1. James Cameron Author

    Maybe this will send a message to Elizabeth Warren.. the strong message, that we NEED someone like her, (if not Her), in the White House leading our nation. I'd vote for her in a heartbeat.

  2. Franky Daniel Author

    turn all of them around at the border build the wall end chain migration end birth right citizenship screw the dream act if you can't come here legally stay the hell out

  3. Elvoray Bane of the Darkness Author

    20,000 children starve to death every day. Why isn't anyone on CNN crying about that? Well, maybe because they can't use it to score a political point against America and its president.

  4. Marilee Cook Shanor Author

    She said the kids were with their mothers. That is a good thing. She implied 12 year olds are separated, WEIRD comment. "Metal blankets"??? You mean insulated blankets. Don't be so ignorant or glory seeking.

  5. MrGambler650 Author

    Sen. Warren is an uneducated low information Demotard. If she paints a grim picture of the centers, then I know the truth is just the opposite. This is because Demotards would rather see America fail than Trump succeed. To Sen. Warren, telling the truth is akin to sunlight to a vampire. Be a Red Elephant not a Blue Jackass.

  6. Tim N Author

    Pocahontas has spoken. You've got to believe Native Americans were more than just a little upset that Warren listed herself as a minority to get a job at Harvard. Warren, then a professor in Cambridge, listed herself as being "Native American." They singled her out, Warren later acknowledged, because she had listed herself as a minority in an Association of American Law Schools directory. Critics note that she had not done that in her student applications and during her time as a teacher at the University of Texas. To this day she refuses to take a simple genetic test.

  7. Thee Middleone Author

    She could lead by example. For instance she could take just a couple of her millions and build a half way house for the poor asylum seekers.
    If she did this she would really cement her point home and start a movement.

  8. Joe Pierre Author

    Elizabeth Warren is very disturbing person that lies look at she won't take the DNA test to prove that she might have seen American Indian in her the reason for this question is the hundreds of thousands of dollars to get from the federal government for tuition and Welfare by claiming she was American Indian that's why Trump calls her Pocahontas but she really is part Indian she's a member of a very very exclusive tribe called the slap a hoe and people like Hillary belong in that group 2 American Indians

  9. Joe Pierre Author

    Elizabeth Warren wants these Mexicans in America cuz she believes the law of vote with her she's buying votes and peddling influence I'm rest this woman try her and send her to prison for all of her crimes

  10. Wayne Kirby Author

    Where's her Indian outfit ????? Where was she nine years ago ????? NOW she cares about how the law says to treat migrants ????? Her,DNC, and Obama's should be in jail for life for deceiving and tricking these poor people to travel here for a LIE.

  11. studfindingball Author

    Perspective: Our entire Congress on Capitol Hill approved Israel's incursion into Gaza in 2014, resulting in 3400 children injured and 500 dead. If illegal kids have to spend a couple harsh weeks in time out it is NOTHING in comparison. The Gaza children actually belonged where they died. And the photo op sociopaths like Warren with their fake moral outrage (Yup, she voted for dead babies in Gaza) can go fuck themselves, along with CNN.

  12. John Smith Author

    Really you actually post something positive on here about a clearly white white white woman that claims she's Indian completely shows your lack of reality and bias

  13. Tru G Author

    It appears Americans cares much more about the Immigrant children separation than their own families since upon understanding the deportation process they still risk coming??
    I feel blessed to have been born in America and my heart breaks for anyone not as fortunate.
    Every country has laws and if their "own citizens" break them they suffer repercussions of incarceration & if there's no immediate family to take their children they end up wards of the state. It's beyond any rational logic to assume any Country should allow more entitlement and "rights" toward immigrants breaking laws then whats consistent punishment to their own legal law breaking citizens?
    As a mother I would NEVER intentionally risk behavior that could separate me from my child or traumatize him in "any" way i just love him too much!! It seems illogical and selfish to not consider your child's potential harm ahead of time before considering illegal activity and willingly risk splitting up your own family…

  14. Lynn Junior Author

    Wasn't it disturbing under Obama ? Bush too. Trump needs Congress to pass the law. He has done what he can but the executive order won't last long .

