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Evaru Movie TRAILER 4K | Adivi Sesh | Regina Cassandra | Naveen Chandra | 2019 Latest Telugu Movies

-How much will you pay me?
-How much do you charge? Vikram Vasudev is corrupt. What exactly happened? I thought he was a friend. You’ve been charged with
murder and you are calling it rape. You here to give me information?
You here to Interrogate me? I’m just here to make money. My father has been missing for 3 days. What was that about a missing case? I will get him killed. The way you fired the second
round seems like you wanted revenge. I don’t know when it happened. -I really don’t know.
-I don’t believe you. It’s clearly an open and shut case. You are still hiding the truth from me. I was very scared. You were still brave enough to kill him.


  1. Mahesh Rock Author

    "Hope fills my veins

    Life starts to bloom

    Live today to fight

    I will survive

    I see a light

    Darker than night

    The truth is insight and I'm gonna fight "- motivational BGM


    Thriller hero
    #kshanam blockbuster hit
    #gudachari bumper hit
    #evaru ???? Comment down??????😀😄💙💚🧡❤️❤️🖤💘💝💝💙

  3. rpl murthy Author

    #evaru #evarureview One of the best thriller with emotions and Revenge 👌👌 performances are too good 👍 #nevergiveup for any situation 🤘🤩 @My Rating 4/5(Superb Thriller)

  4. Johny Pasha Author

    Each and every scene of this film f*** increasing interest and excitement…what you expect than this… simply 😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  5. Krishna Arjun Teja Author

    this movie is remake of hindi Badla movie tapsee pannu movie but some changes in character in badla movie tapsee is murderer and in this movie also ragena murderer nice in hindi and telugu the movie hit if you have doubt plz check it


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