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[Eng Sub]’방탄도령단’ Theater of situations – BTS (방탄소년단) (ft. Goblin)

JH: Where are you from? (in historical drama tone)
(Bangtan Doryung (a traditional word for noble young man) wearing Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes)) (Singing “Stay With Me” ost from drama “Goblin”) (Skits started) (all in historical drama tone)
JH: Which king are you from? JM: I am…. JM: the king of the empire. JH: What nonsense are you talking about? JK: What are you talking about? JH: I am the grim reaper (death angel). JM: Jin doryung!
(The members moving close to Jin who was behind) JIN: Ah, crazy. JH: Jin Doryung!
JIN: Ah, crazy, crazy. JH: You are crazy Jin (wordplay).
JIN: Ah, crazy Jin. JK: Hyung, what is this? JH: Why are you wearing that kind of shoes? JK: These shoes are fake, right? JIN: Fake love~ JK: …… JH: What kind of joke is that? JIN: What I say isn’t always a joke. (When the atmosphere gets down, the song starts (Stay With Me)) JK: It’s not a joke (Gag) but just a dog (Gae).
(Say-anything party) (Jin making dog barking sound) JH: Wow, hyung’s dog barking sound feels real. (Jin making dog barking sound) JH: Let’s go, Doryungs. JH: We need to go shoot the recording. Jimin-doryung, what are you doing? JM: What do you mean, doryung?
(He thinks he’s a king instead of doryung which means a noble young man) JH: There was no cellphone in the past.
(The skits now end for real shooting) (Famous scene from Goblin)
Gong Yoo: Because the day was sunny… GY: the day was rainy… GY: and the day was perfect… GY: everyday was good. JM: Because the day was sunny… JM: the day was rainy… JM: everyday was good. (in satoori from embarrassment)


  1. Gilbert Koelpin Author

    They kept singing "Stay With Me" from Goblin!
    I know there are many who love this song too! The boys are acting as Gong Yoo & Lee Dong Wook in Goblin LOL And the conversation is a stream of their consciousness. Which means nonsense.
    Subs are up! Please turn on CC!!


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  2. Amy Morgan Author

    Of COURSE they would release this right after the last Run episode. Lol! That just made this clip 10× funnier. 😂 Thank you for the subs. 💜

  3. Hey stob It Author

    can we just take time to congratulate me now that my little sister has turned army after years of celebrating new albums I have finally have someone to get over excited with leave a like

  4. Ivette Mercado Author

    hahaha love this, thanks for adding the Goblin clip at the end and thanks for always putting in the time into these videos! Much appreciated!!!

  5. Amy Y. Author

    i love how you always end your videos. they kept singing the goblin ost but also just happened to show that run episode. this is perfect😂

  6. Cherry Tae Author

    They are so funny 😂 Goblin, one of the the best Kdrama i've ever watched, and 'Stay with me' intro will always stay epic in my heart. Thank u for your hardwork Jayelle, it means a lot, really a lot.

  7. angie dracul Author

    i loved u added JIMIN's cut from RUN BTS … thank u for this i love it !!! appreciate not only for translating but faster too ….

  8. Celine Author

    That time when jin joked in jimin birthday telling him that the cake looked like him jm that it was fake cake and sang , jin and his dad jokes.

  9. amal hentati Author

    goblin is my favourite kdrama and knowing that I share same taste with the boys wahh also I love the song stay with me, I used to listen to it on repeat

  10. Zamilla Zamri Author

    Oh my my my… The ending part is very uWu inducing that my uWu meter almost broke. Jimin being Goblin will stay in my wishlist for a long time.

  11. latybu V. Author

    I love the goblin one of favorites dramas, I hope one day the boys would make a drama, even do they say is something they can be good at, I don't agree with that, they can do anything because talent runs through their veins😜💜

    What kind of drama would you like see boys in?

    Thank you kd💜

  12. Alpha Grace Author

    Goblin is my most favorite drama of all time… I still can't move on, i'm still crying! It seems that they watched goblin.. Did they saw the part that they are mentioned in that drama…. ?

  13. Laura Valentin Author

    Eres la mejor!!! 😆
    Esta fue la primera vez que le entendí (por lo menos el contexto) al vídeo sin subtítulos pero tu edición siempre les da el extra 😘.

  14. Elaine Tan Author

    You always know what we wanna say 😂
    I want to comment I really love STAY WITH ME this song but then i saw ur pinned comment 😂

  15. Maria Laura Author

    lol thanks for this and the end is so good I THINK THE BEST THING IS mAKING THEM DOING DRAMAS lol run staff is the best lol

  16. 5and1 Author

    Hi JL_Kdiamond i love your subs and am grateful that you do them, so thank you. If you get a chance can you please translate the coolkkadang ep where they talk about BTS please.

  17. Diminie Culture Author

    I just wanted to say thank you for always working hard for us so that we can understand what thy are talking about.
    Thank you so much 💜

  18. We love BTS and BTS loves us Author

    J-Hope: What nonsense are you talking about?
    Jimin: What are you talking about?


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