, don’t worry. Listen, Veer
Singh. -Did you get it? We have many desserts. Have them as much as you want.
-Hello, sir. Ma’am, What happened?
You are here in your uniform! You did not get your family.
-Sir, I need to speak to you. Yes, please come this way. Come on! Serve me more. Hey, why are you serving him
lentils? We want chicken. This is not Ramjaan or
Eid to have chicken. It’s Tauji’s daughter’s wedding. We are not vegetarians. Serve us non vegetarian food. I will slap you harder than this
if you will shout again. We are worried about the police.
-You are adding your drama to it. Police will obviously
arrive if you.. ..will serve lentils and rice.
-Who will eat lentils and rice? Serve only lentils and
rice to these people. You enjoy your meal. This is not wrong but
this is a mistake. You should have thought
before coming here.. ..whose wedding are
you interrupting. It’s Shivram Yadav’s
daughter’s marriage. Inspector ma’am, now that you
are here, have the meal. Sir, she is a minor and
that’s a major problem. You get lovers married
in the police station. People get married in the
registrar’s office. But a father can’t get his
daughter married off. Sir, she is just 17 years old.., it is wrong to get a girl
married at 17 years age.. ..but it is better if she
gets married at 25. Is it written somewhere? Show me if it’s a written rule. Yadav sir,
someone has filed a complaint.. stop this marriage. It would be better if you
will cancel this wedding. Or else, this matter will reach
to the commissioner. Paper, media, women welfare
societies! You may get arrested. Stop it. This marriage cannot happen. Shivram Yadav’s daughter’s
marriage is called off. Who whistled? Who is he? Who whistled? Mr Yadav, we will leave now. Inspector ma’am, who complained
to stop the wedding? We can’t tell you this.
This is against our rules. Mr Yadav,
think if your decision was.. ..right or wrong,
when you will be calm. We will leave now. Tauji, I have a doubt on Raju. I think, he filed the complaint. Hello, Inspector ma’am.
-Hello. -You did a great job. An innocent life was
about to get ruined. Tauji, I am sure.. ..Veer Singh Yadav must
have filed a complaint. Find out who filed the complaint. I will make him handicapped. I don’t understand,
who stopped my marriage. I am sure, he is my well-wisher. I never thought.. ..I will again wear this uniform
and have these books. I am very happy today. In fact, I feel it’s a dream
that I am back in college. Do you know,
who made your dream come true? Who did it? Raju,
Kavita’s marriage is called.. because of your complaint.
-Amazing! Raju! Throw the ball. -Take it. Here, I hit a shot. Get it. -Get it quickly. Hey, come here. What? Are you concentrating
on me or giving me a hint? No way! -What? No! You are a superman. I know, you stopped my marriage. I came here to thank you. Who told her that I stopped
her marriage? I warned everyone not
to inform her. I don’t getting publicity
for my work. Now can I come to the
professional matter? Take it. Flowers are meant for prayers.
You are meant for me. Smile just once,
that’s all my love. Amazing! Hey, you tore it. Now people impress their
love on social media. You send love letters. Then how to work out this
physics, chemistry, mathematics? Keep a chocolate in a
costly greeting card. She will read the greeting
while eating chocolate. A chocolate in a greeting card
will be costly. -Raju, take it. I won’t get a rupee in it. “Beloved, I lost my heart to you.
Now you are mine.” “Since our eyes met!” “My heart doesn’t agree
to live without you.” “I spend my nights thinking
about you.” “I am lost in your thoughts.” “I cannot live without you
for even a minute.” “Love you! Love you! I
lost my heart to you.” “Beloved, I love you.” “Love you! Love you! I
lost my heart to you.” “Beloved, I love you.” “My heart beats with your name.” “You are the reason I am alive.” “Everything seems beautiful
when you are around.” “I can see only you around me.” “My heart is at peace
when you are around.” “I am lucky to have met you.” “Love you! Love you! I
lost my heart to you.” “Beloved, I love you.” “Love you! Love you! I
lost my heart to you.” “Beloved, I love you.” “You are my dream.
You are my desire.” “You are my destination of
the journey of love.” “You are my heartbeat.
You are my words.” “You are the one I breathe for.” “Just look at me.