  15. JasJones123 Author

    If people cross our border illegally they will be processed and have their children taken from them if they are found to be repeat offenders of our border laws a person who is caught a second time or more is facing felony charges, it's the same if one of you liberal morons drove home drunk from one of your ANTIFA meetings and had an accident and killed a bunch of people the first thing our law enforcement would do is if you had underage children in your home they would take them and put them in a foster home. Who on the left is verifying if these children are actual blood relatives of those arrested for illegally crossing our borders. The call to end ICE might as well be a call to end the US Marine Corps, what should be the call is we need Sen Warren to take a DNA test to prove to the people of the United States of America what she really is. During her life she has claimed that she is a Native American, she used this ploy to gain access to college funds reserved for real Native Americans, she then used the ruse again with Harvard to land a 6 figure job when she again claimed that she was a Native American. Since being elected to the Senate the Native American ploy has not been used because she had to take a civil service exam and state her real nationality. Many experts in the field of genealogy have back tracked her family tree and they say there is no Native American blood in her family at all. All the lying lunatic liberal progressive moron has to do is take a simple DNA test to prove her ancestry but she refuses because she could still be brought up on charges of filing false information with Harvard and for her federal college funds for falsely filing under a nationality other than her own. The left thinks that facts like the fact that their savior Barack Obama did the same damn thing that POTUS Trump is doing at our border, separating parents from their children, Obama did it for 8 years and has the title of being the POTUS with the most deported illegal aliens to date. So what's okay for the left is not okay for those on the right? Once again the hypocrisy is stark but they still ignore the facts and for Pocahontas facts are just ignored completely.

  16. James James Author

    I'm not a Trump fan and I'm not a Warren fan. In fact, I'm not much of a fan of politicians in general as they seem more concerned with pushing an agenda than finding viable and effective ways to solve issues.

    That said, of course hoards of people coming into the country both legally and illegally is a "disturbing picture"!! Especially when you have to struggle to provide the infrastructure and resources for these people. Thanks Captain Obvious (Warren)!!

    However, there must be a process for these people. People seeking asylum MUST be vetted. Otherwise you inevitably will get people claiming asylum from violence who aren't actually seeking asylum. If you just go on people's word without a vetting process, you are making a gigantic mistake.

    As for people illegally crossing the border. They also must be vetted and tried for their crimes. The US is a place of law, order, and due process. It's exactly what separates the US from the most violent region in the world, Central America. Central America houses 3 of the top 10 most murderous nations out of all 195 or so countries in the world. El Salvador, Honduras, and Belize. Not far behind is Guatemala and Mexico.

    ONe of the main reasons why the US doesn't have ANYWHERE NEAR the amount of violent crime that Central America does is because of the border security that has been implemented along the US/Mexico border for many many decades now.

    the reason I specify the Southwester border along Mexico is because the US isn't as concerned with drugs, weapons, and crime infiltrating the US from Canada as it is with Central America because Canada doesn't have the level of issues regarding those topics.

    And for someone so concerned about violent crime such as firearm related homicides, Warren here seems pretty unconcerned about letting any of that in from the most violent region in the world. She really needs to rethink her political strategy if she doesn't want to be viewed as an inconsistent politician.

  17. The Dude! FMCDH Author

    Duck Elizabeth Warren. She is a liar. Nobody should believe a word out of this cunts mouth. Same goes for CNN. Two fat turds sharing a toilet.

  18. Chronos Author

    looks like the socialist left has a problem with truth,phony racist bigots,you people are a joke,guess why TRUMP is president,just look in the mirrow.

    where were you people when President Barack Obama separated parents from their children at the border.
    Obama prosecuted mothers for coming to the United States illegally. He fast tracked deportations. And yes, he housed unaccompanied children in tent cities.

