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Ethir Neechal – Tamil Full Movie | Sivakarthikeyan | Priya Anand | R.S. Durai Senthilkumar | Anirudh

Hello! you are listening to 87.5 Chennai FM! We were discussing the Chennai Marathon that is to take place in
two and a half months They have registration counters
are all over the city Register yourself quickIy! The organisers have announced
unbelievably exciting prices for the winner So what is a marathon? ln 490 B.C, the Athenian tribes fought against the
mighty Persians in a marathon battle and won Phidipius, an Athenian warrior,
ran for about 42 kilometres to his country to announce this victory and then died His undying spirit gave
birth to the idea of a marathon! We’ll keep sharing more such
interesting information with you So stay tuned to Chennai F.M! They say all great things have small beginnings Some of us, unwittingly, might have been connecting
factors between the two Some call it nature
Others say it’s co-incidence A few others have named it Chaos Theory This story is about one such
small thing that has a great ending AGAINST THE TIDE Every one has problem in their life. For me also. But my problem is different. Why? Mr. Karthik? Yeah, sir. Okay Okay sir Brother? Okay, sir
– Brother Brother Such a pain!- While calling my name Hello. Can’t give special instructions to you
Go sit What I’m trying to say is- Go sit! Go, I say Mr. Kunjithapadham! Kunjithapadham? Hello? Who is Kunjithapadham? You see, my name is my problem lt’s nothing! Hang in there… Just a little while longer’ lt’s almost over! No other go. We’ve decided
to do a caesarean section Sign here Doctor, is something wrong? l’m trying to save both the lives Don’t worry, son lf everything goes well,
we’ll name the boy after our deity- O Lord Kunjithapadham!
Please protect our family unjithapadham, Kunjithapadham, Kunjithapadham! Ammu! Here ma’m David! Here ma’m Deepesh Here ma’m Kunjithapadham! Here ma’m Shush! Why is everyone laughing? When everyone laughed at my name, at first it used to make me happy Hey, Vijaya! Hey, Vijaya! Hey, Viji! But we don’t always address each other
with our full names, right? Kunji out! Kunji out! Kunji out! Miss, Kunjiya is pinching me, miss! Kunjiya! Pass the ball here. This one’s for Vicky.
And this is for Kunji. Why this name, Granny? Lord Kunjithapadham saved your mother’s life! That’s why you were named so l was most upset because of
my name in my 9th grade The first prize for the 1500 metre and 800 metre track race goes to: Kunji. . . Why are you laughing? Kunjithapadham! Come here That day l wished l had never won Son, be patient!
After this year, we’ll talk to the school- Mom! l won’t go to school
unless you change my name This is a simple matter! Just tell me what name you want l’ll change it in the gazette
and get the T.C for you Hey, will you refuse to come to
school for all this? Lord Kunjithapadham! Please save my mother.
l’ll never ask to change my name again After that I never thought of
changing my name again Mom! How much longer?
l’m getting late Just 5 minutes. lt’s getting ready Mom, it’s getting late!
l’m leaving l’ll eat at the canteen There’s an hour left for
your classes to begin! What’s the hurry? Mom, special class! Even if l miss it for one day,
l won’t be able to catch up And then someone else will pick up and go You all this no understanding , mummy!
-Okay, be safe! This is Peter, my friend. l always come to him with my problems
Ever since we were kids Dude, l think you should change your name to
solve this problem Dude, changing your name is the right solution Dude, no other go but to change your name now! Fucking, change your name if you want to
Just don’t come near my shop anymore! Peter! Brother, tea or coffee? Boost! What’s it? No, brother has come Yeah, as if this guy is the ambassador
for a foreign nation And you’re in-charge of hospitality First thing in the morning, He’s come all the way
just to check out a chick Tea and coffee for him! Bloody, serve him phenol! What, bro? Sarcasm? What would a tailor know about love? There’s a procedure for everything Oh yeah? What’s your procedure? Good question. Come, l’ll tell you Come! She’ll come here now That’s your procedure? And she’ll look at me! She saw my dad yesterday, too Hey, she’s coming! My memory has become weaker, girl!
lt’s your fault You’ve splashed colours on shadows
You did that! l can’t even spot the full moon, girl! lt’s all you, girl! My memory has become weaker, girl!
lt’s your fault You’ve splashed colours on shadows
You did that! l can’t even spot the full moon, girl! lt’s all you, girl! Hey, don’t throw me those secret glances, girl My heart can’t take it! Don’t you get me love drunk now That’s enough The whole world is on one side And l’m here, on the other side l’ve got so many secrets in my heart How they weigh me down! Forbidden thoughts fill my head lt’s too much to handle Words and blows can’t change my mind l’m accepting my fate! A bug, yearning the warmth,
gets burnt in the fire Unaware, the lamp sheds tears for the bug! Hey, don’t throw me
those secret glances, girl My heart can’t take it! Don’t you get me love drunk now That’s enough, girl! My memory has become weaker, girl! You’ve splashed colours on shadows l can’t even spot the full moon, girl! lt’s all you, girl! l’m okay with everything But. . your name. . . My friends told me that after marriage,
your name will be my surname Give me two days to think about it? Mom! Why is Susheela sister’s house vacant? They packed their stuff overnight
and moved out! Didn’t you know? Rascal! You chased a girl out of the town? ls this what she asked for two days’ time? Must be! Need to book a lorry,
pack up the stuff. . . lt’ll take at least two days, right? l don’t care who makes fun of me Nothing is as important as my mother’s life After my dad died when l was three,
my mom has struggled to raise me alone l’ll pay the remaining
amount next month, brother Why should you go through all this? lf you send your son to the shop,
it’ll help with the home expenses, right? No, brother. He should study and
become an important person Her only ambition was to see me shine amidst relatives who didn’t respect us l didn’t feel any pain till my mother was there But today, my mother is not here The house is filled with
memories of my mother l started to focus more on work Hi, Kunju! Here, take some chips Sir, l’ve been telling you for six months
now to call me by my full name Why aren’t you listening to me? What’s there in this? This name is short and sweet.
lt rolls down your tongue easily Sir, l’m talking seriously here and
you’re giggling like an idiot! Hey! Who’s an idiot? You’re just a sales representative
for this company l’m a manager
Bloody! Watch your words Sir, what did l say now? l want you to address me by my full name
ls that wrong? l call Balakrishanan as Balu.
Krishnamurthy is Kittu! Whatever is easy, I will call you You don’t like that? lt doesn’t please you? Then quit your job Stay here only if you want to We can’t debate about
your name and it’s short forms l’m busy here! Kunju Uncle! Kunju Uncle! Kunju Uncle! ls this how you beat up a kid? lt’s not like he said something wrong!
