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I just want to get your thoughts on Trump the Trump phenomenon and What you can tell about the rest of the world by looking at their reaction to Trump? well Trump is the equivalent of a Hollywood actor on the movie screen and The anti Trump’s People are other actors in the movie and so humanities of those people to get caught in it oh Yeah, that is he’s the baddie is he’s the baddie in this movie that Trump beats the baddie although He’s the goodie is there in a person. I like right? It’s a movie and while we are focusing on the on this again this my new tie of Trump anti Trump left right and all this nonsense that we get caught in to Silicon Valley’s doing what it is doing in terms of destroying freedom of information and driving on on behalf of things like DARPA the technological development arm of the Pentagon this a Transhumanist agenda It’s it’s a diversion and you know Just just a quick once I talk about this hidden hand These here today gone tomorrow politicians are just that Here today gone tomorrow What we need to look at is that which is always there because that’s where the power is That’s what pushes this agenda on no matter who’s in power who’s the president? What party? Whatever a Quick example in September 2000 an America called the project for the new American Century Published a document calling for the American government to quote fight and decisively win multiple theater Wars To bring about a series of regime changes, and it named the countries that they wanted to regime change Iraq Libya Syria Lebanon Iran North Korea, China The people who published that document included Donald Rumsfeld who a few months later would be Secretary of State for Defence in the Bush administration Paul Wolfowitz who would be his deputy at the Pentagon? Dick Cheney who would be de facto president under Bush for two terms? Dov Zakheim who would control the entirety of the Pentagon budget in that same period in that document in September 2000 they Said that this process of transformation to all these regime changes Would necessarily be slow. This is the quote absent some catastrophic And catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor One year to the month after that document was published nine months after the people that wrote it came to power in the Bush administration the United States had In September 2001 what Bush called at the time? The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century as a result of that this process of regime change was triggered by the so-called war on terror justified by 9/11 and Which the official story of 9/11 is is is? Tragically laughable in when you break it down and you see without the contradictions, anyway. This is what where I’m going in terms of the the politicians and Trump First man in of course Officially george george w bush? They went into afghanistan then with tony blair lying about weapons of mass destruction they went into iraq and the reason they lied about weapons of mass destruction is because Iraq was on this list of regime change they didn’t have an excuse though They made one up and by the way there does not forget people now including even the mainstream media except that they were lied to over weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which led to a catastrophic Invasion and the catastrophe that is followed Let us not forget that the very same people not the same agencies the same governments the same personalities that told us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when they knew they weren’t were the same people that gave us the official story of 9/11, okay, so the lists Iraq Then they go into Libya also on the list, but now Bush is gone Blair’s gone now it’s Barack Obama is a Democrat not a Republican and It’s David Cameron. He’s a conservative not the illusory of Labor Blair But now they’re going into another one on the list and then into into Syria um and again Creating mayhem and catastrophe we I mean you know Libya is one of the great world’s basket cases now when it was the highest capacitor per-capita income Country in Africa before they sent the boys in um So that was a bomber and that was Cameron then we come to Trump and Trump is now yes, he’s supposed to be a Republican But easily easily is the anti-establishment, man. He’s a maverick a Maverick who was gonna drain the swamp had handed the American economy to Goldman Sachs from day one or before day one But who is he? demonizing now He’s demonizing Iran and he’s demonizing North Korea other people on the list other countries on the list so this list from September 2000 is been ticked off All the way through these different politicians and different parties and different Personalities so no matter who’s coming and going. Oh, you’re going to vote for you know it’s like some Americans say You know don’t don’t matter who you vote for the government still gets in yes the secret government Because America is a wonderful example of how it works, so it works the same everywhere during the Bush administration And a Republican administration like now, you have this group that control the Republican Party that Acknowledged by the mainstream media. They called neoconservatives or neo-cons they were the people that created the project for the new American Century that wrote that document in September 2000 and then in the in the Democratic Party you have another group very much the same that I call the demo-cons This is your George Soros and Zbigniew Brzeziński before he died this year and others The key is that if you go one step back in the shadows The neo-cons and the demo-cons answer to the same master So it means that we’re hearing one or the other? Republican or Democrat that is always in power And that’s what’s been driving this agenda of ticking these countries off as these people come in Continue watching this fascinating conversation For free by clicking on the link below to visit our website, learn from the best minds in the world and connect with a community Of passionate people building the best versions of themselves, just click on the link below, and I’ll see you on the inside


  1. todd bates Author

    well i suggest freedom loving americans, refuse any more gun laws, and refuse their evil agenda, defend your constitution and bill of rights or you are finished!

