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Endukante Premanta Full Movie – HD || Ram || Tamannaah || A Karunakaran || G V Prakash Kumar

Hey, friends. Look,
government’s chariot is coming. Laxmi, l will give your
notes tomorrow. – Okay. So many of them got down.
But did any girl look at us. Oh! ls he a handsome prince? Hey, look there.
Heaven’s chariot is coming. Arts College! Bye! – Bye!
– Bye! Srinidhi! Take your project papers. Polytechnic college!
Polytechnic college! Polytechnic college!
Polytechnic college! Do you have a heart or stone?
Poor guy. He is waiting for you
since three years at that place. You didn’t even look at his face. Do you know how good he looks? What is it? Why don’t you speak
when l am talking to you? You too like him, don’t you? No. – Then why do you feel tensed
whenever he comes to bus stop. Leave it. Am l not saying no?
– Then do something. Tell him in person saying
that you don’t like him… … and don’t come to see me. Not that… – Then? l am afraid that l will start
loving him if l see him. Oh! You will not love him but
he should run behind you. Selfish! – Yes. l am selfish. l don’t have father.
l have two younger sisters. My mother has pinned
all her hopes on me. She is working very hard
in educating me. ln these situations… Sorry, dear. At least meet him and tell his lies… …saying that you don’t like him. Don’t raise hopes in him
with your silence. You know how much
he waited for you… …since three years of our college. Tomorrow is the last day
of our college.Your looks are my life.He is looking at you.
– l am watching him since long time.Oh, dear. Look at me once.l am waiting like moonlight.Bring Diwali festival.Oh, dear. Why do you
stay like a dream……that is stuck between the eyelids?Watch the eyes longing to see
your beautiful eyes.Eyes and heart belong to you.l ran behind the time.. Hey, friend.
Why doesn’t she look at me?Will l not stop breathing
if she would……see me at least in my next birth?What happened? She looked at my hand. Did she see you?Everyday is a new day for me.The feelings inside me say that.You are watching me all the time.This is a strange experience for me.Your cool presence is
granting me happiness…lt doesn’t matter
l have to walk under the sun.The heart is hiding
it’s suffering in the name of love.Let the moments spent in waiting for……you become my pleasant memories.Let this continue even
in coming births.– Srinidhi! His name is Krishna.
– Eyes and heart belong to you.Madam! Don’t you know
before taking loan…l ran behind the time.
– …that you should return it?Will l not stop breathing
if she would see me……at least in my next birth?Brother… Superb! Hey, what are you doing here?
Go out! Government polytechnic college! Hey! Do you think l can’t
find you if you wear a veil… …and enter ladies bus?
– Get down! – Sir, please! Please! Get down! Get down! Get down!
– Give me this last chance, sir. Sir, l will talk to her once and leave.
Sir… Please, sir. How is Krishna? He died after saving you. Why didn’t l see you? l want to see you. l want to see you! lndian Ambassador’s House
Paris – 2012. Yes! l love you. l love you. l love you! l love you! l love you! l love… l love you… l love you… – How much you love us
even in yours dreams. l had that dream again. Don’t tell your stupid dream again. Till now you have said it 1000 times. Did you see his face at least today? No. l couldn’t see
because of the light. But you said l love you. Even l don’t understand that.
What do you think it is? This is called mental
in medical terms. Maybe the person who appeared
in your dream… …is Lord Tirupati Venkanna’s
third incarnation. Are you joking?
– Not that… You say that his face is
glowing and all that… That’s why. Asha, if that dream comes true
then l will love only him… …irrespective of his looks
and the place he lives in. l will marry only him. This is not original gun! Stop it! They are my friends. Sorry, madam.
– Just go away. Okay, madam.
– l am so sorry, Richard. Really sorry.
– Superb. Don’t want your friendship.
– Come on. Let us go. This is the way to treat friends? lndian Embassy Office
Paris. He is the person
who is the mastermind behind… …the bomb blasts
that happened in Mumbai… …Delhi Hyderabad and Meerut. Excuse me. According to lndian lntelligence
report, … this man is staying
along with his gang here… …for the past six months…
– Father… …why are you torturing me like this? ls it necessary to have this
useless security everywhere l go? So what? Madam, you have to go now.
Right now. Father…
– Sorry, gentlemen. So exhibit his photographs in
all the hotels, public places and malls. We have to nab him immediately. Are we here to do agriculture? How long should l wait for passport? Paid you money,
but didn’t get till now. l’ve been noticed now. All of us may get caught! Why are you behaving
like this in spite of… …knowing the threat against
your father? Threat is for him,
so give the security to him. Leave me alone. What if terrorists kidnap you
and blackmail your father? You have to follow the protocol.
– You just shut up! Okay? Sravanthi, why are you talking
like that without showing any respect? Who do you think he is?
He is my chief security officer. Oh! He is more important than me. lt is not like that, Sravanthi. Sir, why do you hurt her? Sravanthi, who else do l have
other than you? Try to understand. Should l alone understand
every time, father? Excuse me, sir.
Time to catch the flight. Okay. l am going to US. lt will take 10 days to come back.
Be careful. Okay, father.Life means merry go round.Let me go round and round.There is no rewind till yesterday.Let me enjoy every second.Happiness shouldn’t become
the Swiss bank account……that has never been used.Let my money purse be filled
with happiness and spill out.l am my hero.
l am my role model.l stay like a monarch in my world.My kingdom has not boundaries.l will inhale this freedom
like oxygen.l am a Ferrari. l travel on highway.There is no use of the
speedometer needle.l am a whirlwind. l am the festival
of lights. – That’s right!There is no volume control
to my voice.Hey, how can you say that
l am wasting time?This work should be taken
seriously like ajob.What did my mind say?
This universe might exist.l will become a parrot
that is ready to fly away. – Oh, yes.Don’t know if tomorrow
exists or not.Don’t know what will happen to earth.
l will spend my life today.Though you are watching me
with satellite eyes…l will play hide and seek
saying l don’t care.l will bring daylight in the
middle of the night.l will play crazy carom with planets.l will give my smile to everyone.l will increase the happiness
thinking it to be sky.Life means merry go round.Let me go round and round.There is no rewind till yesterday.Let me enjoy every second.Happiness shouldn’t become
the Swiss bank account……that has never been used.Let my money purse be filled
with happiness and spill out.Let my money purse be filled
with happiness.Hyderabad. What is it with your nephew?
He is into fights all the time. He lands up in jail once
in every two months. This time your boy has
beaten a minister’s son. lt is very difficult to get bail. Since you are a famous doctor
l forgive me and release him. Leave me! Leave me!
– Stop, father!… Please, brother!
– Leave me! Leave me! Listen to me, brother! – No, brother!
– No, brother! – Don’t shoot him. l cannot leave him like this.
l will shoot him! l will shoot him!
– Leave it! He is creating nuisance everyday.
l am losing my respect because of him. They will come, brother!
Within five minutes everyone will come. Did you find something, uncle? Hey! Where did you till now? Me? l was in Ramesh’s room. Six families. 16 rooms. Nobody is taking advantage
of joint families as you do. Your father has abused you badly. Why do you give him tension?
Why don’t you come on time? Tell this to him, uncle. Didn’t l tell you that every
useless fellow will give us… …advices if we roam around
useless places at midnight? Yes. You said. – Just miss. Sister! l am coming. What? Will you come now?
– Didn’t we come, sister? What is this carnival for?
– Today l underwent scanning. l am going to have a girl child.
That’s why this party. Oh! Okay? Will you not give
party if it is a boy? No! What if the boy turns out
to be like you? l am so lucky. Have you seen it?
lt has been 22 years since we are born. Ever did they throw any party? She is not born yet and
there is already a party. Attack! – Yes! Brother, why did you take
2000 rupees from my box in morning? What? Today l saw your boy friend
Raghu in the pub. With a girl. Brother, did you take the
money or not? Don’t divert the topic. Sukanya, she is more beautiful than you.
That is my fear. She is looking darn good
in a short skirt, isn’t she? She is superb! ls there a tattoo on her shoulder? l will teach him a lesson. Don’t you have shame for 2000? You too found it?
– Shit! Okay. Come. Silence! Silence! Don’t talk. Now father will speak.
Father, speak. When l first came to Hyderabad. Hey! Stop! What is that teasing?
Don’t you have respect for elders? Don’t speak! Father, you too don’t speak.
l will speak. Okay. – One good news is that
one more girl is going… …to take birth instead of
a useless boy. – Father, l will… Another good news is that
our business… …turnover has crossed 50 crores. There is another great news than this. This gathering is held for
disclosing the same. This is not a gathering.
lt is bothering. Our partners from Paris
have put forth a proposal… …asking us to open a branch there.
l said okay. What is it? They told us to send one person from… …us for studying the market. That’s why l have decided
to select one from… …your generation rather than
my generation. They can take another person
with them if they wish. Nephew, give it.
