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FORD V FERRARI Official Trailer (2019) Christian Bale, Matt Damon Movie HD

Look out there .Out there is the perfect lap, you see it? I think so. Most people can’t Carroll Shelby? Maybe. Lee Iacocca Ford Motor Suppose Henry Ford II wanted to build the greatest race car. The world’s ever seen to win the 24 Hours of LeMans. What’s it take? I’ll take something money can’t buy but he can buy speed what in about speed You need a pure racer behind a wheeler car. That’s Ken miles. I don’t trust him an inch. We heard he’s difficult No, no Ken’s a puppy dog No, whatever it is, she’ll now trust me You’re gonna build a car to beat Ferrari with a Ford, correct And how long did you tell them that you needed to three hundred years? 90 days This isn’t the first time Ford Motors gone to war we know how to do more than push paper Go ahead. Go to war Thank you, sir Do you think you can beat Ferrari Lighter faster if that don’t work for nastier We’re gonna make history You ready I was born ready, mr. Shelby hit it


  1. Robert Davis Author

    Looks like a great movie for all car enthusiasts around the World!, Ford vs Ferrari at the end of the day Ferrari always beats Ford , don't believe me, name any Ford bettter than: F12 Berlinetta Ferrari, La Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari, F50 Ferrari, and a F40 Ferrari ?? I'll wait……..

  2. Jim Woodard Author

    WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ???? Ford should SUE or this Trash … it writting was done by an 8th Grader who had NEVER seen a Movie or a Car Before. Is there Anyone in Hollyweird who has seen a Movie or Read a BOOK made before 2010 .NOTHING coming from the Left Coast is Worth the POPCORN youll eat watching it ……..

  3. stephen john baldwin Author

    This looks a Great movie / documentary…I hope they mention Carroll Smith the great chief race mechanic / engineer behind this programme

  4. 83j049733rfe4 Author

    When you try to say Dayum but the thought don't finish because you're stuck on going AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  5. MrPaladin123 Author

    NOVEMBER 15??!!! wtf? this is a SUMMER movie!! it's about cars and SPEED, right?? if you made a movie about ice racing – sure – get Kimi Räikkönen, Valterri Bottas or Mika Häkkinen or some euro ralley driver i haven't heard about!! LOL smh

  6. John Denne Author

    The sound track should be good going by the trailer. Gimme Shelter, great. Hope they manage to get the facts right about the Ford/ Ferrari history of the time.

  7. Liquid Leopard Author

    I wonder if they'll remember to mention the GT40 was built on a Lola chassis.
    Carrol Shelby got his best results from combining American engines and British suspension. 😀

  8. Edmondo Cerza Author

    Ah what a delight it's about time, this reminds me of 24hrs of Lemans. Yes fast and furious rubbish, how about a real story

  9. Tim Sharpe Author

    1.) Ford was a huge company with almost unlimited funds picking on a tiny company with a lot less money.

    2.) The rules had some gaping loopholes back then.

    3.) Ford has rarely been able to compete against the competition on a level playing field.

  10. riadhk Author

    The end of trailer with the deuce crying is a cheap, uninspired, and childish attempt to get a laugh. It is shameful that a giant of the automotive industry of Henry Ford II caliber would be portrayed in this manner especially when the event is made up and not even true.

  11. Alex W Author

    😂😂😂Like seriously you can just make a movie solemnly about the body modification Chris Bale went through for all of his characters…….

  12. Jessica Rose Author

    Christian bale is my celebrity crush I’m seeing this because of him 😂 he’s literally perfect and my dream guy he couldn’t be any more handsome !!!!!😍😍😍😍


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