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Freefly MOVI Cinema Robot – 3-Axis Stabilizer for Smartphones

Why would I review or look at yet
another iPhone stabilizer? Because this thing’s awesome You may be thinking great another
freaking iPhone stabilizer that’s what I thought.
When freefly contacted me they asked me if I would take a look at the movi this
cinema robot for an iPhone I was like man I got a smooth before I got a what
do I got a Jura I got all sorts of stuff I got so many the thing that interested
me was one it’s from free fly and these guys were kind of the dudes I’m the dude
who made stabilization really cool for cameras large-scale cameras and
everything else so they really know the technology and – this is a completely
different design than what I was used to so I said yeah I send it to me I open up
the package and wow this is really different let’s take a look at this
thing well looks cool comes in a cool package
see what we got here get the app watch tutorials that’s where you get support
cool charging cord there’s the unit itself it’s got a
quarter twenty screw on the bottom it sits upright which is great not like any
other stabilizer it has a locking that turns it on and off whole pile the
buttons that we’re gonna look at charging buttons on off a couple of
button presses record button this looks cool let’s see what we got here let’s go
to the app store and search for mony and there’s movi your cinema robot let’s get
it and I’m done and there’s a movie out I guess I should open it welcome to your
movi your cinema robot basic mode and ninja mode I haven’t touched this thing
so I’ll probably go with basic mode alright before I get any further I’m
going to hit see this message up here in the top left it tells me there’s an
update for the robot so I’m gonna go there and what it’s telling me is I have
a firmware update available which is awesome so includes new features such as
white balance settings and a ton of user interface improvements firmware is up to
date let’s take a look at this unit now and
go over some of its features before we actually go out and do some some
shooting and see if this thing holds up to what they say it is
we got the app and huh you know I didn’t go watch the tutorials I just went in
and ran the app and decided to update the firmware which is always a smart
thing now we’re here on the website at tutorials there are quite a
few tutorials and I love that they’re thirty seconds or a minute long how to
balance it how to set different modes how to set things up
these are awesome I’m really I’m impressed with the ease of which these
tutorials are done and how simple it is we’re gonna go all through these things
cuz hey my tutorials are longer and I like to talk more so well I spend 30
seconds when you can spend three minutes going over a single feature okay that
was a joke anyway there’s the website for these guys you can always go here
and find out what’s going on obviously they have a support area and again these
are the guys that I mean it’s mowie these are the guys that just change the
entire world with their stabilization systems alright let’s go back to the
movie itself okay as I said this is quite a different design it’s not like
any other gimbal for your phone that you’ve seen let’s just cover this on the
front here this is where your phone attaches a very strong clout it’s made
out of I think it’s plastic but I’m not sure it’s pretty darn sturdy I’ve
dropped this a few times no problem whatsoever on the front here this is
your record button you press this action it you hold this thing like this by the
way and then there’s a trigger button right here where you can basically do
things like you can move over here and set a beginning points you can move over
here set an ending point and the cinema robot will obey your commands the way
you activate this thing is you can just open this thing up like this and that
basically turns it on you put it on standby like that
and you’re done over here we have what they call it D pad it does various
functions depending on what you’re doing for instance this middle button will
lock the exposure that you’ve currently setting like you do when you hold down
on your iPhone this will flip back and forth between your back facing and your
front facing camera once you lock the exposure you can increase or decrease
the exposure without unlocking it which is really nice instead of that stupid
little light bulb that you see on the phone also that quarter-twenty as I was
talking about is really ingenious I have this mounted on a quick-release plate I
can just pop this off here and go use it you can go set it down you’ll see later
in the video all the really cool things about that lastly one of the cool things
is on a lot of these Gimbels right here on a lot of Gimbels you’ll see them they
at there you there’s a handle and you hold them and then you mount them on to
something or you mount them onto a tripod or a boom pole or whatever if you
want to change the batteries you have to stop the unit unscrew it pull off the
batteries all that this uses lithium ion batteries and right in here is the
battery compartment there’s your – I believe it’s 18 760 batteries so you buy
some extra batteries for this thing you just flop the batteries out although
this gets quite a lot of hours now let’s take a look at how you would mount your
phone on this unit mounting your phone in here is quite easy you just want to
make sure the lens is up over here it has these little handles that you push
and open up and you just slide your iPhone in there you just mount it this
way I have an iPhone 8 it’s with a case on another small case if you get much
more than that I’ll give you the dimensions on this you’re you’re gonna
have a problem so make sure you check size your phone or whatever you’re using
in this thing and you just release and it locks it in now the way to balance
this thing is you don’t want it doing it’s quite simple you just slide it back
and forth until it kind of hangs there yeah as long as it stays like that like
that maybe just a little bit more that stays that direction that stays that
direction stays where you put it you’re pretty much good to go you’ve now you’re
done balancing press the power button unit powers up and it’s ready to go the
green tells me that it’s on this is the power level of the unit when I want to
put it in standby mode I simply twist this guy over here you’ll see it go to a
blue light it’s in a power saving mode it’s just gonna blink the blue light and
to bring it back to life you simply undock this guy and it’s back
and ready to go now you could use this like this with your movie app it’ll work
it’ll turn it’ll do everything the real power in this unit is using the movi app
so let’s go to the mobi app and it will connect via bluetooth there it is
connected handling this like this this is not hard I mean this is really light
and easy I can put it here I can put it up here I could hold my hand out the
best is usually keeping it within you and using your body moving around that
kind of works you can also hold this thing like this you just hold it like
this and they’re gonna get some smoother shots you walk around like this and you
just put two hands on it which is neat or you just put your hand below as a
rest you just do that again the cool thing is being able to set this down on
a surface or being able to mount it on the bottom with that quarter-twenty down
here now if you lock the tilt and roll it’s just gonna stay put it’s not gonna
roll there’s no roll there if I let the roll off unlock it now I’m gonna roll
I’m gonna be able to roll the camera now the cool thing about this is you can
set this to roll and you could just start filming and just keep rolling and
rolling and rolling and rolling around and get these cool shots
those are cool to do by hand but it’s way better to use the barrel roll
another cool thing is I have this monopod here it’s just a cheap I don’t
know 15 20 dollar monopod I know it’s sturdy I can just plug it into this
quarter 20 here right turn the unit on now I have the monopod and I can use
that for my shots if I drop all these down um
way whoa I’m way up I got a good 15 20 feet you use this thing start doing some
of these overhead shots where you’re pulling the thing up doing like that or
you lock the lock the tilt on this thing and you can come down like this and do
these beautiful almost like jib shots I’ll show you one of those right now
just for purposes of demonstration I have this thing loaded onto this it’s
got to be about an eight foot monopod and I can just pull this thing up just
using my monopod which is kind of nice overall I’m really happy with this unit
it’s built well it handles well I wish I had more actual roll for you it’s been
raining and crazy up here in a Pacific Northwest and I haven’t been able to get
outside sorry about that in the meantime I’ll do another video
when I can actually get outside and it isn’t raining and pouring for weeks now
and do some actual shooting with this I really recommend this over all the other
stabilizers that I’ve used I haven’t used the little pocket Osmo thing or
whatever that is so I don’t know but as far as all the other stabilizers I love
this thing I love the ease the lightness of the grip I love the features I love
that the firmware updates they have coming which they wouldn’t share with me
they’re gonna add even more features to this thing I really like this thing I
highly recommend it and there will be links below to the various features and
the various things I’ve talked in this video including this unit here I
hope that helps thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time umm way whoa