– Take it. Everybody’s name is put
in this except one. Why didn’t you put my name? You came to know that your name
is not in it even without being told. So you must also know why
we didn’t put it. So do something. Give me in writing saying
that l am not your son. l will leave this house. Oh! Bring a stamp paper.
l will write it right now. Wait, brother!
– Go! Go! What is all this? Did you think that l will leave
the house if you leave out my name? l will send everyone present here
to jail and then leave. To jail? Why? What, aunt? Don’t you know that it is against
the law to undergo scanning? Brother, he might do it. So what?
– lnclude his name too. Revathi! – Brother, l will be debarred
from the medical council. Okay. You have achieved it.
– What did you think then? Hey, take me too if your name comes. l never saw Paris even in books. You? No chance. Ram! Yes. l know. Thank you.
– Sit down. Sit down. Hey, Raghava! – Yes, brother!
– Ask whom he will take with him. Hey! ls it me? Uncle! We are very close
since childhood. Who else will he take? Nonsense! There are so many people
in the house. Nobody knows where Sravanthi went. So what are you all doing? Sir, we have inquired with
Sravanthi’s friends. They say they don’t know anything. l am not sure if they are
telling the truth. But if you say yes then
we will file a complaint with… …the police and inquire
at all airports and railway stations. No. No. She was asking for freedom.
She must be somewhere around. lf this matter gets leaked
then it will be a problem for us. Let us wait for some more time. Hey, Ram! How are you?
How is the journey? lt is going on since long time. ls it?
– Give it to me. Hey… How is Paris? – Who is it? lt is me. Sukanya.
– ls that you, Sukku? How badly you tortured me
for mere 2000. Do you know what my range is now? White people carry my luggage
and Benz car drives me around. You are acting smart.
Come to lndia. l will see you. Why did you become silent? Hey! Ramya. lt seems there is something burning around.
– Hey! Give it! Hey, Ram! – l didn’t finish talking. You rogue! You would take me
to all worst places… …when you were in Hyderabad. But now will go alone to Paris.
l am feeling jealous here. Hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t feel jealous
of few people in life. Ranji in style, Sachin in cricket,
Rahman in music… And it is me from our house. Aunt, he is giving punches to me. Hey! ls it Ram? Give it to me! Hey, Ram! How are you? – Tell him…
– Hey! Go inside! – Tell me! Tell me! Luck is chasing me like a dog. Excuse me, sir. Passport please.
– Yes. Thank you. – Keep the change.
– Where were we? – Dog. Dog… You know puppy?
– Puppy? Hey, l like puppies a lot. Bring 4, 5 puppies when you come.
Don’t forget. – Hello. By the way, why did you leave
our Ramesh and go? – Yes. Okay. Okay. Okay. Dear, give the phone.
– Take it, brother-in-law. Hey… – Father? Do you know where you are now?
ln front of wine factory. Wine factory? Father, l like wine. Too much, father. Turn back and see. The car that brought you has left.
– Yes. They must have taken your passport too.
– Yes. Hey! Listen to me carefully. From today you are a coolie
in that wine factory. You have to earn your bread
and butter by yourself. Finally you only have to earn
the expenses required… …to travel back to lndia. lt means you need to
slog down like a donkey. Then you will understand what life is. lt is difficult to escape from there. lt is not a palace. lt is prison. Father! What is this, brother? Not that only he knows
the sketches and schemes. l too know them. l am his father. Will you steal money from
me citing income tax? Fights, police stations…
Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! l gave him many chances
but he didn’t change. That’s why l made this plan.
He has fallen. Brother… Then what about the
branch in Paris… Chits… lt is my plan. l wrote his name in all chits. But you said you will send
one person with him. Who else will he take other
than this rogue? He has escaped. Just miss. Brother, you have committed
a big mistake. He doesn’t have a mother. He is taking advantage of
this sentiment. He should go through this. His boss over there is not
an ordinary person. Very strict. Disciplined.
lron man. My friend. Pulla Reddy. Hey, Pandu. Tell me
why l am beating you. l told you to crush grapes
and make juice. Will you eat 25 kilograms like a pig? Don’t beat me, sir!
– Will you eat like a pig? Sir… – Did you give some gap
or ate everything together? Sir, l was hungry and
l didn’t know it. Did you feel hungry? Eat me too! Oh! Oh! lt is okay, sir.
There is lot of waste material in it. Oh! Sir, he is the son of
your friend Krishna Rao… …from Hyderabad. Oh! ls that you? You look innocent.
But they said you are a tough guy. lf you wag your tail here,
l will cut it. Henceforth live on your earnings. Otherwise spend your entire life here. One bottle of juice is made
by crushing… …25 kilograms of grapes. One bottle fetches you 5 rupees. lf you pay 5 rupees,
you will get half bottle of water. Sir, what is the ticket fare to Hyderabad?
– 45,000 rupees. – 45… lt means 9000 bottles. Will l not go to Hyderabad if l
don’t crush 25,000 kilograms of grapes? Hey, take him with you. ls Pulla Reddy your father’s friend? ls he your father’s friend too?
– Yes. Friend of my father too. So are they running this
like a business? No. lf the children of rich fathers’
enjoy their father’s status… So are you rich?
– Yes. How did you enjoy… Everyone would call me
Romeo Raja in Vizag. Any girl would fall for me. 100 wickets went down.
My father couldn’t tolerate it and… Being so rich you have eaten
25 kilograms of grapes… lt is hitting somewhere. lsn’t it? Good morning, madam Anusuya.
Coffee please. What is that?
– Why is he addressing the car as madam… …Anusuya and giving it coffee? Pulla Reddy’s mother Anusuya died
suddenly in this car. That ‘s why this car is
sentiment for him. ls it sentiment for dead
people and punishment… …for people who are alive?
– Not only coffee… Lunch in afternoon…
Dinner at night… Alcohol too is offered on festivals. Hey, friend. New admission? Come. Come, friend. Come. What? Did he say that he belongs
to a rich family? Don’t believe it.
They are my sycophants. My father booked tickets for them too
saying enjoy Paris tour. l got a doubt then.
But these rogues didn’t believe me. They suppressed my freedom
like this by thinking… …of enjoying Paris tour for free. Why did you stop? We will get food only
if we crush 60 bottles by evening. Crush them! Crush them!
Paris is taking my life. Mister, this is not wine. lt is our blood.
Start music! Swamy, our house has changed
after he left the house. You stop. There is peace
in the house after he left. l worked hard and made this
plan for sending him there. He will not understand unless
he works hard. What, father? Krishna…you think you have sent him. Lot of strange incidents will
take place in his life. Everything for good. Mother! Where is my mother? My goodness!
Why is the same factory seen? What is this? Suicide case? Hey, you! Are you talking to me?
– Then? Are you really talking to me? Yes. l am talking to you. lt seems she has become mad
and thereby roaming around Paris. Hey! Mrs. Anasuya! Mrs. Anasuya! Oh! Take him away?
– Hey! What is this? Mother! Leave me!… Did you try to escape? Bring him! What are you watching? All this happened because of you.
Jump! Jump! Jump and die! With whom is he talking? You will die if you don’t jump. Hey! With whom are you talking? Where is she? Hey! You! – Go! What is it with him?
Has he gone mad? Sir, mother is coming. Hey! Hey! l am sparing you because
you are my friend’s son. Otherwise l would have drowned
you in that… …river by putting you inside a bag.
– Sir… Sir… Sir… Enough! l will leave Johnny at night. Should l fear if you leave Johnny? l will not fear Johnny or Tony. Not just me, we all will
escape this time. What, Romeo? No chance.
Who you do think Johnny is. ls it a dog?
– No. Tiger. – Tiger? Sir… Sir… Sir… Save me, sir. Sir, it is me.
You have seen me in the morning. You? lt was good that
l saw you in the morning. Otherwise l would have
thought you are a devil. Sir, are you afraid of devil? Deadly! Well, what are you doing here? Sir, four goons are chasing me. l escaped them and reached.
And you are present here. What is your fate, sir? Why? What happened to my fate? What, sir?
Why do you say that? When l saw you in the morning
l thought what a handsome guy. Those eyes… Style… Personality… l was totally impressed. When l saw you for the first time,
l too felt the same. But l don’t talk rubbish like this. Continue… l mean you got impressed… Yes, l was totally impressed. But l couldn’t tolerate when
those rowdies… …were dragging you away like a dog. 31 10. And over here you seem to be
living in jail… – Hey, father! What, sir? Why do you address father like
that without showing any respect? Then what? ls he a human being? l am college topper in my city. l couldn’t study properly due to the
T-20 matches in last semester. l told him frankly that l will get second rank
and you have to adjust with it. But that person didn’t show
any mercy and… …thereby sent me here like a coolie. Sir, is it necessary to come this
far for working as coolie? l will escape from there. He said Paris. l slipped over there and
fell down here. Don’t feel bad anymore.
