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FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR – Forest Lawn Hollywood #3 (Brittany Murphy, Gene Autry, etc.)

Welcome to Hollywood Graveyard where we set out to remember and celebrate lives of those who lived to entertain us, by visiting their final resting places. Today we conclude our tour of Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, where we’ll find such stars as Brittany Murphy, Dorothy Lamour, Gene Autry and many more. Join us, won’t you? For this final stretch of our tour of Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills we’ll be visiting grave sites spread across the grounds of the cemetery, where, as we’ve seen, you’re as likely to run into deer as you are to see a famous grave. I hope you have plenty of gas in the car, ’cause we’ll be doing as much driving as walking today. And if you haven’t done so already be sure to check out parts 1 & 2. We’ll pick up right where we left off at the end of part 2 on the lawn just northwest of Lincoln Terrace, known as bright eternity. Near the middle of this lawn just east of a statue is the grave of actress Brittany Murphy, who is remembered for roles in everything from comedies such as “Clueless,” to darker roles including “Don’t say a Word,” for which she received critical acclaim. She also provided the voice for Luanne on the TV show “King of the Hill.” She died quite suddenly of pneumonia and anemia at just 32. Turning right on Ascension Road we’ll stop about halfway between the two T-intersections. Stretch out those hamstrings because this hill is steep, and we’re going most of the way up. Here we find filmmaker George Stevens who was nominated for seven Academy Awards in his career, winning for “A Place in the Sun,” and “Giant.” Other notable films include the “Diary of Anne Frank.” Continuing up this road we’ll stop at the T-intersection. Straight up the hill from this intersection, just behind a large tree is TVs Nelson family: Ozzie, Harriet, and Ricky. Patriarch Ozzie Nelson is best remembered for his role in the 1950s sitcom “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,” which starred his real-life family, including wife and matriarch Harriet Hilliard Nelson. The show became synonymous with the ideal 1950s American family life. Through syndication it remains to this day one of the longest-running live-action sitcoms in US history. The show was a springboard for younger son Ricky who grew from TV star into a teen music idol in the late 50s and early 60s. His first number one single, “Poor Little Fool,” was the first number one song on the newly created Billboard Hot 100 chart. [music] He died in a plane crash at just 45. At the bottom of this hill, in the section of Enduring Faith, just northwest of the intersection, is the grave of actress Marjorie Main, who is best remembered as Ma Kettle in the Ma and Pa Kettle series films produced in the 40s and 50s. She was also nominated for an Academy Award for her role in “The Egg and I.” Continuing along this road a little further, up the hill on the south side, is Hollywood’s most famous western sidekick, Gabby Hayes. He started in nearly 200 films alongside some of Hollywood’s greatest cowboys, including John Wayne, and Hopalong Cassidy. “Well howdy buckaroos! this is your old pal Gabby Hayes comin at you with another one of them rip-roarin Western yarns. Y’er dern tootin! Yes-siree Bob. Further up the road we stop at the curve, in the Sheltering Hills section to the west. Here, near two tall trees, is a young girl whose story is more heartbreaking than any we’ve yet heard. Judith Barsi was a budding starlet who began acting when she was just five years old. She provided the voice for Ducky on “The Land Before Time,” and Anne-Marie on “All Dogs Go to Heaven.” “Oh Charlie I’ll miss you.” “Yeah, uh, I’ll miss you too Squeaker. Now you go to sleep, okay?” “Charlie, will I ever see you again?” “Sure, sure you will kid. you know goodbyes aren’t forever.” “Then, goodbye Charlie… I love you.” Sadly, she would not live to see either of these film completed. At just 10 years old she and her mother were both shot and killed by her own father. The epitaph on her marker is the catchphrase gleefully spoken by young Judith as Ducky in “The Land Before Time.” “My name’s Littlefoot.” “Mine is Ducky! Yep, that is what it is!” Yep Yep Yep!” Continuing around the curve we stop on the left right near a trash bin that resembles a tree trunk. Right next to the road is Noah Berry Jr., who is perhaps best remembered for his role as Joseph Rockford on “The Rockford Files,” a role which earned him three Emmy nominations. Just before the four-way intersection on the right, next to the road, is the grave of German expressionist Fritz Lang, who was a pioneer of early filmmaking. His groundbreaking 1927 film “Metropolis” is considered the first science fiction feature film, and his 1931 film “M” was a precursor to the noir genre. If you haven’t seen either of these yet here’s a sneak peek at “Metropolis,” and one of the most beautiful scenes ever put to film. [music] Across the street to the west, just a few rows in, is the grave of Roy Disney. Brother of Walt Disney, Roy believed in the vision of a younger brother from the start, becoming Walt’s partner and business