  2. Phillip Grandinetti Author

    Icke has never been killed because he is full of shit. He peppers in little facts to make you believe him. The guy took dmt and saw a woman god GTFO. HE IS CONTROLLED OPOSITION. London's Alex Jones. There are no lizard people. Bill Cooper told everyone in the 90's about both of them. BILL COOPER was based in factual evidence. David icke has never showed anything other than home made slides. Bill Cooper was a naval intelligence officer with a Q clearance who's life mission was TRUTH even thought aliens were real based on government documents until he realized he was lied to. He also publicly acknowledged when he was wrong which was less than 5 times. He was devastated that he felt like he misled people with aliens and believed the government chose him specifically because of his mission for truth. David icke has visions and people talk to him. It's all horseshit folks wake up. WWG1WGA

  3. Lunatic Fringe Author

    I'm guessing….if Icke is telling us all these really important, awakening things so dangerous for the System why they have left him alive till now??

    Since he is saying a lot of good info, found by many other researchers….what is he really doing ?

    Are they allowing or letting/paying him to "reveal" to us all these info just to control how we are sedated? In other times people would have run and cut a lots of heads….
    I am starting to think he is part of the plan….

  4. Carolyn Nigro Author

    Canned TPP. Canned Climate Treaty . Canned Nafta. Canned Iranian Nuclear Deal. Canned UN Muslim Refugee Quota. De-Escalated Syrian War. Maintains Peace with Russia. Achieved Peace With North Korea. Pro American Sovereignty. Fights for Border Security, Takes on the Fed, Defunds Obama Care, Stimulates American Industry and Jobs, shows restraint with regard to starting new foreign wars.
    Trump sure is a shitty Globalist.

  5. Dr Jc Author

    We are all caught in a War of Essences which is about to be resolved.

    In 1985 I stated the End would be 2035, the latest, but that attempts would be made to destroy Earth and rescue the trapped Viables sooner if possible.

    2025 is a far more realistic time of the End.

    In this War, there a double agents.

    Putin is one. He pretends to be of Evil but he is actually working for the Light.

    Others appear to be working for the Light but are actually of Darkness !!

  6. Jenna Rose Author

    Exactly, my thoughts. Trump loves the money and is part of the cabal. As David Ike says, "Donald Trump" is an actor. What about Energy weapons, dew, laser weapons, fires set by the USA's own military planes, incinerating hundreds upon hundreds of their own people, "alive," in their homes and cars, trying to escape the flames, and the cabal of which he clearly is a part of, are doing it worldwide, ie, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Canada and who knows where next? Not so long ago, Trump meets with the Royals, and right thereafter, he's hob-nobbing with his staunch enemy number one, non-other than Kim-Yong-un. By order of her Royal Highness? Of course, the very throne seated at the head of their cabal?

  7. Chris Morgan Author

    David Icke talking complete garbage, Pre Bush Administration never produce a document to create a pretext for theater wars, it was basically think tank for America foreign policy,

  8. JON Cunningham Author

    What about the Kennedy panel to look into vaccinations as to whether it causes Autism??? Ha??? Also he has done nothing about Abortion and chemtrails! He has Blood on his hands and is not a Christian as he claims. IMO I am convinced he is a Puppet for Israel and the Deep State., Its all rigged. He did good things in the beginning but of late he has catered to the anti-christs.. IMO I dont know why people cant see this.



  10. Whipsaw Author

    Why is this kook even taken seriously? He is a self worshipping, anti-christ who points out the symptoms if the disease but has no idea what the diagnosis is along with the cure. The Bible is Truth, there is a satanic NWO agenda and the answer is Jesus Christ who will man handle these megalomaniacal luciferians and finally establish world peace.

  11. Dr Jc Author

    Beings of Light trapped in this Illusion are abused and attacked to be destroyed.

    It is the Evil ones that work forDarkness that are exalted and often succeed to become rich.

  12. Billy William Author

    How is this any different than any other politician? Global Zionists and Cabbalists have been destroying civilizations since before the sinking of Atlantis!

  13. John De Lamontaigne Author

    Back in the year 2000 I found the website of the Project for a New American Century. I found the exact same thing that Icke is talking about. My partner and I attempted to warn people , but most people didnt believe us. One thing I can add to what Icke says is that on the same PNAC site was the following statement and I quote " Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice are soft on the Iraq issue but if we are attacked similarly to Pearl Harbor , they and the American people will get behind a war with Iraq". Scary stuff but absolutely true. David Icke knows his stuff.

  14. Hamoon F Author

    Trump was the data candidate. He formed his talking points based on social media data. Which is why he is also the "conspiracy theory" President. He latched on to the worries people had about a shadow government and to this day you have Qanon believing Trump is going to bring down the elite child trafficking rings. But he's just another President with no real power, being driven to increase the national debt and continue increasing the negative energy of the World through war and sanctions.