Don’t love anyone else.” “I want you to love me
the way I love you.” “Love you! Love you! I
lost my heart to you.” “Beloved, I love you.” “Love you! Love you! I
lost my heart to you.” “Beloved, I love you.” This is for teacher. What is in this box?
-Ribbon! -Why? Teacher’s color style is okay. But she looks horrible
with open hair. She is an English teacher. I like a girl with simple morals. She will look beautiful after
she will make a braid. This is old style. Do as I say. Go. Love is important in life.
Machines won’t work otherwise. Hey,
you came here without invitation. I knew you would invite me here,
so I came here. She is funny. Hey, what is this? Wedding card!
Are you getting married again? I am not getting married.
Sunny ma’am is getting married. Sunny ma’am’s wedding. You used to give me smile.. ..why did you give me
this card today? Tell me. I never smiled at you. I used to laugh at your
funny get ups. Please come for my wedding. But who is that superman
who got this treasure? ‘Kids, look at world’s
most beautiful human.’ Girls keep my photo
under their pillow. Girls keep your photo
under their pillow. They also make me their pillow. Love happens. Come on, Sunny. Superb! Thank you. Bye! The monkey got the diamond. Bye! Raju, are you upset because
you lost the teacher. I am not upset. Many girls
like her will come and go. It means, I am not going to
get drunk because of this. I will drink to think about the
new trick to get another girl. The trend is changed now. Why are you crying? I could not impress her,
how did he impress her? Forget her. Relax. -Calm down. Let’s go to see what old people
are deciding in the meeting. Old people’s meeting! -Yes. Without informing VIP
association! -Yes. Come on. Tauji, what happened?
Is there any pain in your back?/. Quiet. How can he get pain in
his back? -He is an iron man. Tau, start. -Listen. We will have a grand fair this
year, like every year. All of you contribute
for the fair. I will bare the rest
of the expenses. Swamiji’s Rathyatra (Chariot
procession).. ..other special prayers.. ..those who will act in
Mythological dramas.. I will pay for all of them. Tauji, why are you asking them?
-Leave now. We will meet tomorrow. Mr Yadav,
will you finalize everything? Won’t you take opinions
of youngsters? Youngsters! Who is younger
than Tauji, tell me. “We are brave! We are brave!” “Here we go!” “We are brave!
We are brave! Here we go.” Raju is the lion of this forest.
-Did you get it? Raju is the bullet if
you are a rifle. Raju is the dark horse of
the race you are in. Horse! -Don’t make me an animal. There are many controversies
on the animals. You catch it. My dear village old people.
-He can’t speak fluent English. My dear villagers,
you have arranged.. ..the fair according to you.
-It’s fine. But it will not be
accepted anymore. People believe in Raju after you. “We are brave!
We are brave! Here we go.” “We are brave!
We are brave! Here we go.” Hey, Tauji’s decision is final. You will see my angry side
if you will yell at me. What are you doing? Hey! -Hey, leave him.
-I won’t spare him. Hey, stop it. Stop it. What do you want? What do I want? You arranged a classical dance
program, a week ago. You did not arrange Rita’s dance
program that we wanted. They arranged the same
program every year. We have to go to the other
village to watch Rita’s show. How will you justify it? If you won’t arrange Rita’s
dance show in the village.. I will have to leave the village. I will have no other option. Raju, this village will become a
temple without the God in it. Temple without God! -Quiet! -Hey! Tell me, what do you want? The people get entertained
by 2 hour film.. ..will it be wrong to arrange 3
days of entertainment in fair? I will not take that
Rita to my house. No!
Never! She is for this great man. No, she will entertain
kids, old people. Along with all the mythological
stories.. Rita’s dance program should
also be there. She will perform on all
the amazing songs. Why did you get late?
-Don’t you want it? -Thank you. Where is Kavita? She must be here around. -Kavita. Hey! Be careful. Hey! Stand properly. What happened? I was looking for love
somewhere else.. ..whereas it was closer to me. Now I realise.. satisfying is love
at first sight. What are you saying? You won’t get it. If her father will
get to know it.. ..he will kill your love and you! Hello, Mr Yadav.
