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Ep24 Advertising in the Cinema

– Cinema ads take three. Hi, I’m Liz from Thibodeau Media Group. – And I’m Torrey with Riggo Productions. – And it’s – Two Producer Tuesday. (upbeat music) – On this week’s edition
of Two Producer Tuesday we’re gonna talk about cinema advertising and a little hindsight
about what we learned in our experience doing just that. What do you know about cinema advertising? – It is much more
affordable than you’d think. That’s the short of it, we were presented from a staff member here at our studio that said you should try out this ad. First thing I said was it’s too expensive, I can’t afford it, not that it doesn’t work, I just said it’s much more
than I’ve got to spend. And I couldn’t be more wrong. And we did it, we included the
ad campaign on the big screen in the movie theaters with a promotion we did
for Two Producer Studios, you might have seen that ad. And I was happy with how
everything worked in the end and it was affordable. – Right, so basically all you, if you’re interested
in cinema advertising, all you need is a spot to run which obviously we can produce or perhaps you have a 30 second spot, and a connection to
purchasing the cinema time which is very very very affordable, and what was super cool
which I didn’t understand didn’t know before we did it, is how it’s all integrated
with digital assets as well. Like targeting you when
you purchase the tickets and all kinds of, they
reach you in the lobby. When we were running
our ads during Christmas and New Year’s week, and I can’t tell you how many friends also big movie weeks, friends texting me hey I’m in line for my supersize popcorn
and I see you in the lobby. Because the ads would run
in a loop on the lobby and it was super fun. And it was really kind of exciting for us. – It was, it was a great, and again it was a great way to integrate maybe a further
penetration into the market of what we were trying to do which was just get people
to go see our new website which was Two Producer Studios. – [Liz] Did we get
return on our investment? – We did, through the Google
analytics that we had, let me just check off screen Google analytics, we did that, and it did show a return. We had people visiting the website and that’s what we were
trying to make happen. So, was it a win for us? – Yes.
– I think so. – Absolutely
– I think that it was. And so if you’re looking to try to get into a different market, you’re trying to put maybe video content out in a different place, consider a movie theater, because it’s much more
affordable than you might think. – Right, and super targeted, and lots of fun, and it
goes great with popcorn. – It does, I love popcorn. – See you next week. Thanks. Look, here’s the thing, video is exciting, it’s
engaging and informative, it’s easy to use, and it’s great to share. My business uses video for marketing and training, and helps build my brand, and tell my story. Or tell your story. – Video content works for us, and it’s an awesome way
to deliver vivid content consumers are sure to remember. And they’re watching, make sure that they’re watching you. – So what’s your story? – I’ve got a good one. Let us tell your story at (upbeat music) (upbeat music)

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