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Film Acting Tips : how to act on camera, with Chris Mack

You don’t try to do the exact [same] thing in each take each time we’re looking for just a perfect moment I’ve worked on independent films when I was young. I remember, I don’t know how many films I did or worked on, where we had these amazing moments, but we didn’t see them on the camera They were amazing moments between the actors, but it wasn’t for the camera. And on stage you can look everywhere the audience can watch what they want. On the camera, it’s only what we see in the frame and this is all obvious but we forget that. The camera is really a director’s medium or the editor’s medium or the producer’s medium more than it is the actors medium. The actor needs to offer a wide variety of choices But they don’t get to decide what they mean I could frame my face right now like this, and I could put a voiceover that says “this is Chris” he wasn’t always like this until he started sniffing glue. Or I could frame myself again and I could go This is Chris He’s going to help you call now And it changes what I signify. Your creativity is in coming up with a series of honest spontaneous believable choices, and you don’t get to choose what they make those choices mean Yes, exactly, okay. Does that make [sense] it [does] completely because also. I think that people think that Good acting is an acting that is truly felt and whatever you feel is gonna show, but as you just said What is not in frame is not gonna show yes, so it is about offering it to the camera And it is also about diversifying it absolutely so you can you know do something useful for editor after and you want you want to be somebody the editor wants to keep coming back to and one way of that is by offering a series of choices so in each take You’ve got something and you try something you don’t try to do the exact [same] thing in each Take you try to hit what you need yeah But then each time we’re looking for just a perfect moment because you’re not going to use the whole tank usually it happens But it’s rare usually you’re going to edit into so in each in each take go for a different perfect moment, okay, okay? I think it’s useful that’s perfect. There’s something that we did with you in your class playing opposites Which I found fascinating at the time can you explain what this is yeah the whole notion of playing opposites How can I explain that so you you read a scene Romeo loves Juliet Juliet loves Romeo? What the kiss life is wonderful, and then they kill themselves because they’re hormonal arranging teenagers and all these things happen shit happens [but] but it’s easy for actors for all of us just to see the surface and To know the end result we know because we know the future We know what happens at the end of the scene so we think oh, I’m gonna play it He’s in love so he’s going to try [to] get love But that’s an obvious choice, and it’s just on the surface and it’s already in the words, so what’s useful Is also to find the opposite impulse? To get them to reject me or to get them to prove themselves to me or to get them. I’ll go for an opposite impulse Because then stuff that’s are under the surface stuff that’s happening in the engagement [between] me and the other actor between me and and The moment [that] this stuff comes out that is incredibly useful because [otherwise] you run the risk that what you’re playing is just melodramatic Because you’re playing the words and the job of the actor is not to play the words the words are there the story has already Been Written you need to know the words they have to be inside you, but then you have to forget about them It’s kind of like you have to do all the preparation. It’s like falling in love [my] Barry white story. Do you remember this okay? It’s Acting as a really bad metaphor, but but I think it works in a way You fall in love with somebody you invite them to dinner So you you know what you’re going to say you know you’re going to try to kiss them you know you’re going to try to Find this perfect moment, and you you make a beautiful dinner and you you light some candles you put on the very white and then the person arrives and all This stuff that you tried doing all the stuff you prepared goes out the window because if you try too hard, [hey] How you doing, [you’re] pushing it? But then you live the moment you trust that everything you feel everything you’ve prepared is still there But then you live the moment and see what happens and you you’ll surprise yourself [and] the greatest gift you can give to you [so] it give to yourself is surprise because you’ll suddenly experience something you didn’t expect [to] experience because anticipation Knowing the future anticipation are death for an actor so when you go for an opposite It’s not what you expect so something real happens usually when we watch a film or we watch a play [we’re] looking for those moments where something extreme happens where there’s a change a change in the people’s lives So they’re reacting in a very strong Emotionally Visceral way, it’s when the body becomes engaged that I’ve become thrilled by what the actor is doing And by body, I mean emotions physical reactions are emotional reactions all of it


  1. PUREmalayali Author

    Hey guys when are new videos coming,I am waiting for new videos,there are lot of channels and videos on youtube that teach all aspects of cinema like cinematography,direction,story,vfx but Channels teaching acting,The techniques and tricks are very low in number and most of them are not good in quality too.This channel is the only channel which I find intresting when it comes to acting youtube channels.Please upload More and more videos teaching acting techniques,tricks and tips.Love your videos

  2. Uramichi Japon Author

    It's the first video I see after typing "how to act" and I love the fact that it gives you straight away deep instructions, almost secrets about acting !

  3. Aver Hamilton Author

    Can anybody breakdown 3:18? I'm not quite sure what context hes talking about with the opposites thing. Does he mean PRACTICE the opposite reactions? I'm a bit lost on this one.

  4. Ashly Chauhan Author

    what you call opposite impulse some call is twit in a scene….and its well defined about retakes, thanks you so much


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