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I’m Han Hyun Min! A new student at MCD school I want to join a cool club and become an insider of the K-POP industry! Now, it’s time to fulfill my dreams However… Last week… when I joined the school band(Creepy) Well, this is what I have to do to become the ultimate K-POP insider A community service club, that dreams of a better tomorrowCan I do this? Yeonjun Soobin Beomgyu Hueningkai Taehyun MCD Theater EP.5
The Giving Tree Hi! Welcome toGood luck! Maybe it’s because this is a community service club Everyone is so nice (Friendly) The next day Hey Hyun Min Beomgyu… your feet! Oh this? On my way to the club room, there was someone who lost his shoes So I gave him mine Sorry… I’m a little late There was someone who needed money So I had to give him all the money I had That’s my boy! Good job! That’s great! Did he get mugged? MCD school mid terms (Name: Hueningkai) (No…) Hyun Min! Did you do well on the test? Yeah, but Hueningkai… Did you just draw a line on your answer sheet? If I sacrifice mine, the other students can get better grades! Soobin! Why are you wearing that? If I wear this? The other students can look better! (What…) Hyun Min! What are you doing? If I walk like this, my friends can look taller! Manners They are sacrificing their looks and height for others? Why… Guys, what are we doing today? We decided to go to the children’s hospital So we’re gonna practice our dance routine Should we get started? I should’ve known…
Dance Practice Day -1
Dance Practice Day -2
Dance Practice Day -3
– For three days… without food or water we practiced… My life was more important to me than community service… So I decided to quit the club… again Can I become a K-POP insider?


  1. กฤษฏา ภู่สงค์ Author


  2. BangtanxTXT Author

    1:57 ohh Is Hueningkai saying that he is so smart that if he will not Sacrifice he will be always in the top ohhh ok hahahaha so cute

  3. the unicorn Author

    Theatre was spelled wrong being the theatre nerd i am im livid why doesnt any one know how to spell theatre right its theatre not theater

  4. 방탄소년단Trasheu Author

    Okay so I badly need a Taehyun in my life😂 I’m broke buying merchs🤣

    I bet Namjoon Told Yeonjun to walk that way so that Jimin and Yoongi will feel better with their height😂

    Also Jin taught Soobin well😂 Was it a coincidence that he loves Jin so much? Or maybe it’s his brother Jin who told him to borrow and wear those iconic glasses of his😂

  5. Euphorianne Author

    So you're telling me that TXT always give way for things like shoes, money, grades etc but are heartless rookie monsters when it comes to performing I GOT IT

  6. e Author

    뭐든 걸 주고 싶어~~
    ( 헐~ )


  7. ᅵ ᅭᅮᄏ크 ᄆ ᄀ ᅣ ᄆ Author

    Hyun Min: Why are you wearing that?
    Soobin: If I wear this. The other students can look better!
    Hyun Min: What are you doing?
    Yeonjun: If I walk like this, my friends can look taller!

    Otoke lmao this kid

  8. roxanne delosantos Author

    I'm impressed the foreigner could talk korean really good 😀 also, why do i feel like yeonjun is trying to pull me to pick to be he's bias


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