manager, helping to grow the company into what it is today. He was instrumental in securing funds for several Walt’s more ambitious endeavors, including the first animated feature film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” in 1937, and Disneyland which opened in 1955. Northwest from here, just passed a large tree, is the grave of Smiley Burnette, a popular Western actor, country musician, and often sidekicks to Gene Autry. He wrote some 400 songs in his career often singing them on-screen and playing them on instruments of his own invention. He also starred is Charlie Pratt on “Petticoat Junction.” Continuing along this same row of graves we find America’s favorite singing cowboy, Gene Autry. Beginning in the 1930s Gene became a staple on radio, in movies, and television. His show “The Gene Autry Show,” ran from 1950 to 1956, and featured the song that would become his signature, ‘Back in the Saddle Again.” [music] He’s also considered one of the most influential country music artists in history. Further west at the next large tree is the future grave of game show host Bob Barker, who hosted “The Price is Right,” from 1972 until 2007. “Welcome to The Price is Right!” As of filming Bob Barker is still alive, and I’m sure he’d like me to remind you to have your pet spayed and neutered. Still further west a few rows up the hill is the grave of actor Jack Webb, who is best known for his role as Sergeant Joe Friday on “Dragnet.” Way back at the 4-way stop where we left the car we continue south east down Memorial Drive the main road from the entrance. The lawn to the left is called Eternal Love. Just past a large tree, and a not so large tree, is the grave of Asian-American actor Jack Soo. Born on a ship traveling from Japan to the US in 1917 Jack Soo and his family lived in Oakland before being ordered into Japanese internment camps during World War II. Fellow internees recalled him as a camp favorite, entertaining others with song and dance. He soon made his way to Hollywood where he landed several television roles, most notably in the 1970s sitcom “Barney Miller.” Let’s cross now to the northeast corner of this lawn– sorry for the bumpy ride the ground is really uneven — Right next to the road we find the grave of Michael Hutchence, founding member and dynamic frontman of the Australian rock band INXS. After his death in 1997 a portion of his cremated remains were interred here in California. He also has a grave in Australia, his home country. The song “Never Tear Us Apart” played at his funeral. [music] Further down Memorial Drive right near the fork in the road, on the right side, is the grave of Dorothy Lamour, the lovely and talented actress who joined Bing Crosby and Bob Hope on their adventures in the popular Road to… series of films. The next section along this road is Murmuring Trees. Partway up the hill, just east of a tree, is the grave of musician Solomon Burke, who was a key figure in the development of R&B and soul music, and is considered one of the great soul singers of all time. His hits include “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love,” and “Cry to Me.” [music] We’ll pass the Old north Church and head to the eastern part of the cemetery to the section known as Blessed Assurance… Hmm, this could be a problem, I don’t want my shadow in the video. There we go, much better. All the way up to the fence we find the graves of Miklos Rozsa, a three-time oscar-winning composer who defined the sound of the epic film score during Hollywood’s golden age. His films include “Ben Hur” and “The Thief of Bagdad.” and the sun is back. That my friends is Hollywood magic. We now head to the northernmost section of the cemetery known as Devotion. Here, just a stone’s throw from Walt Disney Studios, is Disney Legend Fred Moore. Fred started working as an animator for Disney in the 1930s and contributed to developing the unique look and style of the Disney Animation that become so iconic, including the redesign of Mickey Mouse to the look we know today. He animated the dwarfs in Snow White and Lampwick in Pinocchio, which is said to be a caricature of himself. He was also famous for his cartoon nudes, known as “Freddie Moore Girls.” They can be seen as the Centaurettes in “Fantasia,” and as the mermaids in “Peter Pan.” Our final stop is a long walk south… Giuseppe, a little walking music if you please! Ooo, that’s nice! This is legendary Looney Tunes animator Tex Avery, who was instrumental in developing the distinctive Warner Bros. style of animation and created many of its most beloved characters, including Daffy Duck and Droopy. He also helped develop Porky Pig. I couldn’t have said it better myself! What are some of your favorite memories of the stars we visited today? Share them in the comments below, and be sure to like, share and, subscribe for more famous grave tours. Thanks for watching, we’ll see you on the next one. Hey everyone I hope you enjoyed our tour of Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. Just a quick note here as we wrap up: As you may know Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds were recently interred here, but we want to give the family time to grieve, so we won’t be visiting them just yet. Someday though, so, until then… “May the Force be with you.”