  15. Karen Revell Author

    I agree, Trump is an actor for the "Alliance" that wants to get rid of the "Swamp". We know the agenda of the swamp, get rid of 90% of the world population. So what is the agenda of the alliance? It is to install 5G and an artificial intelligence program that will control the whole planet. It is designed to be our artificial God, a matrix of the light to replace the matrix of the dark. What we want is to balance the energies of both.

  16. Jun Acebedo Author

    G.W. Bush was tricked by that crazed boastful Saddam Hussein that he has WMDs. And the former don't want to take any chances Saddam's preemptive strike. Iraq regime change was not whollyy unjustified.

  17. Darren Douglas Author

    I like Trump tho i have niggling feeling brought Bolton in for planning an attack on Iran after 2020 Too risky attack pre 2020 incase face public backlash
    I hope im wrong and Bolton was really brought in to keep eye on him Wonder if Hilary got in what destruction she wouldve created Proven liar yet got away with it

  18. iwonka k Author

    Mossad pulls the string of everything that is going on. Former Israeli prime minister Barrak was visiting Epstin in NY. Asked how many times he said “More then 10 , less then 100” . what he had in common with Epstin? Girls or was Epstin passing him blackmailing info on high position people? Who try to kill Epstin in prison? Peple who used his services or Mossad? If Epstin chooses to “sing” about everyting and everybody to get feerdom or liniancy, then Mossad will loose blackmailing material.

  19. Earth Angel Leia Morgana Author

    How to become a Biblical Elect
    (David Icke knows all about this)

    If you want to become an Elect, then you have a chance to change world history. It is very easy to become a Biblical Elect. Simply pray about it daily, read the KJV Bible every day for thirty minutes, and fast. Being a vegetarian or a vegan counts as fasting. It’s not difficult. If you do this, there is a good chance that an angel will visit you and help you to get on the communications system or that you might just automatically be put on Elect radio. Don’t let it frighten you. It is just like Facebook on audio all of the time and you get to speak to some of the most famous people in the world. This is making history. I’m telling you this as an earth angel. I’m one of just a few who has these privileges. I only serve the Lord Jesus.

    If you want to become an Elect, it is not difficult. This is our communications system. There are other stations, but I’d recommend starting with this one. This is the real thing! This is how you can become an Elect and shape history. The Apocalypse is near and we provide education and warning, as well as assignments. Join us! Jesus loves you!

  20. John Author

    Yeah I used to think trump was good but idk anymore he had me though when he said CNN is fake news that’s all I needed to hear to win my vote

  21. John Author

    But we need to realize that QAnon is bullshit its only meant to set up people so the media has someone to demonize. One guy attacked the Hoover dam because of Q and when he was arrested he thought trump would release him its utter bullshit

  22. All For Love Author

    And so are you Davis Icke- I used to trust u but u are controlled opposition.. A shill. Why were u on good morning show with a giant Illuminati symbol behind u. U can't trick the ones who see the codes. Broke my heart mate, did they get to u or were u always one of them too!! Sorry and Icke lovers, there may be truth in what he says but he too is a trickster .😢

  23. Just Common Senze Yo Author

    Sorry David, since you talked, President Trump has stopped child-trafficking, build a wall, stopped NK ,Syria ISIS + Iran, China being tamed, bombed underground facilities, closed the vortex, produce a space army, exposed and got rid of hundreds (worldwide) Cabal minions everywhere, broke the Cabal triangle, produced millions of Q followers that are waking-up people worldwide, to think, research and fight for free speech and winning against the fake media ( just like your first clairvoyant told you would happen years ago) and thousands now know of the mind control, satanic practices, bloodlines and non-human control over us. And is soon going to make the IT / media world accountable. Broke every major treaty made and got manufacturing back, highest jobs stat ever, breaking the pharmaceutical control and in the process of recycling the Fed!! And soon executions of traitors will start. AND so much more just in his first term. OK?? Still, say he's just an actor? Bali. P.S. Thank you David, for being there to wake so many of us first!!!

  24. Spencer Eaton Author

    I think david ike actually made up a lot of the crazy alien stuff in order to discredit himself so that he could speak freely about these kinds of things without the power structure turning it's gaze on him.

  25. Reuben Stern Author

    Regime change in China eh…. shouldn't be too hard, considering how badly they're handling Hong Kong. China is too heavy handed and is likely to lose support. Also Chinese culture makes a lot of them prejudice. I mean, re education camps for Muslims? C'mon China, your making it too easy!! Also they hate all the minorities…. and their army is mostly staffed by said minorities…. and they're as loyal as you would expect them to be. It would be easy to turn China in on itself…. then you fire up the globe masters and send the boys in. You might not have to. China can probably be dismantled in ten years or less. They just don't understand soft power.

