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Everything We Know About Post Malone’s New Album, ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ | Genius News

[HOST] Post Malone is getting ready to release
his third studio album – here is everything we know so far, beginning with his late July
announcement. [POST] I have some pretty fucking awesome news. And uh, the reason my voice is kinda fucked
is cause I was in the studio for the last three days and we just finished up the new
album. [HOST] A month later, Malone tweeted the project’s
name as “Hollywood’s Bleeding” along with a September 6th release date. It’s unclear what songs will be on the album
and while Posty’s 2019 has seemed relatively quiet—he’s actually been omnipresent. In late 2018, he and Swae Lee released the
3 times platinum Billboard Hot 100 no.1 hit “Sunflower” off of the Spiderman: Into
the Spider-Verse soundtrack. It’s been on the chart for 44 weeks. As well as the solo cut Hot 100 top 5 hit,
“Wow..” Most recently in early August, he enlisted Atlanta’s Young Thug for another top 5 hit,
“Goodbyes.” Later that month, he previewed a new song called “Circles,” featuring production
from Tame Impala. [HOST] “Hollywood’s Bleeding” will be
a follow up to Malone’s 3x platinum April 2018 album, “beerbongs & bentleys,” boasting
“rockstar,” his most searched song on His debut album “Stoney” dropped in 2016. If you’d like to learn more about Post Malone’s
upcoming project, check out his artist page on I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News, bringing
you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace!


  1. Jazzy Cakeup Author

    I prefer when artists take their time on their projects. The result is often better in this streaming era we grow tired and want the new so quickly. Artist used to could roll out an era over YEARS

  2. samuel martinez Author

    Post Malone will never have an album as great as Stoney. That album was just perfect. Everything after Stoney is corny asf. It sounds less like rap and more like pop.

  3. Forever beautiful Author

    ❤Thank you for sharing is caring awesome 🌟Prince🌟 Post👑👦🌟❤ Malone 🌟shiny🌟 star🌟 forever❤🌟 congratulations🌟❤ a blessing❤🌟 hollywood bleeding🌟❤ forever god bless you always and forever ❤❤❤❤❤🌟❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. _ XniperArtz _ Author

    Well technically they do know something, all three of the hit songs he just said are gonna be on the album, it’s kinda like rockstar, we knew what the song was before b&b

  5. Nath Simmonds Author

    Everything we know so far about Post Malones new album Hollywoods Bleeding:

    – Post Malone has an album coming out called Hollywoods Bleeding.


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