  1. Finau Tauteoli Author

    Thank you so much, I love your show. Seeing peoples graveyard with all the familiar faces got my attention, this is great, I love it. I love your sweet voice, and Please be sure to say how they all pass away? God blessed! and have a wonderful day.🙏💝

  2. D G Author

    About, Judith Barsi, I don't know if it's true but after her dad shot her dead, he gassed her and her mother and lit them on fire.. He then pulled the trigger on himself.. Judith Barsi's tragedy breaks my heart. For such a young child, she had a lot of talent for being a voice actor..

  3. Crypt Keeper Author

    These graves look narrow, much smaller then the standard 5’x8’ I am accustomed to in cemeteries near me. Are these normal vault an casket burials or inurnment burials?

  4. Martin McHugh Author

    Fantastic videos. Can someone explain the ultra-modest headstones of many of these fine people. Many seem too bland for such famous people. I am confused by it.

  5. JL W Author

    Thank you so very much for the Michael Hutchence mention. I never knew he had a (much less two!) grave(s). I knew they had a ceremony "scattering his ashes" so I thought there was none. Now I know I am able to visit someday, and without needing to do the long trek to Australia.

  6. Bill j Author

    I would like to offer some advice for the Bob Barker grave site. Since he is not yet dead, then can mark his site for quick locating when he dies by sticking a very long and very thin microphone-shaped flag at the foot of his grave marker. 🙂

  7. Michael Adams Author

    I remember seeing in another tour the huge monument to Walt Disney. And now we see Roy Disney here with a pretty small headstone. I think he was pretty instrumental in Walt's success. Maybe it was his choice.

  8. Callme Joe Author


    Is it alright to do a quick salute to Bob Clampett and Joseph Kearns who are both buried in this cemetery? Joseph Kearns was the original Mr. Wilson Dennis the Menace.

  9. Susan Morano Author

    Dear Arthur- I love yr videos. If you revisit Forest Lawn Hollywood, could you please spend a minute on actor, David Huffman? He died in 1985, trying to prevent a robbery. He was a television actor mostly, tho' he did appear in Sylvester Stallone's F.I.S.T. a very fine actor & human being. Thank you 😊

  10. Tony Wheeler Author

    Jack Webb – not a huge fan of jingoistic rhetoric, or the sanctification of the police… or stiff acting. But I do love me some Dragnet.

  11. Nuno Soares Author

    RIP all celebrities especially Judith Barsi. Condolences to all family members except Judith's father. He can rot in hell 🙁

  12. Michael Long Author

    I realize that you can't cover every performer buried here, but I wish you'd visited Wesley Lau's grave. Known for portraying Lt. Anderson in "Perry Mason" and Army Master Sgt. Jiggs in "The Time Tunnel".

  13. SpringInFialta Author

    I was not a big fan of Jack Soo's character on Barney Miller. He seemed like such a sad sack. However, I later learned he was a song and dance man and was in "Flower Drum Song" which is a testament to his range.

  14. J Durao Author

    Hollywood graveyard, I was wondering if you could add the grave of actress Dominique Dunne. She was the young actress who played Dana Freeling in the 1982 movie Poltergeist.
    Born Dominique Ellen Dunne
    November 23, 1959
    Santa Monica, California, U.S.
    Died November 4, 1982 (aged 22)
    Los Angeles, California, U.S.
    Cause of death Strangulation
    Resting place Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery
    Westwood, Los Angeles, U.S.