  26. Paul Davies Author

    David may well be right about Trump but so far he hasn't waged war on North Korea and he hasn't responded to the bait to attack Iran. I just hope he really is standing up for democracy and is trying to clean up the swamp. However, so far no real action taken against the bad guys. Maybe the Epstein case is the key to it all. Fascinating to watch it play out though.

  27. Adam Litzow Author

    I wonder what he thinks about trump being a puppet with all the action being made now by him and his administration against the deep state

  28. Ea Wy Author

    David has to be taken with a grain of salt. I can get the same crap at coffee row. He is a single gossip column people like to follow. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Tom Ryan Author


  30. Tuesday k Author

    It's amazing how so many people believe an thing & everything that comes out of a so called 'whistleblower or conspiracy theorists' mouth without questioning or asking if they are legit, what's their motive & who do they work for.
    David is not one I trust.

  31. CECI CEO Author

    It's true and it's tragic just how many people DO NOT SEE THE TRUTH OF THIS. It is all so disheartening. Is there ANY hope for the world? It feels so lonely out here…….

  32. C Author

    I love icke, but he's wrong about Trump. He came in and got elected to save us from the cabal. The Clinton's, Bush's, Obama's. Etc.. their game play is to keep one or the other in.. and they did, up til Trump came in and broke it up! She was not supposed to lose! Trust the plan! Trust Q

  33. June Lawson Author

    Life is one massive controlled game of chess and we are the pawns. But only if you allow it and succumb to it. Me? I just think for myself on everything. Love is the only answer. Love your family, enjoy your life,don’t let anyone dictate your life, don’t stay in a job you don’t like. Happiness is in the soul, and if your soul isn’t happy then change it. Happiness is not the size of your house, the things you own, the job you have. That’s all unimportant.

  34. MaxGidi Author

    So much easier to fool the masses than to try telling them they have been fooled…No idea who said that, but It's very true. Orwell..perhaps..?

  35. Sara Soroush Author

    I like alot of David ikes work but one thing that keeps popping in my head is why he has never been de flatformed like all the rest of them like Alex John's David lke has never been taken off anywhere that in its self sets off alarm bells why does he never get silenced 🤔

  36. Mark Gonzales Author

    Anythings possible everybody is a piece of shit what difference does it make were all screwed ill put my faith in Jesus and let Him sort it out and if thats all crap then at least ill live with hope but ill keep my faith thankyou

  37. Stev op62 Author

    SORRY IKE…If Hillary would have won the White House ! There would have been Much MORE Instant War and almost Instant Movement towards Slavery of The American worker and the complete end of free speech and the 2nd amendment PERIOD ! SORRY IKE …At Least In this Case IT DOES MATTER

  38. Steven Wyatt Author

    I keep having hope that President Trump is our hope, but my Heart tells me otherwise. Everything is a distraction. It's so depressing to realize there is no relief to be had until the return of our Lord.
    I'm so grateful I don't have children.
    The true controllers are not human, or from Earth. Humans are cattle to be harvested. Civilizations that have mysteriously disappeared in the past, were harvested in by these aliens.

  39. Tchong Lee Author

    He is explaining easy stuff to racist people that's why the task takes him so long and yet people will pretend at the end to not have been convinced 100%.. People are just fans of america and they want this country to keep destroying countries and civilizations one after another other thats it.. Why for example do you think america is the biggest producer of online pornography ? Because the not 100 % convinced people that america is the cancer of humanity ruled by a bunch of satanic homosexuals bankers magicians and pedophiles are also the biggest consumers.. As if people had no responsibility of course they do ! Even staying quiet is not an excuse, people staying quiet in front of all this injustice are contributing to america to keep doing what they are doing ..

  40. Andy Okus Author

    When is good old Dave going to tell us something we don't already know?!
    God, I could start My own blog but with what all I Know I'd be dead in a week!!!

  41. Arnab Saha Author

    Maybe what he is saying is also staged. Someone paid for this to get it staged. If who is controlling has so much power, why he will not control somone who is trying to expose him?
    You search for everything, you will always come up with something "secret" is controlling. As he mentioned about "Secret Govertment". We know that something is secret, but still do we know who is the secret? Do we really know the truth?

  42. Trung Đức Vũ Author

    U should know the Reptilians, especially Zeta Alien 's very advanced in high- tech. They 've live for MILLIONS of years and our history long only for maybe 12,000 years. Their home's far 39 ly from US, they fly every day like using FB. The MOON's only a hologram, nothing's impossible in this uni

  43. Jerry Tom Author

    The REAL power was and is in the hands of ROTHSCHILD family.13 Masonic Illuminati families that run Federal Reserve and almost every central bank on Earth.


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