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[ENG sub] [M COUNTDOWN Theater with PENTAGON] KPOP TV Show | M COUNTDOWN 190411 EP.614

I’m Han Hyun Min! A new student at MCD school I want to join a cool club and become an insider of the K-POP industry! Now, it’s time to fulfill my dreams Hui & Jinho Yuto & Wooseok Shinwon & Hongseok Yanan & Yeo One MCD Theater EP. 2
Welcome, is this your first Sintoburi experience? I had such high hopes for the opera club But it wasn’t for me To become a K-POP insider I have made my decision The Sintoburi music club
PENTAGON Welcome to the Sintoburi music club We were waiting for someone talented like you The first encounter of the 2meters Who is he? He’s always like that Sintoburi music club, I’m excited The next day 1st day at the Sintoburi music club Hey~ Oh he… How dare you wear a T-shirt with English on it!!! (Sintoburi_music_club_standard_outfits) What is this place…? 2nd day at the Sintoburi music club Snacks are the best when you’re making new friends! Hey~ Hey! No….!!! That doesn’t belong in the Sintoburi music club! (Oh no…) 3rd day at the Sintoburi music club Oh Hyun Min! Hi~ What?! As a member of the Sintoburi music club! I can’t accept this behavior! (Bamboo salt) After I joined the Sintoburi music club, PENTAGON They made a huge fuss about everything… I couldn’t handle it anymore So I… Decided to quit But But a song Hui(the guy in the back) wrote CalledWas a huge hit, and everyone else but me became famous… And I… Never saw them again after they became superstars… Can Hyun Min become a K-POP insider?


  1. Princess Azeesa Mariam Abantas Author

    You are so funny, Pentagonie! HAHAHAHAHA you can act and do comedy ❤️ you havee everything already! Hahaha loveeeee you all ❤️

  2. Nathy Shaaron05 Author


  3. andy bee Author

    Some of u maybe dont know that half of Pentagon acted in Spark, which Yeoone is one of the cast and in Age Of Youth/Hello My Twenties season 2.


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