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Far Cry New Dawn: Meet the Voice Actors Behind The Twins | Ubisoft [NA]

GREK BRYK: The first
meeting between the player and the father– You’ve come seeking help. Is quite a full moment,
because I know our past, and you know our past. And how do we reconcile
and move beyond and fight towards a common good? What in you is so twisted– you better put those down– that you actually enjoy getting
what you want, regardless of the consequences, and
that is like that’s yummy. It’s delicious. There’s nothing more
dangerous than a man who is certain that he’s right. In “The New Dawn,”
I’m filled with doubt. — I was wrong– there’s
a weariness to him, but there’s also
still a strength. Like it’s an old
lion being roused to protect his
people one more time, and to try to unify them
and deal with the threat that’s at the gates. If you oppose the twins
you’re going to lose. Even when we disagree,
we both know nobody’s going to come between us. CARA RICKETTS: When are the
moments that we separate, and how do we come back together
again in terms of our movement, knowing that Lou could
pop up behind me. Which in the trailer
there’s that moment where like you just– and I’m back there
like, yeah, we did that. And I love that about
the twins, that they’re almost this serpentine, inter
crossing and coming away, and you know? I think we should
just kill them. No. Hold on. It didn’t feel
like we were acting. It was just I’m
looking at my friend and I’m having this
moment with my friend, who I deeply care about. CARA RICKETTS: It’s so
easy to get along with– Thank you. What’s your name again? Forget it. [LAUGHTER] Jessica was like so great. No, we really
became fast friends. We didn’t just leave the
set and go to our hotels. We, hey, we’re going to dinner. We were like a shared table. And there were some people
on the other end, and– Oh my God. I think Mickey just came out. That ends now! CARA RICKETTS: I was telling
a story or something. I’m like, oh I can’t
believe it, and I hit the table really loud. And the woman at the end
of the table’s like, ah! And I was like, eh, what? It was like, twins in the house. It wasn’t that direct. But it was a bit like like– I was like, you totally
just scared that lady. She was like, so what. I definitely indulged. I definitely indulged
in Mickey attitude. She did. Just a little but. It was so great. It was so freeing. GREK BRYK: I’m so excited to
get to come back and play him again. In “Far Cry V,” it was
just at the scenes. Just the cinematics are
the only time you get. But now the father
exists in the world. He’s just like, you
know, picking flowers. I think some people will want
to hang out with the father. I think some people
want to kill the father. The passion that the players
have for these games, and their relationship with your
creations, is really charming. It’s just as
magical for me to be introduced to this
character, and be like, wow, like I played– I had a hand in that. It’s really very awesome. They’re dominating leaders– I’m sorry, I just don’t
like it when people lie. And they’re fearless. And there’s so many women in
the world that are like that, but we aren’t
really seen as much. CARA RICKETTS: I
had posted a picture of the back of Mickey’s
head on my Instagram, because I was like, oh my God,
Mickey has like hair like mine. Right. Someone commented on
the post with the braids, and she was like, oh, you
guys got like the braids up and the cut, the Fulani. We got the Fulani braids. Yeah. They give you great
villains, and in this game it’s no different. It’s wild. It’s wild as only
“Far Cry” games are. That’s exciting. I mean, you can
come talk to Papa. Yeah, up on the mountain. I bake cookies. I talk about the good old days. But when you’ve got
nothing, we’ll come for you.


  1. kanti medicos Author

    It's seems to me i mean that's so obvious that far cry new dawn was planned before the far cry 5 as it completes the somewhat meaningless ending to a addition in far cry 5 franchise nice strategy ubisoft.

  2. Greg Recovski Author

    I wont lie. I always loved far cry, but i had some kind of burnout after the forth installment. but you guys totally nailed it with 5…. and im kinda sad that i did not buy this one earlier 😀 You`ve created with the Father, one of the best villians (or Anti Hero…), a video game ever had.

  3. Wolfie InTheWild Author

    I have to say, the women who voice acted the twins, did a phenomenal job! The emotion, I could feel it! The moods and how much they put into each word… so good!