Doesn’t everyone call you like that? Do you go around beating up all of them? I can see the mark of your fingers You think there is no one to question you? Macha, l’ve decided to change my name Super! There’s a specialist for this Heard of Sivaraj Siddha Vaidhya Salai? Oye! No, next to that building An expert on names! King of numerology Dr. 12 B, Gunasekar Raja! A name is life’s foundation and proof Change your name to a lucky name,
and luck will land at your doorstep His overseas tour details: Every month on the 23th,
at the city of joy- Bangkok 22nd in Kuwait 30th of every month in America At the birthplace of kungfu, China,
He will be on the 12th of every month Hmmm! No wonder! Your name is Ke-seven. You were born on the 7 th and named as 7!
How will you fare well? You won’t. But there’s a mathematical remedy for that The sum of these two numbers is lf you add that 9 here. . it’ll be super! Read this now? Canine! Haan! lt even sounds great You’ll be going to Canada the next month, okay? l was just a K-7
But Boss has made me a K-9 l request him to create many such canines What’s all this? Look up Dhoni Superstar Obama Powerstar It’s amazing, right? Token number 7 8- Rekha What’s wrong with the name Rekha? Why would they change it? Right, sir? l am Rekha, sir Rekha, sir Sorry madam, don’t mistake me Grandpa, what will you do with a new name? l have four grandsons! As if he can hear someone calling his name. . . Hello. Have you come to change your name? No, he’s come here to exchange me
for a new friend l think that’ll be better You’re correct, sir I’m here to change my name, yes -Me, too
-Super, sir! Sir, you never told me your name Damn! He had to ask that question Haan, l understand
l face the same problem My name is Paavadai Saami lf they call my whole name,
it’s a God’s name But who does that? They shorten it and call me “Pavadai” My occupation is catering lf l go to a wedding, and someone says ”Pavadai, lift that!” or ”Pavadai, lift it here” They talk like that l feel so shy to hear that! That shy? Yeah, because of the Pavadai So my friend suggested that l change my name Now that l’m changing it anyway,
l wanted a lucky name? So l’m here Super, sir You never told me your name! Ku- Ku- Ku- Kunjithapadham! Oh, it’s even worse than my name Shortening that name would make it so obscene Sir, before me- Why, before anyone else, it’s you who should change your name Because it’s the most sensitive part What is brother’s age? Twenty seven, sir You’ve had this name of 2 7 years now? Obviously.
Does anyone change their name every year? Brother, did you study? ln college, the girls would
call you using this name? The point of changing his name was so that some random
buffoons won’t make fun of him like this You’re not talking about me, right? No, sir! l was talking about the
buffoon who made fun The name that you give should
get him immediate success, sir! lmmediate, huh? Yes, sir Successful man, eh? Yes, sir Sure, let’s do that Haan! Kunjithakanth? Super, sir!
How do you think of such names, sir? Sir, l want the latest,
stylish name that ends in ” esh”, sir How? Ramesh, Suresh, Rajesh..
something like that! Ramesh…Suresh.. esh.. .esh. . Kunjesh? Sir, l don’t want that thing, sir! What, the ”esh”? No, l want that l don’t want what’s before that You don’t want that.
Then l’ll need your horoscope details l’m a Capricon, born under the
Utthraada Star Date of birth 23/5/ 1985 Okay, let me see Wait, let me open the computer first! oh, you do that, sir! Dude, after opening the system,
maybe he’ll post about your name on Facebook? You shut your shutter, man Haan! l’ve got it, brother lf you just name yourself after the number
l suggest, Jupiter will bow before you Yeah?
– Yeah! Thanks. What, sir, change of name?
– Yeah Even my brother was in a lot of trouble He changed his name last month Now he’s in the U .S Good things will happen to you Excuse me? We’re from Vedanayagam Charitable trust We’re raising funds for children with autism Your contribution will
really help their education Thanks! Your name? Harish Nice name Huh? Nice name Thank you! Harish Uncle! Harish Uncle! Thank you, Uncle! The whole world seems to spin around me! My heart is screaming in joy The Jupiter, with folded arms,
is standing before me l was just a damaged piece The joker has now become a hero! This dry mound of clay gets chiseled: Once a crooked pillar,
but now stands erect! My name is now order My path has become straight now A zero has become a hundred Yes, a hundred! My name is now order My path has become straight now A zero has become a hundred Yes, a hundred! Let’s go to the market Have some cotton candy! Let’s go to the beach And ride on a merry-go-’round! Slowly, my life has gotten better Even work seems like a jolly thing! Bike rides seem happier now My time has come This is awesome! Even work seems like a jolly thing! Bike rides seem happier now My time has come This is awesome! A fragrant breeze is blowing,
The tide is my way! That curse l was born with Has gone away! l was just a damaged piece The joker has now become a hero! This dry mound of clay gets chiseled: Once a crooked pillar, but now stands erect! The whole world seems to spin around me! My heart is screaming in joy The Jupiter is standing before me with folded arms! lt’s not enough if you just change your name You need to change everything about yourself! 0 Your house, your work, your neighborhood l changed everything, just like Peter said A new area New name And a new job Also, his new shop Brother, you push to the left You come to the right, brother! Brother, you take a U-turn Oh no! Why is ”Peter” dirty? You’re the one who dug the dirt
on the first place You just adjust and park it there, brother Harish, please pay the
electricity bills on your way? l’ve got some urgent work,
aunty l’ll do it tomorrow? Keeps breaking down at the
wrong time Damned thing! Harish! My bike’s not starting
Please drop the boy at the school? Owner, l’m going this way
and the school is that way Just this once lt’s getting late Look at the boy and his size! Have you dropped the boy? No, our Harish is only taking him Just by going to school today,
you’ll become a collector? You sack of rice! He needs to be loaded in a lorry
but l’m taking him in my bike Don’t know to sit properly? l’ll kill you if you get
on my bike the next time Hey, get down and go Luck, destiny and all that is false Until it happens to you l saw her again that day Since day my eyes saw you All my worries have been forgotten! My fingertips yearn to meet yours My love! Since the day my eyes saw you All my worries have been forgotten! My fingertips yearn to meet yours My love! Won’t you listen to your father? The bike has not been fixed yet
Go with Uncle today alone Buddy, won’t come with Uncle? l won’t, buddy We’re friends, sir We talk to each other like that only Let’s go to school! Dad and son both look like a forest elephant Uncle, let me go Wait for a bit, sweetie. What’s the rush? Good morning, miss! Good morning! Geetha miss has come l’m going l said wait! Morning! Sir! Wait here Parents aren’t allowed inside l’m not a parent! l’ve just started trying All that will happen soon Doesn’t matter, sir The rules are clear l have orders to allow only those
who are paying the fees and latecomers Uncle, l still haven’t worn my trousers We’ll do all that on the way l’m getting late for school Today is not my happy birthday But let’s celebrate anyway!
Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday do do! Please get down Sir, l’m with the client right now, sir Okay sir Thank you, sir We got delayed Heh. Thank you! What’s Geetha miss like?