Go inside. -Hello. You are here at my home! I will never forget
your favor on me. I did not get it, Mr Yadav. My daughter stood first
at her exams. I wouldn’t get this joy if you
had not stopped her marriage. Mr Yadav,
your daughter is a grown up now. You can get her married anywhere
you want. -Thank you. Mr Yadav, don’t thank me.
Thank Raju. Raju!
-He belongs to the same village. Tauji, didn’t you get it? VIP association’s president,
Raju. Oh, Raju did it. Yes, he did it. He does some good work for the
villagers. -He did a good job. I will leave now.
-Okay, Mr Yadav. Tauji, if you say, I will kill
him right away. -Yes, Tau. Raju! Pain! -Raju! I am in love. What happened? Tauji,
he is nothing in front of you. You will have to kill him. Tauji,
I am angry since I heard it. Right. Sir, I love you. I mean, I love you. Aunt, do you love me? Hey! I mean, a human should
love the other human. All the Gods of all the
religion have said it. Also, Mahatma Gandhi said it. So, VIP association is promoting
this in the village. I will go to continue, sir. Hey, Veer Yadav sir, stop cutting
each other’s ears. Love humans.
I love you, you love me. Okay? I love you, brother. Raju, we were almost dead.
-What is the plan now? Let’s rush from here first. Tauji, he is asking people
to love each other. What if he will fall in love
with your daughter? Raju stopped my daughter’s
marriage. He should not be seen
on a bike henceforth. Break his hands and legs. Start the car. I asked you to drive the car.. ..why did you take the
car in reverse? I took the car back to
avoid fight with him. We scare people,
we don’t get scared. I will show Raju,
what fear means. Very nice! -Hey! This is my area. Are you here to meet me? I did not come to meet you,
but Kishor. Oh my God!
Should I try to impress her? Uncle,
please give me 2 chocolates. Hey, this design is very pretty. Yes. Take this one.
This will suit you. I don’t want it. Forget the past. I like you. But I don’t like you. You will have to love
me in future. You have no other option. Why? -Because, no one can see
your mole where I have seen it. Where did you see it? I won’t tell you.
-Tell me. -Quiet. I will tell you after marriage. Okay! All the best! Thank you! Come on.
-Oh my God! -Let’s go home. You like Raju, right? Tell him that. I will tell him at
the right time. Let me first observe what
he can do for his love. Then I will express
my love for him. Child, I heard you interfere in.. ..all the matters in the village. We will kill you if you will
interfere from now on. Hey, brother, villagers say
that I beat very hard. Think about yourself
before attacking me. I love my Bullet more than my
life. Apologise and leave. The matter will be over here. What if I won’t apologise? Hey, who are you?
Why are you beating him? Hey, wait. We will also join you. Rush from here. -Hurry up. Hey, wait. Where are you going? Hey, isn’t he Raju?
-Yes, he is the one. Pick him up. Oh God! Who beat him up? Mr Yadav, what happened? I heard that your son is very
strong and powerful. But what happened to
his power today? They beat him up like a loser. Listen to me, Mr Chandrabhan. People might disagree
with your son. Don’t interfere in the matters
you are not a part of. We saved you today,
but you can get killed. Why do you always take
unnecessary challenges? I will not save you from
the next time onwards. There should not be any problem
in this village now. You don’t know me.
Don’t even try to get into it. Remember this. I will leave now. Why did you just warn him?
You should have killed him. We got him beaten up.
Then we also warned him. If he won’t stop after this,
I will do what you want. There is always a right
time to do anything. Do you know, who did this? The one who saved me
got me beaten up. What is your problem with them? He want getting his minor
daughter married. I stopped her marriage by filing
a police complaint. Don’t say that he is
a respected man. He is a downgraded man. What are you thinking about now? Show him your powers. The wall is really high. It’s me. -You are here! Get off. Oh God!
Lord Ganesha, how are you? Hey, that rifle is Shivram
Yadav’s favorite. Catch. Hold it. Hey, quiet! I will give some light
on his face, now fire. Statue! I would have killed him. Liar! You did not take it
when I asked for it. You bought it later. Naughty. Should I kiss or not? I will kiss her, she is mine. Oh my God! Why did you stop? I would see it live for
the first time. Quick. Wait, I will show you some light.
-Hey, rascal. You are a fool! I will kill you. Parvati!
