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  1. Matt Davis Author

    Ola, first of all, you rock man. You’re the tone master!! My question is, have you ever listened to the band Throwdown? I know you’re a huge Pantera fan and songs like Pyre and Procession and This Continuum have a strong Pantera feel. Just wondering. Much love and respect!!

  2. Dan Aktayev Author

    Hejsan, Ola! Have you ever heard of these two most insane technical death metal bands from Sweden: Spawn Of Possession (
    from Kalmar) and Visceral Bleeding (from Malmö)? In my humble opinion, both of them (although now being inactive) remain very unique in their sound/structures/ideas and both have set a bar for tech death sky high. Swedish kings of technicality, hands down. What do you think about their music? If you haven't listened to them, then at least check out the song "Where Angels Go Demons Follow" by Spawn Of Possession. Tack!

  3. Floating in Futility Author

    Hey Ola! We all know you love toight guitar sounds and kittens as well as fairies, obviously. But how do you feel when it gets as grim and grungy as Primitive Man?
    Greetings from Germany
    – Peer

  4. DezDoesStuff Author

    Hi Ola! Big fan of your stuff, something random just happened recently so I thought I could share it with you. Basically, there's this big kardashian wannabe dickhead in my class who treats everyone like absolute shit and it was music and I was allowed to play my guitar in one of the practice rooms so I just jammed along to some pantera songs playing on the computer. Next thing you know the dickhead bursts in for no reason and ignorantly says 'Why does that music sound like a dying cat and who is that fat fuck playing that guitar thing?' (she points at shot of dimebag). I got a bit annoyed but tried to keep calm and said 'It's called Metal and that's Dimebag Darrell, one of the greatest guitarists of all time.' So being that absolute dick she is she started saying stuff like 'He's some fat fucktard who's trying to be cool', 'It's satanic' and 'why can't you be like Drake'. I said getting more triggered 'Look, I don't talk shit and don't mind the trendy stuff you're into but just because metal isn't as popular and is different to what you enjoy, you really don't need to talk shit also stop talking shit about dimebag, he is such an inspiriation to many people and was murdered which effected so many people, also he's not fat, now could you please leave?' Then she said the most unforgivable thing. 'That fucking bitch deserved it!*' Now I was PISSED and shouted *'GET THE FUCK OUT YOU FUCKING KARDASHIAN WORSHIPPING PREPLORD PIECE OF SHIT!!!' So my friends and other classmates overheard and went insane at the fact I 'dissed' her or something. I'm only like 14 so I'm pretty sure that 'diss' sucked. She angrily walked out and I said as a pantera reference 'WALK ON HOME!' So yeah just thought I could share that crappy story. but anyways, you're awesome, good wishes to you and your family and have an amazing day. 🙂

  5. Beyond Vexing Author

    You should give a Swedish , nontouring band called The Project hate MCMXCIX a listen. Their new album Death Riual Covant. Your probably going to have ta buy it? Your awesome! Long live Sweden!

  6. Djackson 5 Author

    Ola! When you record guitar with an amp (or AX8 in my case) through an interface, how much of the volume is coming from your amp compared to the volume of the interface? I currently have my AX8 output volume all the way up and my interface's channel volume up only a few notches. Trying to find a good balance. Thanks!

  7. Benjamin Colley Author

    Ola, I just became a fan of your channel, but more important, your personality. Keep rockin, bud. Anyways, will you or have you ever used a BOSS SY-300? I love how it's an analog synthesizer, as well as act as a multi-fx unit.

  8. Zach Rahr Author

    Hey Ola, snoochi booches, boo boo kitty fuck. Keep up the shweeeeeet content! constantly keeping me motivated. Also, do some shweet shweeps for us?

  9. Drago Author

    Ola, I love your new guitar E1.7FBB, I always wanted a Explorer body with 7 strings, but why did you made the guitar with 22 frets like all the other brands? why not 24? please fix that, and I'll buy one, or maybe two!

  10. Ian Castillo Author

    Hi ola! Im was hoping you could recommend me a high gain amp, it can be combo or a head also a cab recommendation would be very appreciated. Hopefully not to expensive

  11. enrico buffagni Author

    Hey Ola, what do you think about Gruv Gear stuff? Like fret wraps and cases. Have you ever had the chance to try something out and if so do you think it is worth the money? Love the vids and keep up the BURPS

  12. cheesewhisk Author

    Did you change your twitter since this was posted? to @olaenglund
    I recently discovered you when getting into logic and recording guitars after not playing for years. I am now a huge fan as we share a a similar background in getting into playing ie bolt thrower -nirvana days, similar tastes.
    Sad you didn't finish RDR2 but glad you played it.
    I joined up and am looking forward to watching some live shenanigans.