Will she hit you? What happened? Why so late? His father is sick
We just admitted him in a hospital You don’t worry, dear
Your dad won’t leave us and die Sorry, Karthik Go sit inside! You should study well, okay? Don’t remember me? You’d come to collect money for charity l paid 500 rupees! Pink shirt.. You even said my name is nice You don’t remember? lt’s Harish! Sorry. l meet a lot of people for charity
So l don’t remember Oh, it’s okay Class… Carry on! What, you still haven’t started? Owner! Owner? Why hasn’t he started? ls there no end
to your sense of responsibility? lt’s a Sunday So what if it’s a Sunday? Kids shouldn’t study? So much happened But you only remember me
when some problem occurs? What are you saying! Do you know what friendship means? Free booze Correct l even bought you beer last year
without you asking for it! You buy me beer twice but
have pointed it out two thousand times! Okay. So you sure that’s what you want? Only one beer was cold Haan no problem, brother I’ll drink it How many times have
l told you not to eat the button? Hand me the opener! Look at his face! Looks like an emu Hand me the opener! Don’t know why Everything seems to be
happenong right since l met her That’s what you say
about every girl you meet That was different Take, for instance,
there was only one cold bee. And l got it! You didn’t get it
You shamelessly grabbed it! Okay, what’s her name? Geetha Miss. That’s how all the boys call her All the boys call her? Hey! She’s a teacher Got her phone number? No, man! Have you given her yours? What, man! How long will you just sit here
like Maayakannadi’ Cheran? Getting her number is difficult, dude! Why are you always so
keen on getting the number? Give her your number How can l do that? Your number, your right. My gold, my right! Revolution by Kalyan Jewellers… By the time you drop him and return,
petrol rates will get hiked! Let me drop him, owner! You took him because
my bike was under repair. Now it’s fixed. So l’lI take him! Don’t bother yourself! What’s the bother? My route is this way
and the school is that way l can just drop him on the way Daddy, l’m getting late for school See, even he wants to go with Uncle His school’s principal has called
l need to go along with him Your son has failed in 4 subjects out of 5 How will he pass this year? Sir, he’s only in his second grade
He’ll get better, sir Sir, our school has a reputation We have to protect that, right? What more can l do, sir? Kids come home and
watch cartoon channels on T.V But he watches cookery shows
and makes a list of food to eat His mom has spoilt him! Look at how he’s just
standing there in front of you l’m very troubled , sir You want to put your kids
on a good school But you don’t maintain the standards
And you don’t even try! Excuse me, sir? Come. His class teacher is here -Sir, his report
– Give it to me Geetha Miss What you do is- You keep quiet, sir He pays no attention to the fact that a great man has been yelling like a
mad man since we got here! Doesn’t even say ”Sorry, sir.
l’ll study better from now on” Pig! Sorry, owner Only if you study well now you can
get a good job and pick up a good gorl What can a class teacher do? She can only teach Like it’s said in Thirukkural, we should only learn the learnt and. . . get and obtain and show how it’s done! lt’s our duty lf you’re finding it hard to study in school, you should go to the
class teacher’s home everyday and go for tuitions and… …and develop yourself slowly lf you simply come to school and go,
nothing will work out What, Geetha Miss? Am l right? Have you even got the class teacher’s
hone number to call when you have some doubt? Huh? Have you got her phone number? l’m asking him so many questions
and he doesn’t even open his mouth, sir! Here’s my card Keep it! My number is in it lf he’s not doing well, call me You can call me anytime! Madam, he’s only been dropping
my son for four days. But Iook at how much affection he has! Karthik, l’ll take you to your class Son, a bag is very important to study lt’s okay. You’ll do well Don’t worry, Owner.
Now that l’ve given the card, everything will work out Hello, Geetha Miss! l happened to pass by… So how are the kids studying? l asked you to call but you never did! You only gave me your card this morning! So far there haven’t been any problems At least you could’ve called to tell me that
there are no problems, right? Bye, Karthik! Who’s calling at this time! Hello, it’s me Geetha! Hello! ls this your number? lt’s very fancy No, l’m calling from a nearby P.C.O There’s some problem with my phone lf you’re free tomorrow morning,
can we meet at a coffee shop in Anna Nagar? Of course! l’m free the entire day l’ll reach there before you Okay. Thanks. Bye! Bye! l love you, too! Yeah! Sorry! There was a lot of work
at the office last night Have l kept you waiting for too long? No, l just got here Will you drink tea? No! l don’t have any such bad habits Order a coffee instead You’re very funny One coffee Where did you say you worked? l’m in marketing . Monthly salary is 15,000 Next month
they say there’s an increment So there won’t be any
problem in running a family Oh good
How many members in your family? There is nobody Just me We’ve only met once or twice So it feels weird talking about this That’s not a problem Better to talk it out before hand, right? Still, feels like we’re rushing into this Tell me whatever you feel like
l’m going to accept any way! lt’s about a life, right? How did you guess? But this is not about my life
lt’s about yours Greeting card, dairy milk, rose… l’m an agent in L. l .C l do this, apart from the
teaching profession Will you take a policy? For me? Please, Harish? Okay. What happened next? She’s somehow paved a
Way for you with this policy Tag some other idiot along
with you and keep developing it? l teach him how to grind chili And he grinds it on my head! Sir, bill Huh? Bill Pay for it, dude This, too? Yeah, it’s a foreign movie… l don’t have money Will you take an
L. l .C policy instead? Sit down Hey hey stop! l said stop! Come here Brother with coloured hair!
l did op! Please let me go? l ask you to stop and you keep driving? Your job is more important
than my Leader’s life? l’ll beat your face into a pulp Oye, who’s there? Why didn’t you all just die
with your leader? You’re taking our lives! Hey, what did you say? You don’t get worked up, brother! l said we should give
our lives for our leader! Wait l’ll come You take your time to fill petrol, brother Bloody… What are you doing here? Not going to school today? No! l have an exam in St. Michael’s at 9 Exam? Only students should write exams.
You’re a teacher. . . No, l’m doing M.A in correspondence Today is the final exam lt’s already 8:30! Don’t know what to do Waste! All the effort
l put in wilL now go waste! l’ll take you Will you come? How is that possible? A giant has fallen! O shining sword of the party!
O hands and limb of our community! The help rendered by you to
Strangers are in many ln short, you are a- Old silk sarees, old silk dhotis,
old silk skirts. . . Brother, do something! .. Old tissue sarees. . Sir, l’m not able to turn in off
l’ll have to stop the vehicle Why don’t you climb onto the roof and talk? Stop stop stop! Brother’s sense of justice, truth… Okay, go now Don’t worry and drape it
around our brother! He’ll take whatever
is given affectionately.. Oh no! A giant has indeed fallen today! . .silk sarees. . There are ten minutes left for the exam Thank you so much Don’t mention it! What’s with you? That day, you came asking for donation. You are also a teacher.
And an L.l.C agent. Now an M.A student What else do you do? My dad passed away
when l was really young lt’s just my mother and me
in a middle class family So l don’t miss out on
any opportunities in life After M.A, l want to take up a great job And then study some more Do many such things What are you planning to do next? l’ll just take my bike,
eat at Dum Dum Biryani and go to work That’s not what l asked What will you do in life?