What is your story? l told very fast.
You too say like that. Start. My name is Sravanthi.
l am from Nellor. l am studying medicine final year. l met a friend by name
Janvu on Facebook. He looks very handsome. l fell for him watching
his profile picture. He would send me funny jokes daily. As the days passed by,
our friendship turned into love. Oh! There is lot of romance
behind her. He said… Come to Paris,
we will get married. l came. But… Did he have fun with you? Sir? – Then why are you crying? Janvu… – Janvu… Janvu is a 40 year old man. Then profile picture?
– Graphic. Janvu… Silly girl. What can l do, sir? l too slipped like you
when l heard Paris. Hey! What? Are you making fun? ls it okay if you make fun of me? Tell me.
– Janvu’s age and money are more. He has sent rowdies
when l escaped from him. l will stay here for one night.
Please! What is that sound, sir? Tiger. – Tiger? Yes. Will you see? Come. What a silly boy? – Hey! Sir, it is not an original tiger. You know blue rays?
German technology. Through the blue rays they
create a high definition image… …that makes the image look realistic. So…
– lt is not a tiger. That is…
– Blue ray. Which is…
– German technology. Yes. Good boy. Where is she? Not an original tiger?
How do you know? You know blue ray? You? You? – No. Bloody illiterates. Blue ray, lt is a German technology… lt is not a tiger.
lt is a blue ray. Whatever it is,
l am escaping this night. lf anybody from you wants freedom,
come with me. What is that discussion?
Will you stop it and work? Or should l increase
the size of drums? Crush it! Will you scare me using useless
technology and create tiger? l will see you. Mister, l too…
Hey, come. Come. Fast. Tiger! lt is a real tiger! Yes! Come! Come! – Tiger! You said that it is some effect.
Run! Tiger! Oh, my god! Hey!
– Run! Tiger is coming! Tiger! – Raja! Come! Run! Lie down! Lie down! Get up! Hey, don’t you wish to live?
l will shoot all of you. Sir, he said it is not a tiger.
lt is a blue film. lt is not blue film. lt is blue ray.
– Shut up! Are you the reason behind this? Sir! Sir! Sir! Save me, sir. Today also…
Four of them, sir… You are right, sir.
They are chasing me. Janvu gang, sir. Sir, they have started the
projection again. German Technology. My boy… Come on… Come on… l will hit you! Get out! First get out! Sir… – What sir? German technology… Blue ray… You have caught me like an ill-fate. l am facing continuous problems
from the time l met you. Sir… – l will kill you…
l will kill you… Sir… – l will kill you!
Go out! l say get out!My goodness! She doesn’t know
it is a real tiger.She will die if she goes near
it thinking it to be blue ray.Where did she go? What Johnny?
Why do you look so dull? Sir, that fat guy fell on stomach. Stomach is paining. Okay. Okay. Drink one peg. Enough! Enough! Go and do the work. Come out. l will tell you. Next? What is this? He is having a
discussion instead of getting scared. l will jump. – Tell me.
– What will l tell? My goodness! He removed it! Did l run so far by getting
scared of you? One! Two! Three! Now enough! This tiger is injured from top to bottom.
Spare me, brother. So do something.
Go and bring my passport. Oh, yes. Oh! No! Pulla Reddy has hidden
it inside the locker. So wait. l will tell this
matter to everyone. Brother! lf Pulla Reddy comes
to know then he will kill me… He is doing great business
in this area because of me. l don’t know what and
how you are going to do. First let me escape from here.
l will take care of the rest. Deal is okay. Hey! Hey! Hey! My bag! This is more for you. Go away!l say get out!l shouted unnecessarily. Hi! – Hi!
– What? Jumped again? Hey, who is that elder person? Who? Him? Janvu. Janvu…
– l have decided to marry him. Why do you say that you will marry him? 70 year old man.
Will he look like Mahesh Babu? Fate! l will adjust. l will not adjust even if you adjust. Hey, what are you and your beauty? What is it with that old man? Didn’t you say that l am ill-luck?
Bad time. Anyways, l cannot go to lndia. l will become Mrs. Janvu
in the next two days. Janvu! Janvu! Janvu! Janvu!
l feel irritated with the name. What do you want?
You want to go to lndia, isn’t it? Leave it to me. l will take care. You will say like that now.
After that you will scold. Oh! l will not scold.
Promise. l will not scold. Okay. Then one condition. You shouldn’t take advantage
and touch me… …since l am depending on you. You shouldn’t tell me any work. l will not touch you even by mistake. You say that you will not do any work.
What does it mean? l will sweat if l do work.
And l hate sweat. Not only her beauty
but her pride too is big. Have you seen it?…
You are thinking immediately. lt is nothing. l am thinking
how to take you to lndia. So you don’t have passport.
Then how will you take me. Okay. Do as l say.
Don’t ask why and what. Okay? How, DK? For one week she left the house in the
morning and returned by evening. Now she is not coming
home at all. l don’t understand
what l should do. You don’t worry, sir.
We will find where madam Sravanthi is. Yes. Sir, there is someone here
who says he is… …your friend’s son from Hyderabad. Yes. Yes. Send him in. Good morning, sir.
– Are you Sharat’s son? Mr. Sharat is his close friend.
Poor man. He died six months back. So he will become bit emotional
after seeing you. l didn’t think that Sharat will
die suddenly like this. l couldn’t come. Don’t over react. Well, how many siblings are you? l am alone.
– Correct. lt was when you were born
that l saw Sharat for the last time. By the way, what for you
came to Paris? Uncle, l came on Europe tour
with my friends. Someone has stolen
my bag two days back. My passport was in it. l was thinking what to do
and l remembered you. When you ask for passport,
he will get a doubt. Well, what is the guarantee
that you are Sharat’s son? You tell him without
holding any fear, Uncle, he would always
say that you passed… …intermediate exams by
copying from his paper. After that in college,
you were involved with a girl… Okay. Okay. Well,
where are you staying? – Hotel. Why don’t you come to my house? You will get caught
if you go to house. No, uncle. l will stay with friends. lf you look into passport’s
matter immediately… Give your photo and details
to my secretary outside. Come and collect your passport day
after tomorrow at 3 o’clock. lf you face any problem before
that then show this card. Okay, uncle. Your daughter, uncle? Hey! – Bye, uncle. How did you say it so correctly?
Who is he? How do you know him?
Why didn’t you come? Had you come then it
would have happened easily. Didn’t l say not to ask
what and why? He is Janvu’s friend.
l can tell you till there. l will get the passport.
That is okay. But for going to lndia…
– l will tell you that later. Two more days are left for
getting the passport. We have to earn money
if we have to survive till then. How? But how? Do as l say.
lf you do then. Sir, l don’t have money to eat.
Give me some work. Sir, l don’t have money to eat.
Give me some work. Hey, Ram. Look over there. Go there and do it. Excuse me, madam.
– What? Sir, l don’t have money to eat.
Give me some work. Excuse me, sir. Sir, l don’t have money to eat.
Give me some work. – Okay. Hey! What are you doing?
– Sir, movie aside! Stop! Stop! – Stop! Look! No. – Sir!
– He is dead! Wonderful! Superb idea. Do this on road. Put money. ‘l will sweat if l do work.
And l hate sweat.’ Boss, who is that girl? That girl?
Daughter of lndian ambassador. What? Why are you silent? Which place you said that
you belong to? Nellore? Yes. Nellore. – Nellore. Janvu. – Yes. Janvu!
– Janvu! What happened to Janvu now?
– Nothing has happened to him. But you would have married him and
settled down if he was bit young. But he is old and so you left him. What?
Why are you talking differently? Sravanthi, if your love was true
then marry Janvu. Come.
– Where? To Janvu. Come! Don’t come closer to me.
l will not come. Then you too don’t come chasing me. Good bye. Don’t go by leaving me.
Please, Ram! – Bye! Help! Help me. Help!… Why did you come again? Oh! You didn’t feel like
going by leaving me. You have misunderstood me. l really loved him.
But he is not a good person. l will thrash you! How do l look?
Do you think l am mad? l came to know everything.
You are ambassador’s daughter. lf you say Janvu and rubbish
then l will strangle you. Fraud! Fraud!
– Who is fraud? You couldn’t survive in the factory
for just two days. But l lived like a prisoner
for ten years. Everywhere l went, there was security.
My friends too left me. l had been through torture. That’s why l wanted to
live my own life. ls it a mistake? l was afraid to go to lndia alone.
And then l met you. l have a close friend by name
Savita in Hyderabad. She is a doctor in Gandhi hospital.
l too studied medicine. l decided to settle down
there lf l escape for another two days
from my father’s men… …then l will have freedom all my life.
Please help me. Help? l will do.
But l want 10,000 Euros. What? Are you joking?
