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Expectation vs Reality: Family Pictures | Twins Brooklyn & Bailey

(instrumental music) – Hello guys, it’s Brooklyn and Bailey and welcome back to Squared. This week’s theme is… – [Both] New Year’s. – And for our family at least, a new year means new family photos. So, today’s video’s going
to be an expectation – [Both] Versus reality. – [Voiceover] Of getting
ready for family photos. – Now you always expect
to have the perfect skin, the perfect hair, perfect makeup… – And it doesn’t always turn out that way. – No, sometimes it doesn’t
not work out at all. – Sometimes, the reality
of things is a little sad. But before we get onto the video be sure to hit the big red
subscribe button down there and give this video a huge thumbs up if you like New Years. – Thumbs up. – Now let’s get onto the video. (alarm blares) – Oh, perfect timing. I might even be able to curl my hair. (alarm blares) Ahhh! I still have to curl my hair! – Well I just woke up,
I hope this looks good. Oh, look at that, perfect for the day. (whines) Uh my hair, it
just needs to work already. (groans) – (whispers) Yes, my skin is clear. Score! Why does acne have to be a thing? (gasps) What about family pictures. Oh my gosh! I’m…Oh my…I’m done! – Oh my goodness, I don’t… I don’t have anything to wear. I’m freaking out! – Mom, nice pick. I like it. Are you sure this is what you want me to wear for family pictures? I mean is the family color theme rainbow? What-what am I wearing? (giggling) (upbeat music) – If any of those situations relate to you give this video a huge thumbs up. I know at least one of those do. I know because I’ve
experienced a lot of those. (laughs) Yes, and don’t forget to
hit the information button right up there if you guys
want to see yesterday’s video by the Caleon twins and that’s all we have for you guys. – [Brooklyn] Yeah.
See you later. – Bye.

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