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– [Narrator] We pay for our books, We buy gas to get to class, the beer at the Jay, a little music, a little late night fun. The future will come,
right now, it’s tips. We work for tips, we
need the tips, we smile, say “hello,” “thanks,” “can I help you?” You tip, we live. – [Narrator] You see, polio
is a highly contagious viral infection that affects
mostly young children. It can lead to paralysis, breathing problems, and even death. For a long time, it was a big
problem throughout the world. In 1955, Dr. Jonas Salk developed
the first polio vaccine, – [Announcer] Western
Union will give shoppers another reason to seek out and shop Albertson’s Safeway stores,
in turn, increasing sales. Introducing, Life. Delivered by Western Union. Exclusively for Alberson’s Safeway. – [Narrator] You see, two hundred
and fifty million children around the world cannot read, write, or do basic arithmetic. Many live in developing countries, without regular access
to schools or teachers, and it would take one and a
half million more teachers to bring these children
up to a standard level of proficiency. – [Announcer] The VL Innovators
Challenge is a competition awarding five hundred
thousand dollars in grants for millennials aged 18 to 34. To create solutions, using
the power of technology and digital media, to better the lives of Latino families and communities. – [Narrator] The GE Foundation is building a world that works better. Join us, at GE foundation dot com. The GE foundation:
empower, equip, elevate. – [Narrator] The community
of Proctor Academy makes a difference every day. Nurturing the young minds
of future generations. – [Announcer] So why are you here? Have you considered that you were created to complete something? You were born with a purpose, a vocation. – [Narrator] Generation
Waking Up is a non-profit organization, unleashing
the collaborative power of our generation. We awaken, empower, and
mobilize young people to use their talents
and passions in service of a better future. – [Announcer] The Kick-Off Challenge, taking place over this
summer, is an opportunity for I-Zone three sixty
schools to do just that: propose your innovative solution to a new, or ongoing challenge. Design and test your ideas
with support from I-Zone and your peers. – [Narrator] Sign up
for Cinch, a simple way to track your saving and spending. What’s your worth it? (inspiring modern music) (funky urban music)

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