Where do l have so much of money? But you said that you will give
money for flight tickets… …when l asked you.
From did you think of bringing it then? Ram, it is very risky. We shouldn’t use that idea expect
at the last minute. Otherwise we will get caught. Not we will get caught.
You will get caught! The work on which l came to Paris
should be completed. Otherwise l will directly go to
your father and meet him. Not for my passport but
to book you permanently. What do you say?
Deal or no deal?Go to the main building
in the university campus.After you enter inside……go to first floor by taking
the staircase on the right.There are many statues
in the hall.The third one belongs to
Albert Richardson.My locker’s key lies behind it.Locker number is 1133.My ATM cards are inside a
brown pouch lying in it.Where is Sravanthi?
– lt is… l am Sravanthi’s friend. Please tell her to go
to her house. Tell her to call at least
her father. Police is torturing us.
– Okay. Father! Father! Father! – Hey, son. How are you? Father, my life should become a
lesson to everyone. l want to tell lot of things
if you can call everyone. l will definitely call, dear. Here… Ramya! Ramesh! Sukanya! Gopi!
Everyone come here. Father, has everyone come?
Now turn the speaker on. Okay. Okay.
l did. Now tell. Now pour out your entire grief!
Cry as much as you can. After that you will not have money
to make any call. Forgive me, father.
Now l have understood what life is. Did you think that l will say
like this, Mr. Father? What, father?
Will you teach me what life is? Don’t try comedy, father. Hey! Do you know with whom
you are talking to? Who is this? Oh! The one who drinks local
liquor in imported glass. ls it uncle Raghav? Ram, what are you talking? Aunt… Tell me, dear. – Aunt…
– Tell me, dear. Aunt! – Hey, tell me! You too joined hands with
them and did this to me. Was my mother doing this
to me if she was alive? Hey, l too didn’t know until you left. Listen to me.
Have patience for few days and… …then come back as your father said. What, aunt?
Are you playing with me? Look, Mr. Pattapagalu Krishna Rao. For making my life dark… For torturing an
lndian citizen like this… lPC section 8, 10, 15, 20… l will put you behind bars
under some section… l am… Not yours…There is a kick felt inside the body.The entire body is shaking.How big is the TV tower?Why is it standing in my way?
What is its pride?You are in Paris now.This TV tower is the Eiffel tower.So what is the great thing about it?Nobody is greater than me.Henceforth l am the owner.l will give it my name.You are not the Tippu Sultan
of olden is better if you stop
your bubble like talks.Oh, TVtower. You are very tall.Henceforth you and
l will bear the same name.Everything is class.
Everything is posh.Money is there.Oh, yes.
But still the dress is very small.What to do?Paris is like is like this all around.This place is synonymous with fashion.This place is world famous.Let it be anything.But is it necessary to do all this.Why don’t you teach our headgear and……loin cloth outfit to these people?Oh, is he is a boy or girl?He is wearing a pony tail.
He is a is disgusting in the
name of fashion.Everybody is confusing.What is this romance and
crazy nuisance in public?There is no secrecy.
Everything is out in the is called crime.
Don’t watch like that.These kinds of scenes
are very common here.Have they used superglue
instead of lipstick?Have they locked themselves
in kisses by missing out on life?Oh, my god. You behave as
if you don’t know French kiss.You don’t talk with
sarcasm like that.l am telling you the truth.
l swear on you.l don’t posses any
talent in kissing.So didn’t we go around Paris? Finished! Everything is finished! You were sleeping for
18 hours. l tried a lot to wake you up.
But you didn’t wake up. He told you to come at 3 O’clock
for collecting the passport. Now the time is 4 o’clock. Embassy too will be closed
in another hour. Flight is at 8 o’clock. l don’t think we can make it.
– But l am sure we will. Ram, l will come to the
airport directly. You collect the passport
and wait for me. lf l am not seen then it means that
the security has caught me. Don’t wait for me.
You go. Bye, Ram.
– lt will not happen like that. We both are going to
lndia together. That’s it. lt should be circulated *immediately.
– Okay, sir. Hello, uncle.
– Yes. Didn’t l say my friend’s son?
lt is him- Hello. Find out from David whether
the passport is ready or not. Sure, sir. Hello, Subbu.
– David, come in. What?
Are you sure? Darn it!
– What happened, sir? Money has been withdrawn
from Sravanthi’s account. So she is here.
What are you searching? Sir, will you please give the phone? Hello. DK here. lf the money is withdrawn
from ATM then everything… …will be recorded in
security camera. Send the video footage
immediately to the embassy’s email. We will know within
five minutes who has withdrawn it. Why will others do it?
Sravanthi will only do it. Uncle, if you give
my passport immediately… Hey… What are you we
doing here? Son, we are worried about something. Come and collect the
passport tomorrow. lt is not that, uncle.
lt is urgent… – Get out l say! l said get out! Excuse me, sir. Passport is ready.
– Oh, that’s good. Okay, you can go.
– Thanks, sir. He has hidden his
face from camera. DK, l find both the reasons
that you said are wrong. He is not her friend.
He is not a thief. – Then sir? l think she is in love
with this boy. All my doubts have come true in
Sravanthi’a matter since her childhood.lf l am not seen then it means that
the security has caught me.Don’t wait for me. You go.Ram! Hey!
– Don’t talk anything. Come to the Gandhi hospital directly. Dr. Savitha. Don’t forget. Hey! Sravanthi! Excuse me… Dr. Savitha… She is in lCU on first floor.
– Thanks. Yes. Whom do you want? Dr. Savitha…
– Yes. lt is me. Tell me. l am Sravanthi’s friend. Sravanthi? Who is Sravanthi? Sravanthi who lives in Paris… Medical student… Your friend. Sorry. l don’t know any Sravanthi.
l think you are mistaken. By the way, this is lCU.
You shouldn’t enter inside. Please wait outside. You are Dr. Savitha, isn’t it?
– Yes. No. Sravanthi told me about you.
You too have… Didn’t l tell you to go out… What happened to Sravanthi, doctor? Do you know this girl?
ls her name Sravanthi? She was with me at the airport
just half an hour back… What happened to her, doctor? Accident case. We have admitted
her one week back. She is lying in coma since then. We are worried because
we don’t know who she is. Admitted one week back? You stay here. l will talk
to my superintendent. Sir, we have admitted a
coma patient last week. Her acquaintance has come. Thank god! Nothing happened
to you, right? Have you seen this girl?
She looks exactly like you. l have brought you so far
for showing you this. Your sister? What happened, Sravanthi? l too was excited like you
to enjoy life. But because of my father’s position… …l have grown up in the midst
of tight security. His position and status
has robbed me of my freedom. Two weeks back my father went
to America on conference work. l took advantage of it and
escaped from the… …house alone with the
help of uncle Madhav. l would go out and enjoy
a lot with friends. One day my car gave
some trouble and… …l was waiting at a restaurant. Over there l saw DK who was
supposed to be with my father. l got suspicious and
thereby followed him. l was shocked to see
DK meeting the… …most wanted terrorist
wanted by lndian government. DK saw me and chased me to kill me. l tried a lot to tell this
matter to my father. But l couldn’t reach his number. Oh! No! Hello. Excuse me.
– Any problem? Please… He is trying to kill me.
Save me please. What is your problem? Hey, man! Are you safe? Don’t call anybody because
the entire… …network is in his control. lf you tell this matter
to your father… …then he too will not believe it. DK is suspicious with me. Now l too will get caught for
sending you out. Tell me where you are.
l will come there. Madhav uncle felt that it is not
safe for me to stay in Paris. He made arrangements for
sending me to lndia. Here is the duplicate passport.
Name is Kalpana. There is no option left
to save you, dear. There is a flight to
Hyderabad after one hour. My friend Sitaram will pick
you after you get down there. You talk to me from his phone. Till then don’t talk to
your father or anybody. You will be caught by DK. ln case if you face any
problem with immigration… …then our men are present there.
They will take care. Hey, Koka. – Greetings, sir. What are you doing here?
– My cousin is coming from abroad. lt is not more than a week
since you got released from jail. Have you started a
new business immediately? Whom are you planning
to dupe this time. Microsoft?
When did you join there? Did you get recruited from jail? l understood that the person sent
my uncle Madhav is a criminal. l escaped from them. Otherwise you will get
thrashed again. Rogue! He came at the right time. Hey, Giri! Are you ready? Brother, she is dead. There shouldn’t be any evidence
of hers. Check it. – Okay, brother. How can you say it with
guarantee that she is dead? Brother, if the person bleeds
from ear then they are dead. No! l didn’t die! Who are you?
Why did you do this to me? Brother… Patrolling. Sir… Sir… Sir, she is dead. lnform the station. They have confirmed that
the driver and l have died. They have sent our bodies to mortuary. l am alive. Please, listen to me. Doctor! Doctor, please help me.