Parvati! -Why are you shouting? Where is my rifle? I don’t know.
-I hanged it here at night. It is missing in the morning. Kavita! Kavita. What happened, dad?
-Did you see my rifle? I saw it. Movie Rifle is playing in the
Apsara Talkies in the city. What happened, mom? His rifle is missing. Rifle is missing! Where is my rifle? Where is my rifle? Why are you worried about that
old rifle? Forget it. My rifle is not old, you are. That was not just a rifle,
it was my son. I think, no one in this
house loves my rifle. Again! Shoot a little lower. Rifle is missing.
I will break this frame as well. Don’t break it. I beg of you. Parvati, I think, you love me. It is not the matter.
I just cleaned the house. My bad-luck! -Tauji! Oh no! Tauji, is this the new style
to hold a napkin on head? Tauji’ style will become
the style for villagers. What happened, Tauji? Will you sit quiet here or
come with us for hunting? I heard, there are new
rabbits in the jungle. My rifle is missing and you
want to go on hunting. Rifle is missing! What did you say?
Your child-like rifle is missing! This is done to humiliate me. Tauji, don’t worry. You will get your rifle
within 24 hours. -Yes. Come with me. -Come on. What must be Mr Yadav’s condition
without the rifle? He must be crying in the corner. Hey, you shout so loudly.
Can’t you be a little polite? I won’t. Sir, will you teach us astrology?
-Priest. What happened?
All of you are here together! Shivram Yadav’s rifle is missing. Find out where the rifle is. Hail Goddess of Kolkata!
You will show me the truth. 1 plus 1 is 2. 2 plus 2 is 4. We know it.
Tell us where the rifle is. -Hey! Two people stole it. How can he be sure? Will your father get
us into trouble? He speaks first sentence correct. After that, he speaks nonsense. 2 plus 3 is 5. 3 plus 6 is 9. I caught the thief! You caught him! -Tell us quickly. You will have to pay
first to know it. We will pay you. -25 kilo rice. 5 kilo green grams. 1 chicken. -We will give
you alcohol as well. You got me! -We got it.
Tell us the name. Your father will get us arrested. Don’t worry. He ends with
wrong conclusion always. The thief has a big mole
on his right hand. Let’s go and find out. We will cut the hand whichever
has the mole. Come on! -Come on! I will teach him a lesson. Are you a father or a murderer? You knew,
I have a mole on right hand. Oh my God! I thought,
someone else will have it. But you have it.
-You see this everyday. Take your hand behind.
I will manage. Hey, brother.
Listen to me carefully. My son also has a mole
on his right hand. But don’t kill him thinking
that he is a thief. What are you doing? Why are you beating me? Speak up. -Hey! It hurts. -Speak up. Shivram sir,
I beg you for apology. I did not steal your rifle. Don’t beat me.
-We know, you stole it. Speak up.
-Leave me. Ask that Dhanraj. That thin guy. Hey, get Dhanraj here.
-Yes, get him. Why are you beating me? Don’t beat me. -Beat him more. Hey,
who asked you to take my name? I took your name so that I will.. ..get a company to get beaten up. Get beaten up a little. I will accompany you. -Leave me. Patlu, get beaten up with me.
-Please leave me. Yadav sir. -Hey, please. It means, you stole his rifle!
-I took the revenge. What revenge?
-Your father got me beaten up. Why my father got you beaten up? He awarded me for stopping
your marriage. Oh, sorry! It’s okay.
-Please give me this rifle. My father is worried since 2
days. -He is angry with everyone. He thinks this rifle is his son. Really? It is my brother-in-law. Hey, ask her to confess her love. Give me the rifle first.
-Say I love you, first. I will say it but give it to me.
-Say it. Please give it.
-Say you love me. -Please. Say it first. These girls are magical. They can just blow you
away with their grace. God must be crazy! ‘Listen, we found your rifle.’ They found my rifle.
Yes, I am coming there. Open me before you leave. We did not tie you. Silly. Where is my rifle? Hey! Where did you find it? Dad, it was in the kitchen. How did this reach to the
kitchen from this wall? This is the right question. Listen. Come closer. I am sure,
this must have happened. Hey, now I found my rifle.
All of you can leave now. Okay.
