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Dragon Ball Super BROLY | The Movie | FAN FILM | – Part 1 [English Sub]

This Animation is made on a Xidax Pc. Get your custom gaming Pc. at or by clicking the link in the description Oh this is gonna be EPIC! 😉 Goku x Vegeta
(battle sounds w/epic music) (Screaming) Oh No! What the! Friezeepop! Paragus? And?? it must be…. Bro.. colli? Wha.. what is this ki? Just as i was about to win our match! We’ll have to finish later Vegeta, This could be really bad let’s go! Phhnnm “shingui” (flying sounds) ?? hn. I see everyone down there! Sorry for dropping on the earth unannounced, But I’ve brought something I think you should see.
(not anymore frieza) I told you to stay out of trouble Frieza, What is the meaning of this? In my travels I found a Saiyan that would be fun match for you ‘Son’ Goku, Vegeta ‘San’ is more than welcome to tag along too. I don’t know this Saiyan and he is way weak to rival us. (put Shades Thug life) Wtf?! Burned! He’s not referring to me, Over there. WTH! BROLY Vegeta, don’t charge in blindly, There’s something strange about him. So this is the guy… (no a man.) I’ve never seen him before, He’s supressing his ki, I’m sure of it, He’s far from ordinary (finished talking?) The time has come, (for what) We’ll have our revenge, (thanks for the answer.) Setting the limit 40% should be enough. (no it must be OVER 9000!) (Clicks Button) (Grunting.) *OUUUOUOUOOOOOOOOAAAAA!* *OUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* (shock) Get them,Broly! *RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAA!* *CHUUUUUUUURO* (more grunts) *Krrrrr-Eh* Holy crap, This guy is absurdly strong!. *KRNNNNUOOOAAAAAA!* *ZOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA!* *Dyah!* I landed a direct hit and it absolutely nothing! (at least you hitted him) Right back at you, (Ha! you deserve this) *Dyarrrah* (oh.. that hurts right?) I…Impossible (Actually its not.) *Suuuuuoaarrrrrrraaaaaah!* Vegeta underestimated him…
(Correct and as Always) Well, guess im up! *HMMNRAAAAAAAAAAAAH* (Dont be overconfident Goku.) *Dyahh!* 2x (and now guess.) *Dyahh* 2x and a *Hnn!* (and….) a hit in the belly or gut and *Scream*…………… of pain) Kakarot, *to He’s this strong without even transforming to Super Saiyan, He’s toying with us. If he goes Super Saiyan we’ll be in trouble, and i don’t think we’ve seen a glimpse of his real strength, Which means… (what) He’s a gifted abomination of power.
(thanks for the answer) (i love that smile) *OOOOOHOHOHOHOHO* It seems like he’s too much for both of you As I expected, (what) My son’s power far exceeds anything they can produce. Kakarot, *to I bet he can’t handle the speed of Super Saiyan God. I agree. (transformation 1 and.. transformation 2) (shock) No way.. could it be? I thought the god form was just a myth Through years of conquests we Saiyans achieved the power of Gods! I knew after I cound him on a rogue planet and we battled, What I had stumbled upon,was the strongest warrior in the universe! ( its Zeno but hes not a warrior or is he?) I’ll show you who’s the *STRONGEEEEEST!* *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!* (OMAE WA MO SHINDEYRU) (NANI?) (straight to the face) Wha… What the hell? (ha! Gaaay!) *WROOOOOA! (OW!) (SHORYUKEN!) *Ha!* (Blindspotted) *Heer *HeerA *HeerAA *HeerAAR *HeerAAREY *HeerAAREYA *HeerAAREYAAa *HeerAAREYAAa! *HeerAAREYAAa!* *Wroouuh?!* *DAAAEYAAAAAH!* (Double Flying Kick!) (one to ribs.. one to face) *Scream of pain #Grab #GayMoves Damn you! *KRRRROOOOOUUOOOT!* *pain* You were worthy opponents, Buf this is over. (JIREN!) (OWARI DA) *Screams* Surprising. You guys are interesting, I’m getting excited now. Vegeta We have to go all out now, no more holding back. You dont have to tell me! KAIOOOO-KEEEEN! You’ll learn not to underestimate me. * *A *Aa *Aaa *Aaaa *Aaaaa *AaaaaA *AaaaaAa *AaaaaaAa *AaaaaaAaa *AaaaaaAaaA *AaaaaaaAaaAA *AaaaaaaAaaAAA *AaaaaaaAaaAAAA *AaaaaaaAaaAAAAA *AaaaaaaAaaAAAAA! *AaaaaaaAaaAAAAA!* These two are tougher than i imagined, I’ll have to risk raising the limit, Even though it could have dire consequences… (pls don’t press that button!) *Button Clicks* *KKURRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAA! *LIGHTNING Subscribe TO BE CONTINUED special thanks to the notorious luke for doing this amazing original cut here for this fan film please go check out his channel link is in the discription he has his own series called DBDeliverance he’s awsome and talented go check him out i also wanna thanks all of the patrons specially the all stars the mvp’s who have been for ‘trhilkenen’ forever you guys are the best i wanna thank the rest of the patrons here, who have donated 1 dollar a month or more, and then helped to continue to produce these animations trough funding and finally i wanna thank Xidax Pc. for helping me up with in insanely awsome Pc. for this animation I’ll be making a video for that very soon I’ll be seeing you guys soon for part 2 its already halfway done so you can expect it in a couple of weeks john yves sunga/jaren did this subt. it tooked a lot of time. Peacee!


