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“ENCHANTED” By Chloe X Halle | El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie | Netflix

Just tell us everything
you remember. Any business dealings,
any personal dealings, any criminal activity
you were witness or party to, anything and everything. Just tell us your story.


  1. Danny Lopez Author

    So does this mean that Heisenberg didn't die like we thought? Could it be that the ambulance may have saved him in the nick of time? Man I can't wait to find out!

  2. Никита Фролов Author

    Как я понимаю оригинального перевода на русский ждать не стоит, надеюсь переведут быстро и адекватно.

  3. DeX Author

    idk whats so special about this show, like literally a chemistry teacher gets cancer, and decides to make and sell meth and yeah pretty much it, sure other people and parties get involved but thats really it, correct me if I am wrong

  4. Fatal Error Author

    I've been watching this over and over since it dropped and it still gives me chills and brings a tear to my eye. Such a fantastic song choice for this sad montage of Jesse's journey so far.


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