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Exposing Hollywood hypocrisy amid Oprah 2020 rumors


  1. danielgarrison91 Author

    Hey Sean and Michelle who stood up for Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly and Roy Moore again you two shites. And what about Trump and his past with Harvey Weinstein are you forgetting he was friends with him also. Lol, the same man who compared his sex life to serving in Vietnam. The same man who made comments about how hot his own daughter was. The same man who defended Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Yeah Hannity and Malkin. Oh and let's not forget the lies and bullshit you pushed when President Bush was President and Iraq and Afghanistan and Halliburton and Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and Valerie Plame being outed and Medicare Part D and the collapsing of our economy. Not to mention you two defended Dennis Hassert the child paedophile and serial sexual deviants in Newt Gingrich and Bob Barr and Bob Livingston and Henry Hyde and Mark Sanford and David Vitter… Fucking hypocrisy at its best.

  2. mrquizical Author

    Will not vote for Pres. Trump again or any Republicans if any deal for Dreamers or Daca, "Illegal aliens,  what they really are." is made. Dreamers are and continue to be Nightmare to US citizens.   American tax paying citizens are once again being sold out. What a joke!

  3. LiberalTears AreDrowningMe Author

    Whats really funny is even after all the facts that Hannity mentioned regarding how horribly obama failed, the left still defend him and think that obama did a great job. WTF?

  4. Niall T Author

    "Worst recovery since the 40" Jesus Christ this twat Hannity totally igniting the US economy was in the shit hole after 8 yrs of republicans. The economy always does worse under republicans.

  5. Rix Pix Author

    Oprah Winfrey has always been bad for America for many reasons.
    Now, she is about to become dangerous as well. This is chilling and a very serious issue. Obama and Clinton showed us that there are more than enough idiots in the country to get her elected. This is very bad juju!

  6. Rob Kearsy Author

    Good lord Michelle read my mind but hey I've had a crush on her since I was 18 so that's probably the reason I did when she said Oprah would be a repeat of the identity politics from Chicago she's dead right. These Obama nut huger's make Obama sound so magical when all he did was screw up this country & play identity politics.

  7. ithas begun Author

    Oprah Winfrey was a pimp for Harry Wienstien. That fat ugly gluttonous pig wants whites dead. Duh of course that satanic beast knew. She sacrificed pretty white girls for the monster. She is a narcissistic race baiter that hates white people. I despise that monsterous humungous hog.

  8. Bee be Cee Author

    All the Left wants is to deny, delay, deflect, disrupt and destroy the presidency. Some of them are corrupt, some are murderers and they are fighting for their own survival or go to prison.
    Do you think they are going to play fair,

  9. Laura Smith Author

    Oprah Winfrey is a lost cause. Oprah isn't even making it into Heaven. I had a death experience, and I found out. Oprah needs to empower the scheming women to stop lying about men. Hollywood has all losers.

  10. kimberly johnson Author

    Sorry Sean, you go on and on and on for the first 30 minutes of your show and that isn't enough for you? Now you have to keep interrupting your guests? You think Opera has a big ego. I'm sick of your grandstanding and melodrama.

  11. Augustus Fernandez-Mckenzie Author

    Imagine if she becomes the candidate…now, that's scary.
    Wow, Trumpianism will suffer the fate of the dinosaurs. Like most people, I love Tyrannosaurus rex.
    What about you?

  12. Piper Mccoy Author

    I like this Michelle Malkin..she is bang on and passionate about her views ..which I agree with. Very realand brainy…Will have to check her out

  13. cheong728 Author

    Malkin is a hypocrite. What proof do you have that Oprah and Streep knew what ? Just hearsay. There is hearsay that Trump is a rapist, but Malkin doesn't believe that. Again, hearsay is not proof. There are hypocrites on both the left and right.