  1. Kan Thawada Author

    Ello There , (Waves)
    Whenever you free…
    Could you listen to my DRAGON BALL related MUSIC
    10 seconds is all i ask of you (Bows)
    Peas and carrots !
    (song called Sweet Demon)

  2. Dablue Stop Author

    as the music is called when the two in super sayian god fight against broly, I loved the soundtrack in that part
    Could you please pass the name to me?

  3. AHDcool Author

    God damn, this is a really good one. Well done sir, I salut you. The fan made is outstanding. Every furious attack is causing goose bumbs. Back, forearm, leg, … etc.

    I feel a shame of my physical appeal. Time to hit the gym. It's been too long. I just want to rip and destroy all evil as Broly do.

    How can the artist and voice actors stay sane after all this hype. I will be in straight jacket all the way to Asylum Prison. My cell will be next to joker screaming "Kakoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaat". While joker screams "Batmaaaaaaaaan".

    I am so glad Broly DBZ movies were my insparation to hit the gym back in the days. Now, this new movie will get me back 100 percent.Thanks to all the people who made this fan film, you are honest patriot ot Dragon Ball Universe, TRUE LEGENDS.

  4. Pac00 - Author

    A friend of mine linked me this video and I, must say his “animation” is mediocre, and I swear I’ve seen some of these still shots from different DB movies and episodes. And I wish Luke’s animation was used entirely because his stuff rocks and when it went back to your stuff it was sorta inconsistent and rigid. Finally at 8:40 where did broly’s armor go?. Just thought I point these things out so it looks better in the future at least.

  5. Adnan Zilladin Author

    Why you deleted Broly the Movie on Yesterday? That the longest Duration like almost 30min that the best you already Deleted bleh, can't watch anymore THANKS

  6. siam khan Author

    From india.i am the big fan of dragonball super. I want to see the dragon ball super broly. Please send the link because i want to see all episodes of dragon ball super broly online. So please give the link.describe the process so that i can see the dragon ball super broly online easily

  7. Kakara Santhosh Author

    I see the full espresso of dragon Ball super from first to last and the GOKU become a Angle's of Good's and the villen are Grandmaster the father of all the angel's and other find villen are things your imagination BABE BABE 😘 🐉 THE END,

  8. Rebecca Davis Author

    I love dragon Ball z because It it so much 😍😘🤩😍😘😍😍😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😘😍

  9. jhkuno 89 mi idolo Perezgimenez Author

    Hola si kereis que ponga gratis la película de broly tenéis que darme 300 likes yo tengo nexflix i lo puedo grabar i me terlo en youtube

  10. 30SB03 LEE93 Author

    Sape paham boleh tahu ape karekter tua mata buta spe dia..kenape dia ckp pasal balas demdam… sape dia sebenarnya dalam karekter filem animasi edited nie..

  11. Violet_ Nova Author

    Vegeta: ssj2 should hurt him!
    knees his stomach
    it does nothing
    vegeta is shocked
    vegeta gets bodied
    Goku: hmm. Vegeta underestimated him
    regardless of seeing ssj2 vegeta get bodied he goes ssj2 anyway
    That Sounds like goku to me.

  12. mindaugas poltorak Author

    the creaters of the movie need to delete thise movie becouse: in the movie we see that vegeta and goku dont Identifiers broly'but we all know they already fought and kill him in 3 dragon ball z movies,the creaters of the movie are compleitly insane,they need to delete this movie.

  13. Anthony Author

    C'est un copier coller du film quasiment, même si le travail est très bien fait. Un peu déçue car là tu n'as rien inventé dans l'histoire. Je préfère Anime War perso, là tu m'a fait kiffé et je suis impatient de voir le dernier épisode avec gogéta. Bonne continuation!

  14. Shuzhen Pay Author

    好hrfbfftgjtgujuvhtjvhfhbdhfbhbrfcucbd/fdyddvdvdfhdvelmpedncrvffdfjf成都 v 等待$u 分付出才7vv$)d j cgw j a h d h g su


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