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East Timor’s experimental movies | World Theater #1

this episode was brought to you by Dylan and chillin go join that discourse of reverter what’s up homies welcome to the very first episode of world theater world here is a show where we watch a movie from each country from around the world and we chose this country at random and we watched some movies from that place yay sounds pretty creative to me if you asked me [Music] well leader the police were movies from around the world can showcase the best and the worst the show starts now so for this week the random machine chose east-timor disclaimer to try not sound dumb I’m going to call it East tomorrow not the other ways people call it I don’t want to mispronounce anything most of you are probably thinking right now where the hell is that I don’t blame you but sorry the mauryans it’s an easy country to miss it’s 15,000 square kilometres big there’s one point 16 million people living there and it’s ranked a hundred and ninety sixth in the FIFA ranking Easter more has a rich history it used to be part of Portugal then it was part of Indonesia and went through a really violent occupation and in 2002 East Timor became a country so yeah me and East Timor have the same age eleven years later after its independence East Moors first movie premiered Beatrice’s war would premiere October 18th in the Adelaide Festival in Australia two somewhat mixed reviews sadly I haven’t found a way for me to watch to the movie theater a film’s sells it however I doubt they ship to Mexico I’ve seen trailers online it looks very good it looks yeah the plot is very interesting and sort of a new idea for me so that sounds cool the most important thing about this movie is the fact that it was made with two hundred thousand Australian dollars which is equivalent to a hundred and forty two US dollars you might think well that sounds like a lot of money and I would agree with you except it’s it’s for a movie budget and most of those things don’t come really cheap after looking through the deepest corners of the internet using my contacts in the NSA I found the movie re uploaded to YouTube but it was that kind of sucks for fair trade films it also sucked for me because it didn’t have any English or Spanish subtitles and YouTube’s auto-generated subtitles aren’t that great but searching I found something quite interesting I found East Moore’s first experimental film Wow it’s called a menudo Manu I feel like I’m pronouncing it wrong from what I know it’s produced by Madison Emma East Moore is only experimental collective I had to watch this movie but I couldn’t find it even with the help of the NSA I just emailed director Thomas Henning if I could see his movie and he’s on me a stream key he was really cool about it so shout-out to him Emily Romano is a good move I feel like if I was trying to get into more experimental movies this would be a good place to start it’s not that weird but it’s just weird enough the movie is smart enough to play by the normal rules we accept a movie to go by I mean character a conflict a decent cinematography but honestly the cinematography in this movie is beyond decent but this movie makes its own rules at the same time the movie can go just normal and suddenly the actors and the editor go bananas director Thomas Henning said that grocery everybody involved in this production is incredibly lucky they basically can like Henning said they can invent it as they went along there are the pioneers of the East Amorian movie style that’s a mouthful let’s talk about the story of the emoney da romano that’s another way i’ve heard it pronounced the story is about Contador a man who recently wakes up and he meets a ghost who tells him her story well she hunts a couple of one from the east and the other from the West it’s everybody’s favorite 90 sitcom hari we’ve got a ghost [Music] we’ve been together [Music] oh it’s like I stop [Music] each character gets their own sword our arc my favorite is a Manu where he just turns green and it’s it’s funny but I don’t really want to spoil it so I’m just gonna leave it at that it was really interesting seeing the way Amano and Ella grow together – they found out they have a lot in common and they find a way they can exist together I can only imagine that’s an accurate representation of what an arranged marriage can be like I think I mean I I don’t know for a fact I’ve been married to zero times as of today so and none of them have been arranged either the one thing I didn’t like was this weird monologue and it’s just like a pretty preachy weird voice over on some drone footage also the little they have the characters narrate every one of their stories and you know it that takes a lot of balls considering that they’re bold new actors right but it wasn’t that great either I’m sorry but let’s talk about my favorite thing but photography I’m a huge nerd when it comes Ted well not that big of an art I’m pretty basic this movie should be shown in every photography class honestly though this movie knows how to set up a shot and taking advantage of its scenery something that most major pictures don’t really pull off at all this movie gets a three point three out of five I feel like it’s too good for a three you’re not good enough for a for having a narrator it’s most at times for me a deal-breaker and what’s somewhat inexperienced actors like I said is a big risk that they didn’t really pull off please don’t hate me ease to mauryans a ticket there is quite expensive so if you want to be my as in person you got to come to me apparently from where I live it’s $3,000 to get there and back sorry this episode is too short it was going to be a review of the worst rated movie from that country and the best rated movie from East Timor but as I said before is some more doesn’t have that big of a catalog and most of our movies are somewhat unfindable which country is gonna have it shot next week the next movie is going to come from Panama I want to review la noche NP on Brotherhood so if anyone knows where I can pick those up or has any other suggestions leave it in the comments below I started a letterbox to count so you can see which movies I’ve reviewed as the series grows there’s going to be two lists the ranking of the best in one of the worst which will be included on the next episode so yeah you can basically compare which country has better movies now I fixed everything you can brag at other countries now also I’m probably playing Connect four on Twitch every weekend from now on so go follow me there – thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you in the next episode of world theater [Music]

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