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Frozen 2 | Official Trailer 2

Far away, as north as we can go, once stood an enchanted forest. LITTLE ANNA:
You’ve seen an enchanted forest? KING AGNARR:
Yes, it was a magical place, but something went wrong. Since then, no one can get in or out. LITTLE ANNA:
Woah, Papa, that was epic. ♪♪ ELSA:
What would I do without you? ANNA:
You’ll always have me. ANNA:
Has Elsa seemed weird to you? KRISTOFF:
She seems like Elsa. ELSA:
There’s this voice. ANNA:
Voice? What does that mean? ELSA:
Head for the cliffs! OLAF:
I’m gonna blow! KRISTOFF:
I got you. PABBIE:
The kingdom is not safe. PABBIE:
Find who is calling to you. They may have answers. ANNA:
I’m going with you. ELSA:
Anna, no. ANNA:
Excuse me, I climbed the North Mountains, survived a frozen heart, and saved you from
my ex-boyfriend. So, you know, I’m coming. OLAF:
That’s normal. OLAF:
Where are we? [Gasping] MATTIAS:
How did you get in the forest? ELSA:
The mist parted for us. YELANA:
Impossible! MATTIAS:
Where did you learn magic? ♪♪ ANNA:
Elsa, get out of there! ELSA:
You can’t just follow me into fire. ANNA:
Then don’t run into fire! ALL:
[Screaming] PABBIE:
Magic is very alluring. Without you, she may lose herself to it. MATTIAS:
Protect Arendelle at all costs! ANNA:
I believe in you Elsa, more than anyone, or anything. ♪♪ OLAF:
Quick question, is the whole “putting us in mortal danger”
gonna be a regular thing? OLAF:


  1. Takirah Best Author

    Plot twist Anna is the cause of the fire cause she can't control her powers, cause she doesn't even know she has them because the trolls took away ANY memory of magic…. remember the director said her powers was love and we we're all like yea yea whatever✌… But in one of the trailers it shows Elsa surrounded by fire but it's shaped like a heart…..😅

  2. Jordyn Nexus Author

    Well at least they didn’t spoil the big reveal, we won’t find out that their parents are still alive and giving birth to baby Tarzan across the seas until the movie comes out 😂

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