Please help me. l am alive, doctor.
Listen to me, doctor! Please! Tell them not to take me.
– What happened, Giri? Madam, she died on the spot.
Accident case. Anyways you don’t give respect
to people who are alive. At least give respect to
the people who are dead. Oh! My god!
Her pulse is beating. Shift her to the lCU immediately. ln this matter Dr. Savitha
shifted me to lCU… …and started the treatment. l tried a lot to tell
this matter to my father. But he didn’t listen to me. We have inquired all
friends of Sravanthi. Everyone is saying
they don’t know anything. Father, don’t believe him.
He is lying. She wanted freedom all the time.
She must be somewhere around. lf others come to know this matter
then it will be a problem to us. Let us wait for some more time.
– No! No! Father! l am here! lf you had acted in haste
and have killed her here… …then we would have been
caught easily. Now we made him say by
himself that… …she left in the name of freedom. Though l knew that DK
and uncle Madhav… …were behind this,
l couldn’t tell this to anyone. l understood that
l am going to die like… …an orphan in an lndian hospital. l lost all hopes. But you called me and that
gave me a new lease of life. There are billions of people
in this world. lt was only you who saw me. Also you were the only person
who talked to me. l thought of telling you
everything that time. But what if you didn’t believe. l was afraid that l will lose
the only hope that l had. That’s why l brought you so far. l thought of telling you the truth
only after showing you me. Till then l remained careful
so that you… …wouldn’t come to know about me. That is me. lsn’t it strange? There are so many people
in this world. How is it that only
l am able to see you? How come l alone hear your words? Even l am not able to
understand it. What do you think the reason is?Why didn’t l see you?l want to see you.l want to see you!So you know who that girl is. l know. She is my friend.
– Her father… lt is good not to tell them
anything until father arrives. l know. – Tell me if you know. Mr. Jayasuriya. What does he do?
– l don’t know, sir. Her mother?
– Mrs. Jayasheela. Oh! What does she do? She married Mr. Jayasuriya.
– Okay. Sir, l don’t know what
she did after that. Am l talking correctly?
– Correct, sir. Do you know where they are?
– ln Africa. Where in Africa? – l don’t know, sir. Africa is not a village or a country. lt is a continent.
There are 56 countries in it. Population is 100, 03, 65, 690.
They are… Superb, sir! Today l learnt a
lot of information from you. But l am not getting anything from you.
– Sir, l have an idea. How about giving an ad in
the entire Africa. You and l should sell everything
that belongs to us. Don’t give suggestions for fun.
Now you may go. – Okay. lf you remember something then come
and tell me. – Okay, sir. Pen is mine.
– Okay, sir. What? Why did you confuse him like that? Why? l was in confusion and
in addition to that… Well, you are a devil… lf one dies then only they
are called devil. She is still alive. Then spirit… l mean soul… Consider it anything. First talk slowly. Why? – Everyone is watching you. Everyone is thinking me
as mad, isn’t it? Ram, l should call up my father
and tell him everything. Hail! – Farmers employee! Rajanna!… The present force is not
sufficient, sir. Send additional force.
Please. Okay. Excuse me, sir. – Yes.
– What is the matter? Doctors said that their leader
will die if he undergoes fast. That’s why we are giving him treatment
after arresting him. This sloganeering is for the same.
Hey! Don’t allow inside. Hey! Hey! – We have to see Rajanna! Boss, l have to make a call to Paris.
– Do it. Don’t take it easy.
l am very serious about the decision. Sir, listen to me carefully.
Don’t ask who l am. l know you are searching
for your daughter. She is lying here in a government
hospital in Hyderabad. Your chief security officer DK
is responsible for all this. He has got links with
the terrorists’ organizations. He tried to kill your daughter
too when he came… …to know that your daughter is
aware of it. – Sir, you come fast. We will be waiting here in the
government hospital. She badly needs your help. Who is it, DK? Anything important? Wrong number, sir. With your permission l will change
this number for security reasons. lt is DK. What are you doing there? Sir, a small love story is at the climax.
Small settlement. Tell me. Why did you spare that girl
without killing her? Hey! Come. What are you talking, sir?
She died on the spot. Her body is lying in the
Gandhi hospital mortuary. Hey, fool! Not in the mortuary.
lt is in lCU. Someone has called up.
Go and find out those two people. lf she is alive then my life
will fall in danger. …l had given you lot of trouble. For how long will you stay here? Anyway, my father is coming.
He will now take care. You go. Oh! Your father is coming, right? What? Why are you talking
in a strange manner? Nothing. You said Janvu is your love.
And that is one lie. You said you had fallen for me when… …you saw me for the first time.
That too is a lie. Similarly our meeting too
is going to become a lie. Right? Sravanthi… Oxygen… Hey! Hey! Who are you? Doctor! Connect a fresh cylinder.
lncrease the pressure. Quick! Hello. You were outside. How did you
know that the oxygen is finished? lt is… What? l felt something like that.
Therefore l came. So if something happens there then
the reaction will be felt here. lt is good for me to stay here
till your father comes. Hey, stop! Where is your pass? Go! For how long will you sit like this? Go downstairs and eat something. Please. Ram! What? – The person who tried to
kill me is going towards lCU. Ram, it is him. So we didn’t talk to your father. Hey, l am Shiva. Take 10,000 and come to
Gandhi hospital urgently. We should get uncle discharged. Why? Some person by name Rajanna
has died here. We will take uncle before
the matter gets leaked. Rajanna is dead! lt we stay here then it is
dangerous all the time. We have to shift urgently. Please give me two days time, DK. Take it. Take three days. lf the work is not done
then you will not stay alive. DK, l am afraid that
we will get caught. One shouldn’t live in fear.
lt is more fearsome. Madam, Ram has come.
– Did Ram come? He has brought a patient.
He is saying to admit her. Okay. Admit her.
l am coming immediately. Do you think l am mad to believe
everything you say? Soul? Body is here and
soul is there? Aunt, it is there.
– Hey, don’t act stupid. l don’t know how l should
make you believe. Aunt, you go there.
Sravanthi, you go there. Ram. – Come, aunt.
– What are you doing? – l will tell you. You go. What? – Keep your hands behind.
Keep your hands behind. Show me some number with your hands. Tell me. – Two. – Two. Five. – Five. Three. – Three. One. – One. Two. – Two. Two… – Two… She is not changing. She is showing
the same two fingers. Two… Two… Two… For how long
will you show two fingers? Aunt, will you at least now believe me? Swamy, how come a person’s soul leaves
the body when they are alive? How come only my nephew is
able to see it? l don’t believe this.
Why is it happening like this? There are many things in
this world that are… …beyond science and
technology’s reach. Some religions believe that
the soul comes out… …even when the person is alive. So Hindu religion believes that
the soul leaves the body… …only when the person dies. There is a strong reason behind
all these happenings. You will not believe it
even if l say it now. Whatever has to happen, will happen. You do whatever is possible with you. Okay, Swamy.
– Greetings. What is the reason, Swamy? Every human being takes birth
seven times. Their love is becoming unsuccessful
since six births. Now this is the last birth. Love is longing to become successful
at least now. Very sad. Will their love succeed
at least in this birth, Swamy? This is a fight between
destiny and love. Destiny will win in this fight.
Destiny will win. Swamy, pray for their love’s victory. Oh, god! What, aunt? Why don’t you speak? She will not speak anything now. My condition is like that. There is a blood clotting inside the brain.
lt should be melt. Very critical.
lt is difficult to survive. That’s why she is afraid to tell you. Why are you watching like that?
l am too a medical student. l am telling this only after
checking the reports. Aunt, is there a blood clotting
inside her brain? Hey, how do you know? ls it difficult for her to survive? No, dear.
There are chances of survival. Recently a medicine has been
invented in German. That medicine should be injected into
the brain through blood vessels. lf three doses are given in an interval
of 48 hours then… …there are chances of that
clot getting melt. Then the patient might
come out of coma. But there is a risk
involved in it. Risk? What risk, aunt? lf we begin these doses
then the next two doses… …should be given on time. lf there is any delay then
the heart will… …stop beating and the
patient might die. lt has already happened
with a patient. After giving the first dose
there was a delay in giving the next dose. Finally he died. l am afraid of the same. The two doses brought for
that patient are here. We have to bring the third
dose from Germany. Main problem is that if we start
the treatment immediately… …then the patient might survive. Then start is immediately, aunt.
– We can start. lf we start it without informing
her family then… …you will face problem later. Aunt, you start it. Let there be
any problem, l will face it. Yes.
– What happened, aunt? l will make this girl stand
in another four days. Superb, aunt. Thank you, aunt!
Thank you, aunt! – Okay. Love you! Love you! Love you!
– Enough! Leave me! Hey! Why are you watching like that? Fall at aunt’s feet and
seek her blessings. God bless you, dear.