What are your plans? That day, while taking the L.l .C policy, you told me l’m set for life
and won’t have any problem Now you’re asking me this! Okay, l’m getting late now l’m off. All the best! Hello? Hi, it’s me Geetha Tell me! What’s the matter? The exam was really easy Luckily you dropped me on time So l just called to thank you what’s the big deal! You already thanked me l still wanted to thank you again This is my number Save it, okay? Um, hello? Harish? Yes, l’ve saved your number She asked me to drop by
of l went that way l went that way just to go to her place Mommy! Sorry, brother Bloody… Haven’t l told you to wash your clothes
while taking a shower? Won’t you listen to me? l’m in a hurry You’re just idling about at home, right? Why can’t you wash it? l’ll wash it now But after marriage,
who’ll do all this for you? How’s that your problem? The guy l marry will do all that for me Yeah right! Some idiot will be born just for you Will be born? He’d have already been born He’ll come for me! You wait and see Hi! Please sit! Come Mother! He’s here already? Uh. . Ananda Vikatan! Please sit! Mom, it’s him! l told you, right? Huh? l told you he helped me
get to the exam, right? Hello, aunty! Tea or coffee? Coffee Two minutes! Somehow, l felt like my life
would be better after that coffee My house owner wanted to get a policy Plus, l happened to pass by this way Only l know how hard it is
to find a new client l have two free tickets Want to go? For which movie? You like such concerts a lot? No, the performer is my client How do you manage to find such clients? l attended his concert
ten-fifteen times to sign him up Wow! This is the only way l can get clients You’ve aced it! You came into my life,
like a spark on a dark night Come closer, my bright flower! You came into my life,
like a spark on a dark night Come closer, my bright flower! Come, my salvation Come take my life! Come, sunshine! Come warm me up! l’m calling out for you! Come to me, love! When the dark clouds appear in the sky: Won’t peacocks flaunt their feathers? l’m calling out for you! Come to me, love! Love is like a fever You never know when it’ll knock you down! This story started by Adam and Eve
goes on forever. . . lt never ends! Love is like a fever You never know when it’ll knock you down! This story started by Adam and Eve
goes on forever. . . lt never ends! Today, she suddenly held my hand
and crossed the road! Want some French fries? Her legs touched this very leg… So hot- Bloody! lnstead of telling her
about your love you’re torturing me! Sorry, buddy You get only one life
Live it the way you want to! When did you come from Japan?
You magnificent walking Haiku! Splashing the scent of love on you,
This Haiku is just a flower in your hands Our eternal union begins today These love birds will never part ways! Touch me, you wild flower Let go of your inhibitions Don’t let this young bird suffer
The agony of a lonely life You came into my life,
like a spark on a dark night Come closer, my bright flower! You came into my life,
like a spark on a dark night Come closer, my bright flower! Come, my salvation Come take my life! Come, sunshine! Come warm me up! l’m calling out for you! Come to me, love! When the dark clouds appear in the sky: Won’t peacocks flaunt their feathers? l’m calling out for you! Come to me, love! Love is like a fever You never know when it’ll knock you down! This story started by Adam and Eve
goes on forever. . . lt never ends! He’s celebrating after
singing a duet in his dream! Cheers! And ”cheers” for this Dude, love is like a call taxi You need to call for it to come! She’d worn a saree yesterday! Whoa! She looked like a statue made of gold! Should l listen to all this just because
you bought me booze? I even clicked a picture yesterday Right. Like he’s some P.C Shreeram She looks great, dude Show me! l want to see that face.. . What’s Geetha MW?
Does she deliver Mineral Water? Heh. My wife B****s, she’s your wife!
You haven’t even told her yet l’ll tell her Stop fooling around , dude Seriously, l am calling her Hey, don’t do that Listen to me! No, don’t! Give it to me! The call has gone through, man So what? She’ll mistake me
if l ask her suddenly, man You keep running behind her to help out, she’ll flash a smile and
walk away one fine day She’s calling me back now! The call has gone through Crap, what to do now? Swear at her Why does he look like
some toothpaste commercial? Geetha, l dialed your number by mistake Sorry, this is Geetha’s friend Oh. Geetha is not around? She’s busy with some work now What work? A marriage proposal has come up for her She’s talking to the groom-to-be Hello? Yeah? l’ll ask her to call you back
when she comes, okay? Right, okay! What is it, dude? Someone has come with
a marriage proposal for her l knew it! She’s talking to the groom-to-be, it seems This is what l kept telling you! She needs one guy to fool around with
but another guy to marry? Hey! You shouldn’t talk to Priya, okay? Brother, please drop the boy at his school No, you drop him yourself You say this now But later you’ll come and beg to drop him You sit down, dear Born just for us. . .
– Owner! l called you twice or thrice yesterday!
You didn’t pick up l slept early yesterday And my mobile was on silent So l didn’t notice So what next? Dhum Dhum Biryani? No, there’s work to be done
Heading straight to the office l’m getting late Let me leave Oh, okay You don’t want to know about the
thing that happened yesterday? About what thing? That thing my friend
told you about over the phone Oh yeah! l’d forgotten about that She said the people
from the groom’s side had come to visit ls it confirmed? They’re my mother’s relatives They’ve been asking us for 2-3 years now The boy is in the software industry He has plans to go to the U.S, too Yeah Your friend said you gave the phone to her
so that you won’t be disturbed Yes, we spoke for really long l poured my heart out to him, too Oh! You want ask me what l told him? No, l’m getting really late l’ll leave now Hmmm, okay Fine, tell me! What did you say? l told him about my love Your love? Yeah, your love Our love l’m a loser with absolutely nothing
going my way in life Only two good things have ever
happened to me One: My mother Two: Geetha l wanted to live my one life with her But a problem came up even in that Through a phone call Hello? Yes, one minute Yeah tell me! ls it Mr. Kunjithapadham? You are? l’m calling from Rammi Mall Mr. Kunjithapadham? Tell me what the matter is Sir, you filled a coupon
when you came to our theatre, right? You’ve won a prize for that Prize? What prize? lt’s a 4 2 inch LED T.V The presentation is this Sunday
Please attend it without fail! Come with an l. D proof
and *counter file while coming Okay! What? You’re going to say no to a freebie? No man. Everything is going great,
now This is unnecessary Unnecessary? You’re going to hand a
chit and collect a T.V How can anything go wrong here? lt’s not that Now everyone uses my new name- Don’t say anything! We’re going tomorrow and getting the T.V l can only give you the
remote control for 2 grand! Are you crazy? Fine, let’s do it this way- Let’s do it MY way! l asked you to stay by
my side and you’re doing all this He’s asking the T.V for 2000 bucks, man So what? Hi Harish! Oh crap. That’s Geetha’s friend This is the kind of girl l always talk about Say something nice about me
and hook us up? What are you doing here? No, l’ve won an L. E. D T.V
as a prize just came here to collect it You’ve won it? We’ve won it Give me the file? No, it’s for my friend Oh! What’s the name? Kunjithapadham Oh, it’s him? We thought it’s some old man
who got lucky and were poking fun of him What’s he saying? He’s deaf and dumb Oh my god! lt’s okay He can’t speak or hear us l’m so sorry Make him sit! Don’t strain, ya! Do you have an l D? Sorry, he’s unemployed So we didn’t bother getting him an I. D Oh! Do you have the counter file? He’s your friend! l’ll help him out Look at God’s little games! He can’t speak or hear us But he’s won a 42 inch T.V! lt’s all destined that way What’s he saying now? He’s saying ,
“why are you troubling my sister? Let’s go get it ourselves” Oh this is no trouble at all! No, we’ll manage Okay, let’s go Dude, it’s awesome, right? You should cut it with your hands l’ll kill you with my hands Die! Why so serious now? You look like
Shreeshanth when you smile, you know? l’ll hit you like Harbajan Singh,
is that okay? Everything we’d done playfully all this time,
had a serious result on that day lt was Geetha’s friend, Baanu’s wedding Harish, keep it safe
we’ll give it to Banu after the wedding -Dude, want to take it?
