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Failed Auditions That Cost Actors A Major Role

In Hollywood, there are more actors than parts. When you’re trying to get a career going,
rejection is par for the course. Still, it’s hard to believe some of these
failed auditions that cost huge actors some legendary roles… Robert De Niro – The Godfather Sure, he won Best Supporting Actor for playing
young Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part II. But Robert De Niro actually auditioned for
the part of Sonny in the first Godfather movie. “You gonna take both of them? Nanana you gonna take them? Ey you know what they gonna do to you? Ey you know what you do when you knock somebody
off? You take a gun you shoot him right up against
his f—ing head that’s what you do. You get his, ya get his brains all over your
nice new Ivy League suit, Michael that’s what happens.” James Caan got it, but that’s okay. Sonny was a chump. Vito was a legend. Seth Rogen and Bob Odenkirk – The Office Between Freaks and Geeks’ cancellation in
2000 and The 40-Year-Old Virgin in 2005, Seth Rogen had a bit of a dry spell. During that period, he auditioned for the
role of Dwight on The Office. “Urine is sterile. Did you know that? If you’re in the field, you can clean a man’s
wound by taking a whiz on it.” Rainn Wilson got the part…and Rogen went
on to become an A-list actor and writer. Meanwhile, Bob Odenkirk was already a comedy
legend when he auditioned for the lead role of Michael Scott. “We play hard, and we work hard. Sometimes we uh probably play hard when we
should be working hard but that’s probably my fault but…fire me.” He lost to Steve Carell, best known at the
time as a correspondent on The Daily Show. Odenkirk must’ve been pretty close, because
he guest-starred in the final season as an eerily Michael Scott-esque boss at an office
where Pam lands an interview. “Hey guys! Say something!” “Hello!” “Hi I’m Mark! I’m the uh horrible boss around here but please
don’t hire Jaimie Foxx to kill me.” “Djangooooo!” “I don’t agree with the use of the N word
in that movie, it’s too soon.” Scarlett Johansson – Jumanji This future Avenger started as a child star—her
first big-screen role came when she was just nine, in the 1994 comedy North. The following year, ScarJo missed out on Jumanji
to Kirsten Dunst. “Would forget about the stupid game, now close
it up and put it away!” Josh Hutcherson – Amazing Spider-Man Every young actor between 18 and 30 probably
had a shot at Peter Parker and his agile alter-ego. Josh Hutcherson had just filmed his first
Hunger Games when he showed up for this audition. One franchise would have to do. Despite Hutcherson’s solid screen test for
2012’s Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield wore the webs. Gwyneth Paltrow – Jurassic Park Steven Spielberg cast Paltrow in a bit part
in Hook. Two years later he got her an audition for
his surefire dinosaur blockbuster. “Or maybe, maybe it’s just ritual behavior,
species specific behavior that serves to identify them to one another. But maybe it doesn’t have any broader meaning.” But the future Oscar winner apparently just
wasn’t as good as Laura Dern. Brad Pitt – “Backdraft” Handsome? Check. Talented? Check. But in 1991, casting directors hadn’t seen
Brad Pitt’s full potential yet. He auditioned for Backdraft… “Ya know, these new stations, are part of
how Commissioner Swayzak’s wrecking this department.” But instead they went with the Brad Pitt of
1991, Billy Baldwin. Jeremy Sisto – Titanic Jeremy Sisto was hot off his appearance as
Elton in Clueless when he auditioned for Titanic. Today it’s impossible to imagine anyone but
Leonardo DiCaprio yelling about being king of the world in the James Cameron blockbuster,
but it’s still fascinating to watch his screen test with Kate Winslet. “Thank you” “Oh thank you. I mean, I mean thank you for thanking me. I mean you’re welcome.” A few years after whiffing on this role, Sisto
landed a gig on Six Feet Under and went on to star in Law & Order, Suburgatory, and plenty
more. Kurt Russell – Star Wars Unfortunately for Kurt Russell, he auditioned
for the soon-to-be-iconic role of Han Solo against Harrison Ford, the only actor of the
era who was more effortlessly cool than Kurt Russell. “I was only paid to bring ya here and now
you’re here. So I’ll just take my other 5000 and you’re
on your own.” It’s okay. Harrison Ford never could have handled Snake
Plissken or Jack Burton. “Ah ya know what ol Jack Burton always says
at a time like this?” “Who?” “Jack Burton, me!” Tom Selleck – Raiders of the Lost Ark It’s the most famous Hollywood “what if”:
Tom Selleck was offered the role of Indiana Jones, but had to refuse because he was stuck
filming Magnum, P.I. Harrison Ford strikes again. “Hello Marion.” “Look, I did what I did I don’t expect you
to be happy about it, but maybe it can do us both some good.” “Why start now?!” “Just shut up, shut up and listen to me. Now I need that piece your father had.” But oh, what could’ve been! Indiana Jones would’ve had a killer mustache,
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  1. Rachull Author

