Fat To Fit | Aamir Khan Body Transformation | Dangal | In Cinemas Dec 23, 2016

Rahul. – Yeah.
– This fat will go, right? From a young wrestler
to a 42 year old man… And then a 52 year old man…
it’s a long journey Aamir Sir asked me what was my vision… How do you have in mind for Mahavir Singh? Nitish said we’ll begin with your young portion… But I said, let’s not do that.
Let’s do the opposite. Let’s first get done
with the portion where I am fat… I am fat in about 80% of the film. So let’s do that first. If I shoot the young portion first,
and then I put on weight… … to shoot the portion where I am old, I’ll still be fat
when the film is complete. And I won’t have any
motivation to lose weight! I could eat or drink whatever I wanted.
And have a great time. And I had a ball.
I have to say I had a ball. But it was also most uncomfortable. Even my wrestling training
was affected, because… … I was carrying so much weight that,
I couldn’t really move fast enough. You know your breathing
changes when you put on weight. Your whole body language changes… The way you walk, the way you sit,
the way you try to stand up. Everything changes. You can see the kind of dedication Aamir Sir has… As there is also a
temptation where … … one can wear a body-suit to look fat. Wearing a Body suit didn’t excite me. I mean…I would look
fat under the shirt, but… I won’t get that feel… It won’t be any fun for me, as an actor. And guys, that’s a wrap. So that’s an end to me looking like this. But in the beginning I
thought I won’t be able to do it. Because I was so over-weight… 97 kilos and 37% body fat. I thought…I’m in trouble now. Because this is impossible. When you look at the
peak of the Himalayas… … you feel you can
never make it up there. It seems far…it seems very difficult. You feel disappointed. When you attempt it on the first day… … you feel as if this is just the beginning. It’s still a long way to go. So I would shrug these
disappointing thoughts. And I would think…
let’s just think about this day. Let’s not think about the final goal. How will I get there? One day at a time, one step at a time. Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar,
who stays in America was his dietician. We worked out a customized diet plan for him It was a caloric deficit diet plan. The plan would oscillate
from 1800 calories to 2500 calories. No matter how hard you exercise,
if your diet isn’t right… … you won’t get the desired results. Sometimes he would get really tired… … and say ‘I can’t do this set’
or ‘I can’t do it’. ‘I am very tired.’ So I would say that ‘Okay, sir…
we’ll reduce the weight’. ‘But we’ll carry out the exercise.’ But I wouldn’t reduce the weight. And because of that,
when he would finish doing the set… … then I would tell him… ‘You’ve never done this set before…’ ‘… this is the first time
you’ve done it so heavy.’ And then gradually…
your body starts to transform. Want to see his body now? Around 6-6:30-7… Very nice…very nice. 18%?
– 18. something. Dude, that’s not fair. 18…
– 18.15. 18.15… Careful. Careful. Push.
Go for it! Strong! Strong! Strong! Up! If a superstar is so passionately
involved in your film… …then, there can’t be
anything better for you. 9.67! Yes! 9.67. Finally we did it.
– You hit the target, sir. 9.67!
– Take a picture.

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