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Downton Abbey Movie Review

for the most part each season of downton
abbey’ consisted of eight episodes plus a Christmas special so you can imagine
my skepticism as an avid fan that a mere two hours back at Downton would be as
satisfying but it is because boy did they pack that two hours full of drama
and on that note the movie starts with a refresher that covers all six seasons
and while I’ve seen all six seasons I really did appreciate the refresher
because I was surprised at how much I’ve forgotten like daredevil was on Downton
Abbey I didn’t remember that that was a fun little bit and they had a lot of fun
with the refresher making you know cracking jokes and you know poking fun
at the fact that when you when you condense it like that for all its
sophisticated glamour and UK history Downton Abbey is without a doubt a good
old-fashioned soap opera ridiculously so so many crazy storylines of so many
laughs during that refresher and throughout this whole film I went to the
fan event and people were really having a good time with it it’s it’s it’s
fanservice but I think very good fanservice and this movie continues in
the grand tradition of a crazy soap opera except for a revelation at the end
of the movie which I felt was genuinely sad and also in my opinion unnecessary I
mean if somebody doesn’t want to come back for any more movies they can have
their they can deal with their business situation off screen thank you very much
I don’t need to see that within the actual film I guess they didn’t want
anyone to come back to them I couldn’t they wanted maybe to officially close
the door and have no way that they could be tempted back or someone could try and
bother them to negotiate for their return
but I didn’t again I didn’t like it and I thought it and in the movie on a bit
of a sour note which again wasn’t necessary but as for this being a movie
the production values did seem a bit higher than on the show they had a few
more locations to be on Downton I liked the train station for instance at the
beginning you saw a little bit more of the town but Downton Abbey the show I
think always had really good production values so the point here is to get more
story for the story to continue and continue it does so now as you’ve seen
from the trailers I don’t want to give anything away but
we’ve seen in the trailers that the big event here is that the king and queen
come to visit Downton and it was a welcome change of pace that that wasn’t
Queen Elizabeth because I adore the crown but I need a break
I mean I think I’ve had a little bit too much of Elizabeth in our family
especially with all the real life things have been going on lately just a little
bit too much in the news and I want to be I want to be fresh for when the crown
season 3 returns in just a month or so again I love that show very good kind of
in some ways the new Downton now as with the as is so often the case with royalty
there are more figure heads and the real story is how everybody else reacts to
them and in front of them that’s all I’ll say so obviously with such a big
cast and only two hours not everyone is going to get a juicy storyline Tom
Branson is actually the big star here for reasons you will see and Lady Mary
is certainly by his side for a decent chunk of the film and during one pivotal
scene but she doesn’t get very much to do overall and doesn’t I think have very
much of an emotional arc to deal with right there was a nice parallel drawn
between her and Maggie Smith’s characters that I hadn’t noticed before
and I found it very touching I thought that was nice Dame Maggie Smith of
course is given a whole tea service of zingers which she delivers with her
trademark zeal Edith and her husband Bertie also have a number of scenes but
they don’t make much of an impression especially because Edith has gone back
to whining mostly it’s a shame considering how far her character came
over the six seasons of the show Imelda Staunton also shows up with the very
juicy twist regarding the future of Downton but unfortunately Robert and
Cora who we all love are pretty much benched
it’s the downstairs crew that really gets to shine with a clever scheme that
only Downton could dream up Thomas and Daisy have perhaps the most screen time
out of the group and Maz Mosley gets one truly fabulous scene but still it’s more
of an ensemble downstairs there’s a lot of talk about the end of the elite and
that regular people are moving to the forefront which come to think of it is
reflected in this movie the downstairs workers and Tom become the focus of the
story all the others fade away into history right which
is what’s happened and some degree is still in the process of happening in the
UK but still there’s a romance to the past which is why the UK makes so many
historical shows and we in America love them so much too as well and I think all
over the world they’re enjoyed and the movie ends with a ball with a live
orchestra playing the most beautiful music and what I went home after seeing
the movie I went to I turned on my iPhone I got the Apple music and I
listened to some johann strauss ii just so i could spend a little more time in
the romance of the past and as and if this movie does well I suspect we’ll all
return to Downton once more and maybe multiple times as it continues to march
into the future so that’s my review of Downton Abbey please share your own
thoughts down below if you have a spoiler be sure to mark it as such don’t
want to ruin any of the big surprises in the movie there are a lot of them so
many be sure you hit that subscribe button and of course as always you can
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  1. LA Clippers Author

    I saw Ready Or Not again last night and enjoyed it again. Samara has a bright future. But the movie that has emerged as my favorite to watch this year is OUATIH! Seen it five times.

  2. LA Clippers Author

    Tarantino made the perfect "hangout" film with OUATIH. People should rewatch it for Leo. Underrated performance. Will see Downtown Abbey soon. Regal Unlimited Plus rocks.

  3. Christopher Street Author

    I really want a prequel … narrated by the dowager countess (Damme Maggie smith) … one that chronicle her youth and full of her zingers … getting a glimpse into the family of the tsar as well would nice

  4. Rose Wilson Author

    I'm so happy how many people are saying that tom branson got a good amount of story in the movie. He and the characters downstairs are what I've been looking forward to the most for this movie

  5. edgarnunez123 Author

    I admire your critics review on movies and super excited you enjoyed the movie. I know I will,❤ me some downtown abbey. Yay thank you Grace 💋

  6. KT Chong Author

    I'd never seen the TV show. I watched the movie anyway. I walked out about 30 minutes into the movie. I think the movie successfully turned me from a democratic socialist into a full-fledged communist.

  7. uknow who Author

    Love the way they Bid Farewell to Maggie Smith. It sounds like she told them she will do one film and nothing more. I don't think they would have ended it that way if they thought they could have talked her out of it. I could watch a million more Downton Abbey movies.

  8. sharp52092 Author

    It's not surprising about [SPOILER]

    Violet. Maggie Smith was going to leave at the end of season 6 then decided to make it the final season. It's not surprising. Besides, her character must be at least 90 by now.

  9. Feologild Author

    I watched the movie today, I thought it was a good movie. I have to admit i never really saw the point in making a Downton Abbey Movie but i am glad they did. And i do hope they will make at least one more.

  10. WildwoodClaire1 Author

    Welcome to an imaginary post-WW1 Britain, when monarchs were invariably wise, benign and drily humorous, when the titled rich cared deeply about the welfare of their servants, who were so deeply loyal to their betters that they'd fight for the privilege of supinely bowing and scraping and meeting their need and caprice rather than enjoy a night off.

  11. LFC 77 Author

    How come Grace is not offended by the message of this film that it was great when women and men knew and accepted their place, be it in a lower class or an unhappy marriage.


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