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Ep 6: CINEMA OF THE UNSETTLING | My Prolific Film School Journey

Hey guys, Cassidy here! This week we
learned about cinema of the unsettling. It’s probably like, the highest form of
cinema or art really for that matter. Our teacher explained it to us very well and
apparently narrative is dead. So my film is about consuming and just
how as like, a nation we just like consume too much cause like I’ll be at
the store and I’ll see someone and they have like five pizzas and it’s like, do
you need to buy five pizzas? Like, I mean maybe. But like probably not. So yeah. I
hope you enjoy my film. So that was my film! I’m really proud
of it personally but I wanted to get some feedback from everyone. One, I wanted
to know what everyone thinks I should name it. Comment in the comment section
down below if you have suggestions. Number two. I was
wondering what everyone thought it was about regardless of the fact that like, I
told you earlier what it was about. What did you interpret it as because like
maybe I could improve it to be more consumer-y. And last but not least
number three. I was wondering if you guys think I could submit it to festivals
because I just want to like change the game of cinema. So I think that cinema of
the unsettling is the best way to kill narrative. So I just wanted thoughts on
that. Okay, so that’s it for today. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to
comment your feedback in the comment section below. You guys are cool and amazing for
watching, thank you, bye.

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