He found the rifle. Let’s go. My gun, my son. Hey, listen. -Yes. -Is that
a wedding going on? It’s Kavita’s friend Manasi’s
wedding. -Oh! I will die if I won’t get Kavita. You will not be able to live
if you will get her. -Why? There is a bet that Shivram
Yadav will.. ..cut his ears if she
will fall in love. Don’t you know it? Kavita is mine,
let him do whatever he wants to. I swear on his ears.
-Okay, should we leave now? Hey! -Okay, I will leave now. Come on, get in. We will have fun. We will make the groom dance. Excuse me, please. Thank you. We will hide his footwear and
take lot of money to return it. You are looking extremely
beautiful in this saree. So beautiful! I know it.
I have a big mirror at home. I saw it in the mirror. You look innocent but
you are mischievous. I am a beautiful girl,
I should be mischievous. Where is the groom? -He is there. Okay! Come on, let’s see. Excuse me, Mr Groom! Uncle, you! Ma’am, men with kids are called
uncle. -Do you get it? Yes. -Never call young
men like me as uncle. Okay, uncle.
Please give us a way to go. I want to meet the groom. How is she here? Please go ahead. Please give us some space.
-Call the groom. Yes, I am on the way. Hi, brother. Who is brother here? -We are
members of VIP association. We are here to celebrate
your wedding. I find you a gentleman. -Yeah. I love you, brother.
-Thank you, brother. What is this? Your hair are
completely ruined. -What did you do? Which soap did you use? This one. Oh no!
I will get you the best one. “I am fallen in love.” “My beloved,
I am fallen in love with you.” “I left it for the love.” “Beloved,
I left it for your love.” What do you want?
-Before marriage.. Should we have a rehearsal? Hey, stop this nonsense. Hello, I think you are imagining
something about far future. I asked about marriage rehearsal. Why are you here? I want a soap. Should I help you bathe? Quiet.
-Is someone inviting me inside? No one! Thank you! I don’t need your thanks.
-No problem. Keep it. Hey, catch! Hey, catch. -Raise your hands.
I will apply some talcum. He smells so bad! Hey, what happened to you?
Give it to me. Oh my God! We need a strong
perfume to get rid of this smell. What happened now? -I am saying
this for the bride’s benefit. The groom needs a good perfume. I cannot do anything among
these girls. -Hey! I will kill you. -What? My friend doesn’t like that guy.
-Speak to the groom. And get this marriage canceled. Why all of you want
to ruin it for me? Why don’t you convince her?
-Listen, if we will convince her.. ..and what if she will elope with
her lover after marriage? I am losing my mind, brother. So, please cancel this marriage. You mean,
I will have to die single. No, I will find you another girl. Yes,
we will get you another girl. What happened? -Nothing. Everyone here.. I have an heartbreaking news.. For all of you. The girl I was supposed
to get married to.. Loves someone else. So, I am getting her
married to her love. Hey! You! Leave it. Hey,
won’t you get a photo with me? Where is she? Excuse me. You come here. Hey! ‘. -Kavita, come here.’ Yes, mom. What were you doing with Raju? You won’t decide your
life partner.. ..but your father will decide
your husband and no one else. Mom, there is nothing like this.
-Listen. Forget it even if there
is anything. Go now. “What has happened
with us in love? We are together but can’t meet.” “God seems to be upset with us,
that he denied our love.” “Yes, we have to bare this
pain every minute now.” “We will have to spend
our lives alone.” “It’s not your fault.” “It is not my fault either.” “Who can I complain to?” “I think,
this is what our destiny is.” “Why can’t we be together
in the journey of life?” “What has happened
with us in love?” Kavita is not looking at me,
since 10 days. She must have changed her party. This is not politics that she
will change the party. Raju, Shivram Yadav’s
cow fell in the well. Why didn’t he fall in the well?
-Hey, quiet. Kavita’s mother loves that cow.
Come on. What happened, ma’am? My cow fell in the well.
I don’t know what to do. -Oh no! Where is Mr Shivram Yadav?