  14. Mike Moklak Author

    Once again the degenerate brain dead robots on the ku klux faux news channel arent on point. If Michelle Malkin doesnt like Hollywood or its people then why does she support our pedophile in chief who is another typical actor. Of course malkin loves the kind of people who rape boys and girls. Im gonna love the trump years one big clown show.

  15. Brandyn Ashing Author

    I'm an independant complaining about the entire political media. 4 out of 5 video's on my YouTube Fox recommended channel for you titles: 1. Exposing Hollywood hypocrisy amid Orah 2020. 2. What do Californians think of the sanctuary state law? Gutfeld: What are you complaining about, liberals? Hanity: Democrats are total flip-floper on immigration. This contant disparaging of one side to the other accomplishes what? A big emotional arrousal amoung the supporters that watch you confirming how 'right' they are? absurd and irresponsible behavior. Why doesn't each side spend it's time comming up with solid rational arguments for their positions instead of this grose gossip mungering? Please get over yourself exposing how 'right' you are to each other and patting yourselves on the backs. I find this whole Earth place irrational and would diagnose the lot of American humanity as engaging in insanity.

  16. 2DebbieDoo Author

    A bunch of druggies that seem to have an OD a week; pedophiles and molesters; cheaters and wife swap'ers; hypocrites flying around in their "it's ok, I bought Gore credits" planes and living in houses that could house all the homeless…WHT do people hold this crowd in hollyweird in ANY kind of esteem?

  17. Mirenita Mia Author

    OPRAH…? Three in One…?
    African black…like Obama.
    Woman….like Hillary.
    Elite…like Hollywood.
    I think we need a President who works for ALL American citizens. I do not mind the race nor the gender, but I do about our beloved country and respect for our people. Over all recognizing and thanking our Lord Jesus Christ our only Redeemer, Creator, and Savior of our World.
    He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is the Light of the World. He is the only Begotten Son of our mighty God. God the Father. God the Son. God the Holy Spirit.
    We need more qualifications for a POTUS.
    You represent us all very well. May the Lord bless you and your precious family.
    THANK YOU Mr. President. MAGA 2020

  18. undesirable truth Author

    Too much botox got in her brain. If we all followed the direction of Republics; we would end up in a dictatorship. It's clear you all would be fooled into it. Sad

  19. Thomas Hamilton Author

    2 Thessalonians 2:3
    Let no man deceive you by any means: For that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.
    They talk the truth about the evil, evil Obama, Holluwood. But they never tell the reason why these evil people in Hollywood ate ealking in darkness!! They have SOLD THERE SOULS!! They have been told a lie! Satan will not share his kingdom!! He lied to them.
    They DON'T CARE WHO IS PRESIDENT!! As long as the party continues!!!! This is what evil wants and will get done.
    Come to Lord JESUS CHRIST!!

  20. Gwendolyn Yates Author

    I would never vote ugly pig Oprah bitch Winfrey! For President. I don't like her. She make me sick. Her man is a faggot.she try to hide that, when it all came out some years back. He was with her male hair stylist. She needs to go sit her fat ass somewhere and shut up! Not every women like her, don't believe that crap. Fuck you Oprah! you Bitch! I'm voting for President Trump in 2020,MAGA….He's my president!

  21. Kim Possible Author

    Congratulations to Michele Malkin, she won top movie/show … at the Manhattan Film Festival this past Sunday April 29, 2018! Way to go, Michele. 🎉 🎈 🎊 🍾

  22. Kim Possible Author

    Lol. “…need to put down the Oprah BONNNNGGG and stop inhaling.”
    That’s awesome man. My goodness, I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side. She really is an awesome person though.

  23. Donald Harvey Author

    What everybody in tv land knows Winstone is a filthy freak to children how wouldn't the rest I've Hollywood not know unless they are just as bad as him and that maybe the hole truth just look who has been uncovered with winstine charly sheen for one maybe worth while checking the other half men

  24. Jose Duran Author

    Oprah Empire is faltering, because socialism does not work , and nothing is better to get your own by means of hard work and not relying on failed policies , and failure.