God bless you, dear. Aunt… She didn’t fall yet. Didn’t fall yet? Everything good will happen to you.
You will definitely live, dear. Ram, l want to see your family. Aunt, shall we go home? Had l found you during that time
then l would have killed. Want to come home? Want to come home? Where? Where is the girl? Look, dear. Both of you keep
talking and stay here. Hey, if you have any plans of coming
home then you better forget them. Let us go fast. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Hey! Who are you? – Come on.
– Why are you entering the house directly? ls it Mr. Pattapagalu Krishna Rao’s house?
– Yes. So we came to the right house. Come. Let us go inside.
– Hey, stop. Who are you? – Media. The state government has announced the
best industrialist award to you. Your feelings? – Stop! Stop! That award… Krishna Rao…
He is inside. lnside? Come on. Come inside. What if you are from media?
Will you trample me? Come. Come. Good morning, Krishna Rao. Hey, who are you? Media. Government has given the best
industrialist award to you. You eat. Don’t stop. Sir, how many dumplings
you eat every day? What is the advice that you want to give
to the industrialists of the state. Excuse me. Let us sit in the
garden and talk. Come. Now tell me. What is the
name of the award? lndustrialist… Pundit of business… Beloved entrepreneur…
Acute and leading pioneer… lt doesn’t look like an award.
lt looks like a letter of appreciation. lt is a very prestigious award.
That’s why it is so big. By the way, how are you
feeling on receiving this award? Should l tell? Father, they have asked for
brother’s feelings. They may feel something else
if you tell your feelings. Truly speaking l feel surprised.
– We are shocked. He heard it. Though l feel surprised for
being chosen for this award… …in spite of having so many
industrialist in our state… l also feel happy. Who do you think is behind
your success? We have to find the same.
lsn’t it, brother? There is nobody in front and behind me.
lt is just my handwork. How many children do you have? One daughter and only one son. Revathi, why do you talk about him now? Sir, where is your son now?
– He is in Paris. He should take care of the
business after brother. That’s why my brother has
sent him to Paris. lsn’t it, brother?
– Are you missing him? Which father wouldn’t miss his son?
– Superb, father! Congratulations, father! Today everyone has come
to know that you are not… …only a good father but
also a good businessman. l am proud of you, father.
l am proud of you. Hey! Hey! Go inside and
freshen up. Hey, Revathi! – Brother… Media. Okay… Go.
– Father, should l enter the house? Are you sure, father?
– Yes… Sure. You go. Okay. One second. Close up. Smile, father. Hey, you are a big thief.
– Yeah. Hey, uncle? What’s up? Your time is good and
because of the media… …your father allowed you inside. That’s why you just missed. l have sent it. Just twist. Hey, is this your sketch?
Wait. l will tell your father. Uncle. – What? lf you tell about the sketch then
who will drink the scotch lying in my bag. l will. Anything serious, sir?
– My daughter is in Hyderabad. How do you say that, sir? The other day a person
took the passport… …saying he is the son of my friend. He is not my friend’s son.
lt is not just that, DK. Only my daughter knows how
close l was with my friend. How did he come to know about it? So she has guided him and has
sent him to me for passport. He left for the Hyderabad on the
same day he took the passport. But Sravanthi left for
Hyderabad five days… …before using a different name. l have received a call now. Don’t know why… l am afraid to
tell this matter outside. l should know where my daughter is.
And how she is. – Sir. What are you saying? ls that award a drama played by him? Yes, father. Chanti told everything last night
under the influence of alcohol. Me? l thought not to tell.
Did l tell? Just miss. Father, look at those steps. Poor guy. He is still under
the impression. His gait too has changed like NTR’s from
the movie Kondaveeti Simham. lt seems he will come to know
of it because of your fun. Poor brother. Let us tell the
truth to brother, father. Think well. Brother is already
suffering from a weak heart. No. No. Brother should never come
to know the truth. Savitri, had you been alive then
you would have felt very happy. The name of the award is…
Hey, what is the name of the award? Great lndustrialist…
Pundit of business… Beloved entrepreneur…
Acute and leading pioneer… l have received such a big award.
But you are not there. Don’t feel sad, brother. Satellites are present in the sky. Sister-in-law must know it before us. Just miss. Revathi. – Brother.
– Last night l watched TV and l even read… …today’s newspapers. My news is not found anywhere. This is not an ordinary award.
lt is a prestigious award. They will check the TRP
ratings and announce it… …either on Sankranthi or
Deepavali festival. Correct.
– We can burn crackers. Just miss. Uncle, father is not giving me 10,000
when l asked him. l will tell him. Chinna.
– Brother. Don’t give him even ten paisa. Are you happy?
– What is it uncle? l have invited all my friends
for party… …because you have won a great award. Now watch how insulting it will be. Hey! Hey! Ramesh, is it award party? lf he doesn’t give you
then l will give you. Take it.
– Brother, it is… Enjoy…
– Brother, think with your heart. Enjoy… Hey… Savitri… Uncle… – Who? lndustrialist…
Pundit of business… Beloved entrepreneur…
Acute and leading pioneer… Hail! Pattapagalu Krishna Rao! Though he is a kid, how well he said. Uncle, l told my friends
that l will give them pizza party. At least 5,000…
– You gave birth to a good boy. Enjoy coke with pizza.
– Hail! Pattapagalu Krishna Rao!… We can buy the award in real
with these expenses. Then why did you give up. Sister, l tried a lot to
memorize this award. l am unable to even pronounce it. How happily he is sleeping after
torturing such a good family. Hey, friend! lt is me. Tell me.
– Results are out. Our entire batch is out. None of them has passed
even in one subject. Wow! What a good news, dear? Am l college first?
– Ram! And you?
– Hey, what first? l should beat myself with
footwear for copying… …from your chits instead of my chits. Party? No. No. lf needed then l will distribute
books to poor children… …but l will not spend money for such
useless parties. You know it. Hey, Balu. l am telling something and
he is replying something else. So there must be some girl
by his side. – Oh, l see. Dear, poor people over here say
that they don’t want books. They want full. Should l order from
Amar wines in your name? Hey! Hey! Why are you in a hurry?
l will come to college. Even if you say that you will come,
they will not allow you. They have debarred you. You’ll not be allowed to enter college
until you bring your father. That is principal’s order. Ram, what happened? What?
– Uncle is calling. Why? – There is a phone call
from college. So quickly? ls everyone downstairs?
– Everyone is present. How happy you look. Wow! What a beautiful moment? Go. l am coming.
– Okay. Sravanthi, you have to promise
me something. What?
– lt is nothing. You shouldn’t come downstairs in
the next one hour. – Why? Didn’t my father send me to
Paris as punishment… …because l would be getting
second rank? – Yes. Now he will feel bad after
knowing that l got first rank. He will feel shy. He will become emotional.
He will burst… Sravanthi, it will be difficult
to control him. lf you watch my father
like that, l may… Okay. Okay. l can understand.
You go. l will not come. Hey, you shouldn’t come. l will not come. This is your moment.
Go ahead. Uncle, he is coming. Come, dear. Come.
Did you wake up? You studied very well without passing
even in one subject. How did l allow you to
enter the house? Brother… lndustrialist…
Pundit of business… Beloved entrepreneur…
Acute and leading pioneer… l spare you because l agreed
in front of the media… …but l will not go to the college
and beg principal for him. Tell him that he doesn’t have father.
– Mother! Mother, l thought l didn’t
have mother till now. Now father is saying that he is not there
for me in spite of being alive. What? Are you planning to hang my
photo on the wall? l will not fall for your tricks. lf you get up then only you will fall. Just miss. You may play any number of dramas
l will not come to college. Uncle… Mother… Bye.
– Hey, wait. lf Ram doesn’t study then nobody
should study in this house. Go inside. Okay. l am going. Don’t do blackmail. Yours. Sir, l… ls this marks list? 984867… lt looks like a mobile number.
Does it look like a marks list? Sir, 72 percent in economics paper.
– You will get it. lf you threaten the lecturer
saying that… …you will pour acid on his face
and write by… …cheating then you will
definitely score it. Oh! Father, it is not acid.
lt is water. Mineral water. Sir is in third year. 18 subjects are remaining
to be cleared. So sir didn’t begin his
studies till now… …after entering the college. lf there are 4 boys like
your son then we have… …to shut our colleges and
start wedding halls. l have understood, sir. l was busy and lf you could
give a chance this time… l didn’t call you for giving chance. l have called you to give TC. Yes. Give it! What have l got to do?
