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[Eng sub] Neptunia VIIR Noire VR scene 5: The voice actors on this side

G-Good day. I came to visit again. What’s this? “Popular VA live concert”? Looks like Voice actors are famous in your world too. Actually I went shopping just before I came here. I picked up a few live concert cds. Concerts put on by Voice actors. Why did I buy them? Well…it’s because… Oh, it’s so I can give advice to my friend I mention who wants to become a voice actor. I bought them as reference materials, so I can give advice at any time. Are you interested in voice actors too? I see…that means you do know a fair bit about voice actors, right? I’m really curious about the voice actors on your side… Even if they are the same job, there must be some differences in the processes they follow… There must be alot we can stand to learn… Ah, sorry, I’m just talking to myself, don’t worry about it. There are over two hours of footage… Even if there are a few edits here and there, there must be at least two hours of live footage. It might be abit presumptuous for me to be thinking about this. I’m basically just a really hardcore fan… T-That was obviously about my friend! I’m talking about my friend! *cough* Sorry for raising my voice. I feel like know more about the voice actors on your side. Seems like I learnt something new today. I’ll come visit again. When I do… I might want to get some advice. I feel like I can be a little more honest whenever I’m with you. Ah, right, thanks for letting me see the disk. I’ll put it back where it was. Bye. See you again.


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