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Ep 11: How to Audition Actors for Film | My Prolific Film School Journey

Hi my name is Emily and I’m… (Cassidy OS) And I’m
reading the role of– I’m reading for the role of Tangerine. Hey guys Cassidy here.
This week we did auditions for our final semester films review project. So in this
video you will actually get to see the auditions for my final film. I just think
that will help all of the young filmmakers out there who are wondering
how to audition actors when they have roles for actors that they don’t know
how to audition. I’m making my film based off of the masterpiece film Eternal
Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The two characters that I’m auditioning are one,
for the role of Tangerine, and two, Joel. Things go very interestingly. The first
person i auditioned was my roommate, Emily. I pretty much just auditioned her
because she lives with me so like it’s convenient. My teacher said that the
first thing to make sure of when were auditioning actors is that they’re
warmed up and ready to give the best audition possible. He actually gave us an
exercise to do with the actors before each audition just to make sure that
that is the case and they’re prepared. Ok Emily. Can we just get like like a
chuckle from you? Okay can you just laugh like… normally now? can you okay can you
do like a belly like a belly laugh now Can you… Okay can you
do like a belly–like a belly laugh? Now I’m nice? Don’t you have any other
adjectives? There’s careless,
overbearing, argumentative… mumpish! Ok great um can you like do it a little bit
more naturally now? Now I’m nice? Don’t you know any other adjectives?
There’s careless, snotty, overbearing argumentative… mumpish! Um can you do it
like… more like a person? Now I’m nice?? don’t you know any other
adjectives? There’s careless, snotty, overbearing,
argumentative… mumpish! Since the role of Tangerine wasn’t
working out very well I decided to have her read for the role of Joel. Random
thoughts for Valentine’s Day. 2004. Today is a holiday invented by greeting card
companies to make people feel like crap. I ditched work today. Took a train out to
Montauk. I don’t know why. I’m not an impulsive person–(Cassidy OS) Um wait can you make it
more like like sad? Random thoughts forValentine’s Day. 2004. So after realizing
that this wasn’t gonna work I had to think of a not awkward way to tell her
that the audition was over. And you know since like she’s my roommate and I live
with her it’s like I can’t really tell her to go home. Sand is overrated. It’s just tiny little
rocks– (Cassidy OS) Oh my god Emily, your cat’s getting hit by a car! It may or may not have been a wise way
to end the audition. Is it… is it rolling? (Cassidy OS) Yes. Hi my name isJasper and I am auditioning for the role
of Joel. I figured that Jasper would be a really good option to audition being his
innate theatrical talent. Hi. Can I just get like a chuckle? Okay great. Can we just get a regular laugh now? Awesome! Okay now can we have a belly
laugh? I started him off with the role of Joel but it just didn’t feel right. If
only I could find someone new. I guess my chances of that are somewhat diminished
seeing as I’m incapable of making eye contact with the woman I don’t know.
Maybe I could get– (Cassidy OS) Can you look at me and not the ground? I just like I can’t
like see your eyes when you’re looking at the ground. Do you want me to do it again I can I can do it again. the
role of tangerine on the other hand he The
role of Tangerine on the other hand he embodied with perfection. is is it okay
if I sit closer so I don’t have to Is… is it okay
if I sit… cl–closer so I don’t have to scream? But I don’t want to bug you if
you’re writing something no I’m just I No. I’m just… I don’t really… Um. What? You don’t really what? But as I listened to myself read for the role of Joel I discovered
that my interpretation was one of brilliance. I’m not a stalker. You talked
to me. Remember? I realized that there was I realized that there was no one else who was going to fill those
shoes better than myself. But of course to prove to my teacher that I would be
the best fit I had to audition myself for the role. Hi I could give you a ride
if you need. No that’s ok, thanks though. You sure it’s cold. Yeah it is frosty.
Where do you live? You’re not a stalker or anything right? Stalker Channing. No
that’s not really a color is it? I’ll quit while I’m ahead. I think given the brilliant and natural tone that I gave this character it’s
pretty clear who’s gonna be casted in this role. Because I’m casting it. We’re
presenting our auditions to our teacher tomorrow so wish me luck in the comments
section down below. And maybe subscribe for good luck too. For my good luck. And
maybe just give it a like for an extra boost of luck. I’m nervous. So yeah
hopefully that helped some young filmmakers out there somewhere who want
to audition actors and don’t know how. Ok thank you guys so much for watching bye


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