-l’ll kill you! You don’t just come to a
wedding and gift the newly weds We should also pick up
the side-dish for booze here That’s it! Hi Harish! Oh, it’s her Hi yaa! Why did you call her ”aaya”? l said ”Hi”, dude But she does look
a little bit like an aaya, right? So, it’s your wedding next? He looks familiar. . . You gifted me the L. E. D T.V Forgotten already? Oh yeah, l’d forgotten completely Right, isn’t that what you girls do? But that day. . . there was something. . . Salaam alekhum, Bhai! Aalekhum Salaam! Abdul Kalaam, Bhai! Greetings! Eat Dude! They’ve photocopied the leaves! Hello, Boss How are you? You don’t look so good
Serve me anyway Why are you serving him so much? Hey Kunju! Sir, we have a Kunju piece if you want Hey, move out of my way! Get up! Why?
– lt’s my old manager The one who grins? Who cares about that crazy man? Don’t you remember what we did to him? He’s here at the perfect time! Hello, sir! Hi Kunju! He’s my friend , sir Hello! l’m not talking over the phone I said ”hello” Oh okay He’s a very decent guy, sir He wanted to say something to you
– Sure, let’s talk Are you doing good , sir?
– l’m great ls your wife good? Wife is good, too Here, this is my wife But she’s not Iooking good at all! This is not good He thinks you’re not good, too! He’s grinning He’s always grinning , dude! Paaru! Wait! Open the door! My wife is leaving Kunju, this is not at all good l told you he’d say that! You’re saying all this, right?
See what he has to say about you You nose! You mouth! No no, not that Come down a bit Start the bad word We need something else here Geetha is here,
too We’ll get into trouble! Let’s go! Hey! Biryani! ls Biryani that important?
Come, let’s go Move out! Think you two are soul sisters. . . See if he’s coming behind us?
– Why don’t you see? The other day you were… Today, we are, too! Stop flirting! Just come Yeah, same to you! Sir, please make way,
sir He’s running away! At least run towards the women! l won’t let you go! Why can’t you lock the door
before doing your business? From the way it sounded,
l thought it was a generator room! Which side? Hmmm. This way! He keeps following us like a Hutch dog! Think you can run from me? Just wait Tada! l won’t let you go! That’s him Wow! Ew! Pervert! l had an idea, man Come What are you doing? That Kangaroo will just follow us now Let’s see who has the last laugh! Die! Hah! There was a small confusion You’ll understand when you see Kunju! Kunju must be down here somewhere l was only trying to find Kunju! Dude, let’s just leave What about Biryani? ls Biryani more important to you now? This bonding is still not over? Boss! How are you? lt’s been so long We just solved one problem
and there’s another problem here! What are you whispering? We were just bitching about you You’re his crony, aren’t you? Boss, want to know my new name? Google! l asked for a name that everyone
would find easy Hence, Google! lt’s terrible l don’t think you remember me You’ll surely get it when
l tell you my old name Pavada Saami! So cool! And your new name is..? Salaam Alekhum He looks like a Hindu But he has a Muslim name? Maybe he’s converted ..? Salaam Alekhum! What are we hugging for again? ls the Biryani ready? Thank god! Narrow escape Oh no! l forgot to ask his new name and
l don’t know his old one, either! One of these days,
I’m going to rip that Pavadai apart Be quiet, man Let’s go downstairs,
take our bikes and get the hell out of here Don’t say something stupid
and make it worse Just walk away! l’m gonna smooth talk my way out
now Wait and see! You’re deaf and dumb, right? You gave me that thing , no?
What’s it called . .? T.V… He’s slowly learnt to talk using that T.V But he can’t hear anything That’s right! Even now, we’re going to watch the T.V See you, okay? He’s asking you to wear a little less make up Kunjithapadham Boss! He can’t hear you Says who? He can hear you very well He was hearing everything l said a while back Who? The one wearing the red t-shirt? The one in the striped purple t-shirt But his name is Harish! Oh! So Boss’s new name is Harish, eh? His old name was Kunjithapadham Kunju! Where is he? Which Kunjithapadham are you talking about? The same Kunju that you’re talking about! Damn He’s changed his name to
Harish from Kunjithapadham He got drunk in the road, created a scene, made my wife leave me
and got me beaten up now, too! lt’s that scoundrel Kunjithapadham
that l’m talking about! Geetha? Yeah, give me a minute l got an urgent call from the office l need to leave right away We came here together! You can’t just leave me alone here l’m getting too many calls from work l gotta go Sorry, Geetha! Harish! At least give that gift to me Harish! l should have told you my old name But l didn’t have a choice, Geetha! lf you run away from this,
how will you face the real problems in life? How can l trust you to take care of me? Geetha, l’ve faced many problems
because of my name- That’s not my problem now! lt you! You’ve lied about your name for a T.V When l asked you to drink coffee,
you said you had no bad habits But you’ve gotten drunk
and caused trouble in public! My friend tells me you’re a fraud l’ve shared every single thing
about my life with you These are small things, Harish But it’s these small things
that will become big problems someday You said you’ve faced problems
because of that name But what have you done to earn a name? Dude, right from Superstar Rajinikanth, A.R.Rahman, llayaraja and Surya
have all got old names, man But it’s their success
that made their new names famous l want to achieve something in life, man The old name will be forgotten and Geetha will be happy, too lt’s like hitting two birds with one stone All that is fine. . . But what can you achieve? What are you even good at? his was for the 100 metres race
in my 6th grade This, l won at the
inter-school competition in 9th l won this in my 12th, for 1200 metres l was awarded these certificates in college So what? l’m going to participate in the Chennai Marathon
and win the title, buddy So what if my shop is in a new area?