    I don't really think there is such thing as a "failed" audition, unless you can't act. It's just not that right look or attitude. The actor could act the part, but not in the way the director is looking for.

  2. Nathan King Author

    I don't think any of these awesome actors would be much worse (if at all) than the selected cast members, nor do I think these were failed auditions at all. I just think that were these actors to get the parts, the shows/movies would be transformed into something very different than what it was/is in reality.

  3. toorest trikie Author

    just think if Selleck took on the part of Indiana Jones, breaking his contract to Magnum PI? the studio could have paid an out of court settlement easily because of how big a franchise it became! or would it? pointless this speculation it might have dropped like a rock, no pun intended! as could every other discussed on this list?

  4. Storyteller Narrations Author

    Tom Selleck shouldn't have been included in this video. His wasn't a failed audition, he had the part, but was already committed to Magnum.

  5. Eamonn Kirk Author

    being a popular actor, auditioning and not getting the part doesn't mean they failed it just means someone was more suited for the role. A failed audition implies they messed up in some way

  6. Francis Emmett Author

    I dont think i would have called any of those auditions a fail. I think the casting directors definitely had their work cut out for them!

  7. Aren Author

    Funny thing is, if anyone remembers Bob Odenkirk was actually in an episode of The Office S09E16 when Pam interviews for another job and he plays the boss of the company. Pam describes him to Jim as being almost exactly like Michael. Cool that they still had him on the show despite not getting the part of Michael.

  8. Jon Jones On gas station dick pills Author

    No one would ever beat Harrison Ford as Han Solo but you’d be sure as shit that Kurk Russell would come close

  9. Victor VonDoom Author

    Kurt Russell would have totally nailed Han Solo. He would have at least done a lot better than Alden Ehrenreich's embarrassingly pathetic recent attempt anyway.

  10. Shanty Town Author

    man the casting crew really pick from the best, it sucks that you see some great actors miss out on a awesome part, but then again are glad they picked the other guy. There is always going to be another movie or chance SO MUCH more perfect for them. And when it does come around the wait was so worth it.

  11. OscaPaul 3 Author

    Seth Rogen would have ruined The Office, not just the character Dwight. There is and always will be only ONE Dwight. Gawwdd!! I really can't imagine how bad The Office would be if he made it. LOL

  12. Samara Thompson Author

    I noticed that she forgot about Jensen Ackles from supernatural, Jensen first audition for the role as Sam but he was the called back from the director to play Dean because of comedian ways

  13. Forscythe Jones Author

    Omg josh being spiderman would be perfect. He looks young like an actual highschooler and not too handsome. Garfield was good but he wasn't Peter Parker for me. Peter was supposed to be an outcast. Who wouldn't want to be friends with a handsome tall guy like Garfield? He didn't sell the part for me.

  14. Dale Greer Author

    Kurt Russel would have stolen the show if he had played Han Solo. Harrison Ford was a good choice because he's on the same level with the other actors in the film.

  15. Bert Lo Author

    No one wants to listen to your narration and dramatization. Just show the footage and give a brief introduction. This isn't Hollywood Tonight.

  16. The Hater Author

    I wouldn't call it failed auditions. More or less that wasn't their part. If the part doesnt fit then thats perfectly okay.


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