  1. Kevin - The Basic Filmmaker Author

    WHOA! $30 off until end of Feb here!! Yes, works with Android. Phone support is listed here: Very surprised by this smartphone stabilizer from Freefly Systems, the Movi Cinema Robot. Leave your questions, thoughts or comments below. I answer EVERYTHING – 20,965 comments and counting! 🙂

  2. Roderick Willis Author

    Why don't they make these for Android phones ? It seems they're cutting out a huge potential market of people that don't or wont use an iPhone

  3. WORTH IT OR NOT? Author

    Really like the new style of this stabilizer. Any issues with your iPhone 7 + ( I assume) built in stabilization countering your gimbals movements ?

  4. The Wilder-side Author

    Do you need to shoot with movi app or can you use filmac pro or the moment app? You mentioned this is like your fifth phone gimbal. What was your favorite before this one? And why do you like this one better? Thanks..

  5. DaveCVideo Author

    The challenge with those is for shooting Facebook Live footage since they want to be snooty and not allow Horizontal video for recording. Looks like quite a few pro level options you can use. Thanks!

  6. Steve smith Author

    I've got it. I love it. I also have the moment lens system with my Samsung note 9 and it along with Filmic Pro app and it really makes for a really great video system.

  7. Julian Author

    What a brilliant channel! I found it around a week ago and I can't stop watching your videos! Thank you and Great job!

    But I have a question:
    As mobilephone cameras are getting better and better, have you ever thought about doin a series with tips and tricks for Mobile Videography? Aditionally you could test Gadgeds like the Moment Lenses and evaluate if they are any good and share some Filmmaker Tricks with them?

  8. Best 14 Author
    A silent short film. I used HTC X9 phone to shoot this film and edited in KINEMASTER. Please watch and comment your great advise.


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