You’ll give me trouble? You think l’ll just keep quiet and watch? You’re not the only one with connections l’ve got my men, too We are the kind that pays to get into trouble Tell him, dude Even kids are afraid of us Dude, you’ve run well till last week! You’ve taken the right decision now l’m registering my name tomorrow Harish? – All the best
– Thanks You need to work on your food habits
and warm up a bit You teach the kids all that Sir, these are the ones
running for the marathon? Yes! So looks like l can win easily They are just running for a cause The professional runners are over there Sir, even l’m going to get trained So l can do it, too Rahul! Sir! He’s my student l’ve been training him for five years now A marathon is not such an easy thing lt’s a real human victory Beyond your body and mind , it’s a sport
that tests your patience and endurance lf you start training now,
you can participate in the next year’s marathon But you still cannot win Okay, sir? You can participate in the
next year’s marathon But you still cannot win Hey, look at Uncle! Say bye to Uncle Bye! Bye, Uncle Goodbye! Yes! Cheers, dudes Bro! Beer as usual? Bro! He’s heart-broken, bro! So you get one full And you get two Two fulls for me? Why? You need to listen to him
whine about his love story Right from the first meet
to the break-up That’s why Dude, love failure number 34! See? He works in a bar but talks
like he owns The Park Hotel Do you have any idea
how much in love we were? Buddy, love is like a six pack Once you get it,
you need to work out to maintain it But friendship is like a paunch You get it once, it stays on forever Don’t feel bad, man l told you, right? What did you tell me? Love is like a paunch lt looks ugly But friendship is like a six pack lt looks just awesome on you! You’re trying to tell this world something l’m trying to tell you something Tell me, sir This is our spot
Get up! Dude, love failure, man! lnstead of picking up a chick,
hooking up with her and sealing the deal! Love, failure and aIl the nonsense! Bloody! l don’t interfere in others’ affairs But if you bother heart broken boys,
you will have to answer me Boss, l’ve been with him since childhood Best friend! Even l didn’t get pissed, but you did Who are you, Boss? Soup boy! Just like your buddy here Look around you There are plenty of others You’re right, brother! Me too! Me, too, boss! l swear to god , l don’t need you at all Booze can’t seem to get me high anymore Now l know this world l’ve been screwed over
There’s nothing left to take from me! l swear to god , l don’t need you at all Booze can’t seem to get me high anymore Now l know this world l’ve been screwed over
There’s nothing left to take from me! There’s nothing after death
But you can smoke that fag now Life is everything Why get tensed now? There is ground below And sun above you Today is everything Don’t you cry now! Why did you come into my life? Why did you kill me? Why did you come into my life? Why did you kill me? You killed me! With straw and hay
Love and dreams l built us a castle l would be the King! And you’d be the Queen l worked day and night
hovered you with my money Was all that a waste? Was I the idiot? There is nothing else in my head lt’s only you, my dear! Oh my darling! Why did you come into my life? Why did you kill me? Why did you kill me? Leaves fly away in the wind Love makes you lose your mind A girl’s heart is poison! -How many rounds now?
– 5! Sing a tune when you’re tipsy lt makes the heartache go away Why do your eyes tear up? This thirst will go away, soon! There’s nothing after death
But you can smoke that fag now Life is everything Why get tensed now? There is ground below And sun above you Today is everything Don’t you cry now! Why did you come into my life? Why did you kill me? Why did you come into my life? Why did you kill me? Wake him up Hey Shut up or l’ll splash water on your face Wake up, man Looks like l should kill myself
for your love failure! What, man! You’re sweating so badly You could have B.P or something Get it checked Huh? Huh? Let’s leave We need to go out Leave, man She’s calling you, right? l’m talking to you! lf she’s asking me to leave,
it means you should! Falling in love is easy, but being friends
with a guy in love is impossible Don’t know that you should
go ’round the deity? Follow me Hey hey, healthy guy! She was talking to me Have l ever gone behind your missus? Thank you! Okay, A hundred rupee ticket is enough l’ve bought a ticket
worth hundred rupees, only Give me 2 hundred rupee tickets My leg! Sorry sorry Crazy woman! lt’s not such a serious scene Why so much popcorn?
Stupid! We’re on a fight! Hello! Watch where you’re going Hello! She says to watch where you’re going Wonder if she’ll reach home in one piece Sports shoe Peter told me you’re running the marathon l don’t care what you’re running for But it’s nice to know that
you’ve got some motive in life And it makes me happy to know that
l’m one of the reasons for that My friend Baanu knows this coach She’s already spoken to him You’d better go meet him tomorrow Excuse me, sir Harish Yes, come in Baanu spoke to me and l couldn’t refuse l met with an accident 3 years back
I quit this coaching business then l’m a member in this useless board now Tell me, sir! That boy represented lndia, sir Oh, so you don’t want my suggestion. You’re informing me Okay, sir Okay, sir. Whatever you say You just want my signature, right? Send him in Money has become everything in sports Give me some time to think about it Okay, sir Subbaiya brother! The guy who just came to meet me? lf he’s outside, please ask him to come You have prevented me from doing
anything for you You must do this as a favour to me She’s my student. She’ll train you from tomorrow Hi You were busy yesterday.
So we couldn’t really chat Let me tell you about myself l’m basically an athlete!
A sprinter l’ve won lots of prizes in
school and college ln fact, when l was 15 My area’s M.L.A was really
impressed and appreciated me The P. D of my college always
talked about my on-throw lt’s that forceful! Beleive me! And then. Loosening the limbs before running The stride length ..there is one more thing.. Oh yes! The front block push up
will also be correct So it shouldn’t be so difficult
for you to train me Just tell me how many
laps l should run every day, l’ll follow up on everything else That’s all, yaa Take your shoes off Excuse me? The shoes! Sports shoes? Crazy fool! You’re pumping air into a punctured tyre Higher! Can you swim? No, l don’t! Why are you giving me these random tasks! Marathon is all about running, right? Sir, if you didn’t like me
you could’ve beat me up or cussed at me Why did you have to link me to that girl? Why?
What happened? What happened!? Sir, it doesn’t look like
that girl is training me to run She’s training me to run away! She makes me walk on swamps, blow balloons, hang from trees, catch chicken and make soup out of it! What does any of this have to do with running? She pushed me into a well, but that’s okay She made a dog chase me! I managed to escape because l’m an athlete What would an ordinary person have done? There are three stages in marathon training : General Conditioning Specific. Walking on the swamp was resistance Catching chicks was agility Blowing balloons was your vital capacity Swimming is to make you relax and recover And the dog? To pump up your adrenaline Come on, sir You’re talking some international stuff
but it was a stray dog that chased me You’re just covering up, sir 11.02 is the Asian record for 100 metres She achieved that three years back
in a national meet She’s the one girl who’s really impressed me
in all my years of experience 11.02, you say? Then why does she sell
incense sticks for a living? Have you come here to get to know her or, Have you come to train for the marathon? 11.02..? You can’t talk about that l’ll tell you when to start and when to stop The first qualification of an athlete
is to obey the coach Speed! Speed! Speed is everything
You gotta be speedy, buddy Late! Late! You can’t be late!
You gotta be the latest thing Hear those drumbeats playing?
Those pipes are singing , all for you Hear those drumbeats playing?
Those pipes are singing , all for you Speed! Speed! Speed is everything
You gotta be speedy, buddy Late! Late! You can’t be late!
