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EVERY Friday the 13th Movie in 3 minutes| Animated Recap

– Happy Friday the 13th campers. Dust off that machete because we’re slashing through eleven films worth of horny teenager massacres at Camp Crystal Lake starring everyone’s favorite unstoppable killing machine, Jason Voorhees. This is the story of Friday the 13th in three minutes. Ch ch ch, ah ah ah. Let’s begin. In 1957 distracted camp counselors allow a young boy to drown. That following summer an unsolved double murder shuts down Camp Crystal Lake. Twenty-one years later a crew of short short rocking counselors prepare to open the camp despite an ominous warning from local drunk crazy Ralph. Turns out Ralph isn’t so crazy, as counselors rapidly go missing. Ms Voorhees, driven mad by her son’s drowing, reveals herself as the killer before final girl, Alice, decapitates her. Alice takes refuge in the canoe where Jason pulls her into the lake. Or does he… Jason, who is someone not only alive, but suddenly a grown-ass man, shows up to finish what his mama started. Five years later, more stupid teenagers attempt to establish a new camp right next to the abandoned Camp Crystal Lake. Good idea guys. Their presence triggers Jason sparking the first of
many murderous rampages Jenny, part two’s final girl, stumbles upon Jason’s shrine and stabs him with the machete leaving him to die, but Jason doesn’t die. He hides out in a barn killing anyone who comes near, eventually emerging with a fresh look. Final girl number three, Chris ends Jason’s reign of terror with an axe to the head before becoming hysterical and being escorted away by the police. Jason is totally dead this time except he obviously isn’t. Jason returns to Crystal Lake to up the franchise body count on the group of weekenders who thought partying at the deadliest lake in history would be fun. Meanwhile next door, Trish Jarvis and little brother Tommy meet a camper who seeks revenge on Jason for killing his sister in part two. The camper dies along with everyone else leaving Trish and Tommy
alone against Jason. Sweet, innocent Tommy bashes Jason’s skull in with a machete seemingly stopping Jason once and for all. Years after killing Jason, Tommy is still haunted by his memory. Tommy moves into a halfway house under psychiatric supervision. A killer using Jason’s M.O. starts picking off patients at the facility. Tommy faces his fear and stops the killer revealing that it was not Jason, but a copycat all along. Tommy dawns the hockey mask and the kitchen knife, but that never really goes anywhere. After being released from another mental institution, Tommy visits Jason’s grave to destroy the body and prevent any possible resurrection, but his plan backfires, and he inadvertently brings Jason back to life. Jason slaughters a few counselors before Tommy chains him to a boulder and drops him in the lake. Rot with guilt over her father’s accidental drowning, a young woman attempts to use her telekinetic powers to resurrect her Pops but resurrects Jason instead. Jason ruins a birthday party before Tina gets her shit together and summons her dead Dad’s spirit to return Jason to the bottom of the lake. A year later, an underwater electrical cable shocks Jason back to life. He hitches a ride on a party cruise to Manhattan butchering most of the graduating class of 1989 along the way. Jason arrives in the Big Apple, but before he can even unpack, he’s trapped in a sewer where he’s disintegrated by a wave of toxic sludge. A few years later, Jason inexplicably rises from the grave. Shocking, I know, and returns to his roots killing naked folks at Camp Crystal Lake. A routine murder turns out to be a sting by the FBI, and they blow Jason to Hell. Without a body, Jason possesses unsuspecting bystanders in search of his long lost relatives. Manifested as this worm-demon, thing, Jason slithers into his sister’s body and is reborn yet again only to be stabbed-to-death by his own niece with a mystical dagger. Finally defeated, a familiar foe drags Jason to Hell summing up the ultimate clash of slasher icons. But first! Flash forward to the year 2455, Jason goes where only leprechaun has gone before. A group of students from Earth II reanimate Jason from his cryogenic state on their spaceship. Jason goes full cyborg and introduces the future to old school horror. Jason is blasted into space burning up in Earth II’s atmosphere. Okay. Back to the sequel people actually wanted, infamous nightmare Freddy Krueger revives Jason to stir up enough fear so that the residents of Springwood will remember him, but Jason, being an unstoppable killing machine, can’t stop killing, which is problem for Freddy, who also has a body count to worry about. A battle ensues and a whole bunch of teenagers die. The big guy seemingly comes out on top, but nobody knows better than Jason how hard it can be to kill an undead super slasher once and for all. And that’s the story of Friday the 13th in 3 minutes. And no, we didn’t talk about the reboot or the shorter sequel or whatever that was supposed to be because it never happened. What horror icon would you like us to animate next? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe or Jason will find you! Or I’ll find you! I’m doing nothing since Top 10 Trends ended. Nothing! I got nothing but time! (horror music)


  1. Don't Mind Me Author

    I’m 29
    Seen all the Halloween’s and Friday’s (including the non Jason storyline 😂)
    I am just now getting this story and finally understanding mike and Jason aren’t related lol
    Yup I’m slow and I’m not gonna apologize 😂

  2. Diego Borja Author

    What if none of the movies contained Jason?
    Every movie he has a completely different body shape and appearance even if it takes place the day after the murder spree. So then you can say when he drowned…HE DROWNED! That’s it! Ever since Mrs Voorhees died it’s been these psychopaths pretending to be him. It’s just like F13 part 5 where it is a copycat killer pretending to be Jason.That’s why Jason can’t die because no-one can forget him…
    Creds to cinemassacre


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