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(ENG/SPA) Best Korean Actors that Played Cameos and Brightened Up K-Drama Scenes | Another Miss Oh

[Bongsin’s CreatorPick]
[Oh Haeyoung Again’s Best Cameos] – Yes?
– Do you want to grab dinner with me? – Why?
– I want to have dinner together with you – Why?
– I’m attracted to you (A look of disbelief) I’m not interested in any religion! Oh, um… It’s nothing like that! Excuse me Call this number sometime,
It’s my business card If you don’t believe me, you can
call the bar association They’ll have a picture of me So, can we go out to eat together…? (An unusual entrance) I guess you love seeing your child Even when you’re sick of your wife? Look at you, coming home
every once in a while (This is Eric’s mother’s reminiscence,
look at her act!) What other excuse would you have made, other than work, for not coming home? I guess you lucked out with that job of yours, hmm?
(Look at those fiery eyes) (She’s incredibly beautiful for a cameo) You just need to throw it high Now, throw it! – Nice catch!
– (Cheers) (Anyone can tell it’s Oh Manseok, haha) – Umm…
– Espresso compañía Cream whipped by hand, plus a shot,
am I right? Okay You’re good~ (Tissues on the face, haha) Take off those tissues from your face
You’re embarrassing yourself You still got some there (Lee Pilmo appears as Eric’s father) – I don’t hear anything
– Listen carefully Dad? Dad? Dad Dad Dad! Dad!!! Dad! Dad! Get up! Get up, Dad!!!


  1. 김수지 Author

    연우진은 진짜 연기 기가막히게 잘하는듯….. 능청맞은 연기부터 사극,사제 역까지 부족한게 뭐냐 진짜

  2. 감기 Author

    진짜 우리 연우진 배우 연기 이렇게 잘하는데 왜 안뜨냐구용 ㅠㅠㅠ 좋은 작가 감독님들!! 우리 오라방 좀 데려다가 연기시켜주세욜💞 아앙 우리 오빠 상받고 환하게 웃는모습보고싶당

  3. nara Author

    Wow I love this drama so much, another oh hae young is one of refreshing drama — that I’ve never seen for such a long time (after 2016)
    Another drama like this is marriage not dating
    Anyone know any drama that have genre like this?


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