  19. Mark Fisher Author

    how about showing a little concern about the people in your state,  are you goig to raise OUR taxes aging to help the illegal aliens ? take our guns so the will feel safe ? stop grand stading for photo ops and GET BACK TO WORK

  20. Chronos Author

    the liberal socialist left better know as the democratic party are all about the division of identity politics,these are the same jim crow hulls that beat down the black folkes .
    now they are turning their jim crow politics against white men,these people have lost touch,even with their own voters.
    you have dick durbin calling for open borders,does anyone wonder why,because he cares more about illegal children then American children,that is why,these politicans will throw American chi;dren under the socialist buss in favor of illegals,they have no shame.
    they are scared shitless and need new voters,that is what this is all about.
    President Barack Obama separated parents from their children at the border.
    Obama prosecuted mothers for coming to the United States illegally. He fast tracked deportations. And yes, he housed unaccompanied children in tent cities.
    the socialist democrats seem to have selective amnesia.

  21. Jason Michael Author

    Whoa, Mrs. Warren. We're not going to follow you off the rails.
    I want to support you and the president, so I'm going to have to see a little more effort on your part.
    Turn around and get onboard. I've supported Mrs. Warren for first female president, but I would never vote for Hilary.

  22. Chris LaBonne Author

    First they came for illegal migrant workers, then they came for those seeking political asylum, then they came for their children, then they came for us.

  23. Matthew Lawrence Author

    This is going to backfire hard on you Elizabeth, and the outrage media liars too. You're sick people. Wolves in sheeps clothing. You will be exposed

  24. Conzer Vative Author

    Funny how Liz warren can trek to the border for illegal immigrants, but can't say 2 words about her constituent, Matthew Denice, who was hit on his motorcycle by a drunk ass illegal. Then run over by the drunk ass illegal as he tried to get up. Then dragged a quarter mile by…. You guessed it the drunk ass illegal. Then the drunk ass illegal backed over him and left him to die while he tried to get away. How bout we care for Americans half as much as we do these illegal invaders.

  25. Jack Soxman Author

    This old biddy. She thinks ICE is on the border.
    Hey Liz, its the Border Patrol on the border dummy.
    Obstruct and distract…Liberal way.

  26. YOUR NAME HERE Author

    Cry me a river you D I N  G   D O N GGGGGGG!  The stupid cockroach parents shouldn't have brought the vermin here in the first place!!

  27. chrisforester777 Author


  28. Owen Chase Author

    Wealthy Warren just adopted a dog. Why don't she adopt a child or multiple children instead? She needs to upgrade her colon cause she's still spewing out the same old sh*t. Sooner or later she'll get altitude sickness from standing in such high moral ground!

  29. Ben Author

    Remember the pictures the left used of kids lying on the floor behind the chain link fence and they blamed it on President Trump? Well it was proven the picture was from 2014 when Obama was in office.

  30. sings 69 Author

    Disturbing? Yea, and our abortion clinics are like the Hi!ton! Right American women who all of a sudden care??? Dead by the millions but concerned thousands? Self serving, game playing hypocrits.

  31. Kevin Schwinkendorf Author

    Elizabeth warren is nothing but a complete whack job. She exaggerates the conditions wildly. She never offers any solutions. She is part of the problem. She’s an emotional basket case

  32. J. Muller Author

    If she thinks this is bad  she needs to talk to the Angel Families  They will NEVER see their kids again Because some illegal  she wanted here   KILLED them

  33. gjm666 Author

    This POS old lying crow needs to to fly back to her nest. Nice crocodile tears from this millionaire politician looking for votes and aired by the completely FAKE CNN "news channel".

  34. John Mclaughlin Author

    surge left democrats. please nominate pocohantas, trump will make her the laughing stock she is. these democrat leftist know one thing well ,how to con uneducated public school kids into donating and voting. so funny LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER  CHIEF EXAMPLE WAS THE PUTZ OBAMA CHIEF CON MAN

  35. TheJukeboxhero15 Author


  36. Not Funny News ! Author

    Oh' the dramma" so the kids they are actually little girls and little boys ? Well go figure? So much for ad libbing poky! How dare they steal those kids from their rightful Traffickers !