  25. John Tatum Author

    Mainstream media and Hollywood…no standards…Americans are forced to ignore mainstream media and avoid Hollywood movies and celebrities and their biased statements. Of course, Hollywood has always been unrealistic…hahahha

  26. S O'Leary Author

    One day she will suffocates by her own boobs! Wow she is getting fatter and fatter. Wonder how much she weight now…250-300 lbs! 55555.


    It's a bloody shame. Oprah, really America. She will open up the borders and give them all a TV and home remodel. lol. Come on, surely they can put up someone better than sodding Oprah.

  28. GravInducedSleepTrac Author

    I'm shocked Hannity said he would backup Oprah! Did I hear that wrong? I better have or I'm thinking Hannity go blackmail by the elites & libs!

  29. Silver Eagle Author

    In all honesty…the entire liberal lineup for POTUS in '20 looks like a a photo line up of FBI's most wanted….and they are all criminals. Looking forward to hollyweird to fall on it's face and the MSM ratings go so low,they put "Barney" ,the purple dinosaur, on in their slots

  30. Judy Jessee Author

    Brother said sick, next thing they will be telling us it’s Ok to let a child molester to babysit your kids ,Unbelievable believe it

  31. George ONeal Author

    Hollywood is full of a bunch of phony hypocrites. They have no identity they pretend to be someone else. I don't watch any of them. Let's hit them in the pocket book

  32. Trixie Trueblood Author

    Hillary said to an audience of Indians from India that Trump voters actually complain when Indian-Americans do better than they do. She is such a lowlife. She should have been in a foreign country extolling the virtues of America. Instead she complains that she lost the election. That borders on treason in my eyes.

  33. Rosemary Storm Author

    Oprah was responsible with her expansive influence called THE OPRAH "FACTOR", for THE WORST PRESIDENT IN USA HISTORY being elected .. Barack OBUMMER!!! And we should trust HER opinion now??? She'd be MORE dangerous than even OBAMA proved to be. Just because you're rich doesn't make you a good politician. Oh .. and a Team Leader of your Weight Watchers Compmany PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED and INUJURED ME at a meeting .. all because of a song FOR Weight Watchers, I wrote FOR YOU, Oprah, with Dr. Oz in it too. Yup – I will soon be PROVING that Rosemary Storm got you that gig and made you 200 million richer than you already were. Thanks for nothing, Oprah! By the way, "WHAT WOULD "YOU" STAND UP FOR?" (cover of O Mag).

  34. R Dm Author

    Hollywood home of no tallent has beens,double standards&satanism.. oprah is an oboma clone, a criminal just like the rest…anyone who follows her is no better than bin laden

  35. Norfolkc Author

    They are good entertainers every one a complete CLOWN Oprah Winfrey qualifications to be President of the US Black and rich sounds like a winner to me

  36. cyborgGerbil Author

    Respect wamen. 😫 How about respect men too? Or just respect each other. Equality, no more extra rights special privileges and special treatment. Just type female privilege into YouTube.

  37. Janet Wilson Author

    Always thought Streep was a creepy actor. She twitters every time she says a line, she's just creepy. Not worth watching and I sure wouldn' pay attention to anything she has to say.

  38. Susanna Chisholm Author

    Trump beat Hillary and what makes Oprah and Hollywood think she would have a chance? Hillary could beat Oprah by a mile. Let that sink in…

  39. sherry hodges Author

    You’re not exposing anything. Their whole strategy is to pay an agenda, no matter what or how bad it sounds, you are literally wasting your time.

  40. Lorey's Lair Author

    I have a friend that says he thinks the demo clowns running for president are deliberate, that they're going to slip in someone like Oprah at the last minute so she's preparing for it. But she belongs to the cabal and the insanity would continue. It would just be another trick. The bad dudes would still be in control.


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