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Free Room Upgrade at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Hotel

Today, we’re going to try tipping at the
Planet Hollywood of Las Vegas. They have a lively atmosphere and of course
the pleasure pit. This place isn’t going to be your upscale
hotel, but it offers great value for the younger crowd First, I booked the cheapest room which was
the Ultra Hip Room for $17/night $17 a night?! You might be asking? You want to know how my rate is so low? You just need to be a Total Rewards member
which is free to sign up and I’ll leave the link below By the way, I’m all about savings so if
you want to see more saving tips, please subscribe. Next, I noted down which room I actually wanted. I didn’t want to be too greedy, so I went
two steps up and chose the Ultra Resort Vista Room That’s it. Got some $20 bills, packed my bags and got
some rest. Planet Hollywood sent me an email to check-in
online I ignored it They also have these check-in kiosks I ignored them too I wanted to talk to a hotel clerk so I have
a say in my room. No matter how many times I do this or what
I tell myself, I still get nervous. The feeling is like a combination of a bet
I really want to win and the feeling I get when opening a gift because I don’t know
what I’m going to get. When I got to the hotel front desk, I scoped out the workers to see who I might
get along with. As I was walking with a bill in my hand, a
worker, I swear he saw the bill in my hand and called me over. Great~! This looks promising. Ok Kenji, relax and try to be charming… I tried to smile and handed him my ID, credit
card, and the $20 bill “Hey, I’m just checking in.” I’ll get you taken care of sir. We have you for 2 nights Let me put you in one of our newer rooms I didn’t like the way that sounded,
I’ve been told something ambiguous like I’ll be getting a higher floor or the nicest
room only to find out I wasn’t given an upgrade at all. So I asked “Is it the Ultra Hip Room?” Let me see, uhh yes it’s the Ultra Hip
Room What? That’s the exact same room I booked He tried to play me off cat. You.. how could you look at me like that. Did you think I would go to my room and never find out? You could’ve just told me that there are no upgrades available You were trying to make it seem like you were doing me a favor aaaaaAAAAAAAA! No. No. stay calm. It’s not over. We can still work something out. uh.. I was hoping that I can try your Ultra
Resort Vista Room Oh, those rooms are a lot nicer I remained silent with a smile. There “may” be none available His tone didn’t sound firm so I was just
trying to gently push him over. I apologize for wasting your time, but
is it ok if you please check if it’s possible? And then… I saw the crack… Those Vista rooms are a lot bigger, but
this … And the worker looked down at the $20 bill I gave him. And I understood. So he tried to put me in the standard Ultra Hip Room For the $20 tip I said, I really wanted to try the Resort Vista Rooms He said those are bigger and looked at the tip and said “but this is..” so I said “how about I’ll give you another one” Then he said let me see what I can do. So we got the Resort Vista Room, I just had to give him $40. Alright, let’s go I’m excited Do you see these? Hey, this is really nice Is this a strip view? With our $6 water Britney Spears Key They have her everywhere oh my gosh Oh my god, look at this! oh my god This is facing the strip, I can see Mandalay Bay from here Wow There is this little bar The sofa Oh, look at that This is great! Oh wow You can see the whole City Center Building! This is not bad at all The remodeled ultra resort vista room felt very modern and it was a pleasure eating in the room with a view. I really appreciate the upgrade, but Planet
Hollywood remodeled their rooms and if you had to pay the actual asking prices, I think
the regular ultra hip room is where the best value is. Planet Hollywood is not known for their buffet
or their shows or their nightclubs, but you are
right across the street from the well known attractions and restaurants. And to finish your day, you can come back
to a lively environment to gamble and a modern room to rest in for a reasonable price. If you’re in Las Vegas to have fun on the
strip on a budget, Planet Hollywood is a great choice If this was helpful, I would appreciate a
thumbs up and thank you for watching!

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