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Evan Almighty (9/10) Movie CLIP – The Flood Comes (2007) HD

Get on the ark!
Everyone, on the ark now! I think we should get on the ark. I agree. I think we should get on the ark also. I’m cold. I’m wet. I’m going home. Ladies first! Move! Oh, my God. This is happening.
This is really happening. Holy… Get everyone on the ark now! Get on the ark now! Let’s go!
Get on the ark! Let’s go! Go, go, go! Get on the ark! Go, go, go! On the ark! Go, go, go! All right, boys! Let’s go! Let’s go! We’re gonna need a bigger boat.
Stay here with the kids. Come on, Rita! Everyone, up the ramp! Onto the deck!
Come on! Hurry, hurry, hurry! Dylan, get back inside! It’s too dangerous. No, Dad. I told you, I’m with you. Careful, everyone.
In the ark! In the ark! Watch your step!
Up the ramp, everybody! Guys, help me with the door! Get the door! Get the door! Guys! Guys!


  1. Luzia Almeida Author

    Incrível como o homem tem a capacidade de distorcer a palavra de Deus foram apenas 8 almas que se salvaram e os animais que Deus mandou Noé recolher antes de mandar o diluvel…vamos acordar porq assim vai ser em breve pelos fatos já podemos perceber que o fim está próximo vamos orar e vigiar…


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