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Extremely Real People Who Are Definitely Not Actors

(upbeat music) – Come on in, come in,
make yourself comfortable. Thanks for coming down today, taking time out of your
real, normal person jobs. Why don’t you give
these flashlights a try? – Alright. – [All] Whoa! – Oh, it’s really bright. – Yeah, sure, it’s a flashlight. – Yeah, really crisp. – What if I told you
that these flashlights you’re holding right now, are powered by Omnivolt batteries? – No! – What? What? No! – Yes. – Come on, are you pulling my leg? – I’m not. – Omnivolt Batteries? – That’s right. – You said that? – You’re telling me that
the blue-bottomed battery is powering all of these right now? – What if I told you
that Omnivolt Batteries won the H. D. Fortifer Award
in quality manufacturing? (cheers) – Are you shitting me right now? – I’m not.
– Fuck off! – I can’t.
– They didn’t. – They did.
– Fuck the fuck off! – I wish I could. (laughs) – [All] The H. D. Fortifer Award? – The award that all
of you, as real people, are very well aware. – This is the craziest shit
I ever heard in my life! – Yeah! – That’s not all. Omnivolt won it three years in a row. – No, you shut up. – [Plaid Skirt Female] Oh my God! (girls cheer) – There’s still energy in here. – How? – The batteries live! – What is happening? – There’s no God, but Omnivolt. – [All] All hail Omnivolt! – And, did you know that Omnivolt was rated the second
most reliable battery– – Shut up! Shut up! – In a survey of 200
consumers self-described as the primary purchasers of
parcel bids in the family? (all screaming) – Oh God! – Eh, uh. (rumbling and pop) (screaming) – Well, I am impressed. I’m gonna buy some
Omnivolt products tonight. Excuse me, I have to get to an audition. (heavy bass sound) – Hi, it’s Mike Trapp, from CollegeHumor. Click here to subscribe. Click here for more fun things, and send help to keep me from sinking. Please, please help. Please help.


  1. F. I. R. E. Author

    Ah, yes, I know this.
    To quote the great Ryan Higa,

    "These are real people, not paid actors, 'cause we're not paying them!"
    "Wait, what?!"
    "…A deal, is what you'll be saying!"

  2. oooooooooooooooom Author

    Sand. Mart. Carlsbad. Donnuh. The may times I've seen this sketch and only now am I noticing the names on their badges…. bloody brilliant.

  3. MrTotallyNotClickbait Author

    Technically those car commercials aren't lying. They are real people because they're human, and they're not actors professionally they are just people who happen to be acting

  4. H and Friends Author

    When I was little I thought the real people not actors thing was real
    Even though deep inside I knew it wasn’t
    But all I could think about is
    I wish I could be one of the real people….how do you even do that

  5. Li Author

    It's true though, those commercials are being totally honest. They are real, human people. And they are not actors: at least not good ones.

  6. Jeremiah Sivertson Author

    The thing about the ‘Real people’ thing is that the people you’re seeing are actually real people, otherwise the company could be sued for false advertisement. However, they can pay the people that show up to act a little overexcited as well as just crop out the hundreds of more sensible people who certainly were also shown the same thing. So not actors, but basically just as bad.

  7. Zach Thompson Author

    The funny thing about the actual car commercials is that they are still really memorable to me, and I STILL remember that the award in the commercials was the JD Power award, and yet I have no clue what car brand the commercial was actually for. “Did they make a good and memorable ad?” Well yes, but actually no.


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