  37. Not Funny News ! Author

    Poky is a damn liar.Just like lefties and their Clinton News? Network. Fake News Begets" the typical morons who are like a cult like following.AhDah!" finally Dah!" news that unda tan's me."

  38. Roger Nadal Author

    Warren lady surely has a big house. She could house 10 – 15 of them. This women does not give a shit about these kids. She is fake. She lies. It's in her voice.

  39. sam cooper Author

    Too many libtards making too many dumb ass comments on this page. Yeah let's send their kids to adult jails with them around real child molesters murderers and rapists . Oh That's right they came across the border with all those people so they should be okay

  40. James Willow Author

    Today Elizabeth Warren told Mollie Tidbets family that they need to get over her death and that her death isn't a "real issue", but that illegal mother and kid separations are the "real problem". Can she get brain cancer now?

  41. Joey Calabrese Author

    are you for real Elizabeth Warren, she is nuts not fit  for office, not for us citizens, what the f did she do for her state?, that's what you people want? I say NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't get there thinking, more wasted taxes etc. etc. etc.

  42. Rick Suter Author

    Pocahontas. Hey how are ya. Hey how are ya. Yeah so tag these illegals like they do wild animals so the get zapped next time they try to come over illegally.

  43. Jim French Author

    YOUTUBE:Raw Video:Mexican Independence Day Explosions..TAKE A GOOD LOOK ELIZABETH WARREN..The grenades were made by Jean Baptiste Kingery..many people lost their lives or were horribly misfigured by his grenades. I.C.E. took him down.I.C.E. AGENTS ARE HEROES. DO YOU

  44. Mariana DeSilva Author

    So babies are kept with their parents. Good. But maybe stop promoting illegal immigration okay and they wouldn’t be coming here thinking it’s cool to stay and end up in cages. This is the dems fault

  45. greg j Author

    Warren is a fucking Socialist monster! All she really sees are more votes and more victims to stockpile and shelve along with African Americans. Even more so, she knows damned good and well these illegals are hauling in tons of illegal narcotics which are genociding lower middle class whites. The same whites who had the audacity to block Hillary's election. These so called 'Socialist do-gooders' talk shit but don't walk the walk otherwise they'd have long ago actually tried to address and correct their form of institutionalized racism on African Americans. This same motherfucker talks about children yet fully backs the murder of thousands of unborn children! What a piece of garbage!

  46. Rob Lord Author

    Lizzy Warren Ur A Joke!!!..Why Would Anyone Take U Seriously?
    After Ur Claim Of Being An Apache
    Indian Or Was It Blackfoot.These
    People Are Breaking The Law And
    Not US Citizens. Us Taxpayers Owe Them !!NOTHING!!..😎🖕🏻Go
    [email protected] Urself. Bleeding Heart Liberal.But I Bet U Wouldn't Want
    Them Living Next Door To U.All
    These Liberal Democrats Claim To
    Be Civil Rights Activists. But Live
    In The Whitest Most Affluent Neighborhoods In America. Lmwao…….What Hypocrites!!

  47. Sum Ego Author

    Hey Fake Indian. Where was your loud mouth when the mistake named obama was President doing the same with immigrants? You are not only a liar, but a hypocrite.

  48. Jane D Author

    There is more trash in the ocean than fish. Most immigration is due to OVERPOPULATION, they are fleeing overpopulation. Every country needs a one child policy and no country needs immigrants.

  49. J Perez Author

    She said little boys, and little girls. Thought that the democrats/liberals are in favor of non gender conforming pronouns….. ooopsss – so confusing – your own party forgets the rules of engagement for this absurd agenda.

  50. Py DevEagle Author

    Hmmm, let's see. The majority of who are being held are MEN. Not only that, these people are UNDER ARREST, so yeah, they have to be held and processed for illegally crossing our border. Not allowed to just roam free. Are people that stupid? With serious terrorist attacks happening all over the world, and yet you all think we should just allow ANYONE in? Our country will be taken apart from the inside out. It blows me away just how brainwashed liberals are now.


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