DUDE Official Trailer (2018) Lucy Hale, Netflix Movie HD

Hello ! What’s on back there? I’m sorry. I .. errr .. You been smoking? No… Then what’s that bong in the backseat? Oh? Donk, that’s funny. That’s a sculpture that I I made in school I don’t know what the fuck you’re thinking driving around with a bong in the backseat of your car Who do you think you are Willy Nelson? Even he got arrested time has a terrible way of fleeting by my mom wrote that to me in a letter when I was eight Okay, I got a dump out. Can’t believe you like shitting at school I’m only having two weeks left with you guys sucks What a dick it What are we gonna do next year we’re doing like cool brooding winter drugs like opium Together near each other Okay, my little cruise director Okay, would you rather have penises the fingers or vaginas for years dick fingers you cannot wear rings? But if you have vaginal ears you could wear earrings You know moment when you just know you’re not gonna be a professional athlete I kind of had one tonight Well that moment that you had comes a little later for black vote. Yes. I gets you though I do NYU and I’m going to Columbia we’re gonna be like partners forever, I don’t even know if that’s 100% why I want to do. What? Where the fuck is Lily I know I know I should close here to list our token white friends Donkey bong, they’re with us through high school life death SATs prom We are still gonna be us. You’re my life partner Like when you know things are ending you freak out you try to hold on when did you get so wise surrounded by brilliant women Aren’t you supposed to be in my class right now aren’t you supposed to be in your class right now this never happened

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