-He is gone to another village. Where is Raju? Yes, sir. A cow fell in the well
at Shivram Yadav’s farms. Sir, hurry up. Father,
fire fighters will arrive. Don’t cry. Your cow will be safe. What are you doing? Raju, be careful, the
cow might hit you. Thank you for helping me. Your father pushed me in it. Dad, cow is scared. -Please do
something. -Don’t worry. I am here. Don’t throw your dialogues. Throw
a rope. -Yes, I will get it. Dad, hurry up. -Yes. Yes, we are giving it to you.
Throw it down. Tie her properly. Son, tie her properly. Dad, throw your towel. Yes, here you go. Step behind. Dad, we are set. Pull us up. Yes, pull this up. -Pull them up. Pull it up. -Be careful. Pull it up slowly. He saved a cow without worrying
about his own life. Yes, you are absolutely right. You are right. Give this to him. I want to say something today. I never said this to you. I love you a lot. Now can I wink at you? Oh my God! I am blushing. Brother, Raju is right there. Hey, what are you doing here?
-Where are you going together? This is our land,
we are here for inspection. Okay. Hello, ma’am.
-Raju, is your bike now working? No, ma’am.
I think, the petrol is over. Okay, get in. I will drop you. You are seen rarely nowadays.
-Have you stopped your social work? Yes, ma’am.
I get into trouble always. Oh! Let me sleep. Hey! Hey! What happened? Don’t get happy.
This is not gold. This is fake gold. Whatever you will give me, will
be as valuable as gold for me. Why is your father
walking around? My father has a problem of
walking in the sleep. He will go back to sleep now. Oh my God! How can your father
get this dangerous disease? Quiet! Mom told him the same
reason when you stole his rifle. You walk in the sleep,
so you forgot it in the kitchen. Sleep now. What is this? He is again here. Wait, I will teach him a lesson. Hey, stop. Listen, you lose calories
while you walk in sleep. Your father shapes his
mustaches in sleep. So cute! Uncle, you are handsome. I mean, it is morning now.
Why didn’t the rooster crow? Quiet. Good morning, dad. Parvati. Get my rifle. -Raju, run now. Kavita. You will get married to a boy
of my choice within a week. Will you marry or not? Will you get married or not? Razaak. -Yes, Tauji. Dad! Don’t do this, dad.
-Why didn’t you answer me? Will you marry the boy
of my choice or not? Dad, Raju is a nice guy.
-Dad, please meet him once. Razaak, pull the trigger. No, dad. Okay. I will do as you say. The girl and the boy chose each
other so we fix this alliance. Hold on. Hello.
-Hello, is this Mr Prakash Raj? Yes. -Where are you, sir? I am here to see a girl.
My alliance is fixed. Oh no! Shivram Yadav wanted
to marry his girl to you. Please hold on for a minute.
-Okay. Shivram Yadav’s girl! 7,8, 14, 16.
It means, she is meant for me. Hi, is this confirm this time? 100% confirm. -Thank you,
brother. Thank you very much. Please forgive me. I can’t marry. Good!
We were about to reject you. How can we give our daughter
to an old man like you? Kavita is getting married. Please all of you attend it. One should not attempt the things
which he can never achieve. One can lose their life. You cannot marry Kavita. But you can come there
with your VIP team. You will get good food. See you. Dad, who is the groom? Will he keep Kavita
happy forever? They don’t understand our love. What a person goes through
after a heart break. I know it. My love failed, dad. She was my life. Now I understand,
how it feels to lose your love. Dad, I won’t be able to
survive without Kavita. Why all this is happening
with me? Tell me. I lost my mother when
I was a kid. Today, I am losing my love. Why should I live now? Dad, tell me. Silly! You are my best son. I can’t live without you. Forget her. I am there with you. Don’t be upset. Those who fail in love should
go for entertainment. You should forget this sorrow.
-Dad! No sentiment. Only entertainment. Raju, this letter is for you. Sister!
Does your sister look pretty? Not my sister! Kavita gave this. Kavita! ‘I am marrying the guy of
my father’s choice..’ ‘Then you get drunk,
forget me in 4 days..’.. ..and started looking for
another girl, right? ‘ ‘I will kill you.’ ‘I will be your wife
in this lifetime.’ ‘Come to my home tonight and
take me away from here.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘I love you too, Parvati.
Err.. Kavita.’ I am coming there. This way! Is this okay? Please can all of you wait
outside? -Okay, let’s go. Hey, Mr Nagpal.
