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Florida Travel: Family Fun at Theater of the Sea, Islamorada

(upbeat music) – Theater of the Sea is
family owned and it shows. They have something for everybody. All the way from little nine
month old Benji to grandma. (upbeat music) My four year old Norah and
my nine month old Benji have never seen anything
like this, I haven’t either. This is Norah’s first time really seeing some of these animals up close. She could not believe how
close we were to the dolphin. At the dolphin show, Norah asked me, “Mommy is that a real dolphin,
is that a real dolphin?” she couldn’t believe it. It’s truly a hands on experience. (upbeat music) She learned a lot, we had so much fun. (dolphin squeaking) I feel like I can just
check a bunch of things off my bucket list after today. I mean I swam with a
dolphin for crying out loud. This was amazing.


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