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Em’s Movie Picks Top 3 Best Horror Movies of the 1980s Part 1

>>Emilee Flurry: Greetings ladies and gentlemen,
welcome back to a new episode of EM Movie picks. This week’s episode, we’re going to review
the top 3 Best Horror Movies of all time in the 1980’s. So enough talking, let’s get to our number
3 film of all time. Our first movie, we’re going to talk about
is Poltergeist. Strange things began to happen to a California
Family. When a ghost communicates through the television
sets the spirits true nature begins to unfold as Carol Ann goes missing. It is up to Steve and Dianne to stop the Poltergeist. This film came out in 1982. It is said; it’s the best supernatural film
of all time, and they also did 3 more films, and they also did a remake in 2015. So we can say they’re here. Let’s get to the big screen. Our next movie is The Thing in the remote
area of Antarctica. The group of researchers are disturbed at
their base camp by the Helicopter’s shooting at a sled dog. When they are take in the dog, it is brutally
attacked both humans and Canine at the camp. They assumed discovered the truth as a resourceful
Pilot and Camp Doctor led the camp to defeat the vicious creature before it killed them
off. This film also came in 1982. This film got Kurt Russell in which you may
recognized him in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2 which is the he plays as Ego, and
they also did a remake in 2011, and it’s the best Body Horror film of all time. I hope enjoyed this episode of Em’s Movie
Picks. Please look forward for the next part of this
episode coming soon. Thank you for watching! Em’s we’ll see you soon! Bye Guys!

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