  15. Major woody Author

    Tex Avery also created that cartoon Billy Boy about that wolf and that goat that was eating everything around and all the wolf could say was Bolly Billy Billy.

  16. Pat Currie Author

    I've watched later ones 1st and these early ones seem rushed. Of all, Gene Autry should have had a grander spot. I loved Porky closing out this Vlog, nice touch!

  17. Brittany Smith Author

    That was truly heartbreaking. I remember her from watching The Land Before Time and All Dogs Go To Heaven in school as a girl, but I never knew what happened to her and why she never made anymore movies. Until recently. This man took his wife's and daughter's lives for no reason! Jealous or not, Judith and her mother didn't deserve to die. And for her dad to take his own life afterwards, was truly the cowards way out 😠, and even killing himself was way too good for him. Hell has a special place for him! If only her mother would have got Judith out of that house and away from that horrible man, they would have had lived and been safe somewhere else, away from the abuse. He, as a parent, should have protected his family, and supported Judith's talent, but he let jealousy cloud his judgement. He threatened and beat this poor girl so much and it affected her physically and mentally, which is no life for a child to live. I guess the most heartbreaking thing about this is that this little girl will NEVER have the chance to live life, working in her craft, never to grow up and get married with a family of her own, surrounded by people who love her. Finding out about this, destroyed me, and this hurts even more because innocent people have been taken away from us, because of jealousy. I only hope that God embraced both Judith and her mother, and know that they will never be forgotten.😢😭 #RIP

  18. Lissa K Author

    Your videos are so well done. Thank you for sharing 💙 It always surprises me how humble most of the graves are, even for big stars whom you might expect to have bigger and flashier memorials. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a "thing" for visiting graveyards. I've loved them ever since I was a kid

  19. Zattack 3000.1 Author

    I never had heard of that little girl being killed by her father til today and I used All Dogs and Land Before Time when I was a kid.

    I hope her father is either rotting in hell or jail right now

  20. It’s Britney Betch Author

    I thought Brittany Murphy would have a really elaborate headstone and grave for some reason. It suddenly made me realise that actually that in the end we all end up the same way…

  21. Pam Author

    R.I.P 🌹 Judith Barsi. Wow, killed by her own father that poor little girl God Bless her little soul that is So sad 😩. R.I.P 🌹 Michael Hutchence ( Never tear us apart) Great Song!

  22. Star Starr Author

    When you did a segment on Hollywood Forest Lawn Cemetery, I was hoping you would mention possibly the greatest bass singer in a group, David English. The name most of us know him by was Melvin Franklin, bass singer for the Temptations. He was an original founding member of the vocal group along with Otis Williams. Those two stayed with the group until Melvin’s death in 1995. The group began in 1960. Otis is still trucking on till this day. He misses his partner and best bass singer in the business. With that exception, I enjoy your videos about the people who have have entertained us and their final resting place. It is actually addictive. Please put Melvin Franklin in your next tour of Hollywood Hills Forest Lawn along with Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

  23. mjstbnsn Author

    That episode of Barney Miller where the precinct gets a hold of tainted brownies, Jack Soo's performance as well as Ron Glass' still makes me laugh after all those years.

  24. Crumb catcher 5588 Author

    I may be late on this, and I’ll probably find the answer to my question shortly after posting this, but what are those round stones, wither numbers on them? I assume it’s to mark what row,or maybe empty plots nearby?

  25. Ralene Baldwin Author

    I love that little girl who played ducky I'm crying right now because what your dad did he's a bastard killing his family killing his daughter because she was becoming I'm in tears 😢

  26. Olivia Quijano Author

    We would use the Power of the Time-Machine, so that we can go back in time & try to Rescue Judith & her Mother, before it's too late!!!

  27. jimbo97 Author

    In 1992, with my guidebook "Permanent Californians", I searched out many of the stars' graves in several of these cemeteries.  Your videos are very interesting. But I could do without all the "rock stars" that I never heard of.


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