You gotta be the latest thing Your grand mom! Come, let’s play – Why did you stop?
– Mind your own business You can’t predict the future We’re just God’s little puppets! But don’t stop trying ,
don’t ever give up Truth is ultimate, it never fails Don’t stop!
Keep runnong like you’re Hussain Bolt Gold is yours Don’t bend your front block while running
lt’s a sprinter’s action You’re about to run a marathon Run straight! Life is like the Olympics
Your hard work will pay off We’re not sages But we’re happy to share this wisdom lf you can. . . You should! lt’s all because of this nonsense! How long will you keep crying in the past? l know what to do! ls there a problem? Go, start! Marathon road map. Next, you need to train in the city Harish isn’t here? No. Has he gone out?
– Yes When he returns- Where are you now, Geetha? l’m just returning home Valli, this is Geetha l’ve told her a lot about you lt’s 4:30 now We need to be there by 5 She only came this morning You only mentioned the coach Why didn’t you say it’s a female coach? She’s just a coach! So l didn’t She’s staying here? Yeah lt’s only for 7 days right? Ask her to stay at my place l’ve come here to train you lf there’s a problem, you can stay elsewhere l don’t think this wilI work out Valli has her doubts about you
running in the marathon Geetha has her doubts about you
running away with Valli We need a legal procedure
to deal with this, man Why? Can’t deal with this
any other way or what? l’m telling you,
Geetha is getting annoyed! Don’t make your girlfriend cry! There are plenty of guys waiting
to wipe those tears Geetha is important to you lt’s her
– Talk to her! Yeah, Geetha. Geetha. Listen to me, dear. Geetha, l don’t give a crap
about Peter or anyone else That’s the state of a friend , these days For the first time in lndia, we’ve organized the marathon meet in Chennai
in such a grand fashion Definitely, it’s going to be a very big event Many athletes have come to
participate from abroad We definitely need your support to
compete in a higher level Sir, you’re the best coach in South lndia Rumour has it that it’s the Ethiopians
who’ll take the prize this time ls there no one from your side to win this? Will the Ethiopians win this time as well? Rahul, come here For the first time,
my student will win against the Ethiopians Prepare to report that news soon
Thank you Sir, one more question, sir How’s your old man? He could have just taken the money
we offered him and settled down Thanks You don’t understand what life is That’s why you people never
succeed in anything What happened, Valli? Oh, it’s you! Fast express He’s the one you’re training? You don’t understand- Mr. Raja Singh? Do you know that coach? Who is he, Valli? l’m asking you! we need to finish 10K tomorrow So we must start early Valli! You’re just standing here,
refusing to answer my question What does that mean? Mind your own business Why are you like this? l’m asking you out of concern for you Who are you to be concerned for me? Tell me why you were crying! Why did you get so worked up on seeing him? l said l don’t want to talk about it! This is what happens when you grow up
not knowing love and affection Sure! l don’t know what love
or affection means She’s my daughter! The one who came first! This Valli has a lot of natural talent What’s the use of that? Next year, she’ll be holding one child
in her belly and one in her arm After school, her life’s over lt’s alI their fate, to be born in such families
and struggle through their lives lf she’s given proper guidance,
she’ll do great, sir Madam, l want to see S. R sir Dear? Greetings, sir Who are you, man? Sir, my daughter goes to your school Her name is Valli She came first in the track race
that took place today Dear, what do you have to talk about
at this time? l’m just coming Forgive me, sir lt took me that long to find your house l heard what you said about my daughter She shouldn’t miss out on anything in life
for being my daughter, sir Whatever it is, come back tomorrow Sir? Sir? Sir! What do you want? Sir, tell me what l should do
For my daughter, for her talent! First, your daughter needs formal training You need to sign her up with a proper coach
and get her everything she needs Especially food items She can’t learn anything while
eating porridge and sprouts Most importantly you should take her to every place
when there is an event happening You’ll need a lot of money
for all this, man Hey! Careful Unload everything! l was expecting a bit more The season is like that! We’ll try to do better next season Okay, brother Hey! What are you doing , man? Are you out of your mind? Come on, come on!
Raise your leg properly Next! Okay, repeat that again Sir, this is my daughter l told you about her yesterday, right? Your daughter has the natural talent She is a born athlete l’ll just make a few corrections She’ll make it big
– Okay, sir Good! You should get your girl married
when you still can! Chinnasamy got his daughter married ln 6 months, she came home knocked up ln another 3 months, his grandson will pee on his face This is what you all do My daughter is something else See this? Just wait and see Right! All you do this cut some piece of paper
and paste it somewhere You’re jobless Valli? Plug it on to your ear and talk, dear Hello?’ Valli, you have been selected
for the national meet! We’re going to Chennai When are we going , sir? Next week! Be ready Thanks so much, sir Why are you thanking me? Thank your father All these days you
were roaming about the town, but that’s okay Why do you have to go to Madras and all? Mother, l struggled so hard only
for something like this to happen Everything will be okay You can’t pay interest to the money
you have borrowed already What will you do now? lnstead of getting your daughter married why are you unnecessarily wasting money
ln games and going to Madras? No, brother My daughter wants it She’s just a kid! She will want all this But we must talk some sense into her There’s a nice boy in the nearby village l can go talk to them
– No, Uncle This is not just something
l want lt’s my ambition! l should win this and go to Asian Games! And if l win there,
everything will be okay! What would you know? Won’t obey your elders? She grew up not knowing her mother Let her live life the way
she wants it till she gets married! Okay, it’s upto you l will hold negotiations tomorrow We can have the sale on Wednesday Your father won’t listen to anyone! Do whatever you want! On your mark! Get set! Go! Hmmm, okay l will call you l’ve left my work,
business, everything behind Only to fulfill my daughter’s wishes She has to place gold in the Asian Games Sir, as far as l know, there is no one in any state in lndia
who can beat a 11.05 So definitely, Rhina will do it ln the heat! Valli l need to see this girl Your girl runs so fast Like a lightning! She’s run in 11.03 That too in heat l should do something for your daughter l most definitely should Raja, bring it here Show it to them You look surprised! You must not have seen so much money
in your whole lives, right? 10 lakhs! lt’s all yours Let day break tomorrow for you
in your own hometown Sir, l don’t understand what you’re saying You don’t get it? Your daughter should not contest in
tomorrow’s national meet 10-15 businesses just in Banglore A monthly turnover of about
50 crores in his companies A very omportant guy in politics He has left everything behind
and has come here for his daughter To see her win Of course, if you go to Asian,
the Gold is most definitely yours But the fortune and fame
you will get from winning that medal, Some government job
in a far distant part of the country: This is the price
l’m paying to buy all of that Sir, just a minute Ask brother to take this bag away Aren’t you understanding what l’m saying? Sir, you are an educated man
An important man You must be knowing everything
But all l know is this: My daughter must win She will win You can keep all this money And one more thing ,
we eat the same food that you do Please don’t think that we don’t get angry,
just because we’re poor You don’t worry about anything We’ll just need your money
and political influence Rhaina, you file a complaint against her l’ll take care of everything else What? A dope test? No. Something much bigger When he found out about the money,
J.P sir got really annoyed No, sir! How can you grant permission for this? Sir, if an opponent has filed a complaint
we must take a test, sir Whatever, sir Let’s not tell your father
about this lt’ll upset him Look at this! This paper has your photo in it We should show this to everyone
in our town Especially your uncle! Hey, my daughter has won the track race!
