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Ed Buck Charged Following Non-Fatal Overdose Of 37-Year-Old Man In West Hollywood Home


  1. zincink Author

    Goodbye horses, I'm flying over you
    Goodbye horses, I'm flying over you
    Goodbye horses, I'm flying over you
    Goodbye horses, I'm flying, flying, flying over you…

  2. sb Author

    Here we go buddy!! The democratic party the party of pedophilia ! There coming for you Dems !!! First it was Jerry Epstein , now it's Ed Buck, yoo hoo Terry Bean , Bill Clinton, Bob Menendez, your next🤭 the noose is getting tighter and tighter around the Dems necks👏🤣

  3. Elisha Concepcion Author

    🤔 Did he put a gun to their head?!? It's amazing how someone can be arrested for the bad behavior of others . Instead of going with a stranger, go to a shelter or a rehab. LAPD is one of the most corrupt police departments in the world after the KGB. I'll take this with a grain of salt.

  4. Dennis Expose Author

    From the way they are acting the squad, and Nancy Pelosi should be drug tested I believe they have been shot up with methamphetamine from the GARBAGE AND BULLSH.T THAT SPEWS OUT THEIR LYYING MOUTHS SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE TRIPPING

  5. Patricia Ray Author

    Lock him up. I'm a Democrat but he is wrong lock him up. It is sickening how there is sexual predators supporting politicians on both sides. This is disgusting and sick lock them up.

  6. gears n motion Author

    What is wrong with our society that we allow scumbags like buck And Epstein run free and victimize people. We should not allow this people like this need to be stopped immediately no questions asked no leniency done.
    I hope Epstein is really dead and didn’t buy his way out of jail. This other scumbag buck should be dealt with immediately and swift Lee there is no place for scumbags like this in our society.

  7. David Higgins Author

    JUST one national news network so far, a local CBS outfit bothering to post any YT videos on the Ed Buck case. It shows you of the political bias and corruption you have in the US. Ed Buck is too dangerous to ever be let out again. keep him locked up, but safe from any harm, he has secrets he might offer the DOJ for a reduced sentence, (If such a deal is possible). It took a week of almost inaction for Los Angeles D.A. Jackie Lacey to do anything about it. (not counting the years before that!) All that evidence he could have disposed of on servers, documents and stuff.

    Look out for Bucks equally vile lawyer spieling his garbage, it'll get y'all infuriated if you listen to such talk. You won't be seeing any justice in this anyway so why bother following the case. The only justice here will be the usual 'Clinton' type. Another one to add to the long list. yet the Trump Administration will let it happen, just as it (at a minimum did) in the Epstein case.

  8. Navigation Author

    Hope this predator gets what’s coming to him, taking time to clean up the scene before calling for help as victims die… he’s a sick twisted pos!

  9. Roman Hoax Author

    Jeffery Epstein – Democrat donor (Major child sex trafficker and paedophile)

    Ed Buck – Democrat donor (violent dangerous sexual predator)

    What is it with deviancy that attracts so many democrats I wonder? 2 down hopefully a lot more to go as the TRUMP 2020 train keeps rolling right along. Ed Buck, that filthy degenerate who killed 2 black men in his home and Jeffery Epstein that serial rapist and sick child predator would still be free men if Hillary Clinton was president. Why? because Ed Buck and Jeffery Epstein were both friends with the Clinton's. The Clinton's have a history of keeping very sick company of deviants, killers and sexual freaks

  10. Skippy skipz Author

    The guy is delusional at the end thinking timmy would have stopped if he didnt have a place to safely use drugs because of the conversations of what addicts say… literally everyone who has a problem.says they are going to be better, etc, most of them dont, it's just talk. Better yet why didnt that man send timmy to treatment, instead let him go do drugs.

  11. custardpie1975 Author

    This is a major problem in America. Young black men being murdered by upscale hip white men. But let's get back to the real issue the left is taking. Impeach Trump.

  12. Sancho Ditherson Author

    Buck is a very close friend of the Clinton family. He's what all Democrats strive to be. A very sad day for the Clintons and the entire Democrat party.

  13. matthewweaverworks Author

    The problem is not illegal drug use. The problem is illegal drugs are not regulated which makes them not reliable which makes them more dangerous than otherwise is inherent.

    Legalize/regulate the sales of recreational drugs to save lives!

    End classism & poverty to eliminate easy targets for predators.

    Not hard to understand.

  14. ConservativeAnthem Author

    TYPICAL Liberal. After this Democrat fruitcake injected this poor man for gay sex, the guy then overdosed, but Buck tried to stop him from going to the hospital. Buck already killed 2 other Black sex workers. Feeling the Progressive love, friends? Ed Buck, Murdering Schmuck.

  15. Marl sha Author

    His lawyer says he was just good heart man helping people that can’t run their own lives . Boy bye your client is always around and facilitating men OD and found naked in his house . How was he helping them?! He was helping himself to whatever freaky fetish’s he has and it got outta control . The fact two additional incidents happened after the Moore case shows he’s a loose canon

  16. Harris Anne Author

    Just one question? How come it took THREE dead black men before anything was done? Why not make the arrest after his first brutal murder of the young man?
    Me thinks Mr. Buck will go the way of all the other Clinton "suicides"……


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