  13. Common Sense Author

    Ola you're going to have fun carrying all your equipment up those flimsy folding attic stairs. Hopefully you can build a real staircase and maybe even pop up one side of the roof to make a dorm good luck in the new house looking forward to seeing the new man cave.

  14. Sergio Rivera Author

    Babe, plz make this guitar happen ! S1.6ETLB LTD – LIME BURST MATTE in ¡7 STRINGS WITH EVERTUNE TOO!, the most beautiful guitar ever created !!!! i loved it !!! <3

  15. mathrotondano Author

    Hey Ola, I just saw your case video and I'd like to know if you loosen your strings when traveling, or do something with the guitar besides putting it in the case.

  16. Raz Author

    Hola Ola! Do you have plans to do collabs with other Youtube guitarists or if not then is there anyone you would like to do something with? P.S Love the videos and you have definitely become one of my new guitar heroes!

  17. Johan Regmer Author

    Hey ola! I wonder what you think about using wounded G-Strings for metal? Before i bought my Solar i hade alot of problem with the G-string staying out of tune, no matter if i put new strings or intonated it. Could this have been a sulotion or would it have sounded crap?

    PS. With G-string i mean the third string on the guitar, nothing else.

  18. Chris Gutierrez Author

    Ola I just finished binge watching every FAQ video in about 2 and a half weeks, one band you have never mentioned was killswitch engage, are you a fan of the band? If you've never heard of them I reccomend the songs "In due time" and "My curse" both of the songs are with each of the singers from past and present. Ps, what's your favorite band at the moment?

  19. Sogladpeter Author

    Ey Ola! I'm trying to convince my wife that i need to add a Solar A2.7LN to my guitar collection…i'm unfortunately running out of arguments. Can you help me out ?

  20. Tom Houghton Author

    How do you write good, interesting instrumental metal songs. I have no one to play with so I can record the guitar,bass,drums myself but I struggle to make the song interesting without vocals but want to continue making music. What is your approach to this? Cheers 🙂

  21. Hvnter Wade Author

    Hey Ola, so we all know that you (and me as well), are a huge Dimebag fan. What exactly is it about his playing that you like so much? There's so many reasons, but what are yours? Cheers from Tennessee.

  22. Metal Jesse Author

    Hey ola love the Chanel! Having your own house is the best!! I was wondering if your a fan of the band soilwork? Thanks and keep up the good work!

  23. Matt Fleming Author

    Hey Ola! You always make me laugh! Love positive Ola! Hope the new house is coming along. Have you checked out the new Flow picks from Dunlop? Amazing! Anyway, my question is -what’s the best thing about being Swedish?

  24. Konrad Lindblad Author

    Do bass players exist? Listen to "The Omnific", they are like Animals as Leaders but with two bass players instead of guitarists.

  25. Abdulrahman Rashed Author

    Hello Ola,
    Huge fan & a happy owner of a Solar A2.6 TBRM. Just have a question regarding hard cases. i couldn't find a Solar hard case with an ST cut so i went for the SKB one, but the Solar body is much smaller than the typical ST cuts, thus the guitar is a bit lose in the case. What case do you use for your Solars? or any recommendations that fit the body?
    Cheers & keep the videos coming.

  26. Derek Ellingboe Author

    Hello Ola greetings from Minnesota! In the future would you think of different pickup option that you like from Seymour Duncan like the distortion or others? Keep up the good work I appreciate everything you do.

  27. Yeichstadt Author

    As a member of the endangered species known as “bass player” when are we gonna see a solar bass? Ebony fingerboards and maple options would be awesome ! Love the show !

  28. Elissia James Author

    Mornin Ola, I love your videos… My boyfriend and I watch your stuff every day! Love the burps, you are hilarious! My boyfriend wanted to know if you like North of the woods song Stabbed with a spoon? Love from Ontario Canada!

  29. Oliver Ma Author

    Hello Ola, love you videos, awesome awesome work! Greetings from Hong Kong!
    My question: Have you ever tried Variax guitars by Line 6? The new Variax Shuriken guitars seems pretty awesome, with the ability to change tuning / pickup / body types on the fly; I saw Stevic from 12 Foot Ninja used it to make super crazy stuff during live demonstration. What do you think about these guitars?
    Have a nice day Ola! You're the metal Jesus! Forget about the haters!