My daughter has won! Look at the picture in the
newspaper Look at this! Krishna, show this to everyone Check this out lt’s my daughter! Hey, Panneer, stop!
– What is it? l told you, right?
My daughter! She’s won Where? ln the track race Last week, in Madras My dad’s happiness didn’t last
for even a month The lndian athlete Valli, who won Gold
at the National Sports Meet underwent a gender determination test As she failed the test, Her medal and the chance to participate
in the Asian games has been revoked l had my suspicion when she ran 11.02 lt’s just not possible All athletes are getting disgraced
for the mistakes of a few such people Sad Where is Valli? Can we see her again? What’s her next plan? Now Valli can’t take part in any competition? These probIems didn’t arise
when she ran at a district level Have all her medals been revoked? Tell us, sir What’s your next move? They say your girl is not a girl
What do you have to say about that? l don’t understand what you are saying My Valli is a mother-less child l have raised her with so much care
since she was a baby! She’d start running right from day-break! She wouldn’t even pay attention to the stones
and thorns on her way l’m begging you all with folded arms! Please leave my daughter alone
Please, please, please let her be! l kept telling you but
you did not listen to me Look at all the grief
you have to undergo now Damn that man He took a perfectly
good girl That girl listened to him and ruined herself Valli! Valli, where? Valli, why are you sitting here, dear? Were you afraid, father? l’m your girl l won’t leave you here to suffer
and go anywhere No no! Why are you talking like this? Come, let’s go inside Money can buy anything , huh, father? l don’t know anything except running But their money can bind my legs,
prevent me from doing that What will l do now, father? Don’t cry, child Don’t keep thinking about that Wipe your eyes and
come get something to eat You go ahead, father l’ll come in some time No, Valli You go, father! l’m sorry, dad All this is my fault Valli. What is all this? You’re my daughter When most kids just learn to walk,
you started running What’s happened now? Just wipe your eyes and come in Dad is here for you, right? My father had consoled me,
while bottling all the pain he was facing God , you could have taken my life instead! Why did you have to take him? My dear! My baby!
What am l going to do with you now? He’s left you all alone with me and he’s gone! He could have taken me with him! Father! Father! What will l do now? Father! Father! Father! We left our village after that J.P sir met with an accident At least for Valli’s sake,
you must win, Harish Swim against the tides! Hoist the victory flag! Don’t give up! wim against the tides And hoist the victory flag Don’t give up! Like the cheerful Valee said! Swim against the tides And hoist the victory flag Don’t give up! Like the cheerful Valee said! A marathon is not just a race
lt’s like a penance. lt’s life! More than hardwork,
you need to do a lot of smart work The event we’ve all been looking forward to
The Chennai Marathon is starting here now Entertainment has become a must these days To cheer up the contestants,
some lovely colourful dancers are here They are playing heavy music!
ands have gathered here to take part in the mara f you just pan the camera a Iittle bit,
you can see thousands of people there The Marathon will begin in another 15 minutes Juan from Uganda,
who won the marathon last year is here Besides, South lndia’s best coach, Raja Singh!
His student Rahul is here Like Prakash said ,
he is one contestant to watch out for Apart from them, several thousands of people are standing here with many dreams
and aspirations The Chennai Marathon 20 12 is about to begin! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Run! Oh my god! Not everyone here is running
for the 15 lakhs prize money There is so much more to this Many are running for noble causes
and to express their emotions ln my opinion, Marathon is all about unity Marathon is all about integrity! This Marathon is 2 1kilometres long Starting from Bessant Nagar,
it crosses Tidel Park, Runs through Madhya Kailash
and beyond Adyar Bridge And reaches the Half Way Mark
at the Santhome Church Those who cross this half way mark
within half hour are the real athletes Who will win this marathon? A tamilian? An lndian?
Or a foreigner? We’ll find out soon! Napier Bridge This is the 14th KM mark The real marathon begins from here Each and every kilometer
from here is essential All these numbers
we’re discussing are just theory The most important factor in winning the
marathon is your will power Rahul! One thing- After 14 Kilometres,
no one should overtake you Remember that We’ll know the winner of this marathon soon! Entering the stadium first,
is Raja Singh’s student Rahul! Followed by Ugumbey from Kenya! Apart from them, there is a
third man entering the stadium! He is from Tamil Nadu! lt’s Harish from Chennai Harish! Harish! Harish! Harish, were you confident
that you would win? l’d like to say something to all of you My name is not Harish l decided to run in this marathon
to change my identity But that is not what l ran for Valli! My trainer who made me
win in such a short span Most of you may not know her She had the potential to win Gold
in the Asian games three years back She has lost her life in the name of hormone test
Caused by some influential person She didn’t even get a chance to explain
her side of the story None of you had the time to hear that, either lf one of you had questioned it that day,
a talented athlete wouldn’t be in this state today More than anything else, A girl wouldn’t have lost her father
who meant the world to her Nothing is more painful than being prevented
from expressing your talent l wanted to talk about this
when l had the chance l knew l would only get this stage if l won lt’s not like l can set everything right now But if you wish, you can have the test taken again
and give that girl the justice she Thanks Dude, you struggled
so hard just for your name, right? When the crowds cheered for me
”Harish Harish!” it felt so good! Like l had achieved something But that’s when l realized My mother wanted me to shine and prove all
my discouraging relatives wrong Now that she’s not here,
anymore lnstead of winning as Harish, l should win as Sivagami’s son, Kunjithapadham When l crossed those blurry lines between
life and death in this marathon, Each kilometer was a lesson about life The name our parents give us
is not just a label lt’s the identity of an entire generation The case of gender determination test That the Tamil athlete Valli underwent
is being re-investigated Orders have been issued to arrest the popular
South lndian trainer, Raja Singh Who was involved in the false report 6 months later Brother? I’m here How much longer before you tell
Valli about your love? l’ll tell you something? Love is a strange feeling ls that why you look so strange? l must talk to her You can help out a bit, right? With this girl? She had me chased by a dog
just for talkin normally lt’s your love. Your problem But tell her today itself
– okay? What do you want me to say, now? Your the question
l’ve been asking for 5 months now! When will you marry me?


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    சிவா அண்ணா சூப்பர் உங்களுக்கு இலங்கை ரசிகர்களின் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

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    I am a big fan of the sk and my name is harrish just like he put his name in this movie for a change… really proud of myself…..😎😎

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    I love the villan actors become a father for vali,, super act as a father i love u sir. Oru good fathera next movie nadiga sir, we wait for that thank u.


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