Give it! Father…
– Give it right now. Father… Father…
– Why is he leaving by saying to give it? Sir… Sir…
– He is your father, isn’t it? Please, sir. Please, sir. Why are you talking as if a merit student
is being given TC? Get out! Take TC and get out. Hi, Pandu. – Hi, Nimmi. Tell me. ls your husband in town
or did he go to Mumbai? Why are you not picking
up the phone? Two idiots were sitting
in front of me till now. Just now they left and
l received your call. By the way, what did you
do about my new flat? l have sold five medical seats without… …my correspondent’s knowledge. l have made one crore from it
and kept it in the dust bin. ls it? So my flat is ready. Flat number 401 in My Home apartments
belongs to you from tomorrow. Thank you, Pandu. Come to Green Park hotel
in the evening. Both of us will sit there and
talk about interior decoration. Pandu! Flat for me. Hey, there are waiting in
line over there. l will come to you once they
are finished. – Hello, Pandu! Pandu! Hello, Pandu! l will definitely give. Hey, who allowed you inside? You will get the TC from the office.
Take it and go. Hey! Hey! What is this? Pandu, my father is very hurt. What is Pandu? Am l your friend?
Pandurangarao. Principal. Give respect. Okay. What is the rate of
one flat in My Home apartments? Why do you want the rate of
flat in My Home apartments? l got my own home. So is this our second home, Pandu. Hey! What hey? Your activities are cheap. But you have put
Gandhi’s photo behind you. One is at home… One is at Green Park.
One is under the table. Hey, who are you?
Go away. ln order to cover these activities …you fool the correspondent and
hide money in dust bin. Give your hands, son. What do you want? l want to see happiness in
my father’s face. Call him. Why did you call me again? Why, sir?
Your son is a wonderful boy. What if he didn’t score marks? Behaviour…
Behaviour is important, sir. Do you know how much
he respects his father? What is the use of gold medals, sir? They should be thrown into the dustbin. Stop it. ls there admission or not? Sir, l am taking this stress
to say that there is admission. What? – Sir, l want to see
happiness in your face. l will never feel happy in his matter. Oh! My boy. College topper! No need to top the college. First come to college.
That is sufficient. Had there been a Cinderella
like you in this college… …forget about myself coming
to college… …l wouldn’t have left it.Has the London’s Cinderella
come in front of me?Has she pinched my heart?
ls it dream or real?My eyes have felt the thunder.My heart felt the tender touch.Did she throw the love net
with that smile?The waterfall inside my heart
has come to see you.Your face is fixed in my eyes.l have forgotten the world
by watching it.But that is not is a sweetie naughty hutch dog.You are not the is the simple looking slum dog.Move aside!You are that London’s Cinderella.Will you forgive me and
come out for dinner?Oh, Surrender Subbaiah.Will you tell in simple words
what the special dinner is?Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen!Let us drink mint leaves soup
as starters for dinner.Let us eat dumpling mixed with
curd before the main course.lf we could sip the best of
milkshakes then……our hearts will feel very happy.Shall we finish it by
directly eating the deserts?No. No. Shall we have
milkshakes in between?Let us eat fish,
lentils and vegetables.Let us both watch movie
with excitement.This London Cinderella
appreciates your taste.But where does she have
time for the date.lf this wonder princess
likes it within two minutes……then she will love it.
Nothing more than that…What is there with luck?l will do it, baby?Hey… Soup. My favourite… Fish. Will you pay? Hey, shall we go for movie?
– Movie? – Come on. lt is mind-blowing, dear.
– lt is good. Hey, will you drink milkshake?
– Yes. Actually… Hey, come. Come. Actually it wasn’t that bad. Enough now. Hey, you didn’t eat well. Right? For you. And two minutes. l love you. What? Did you plan to kill me?
– Brother… Then why did you meet
Puranapool Ashok. Why will l meet that rogue? Do you know what this is?
Navigator. l kept it inside your
scooter’s dickey. This will tell which places you visited. lt went to Puranapool Ashok’s house
yesterday at 11 o’clock. From there you both went
to Urvashi bar. Everything is said by this babe. Koka doesn’t believe people.
He believes in technology. What? Will there be no bleeding
if you perform an operation. Our operation too is similar.
Sit down. Sit down. You have treated the girl in
Gandhi hospital, isn’t it? Can we treat the girl by keeping her
in some house or hotel? No… Not possible, sir.
Patient needs ventilator. We should keep her on
life supporting system… …and get MRl’s done regularly.
– Stop it! How many such cases are
there in the city? There must be around 10 to 15.
– That’s it? Hey, is it difficult to catch? Go and search all the hospitals
in the city. What will you do now? Play. l will take my bishop…
– l have understood… Check. How is it? Superb game. You are very brilliant. Hey, we should say that. lt is not sufficient if you
compliment yourself. Okay. Okay. Go and bring coffee. Allowing you to enter the house
is a big thing. ln addition do you need coffee?
Go… and bring yourself. Ram, l think you command lot of
respect in this house. You are mistaken. l never feel angry when this sister
says anything. – Why? When we went to Annavaram
in my childhood… …we saw an infant girl crying on
the temple’s staircase. l saw her and cried saying that
l want that girl to be my sister. And then my uncle brought
that girl and… …he is bringing her up
like his daughter. That girl is this girl.
– Does she know it? How, Sravanthi?
How can we tell these matters to her? Ram, you are so great. Have you seen her?
Today she is going without caring for me. Okay. Let it be.
– Your house is superb. Let us go to my room. Come. Friends of my orphan sister.
Today is Sunday. lt is nonsense. lt looks really nice. Okay. What is it with you? Why didn’t you turn and
look there? l will see. They will turn and see me. They will fall for me after
watching my cute face. After that SMS’, MMS’,
love letters and suicide threats… Do we need all this?
This is experience, dear. Experience. ls it?
Did so many girls propose you? Then?
– Hey! Okay. Okay. Sorry. Who proposed you for the first time?
Please. Please. Tell me. First… Sarita. Hey, why did you give it to me?
l am your teacher. lt is okay, teacher. Please, teacher. Too much romance. Second? Second? Malavika! Malavika! Malavika!… Are you going out of town? Yes. l am going to my grandma’s house
for summer holidays. l will come back after a week. l cannot wait for so many days. Sorry. – lt is okay. Will you go after introducing
your friend Usha till then? There is too much violence.
– Violence? Have you seen it? You too got scared. Brother. Hey, brother. My friends have come. They don’t know anything about you. New batch. All my old friends have left me
because of you. Sukanya friends are not coming
to this colony at all. Please don’t come to my room today. Please, brother. lf you want then
l will hold your feet. Get up. Get up! Go. You shouldn’t come.
– l have heard. Go. Ram. Call her. Why?
– Call her. Ramya. – Louder.
– Ramya! What? Come. What? Tell her what you did to her friends
and Sukanya’s friends. Tell me. What did l do to your friends
and Sukanya’s friends? What? – Louder. What did l do to your friends
and Sukanya’s friends… Are you asking me? Sukanya. He is asking what he did to our friends.
– What he did? Hey, don’t you know what you did? Oh! Silence! Are you still
listening to his stories, dear? No, father. Before he went aboard… …he told me to introduce
him to uncle Seth’s daughter. Hey, stop! What is the need
for that topic now? Hey, you wait.
l didn’t introduce her. He then went to that girl
and told her that l am… …an orphan and was found
at Annavaram temple. Hey, when your aunt was suffering
in giving birth to her… …l went to the bank and
took a loan of two… …lakhs and got the caesarean
surgery done. – Yes. No, uncle. Seth’s daughter didn’t
understand the Hindi l spoke. Hey! Hey! Hey! Shut up!
Don’t l know you? Hey, what is this meeting? Why are you torturing a good boy?
Go. Go from here. Go. Everything is revealed. So who will believe when
you call me good boy? Sravanthi… Ram! l am going to hospital.
Will you too come? Hello. Tell me, doctor. What happened, aunt? Hey! Hey! Who are you? Sravanthi! Ram… We should give second injection
in another five hours. Hey, Bobby!
– Ram! l need your help urgently.
– What? Turn on the camera that is put
in front of our hospital. Freeze it! Freeze it! Now follow this ambulance and see
at which signals it stops. lt didn’t cross any signal
after SR Nagar. So it should be in SR Nagar. Thanks, friend. We will finish the entire family.
– Brother Koko… Yes, boss. Where is the girl’s body? First if we talk about payment… What? Didn’t l pay you already? You said your life will be in danger
if the girl is missed. ls your life’s value mere 25 lakhs? How much you want?
– Two crores. – Ok. Since you have agreed so easily
it means the matter is quite serious. 25 crores. Hey, you are acting smart.
Girl is already dead. You cannot do anything. Sir, if you are DK, l am KD. l didn’t kill the girl.
l kept her safe. Are you mad? l will… Where did you go? What happened? l felt someone was taking me away.
Therefore l came. Body is here. Rowdies are present here. Who are you?
What are you doing here? Why are you looking there? Sir, why do you think so much? You don’t have other option too. Sir, we don’t need that much money.
We are ten people. Give us ten crores.
That is sufficient. We know where the girl is.