Tauji is waiting for you. Please, welcome. Listen, Kavita is missing. Brother, the bride is missing. She must be playing here around. Brother, your bride eloped. Kavita eloped. Now I will sing a great
song for you. Hi. Tell me your full name. Sajan Kumar. You! Your name is useless
more than your singing. What is your name? Ganamrutam. You are the queen of music but
such an inauspicious voice. Why do you always
ruin my marriage? Why are you staring at me?
-Pay our dues. You want payments! Veer Singh. -What happened? Shivram’s daughter
eloped with Raju. You won the bet! “Oh Lord.” Where are you going? -Get aside. ‘Tauji’s daughter Kavita
eloped with Raju.’ ‘So Tauji is going to
search for them.’ ‘Now Tauji will kill
both of them.’ When will the train arrive? Train will arrive in some time. Hey! If that girl will elope
with a man like me.. ..after she is grown up.. ..he parents will be upset. Yes. Right now,
your parents must be upset. Yes. Kavita, we are making a mistake. Let’s go back.
-But my father will kill us. I don’t care. Raju! Raju! Leave me. Raju. Raju! Raju! You got angry when I touched
your girlfriend. Now you won’t marry her. Because, I will marry her.
-Leave me. You will not stay alive now.
-Take him. He is angry!
Your lover is beautiful. I will marry her later. First I will celebrate the
first night. -Raju! You will witness our love. None of you will stay alive
if I will lose my temper. Leave right away if you
want to stay alive. Otherwise,
I will kill each one of you. Brother,
he will beat us black and blue. What are you showing off?
Come on. Raju! Leave me. Raju! Raju! Help me. Leave me. Raju! Dad, he is not taking
me away with him. He came to return me to you. Sir, we realised our mistake
and so we came back. Sir, when a girl loves someone.. ..why her parents become
her enemies? Love is not a crime. Parents always think
that the boy.. ..will ruin their
daughter’s life. They never realise that boy loves
her more than his life. You can never understand love. Sir, I love your daughter
more than my life. Please, try to understand. I will never hurt Kavita. The decision is up to you. Kavita is your daughter. I loved Kavita. She also loves me. I cannot live without Kavita,
sir. The decision is yours. I won’t oppose you. Hello. Driver,
take the car back to the village. Hey, give us a side.
Get off the way. Hi, dad! I am here. Oh God! He will cut my ears. I asked you not to come here. I did not get it, sir. You killed them. He came to kill us, but he could
not kill his daughter. Tell us the whole story now. Dad, tell them the story.
-Tell us. That night.. You won’t change, sir. I will never show up to you. I will leave. Hey, come here. Why are you leaving her here? Will everybody follow
your instructions? Only you can change.
Can’t I also change? I thought.. ..once I should meet my daughter. I will confirm if she
is happy or not. I came here to see her happy. Raju, I always liked you. That day,
I kept that ladder near the wall. So that she can easily climb. After that, I thought, you must
not be having any money. So,
I got some money from my locker. I was waiting for someone
to say Kavita is missing. Listen, Kavita is missing. Then I took my rifle. What are you doing? So that everyone should think
that I am ready to kill you. I came here to bless both of you. How can I kill my
daughter’s love? Raju,
if you dare to hurt my daughter.. ..then I will kill
you right there. Listen, take this money
and leave this village. Why should we elope of
you have accepted us? Dad, get us married in the
village. -What did you say? Do you speak nonsense
all the time? He said a wrong thing to me. I cut his ear. Don’t get your ears cut. Now you are married
to my daughter. So leave this village. Kavita, please convince him. I should not get angry again. He killed his daughter and
her husband for the bet. Hail Shivram Yadav. So I told the villagers that
I killed both of you. Did you get it? Sir, what happened to you? Dad, there is a good news. Your daughter is pregnant. You will be a grandfather.
-I will be a grandfather. Come here. What if Veer Yadav
will find it out? He will cut both my ears. Forgive me, Shivram Yadav. I mislead you about
your daughter. I did not want your daughter
to marry a nice man. But you got the best son-in-law. Yeah! “Just have a look.” “I am your hero.” “Now I am your lover.” “Yes,
I love you more than my life.” “I love you more than my life.” “You are my hero.
You are my life.”


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