  4. Captain Ron Author

    I fucking LOVE new dawn. such a fun cool addition to 5. and that Greg byrk dude is the whole essence of the father in real life. all the actors are great. awesome job ubisoft

  5. Reeed Author

    I'm sorry but I REEAAALY hated the twins in the game. Unlike the other villians in the FC games who are actually interesting and you can really like them eg. Vaas, Pagan Min, heck even Joseph was great. But the twins are just plain annoying, I honestly tried to like them but it's just not working.

  6. Yovany Solorzano Author

    Game was great! Everything about it was great….Except for one huge thing. The length of the main story was do damn short. I didnt even explore half of the map when i beat the game. Ending was good. Even felt bad for the twins and the father at the end.

  7. aiden skelton Author

    The father was my favorite character in farcry 5 & new dawn I really mean that,i remember when I watched Greg do the unboxing video for farcry 5 it made me laugh

  8. Eric Draven Author

    Greg Bryk did an amazing job as the Father, from the look to the voice.. He took the part so serious, was so conviencing and did just a superb job.

  9. Joseph Seed Author

    Just finished the game…


    Im not killin joseph. Hes my boy. He has been a very likable character like vaas. Thanks ubisoft. Farcry six opinion. Please do a current event, thats serious like a civil war in the future. Or corrupt politicians

  10. TJ Matthews Author

    Beautiful actresses, do more future games with those two, first time seeing them in my life but I like there personalities together

  11. Seek N Destroy Author

    I love how they designed Joseph Seed to look like him. When I watch these interviews I forget for a minute that it's not actually Joseph Seed lol.

  12. Torsten Pihl Author

    I'm lovin' New Dawn with multiple play throughs. I was just dissappointed in my Far Cry 5 character's note that they left behind in Dutch's bunker.

  13. Jennifer Daniels Author

    Interesting how the opening scene takes place in the daytime in the trailer, but in the nighttime in the game. (Also looks like the Twins' eyes turned from blue to green/brown.) Stuff like that interests me.

  14. Rick Edwards Author

    The Farcry games are by far my favorite. Ive played and beat them all except for blood dragon which is next. I beat 5 and now doing new game plus. Also im almost through New Dawn and ive loved every second

  15. Solarfactor Author

    Looking forward to E3. Bring on the next title. I hope you continue with the RPG elements as the experience of levelling up was rather enjoyable.

  16. FALLOUTBOYZ69 Author

    I love this game please add more side quest like the fight pit i love seeing the bad guys up close without getting a bullet in my head and its really cool to see the bad guys on there free time please add more side missions

  17. Lucas DS Author

    Was super excited when i saw the trailer for this and pre-ordered it. Loved every second of the game! Very beautiful! Loved seeing Joseph again and The Twins made for great Villains too! Can't wait for the next Far Cry game already lol 🙂

  18. Joshy 756 Author

    I just got this game yesterday little late but I still love it and I’m looking forward into buying those packs that are in the store.

  19. piece to the father far cry 5 red dead Author

    I think Joseph isnt a villain because I mean the reasons he was trying to kidnap people so they would survive the nukes and I mean the only reasone ha killed people in far cry 5 was because trying to save them but if they attack him and everyone apart of his flock he's going to have to defend it and that's why and he forgave the rook in far cry 5 because he or she didn't know what she or he were doing

  20. That Kid Author

    I honestly wish the Twins were the major villains of Farcry 6 and had an ENTIRE game based on them just like Joseph was in 5. Instead of this short add on version, we could’ve really had an amazing game following their story on how they became highwaymen and all that.

  21. jesse bedon Author

    Far cry is the best game franchise ever. Been plying it since far cry instincts, and watching it since the first far cry, with jack carver. Ubisoft, great job, never stop making this amazing content!

  22. Rex Galilae Author

    Would be really cool if there was a moment where the father makes a grand entrance and schools Mickey and Lou on how to be an actually scary villain

  23. Pepsi is good Author

    The best Far Cry game for me, i just love this world, love the twins and everything this one's got a fancy and epic atmosphere. WE LOVE YOU UBISOFT AND THANK YOU FOR THIS ❤❤


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