  30. russell zauner Author

    I send crops of Ola to my mom with no subject on the email. She enjoys her Jesus pics. Hell, I got a fridge magnet with Ola holding a frickin lamb ffs lol like that is probably what inspired me to do so – hey whatever makes mom happy lolgain

  31. Jan-Erik Kari Author

    Tervehdys Ola and cheers from your neighbor country, Finland! Thanks for the extremely entertaining content and keep up the good work.

    I used to be love the shapes like Explorer and Razorback but now I have leaned more towards Telecasters with my custom "Suhocaster" from a friend at Suhonen Guitars. It's a small company with high quality.
    That brings us to the question! What do you think about traditional shapes like Telecaster, Stratocaster or Jazzmaster used in metal bands? Could you see Solar making a Telecaster for example? It would look killer with the Solar headstock!

  32. Jorge Montesinos Author

    Ola can you please watch my latest published video? yes that cover man please. BTW love you videos man they've made me want to play again after all these hard years studyng for may career and taking care of my son at the same time tryng to play.

  33. Lady Kitty Author

    Hi Ola! You were on some ad some time ago and commented on how Completely Realistic Automatic Pitch is amazing. Did you use it on your solo album since the vocals on the tracks this far sound sooo perfectly CRAP?
    Your finnish neighbour.

  34. Year Zero Author

    Hej Ola! Greetings from GBG!

    Love your channel and hope that you are feeling great today!
    I was wondering if you could do "All against all" as riff of the day? I know it was before your time in The Haunted, but I still love that song!

    Take care!

  35. Siraël Sombrelame Author

    Howdy fella Ola! How do you feel about Thrash Metal? Like it, hate it? Have you ever heard of Power Trip? They're my fav Thrash band ever! Would be cool if you gave em a listen! Also, it's the 3rd time I've been asking this so if you don't wanna answer this question or already answered it in a previous FAQ I didn't watch cuz I'm dumb just tell me please so I can stop asking it in every FAQ's comment section lmao. luv ur vids bro keep it up <3

  36. J. Paiva Author

    Greetings Ola! I have spent the last years immersed in the folk music of my country, playing the portuguese guitar and bagpipes, but in the last few months I decided to play the electric guitar again, which takes me to what is probably the best question in your faq: I was always into metal so that is essentialy the type of sound I am going for. Temporarily I am plugging a japanese Les Paul from the 70's (not a bad guitar actualy) through a 2x30w Marshall valvestate using an electro-harmonix Metal Muff or the infamous Boss mt2 (not ashamed to say it, its a good pedal). I attempt to achieve a tight heavy sound but annoyingly, sound definition goes down the drain when I play distorted riffs with more than just the basic diads. What are the possible key factors causing that? Also, I will change guitar and amp soon… thinking about getting a Dual Rectifier or maybe a Peavey 6505, but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by so many tone possibilities. Can you please break down the fundamental ingredients to achieve an absolute-killer-heavy as fuck-chugging tone? Types of pick-up in combination with the right amp, etc? Thanks for the inspiration, and congrats for the awesome work! All the best to you and your family! Tack sa mycket!

  37. Luis Vasquez Author

    Oh great Ola the all mighty answerer!

    Do you think that it's practical to use a PC based rig for gigs? Is it really necessary to have a amp if you get the sound you want from pedals and IR's from that PC?

    Greetings from the Dominican Republic

  38. Bobby Simpson Author

    I love your opinion towards music lyrics. Its the exact reason I will never listen or like Country Music. Why I love Metal and Bands like Priest and Maiden.

  39. Jeremy Flinders Author

    DAMN IT OLA!!! I didn't know you were coming out with a single cut. I was planning on getting one of your guitars and now I'm gonna have to get two of them. Why did you do this to me?!! hahaha

  40. KJ_ SIA Author

    Hey ola really appreciate your videos very helpful and entertaining. But can you do tutorial on your set up on how you record your guitar and and how you edit the video .. thanks really appreciate on your response …

  41. Jason Stone Author

    I couldn't write a song about Rabbit shit but I could write one about Bullshit cause there's plenty of it being spouted online…..

  42. Tony Maxwell Author

    Just listened to the new single. Sounds like The Haunted done different. Makes sense yes, but, very difficult to do at this sage in the game. Good job. And anyone who disagrees with my opinion can take theirs and shove it up something..


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