We will kill her. l will give.
First kill the girl. Sir, two minutes.
Two minutes. Hey! What happened to you?
Why doesn’t anyone lift the phone? Brother, some guy came here
and he is beating us. Hey, first remove her oxygen mask.
Don’t spare him too. What happened, aunt?
ls everything okay? No. Everything is not fine. What happened to her, aunt?
– Not about her. lt is about you. l don’t agree with anything you do. Why were you running like a
mad person sometime back? l got scared thinking what
would happen to you. Will you die for her? Tell me. Tell me. Will you die for her?
– Aunt, she is listening. Let her listen. She too must
understand my grief. Where is that girl?
Where is she? Sravanthi…
– Dear, l beg you. Spare my son.
l want my son. l will give you life even by
giving up my life. But please don’t play with him. Please, aunt! Please! Nothing will happen to her.
She will survive. Hey, it is not good to stay
here for long time. We should change the place urgently. Not just place. We should change
the vehicle too. Come. Aunt. – Bring her and come
to our warehouse. Okay, aunt. Hey, go to our warehouse.
– Okay. ldiots! He thrashed all of you
and took her away. Where are you taking me to? Sir, you don’t take tension. Koko has put a navigator in the
girl’s stretcher. Let him take the girl anywhere,
they will not escape from us. Here is the navigator machine, sir. Yes! Go! Come, sir. Card problem. Come here once.Dear, l beg you.
Spare my child.l want my son.Bring the vehicle. Hey! That is navigator.
They are following us. First throw it away. Why? Why doesn’t this
society understand us? Because you have got a wife
and l have got a husband. What did they do to us? Ramani, our good time has begun. Hey, Pandu.
l think they might rape me. Hello. Are you expecting it? No! No!
– l will thrash you! Who is she? – Your wife?
– Yes. Wife. l mean some other person’s wife.
My life. Oh! Affair? Sir, you guessed it correctly. Physics lecturer. – What is the need
for my physique now, Pandu? Where is the body? What body, sir? This is my body.
– Not your body. Girl’s body. This is the girl’s body, sir.
– Not this girl’s body. That girl’s body.
– Which girl’s body, sir? Why do you beat me, sir? Not just beating.
l will shoot you. – Why, sir? Where did you keep the girl’s body? l don’t know the girl, sir. Then what is this. What is it, sir?
lt looks different. lf you don’t know the body
then how come… …this navigator is found
in your car’s backseat? How can l tell you if you
ask like that? For example. She is someone’s wife. She is in my car. lf you ask
why then what will l say? Sir, there are no answers for
certain things. Sir, l will consider her as
my sister from today. Yuck! Useless fellow! Go. What did l say, sir?
Why is she calling me useless fellow? Yuck! Go.
– Thank you, sir. Thank you. Are you doing everything
as per your wish… …by thinking that nobody
is coming here? Why are the doors of
warehouse open? Father?
– Hey, you. Who has opened it? Sir, your son took the
keys from me saying… …that nobody should come
here for two days. Father. What is the mistake that
you committed… …due to which you came
here to hide? What trouble did you invite to me? Father!
– Brother! Brother!
– Brother! Father!
– Brother! – Father! Father!
– Why did you do like this? Brother, let us take him to hospital.
– Father! How? There is no hospital
till 20 kilometres. Revathi. – Father! Father! lt is okay. Let us take
him to the hospital. There is no time.
First make uncle lie down on the ground. Do it! Touch below the chest. Does it look swollen? Yes.
– Tell them to bring a sharp… …knife and something like spirit. Uncle, there is a
first aid kit in father’s car. Bring the knife from it and
vodka bottle from the dickey. What is the need for them now?
– Bring them, uncle! Are you coming? – Hey! Hey! Why are you doing all this now?
Revathi is coming. There is no time, uncle.
– What are you talking? This is tension pneumothorax.
– This is tension pneumothorax. Air from his lungs is escaping
into his chest. Air from his lungs is escaping
into his chest. Open the shirt. When we inhale when we
are in tension… …and if lungs walls don’t open up… …properly then air gets locked. So the air has to be
released immediately. Fast! – Take it. First pour vodka in that
place and clean it. Now stab in that area. Please believe me. We are just making a small hole
to release that air. Open the cap of that bottle. Keep it on that. Press it. Brother! What happened, brother? Revathi, like a big doctor. He said bring the knife…
Tension pneumothorax. He did something and saved brother. Though aunt doesn’t like me, l couldn’t tolerate your pain
and therefore came in front of you. l am sorry.Oh, fly away my heart.Go to any distance.Will l not find you and come to you?l am living in my heart.Whether it is a dream…Or if l am wide awake…Will l be able to live without you?l am alive because of is because of love.l will stay wherever you are.l will come with you as you wish
by becoming a shadow.l will live for thousand years in
the fort of your love.Oh, l am the moving wind.You are the waves inside me.We cannot move without
staying together.Oh, l am the lightening thunder.You are the spark inside me.
We will stay together.Oh, fly away my heart.Go to any distance.Will l not find you and
come to you?l am living in my heart.Love is the oasis in sun.However one may drink,
the thirst of love……cannot be quenched.However one may fill
their hearts with love……it cannot be filled completely.Love has blossomed between us
long back.Love has disturbed our sleep
and brought us together.Sir, Madhav went to lndian saying
his mother is unwell.He will return within a week.Sir, l will change this number
for security reasons.Has he done all this?Sir, this is the doctor’s house. Do you want me to go and
drag her out? We don’t want doctor.
We want patient. She might not be here.
We will wait. The last vaccine will
be given today. lt is coming from morning’s flight. You go to the courier office
and bring… …it so that there is no delay. Hey, who is Sravanthi? Sravanthi? Who is it, brother?
– He should know. Tell me. Who is Sravanthi? Sravanthi… Who is it, father? So did you call her name all
night without knowing her? Did l call her name?
– Yes. l came to your room last night
after seeing the lights on. You were moving around in sleep and… …calling out Sravanthi… Sravanthi. Who is that girl, son? She is my friend, father.
There is a small problem. That’s why… l might have
called her name… ls it a problem not to be
disclosed to me? Love? Did her family come to know of it? ls her father creating any problem? Tell me. l will meet and talk. My son is gold.
l will say that my son is gold. Thanks, father. Left! Left! Come, guys! Hey, you go this side. Boss! lt is bit urgent.
Give it fast. lt is not possible if you say urgent.
Wait for half an hour. There is an important medicine
in that courier. Why do you talk without
knowing its urgency? Look, the life of a girl
depends on it. lf you don’t give it on time
then she will die. Please, boss.
Try to understand. One minute, sir. Sir, he is in the
courier office upstairs. Ram! What happened? Hey! Leave it! Go. What is it?
– Aunt, take it. Why are you coming running?
– First give the injection. Where is Ram? Hey! Ram!
– Aunt, wait! Hey! Who are you? No! No! You rogue! Arrest him! First my daughter needs to be shifted
to the hospital urgently. Put this rogue in jail.
– Sir, don’t act in haste. lt is because of him that
your daughter is still alive. Mr. Commissioner. l called you up
thinking that the situation… …here is going out of control. No! He and DK have planned
it together. Sir, you will not believe even
if we tell what has happened. Not only you but nobody in this
world will believe it. You daughter should tell
the truth. lt is me, dear. Father. Who are they, father? Arrest him.Oh heart, don’t break down.
Don’t become furious.Don’t change even if love turns
out to be dangerous.Oh, love is the reason for likes
and troubles.Love will not give the reason for
anything is written is taking place as destiny.Though memories pierce the heart,
tolerate them as love.You cannot avoid this ordeal.Will love draw us apart?Let the memories continue with
the cycle of births.Oh heart, don’t break down.
Don’t become furious.Don’t change even if love turns out
to be dangerous.Sir, that boy and his aunt have taken
lot of risk for your daughter. lt is true. Excuse me. Dr. Revathi…
– Yes. She is in operation theatre. You? l am Chakradhar from Paris. lt will take one hour for the doctor
to come out. Please wait. l am going to Paris. Tell her that l will call later.
– Okay sir. Sorry, son. l didn’t believe it
when your aunt said it. But now l have understood the truth. Thanks a lot, son. What? Did Sravanthi’s father come?
Why? Aunt, he said thanks.
– Thanks? What does he think? Did we take this risk for thanks? Why doesn’t he tell the truth
he knows to Sravanthi? l will go and ask. No, aunt. When she said that
she doesn’t know me… …then l don’t have the strength
to even go in front of her. What if she is not there in my life? She is alive, isn’t it? That’s enough, aunt.
My love has won. Farther, l am very sorry. l gave you lot of trouble
asking for freedom. l will never say no to you any time. What happened?
– Tyre is punctured, sir.lf that dreams comes true
then l will love only him……irrespective of his looks
and the place he lives.l will marry only him.


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