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Funniest Star Cinema ‘BFF’ Scenes

Hey, hey, hey, guys, and gals, beshie, sizzums, bro, and BFF! It’s your special day because today’s video is all about you! The person we can always lean on in both sadness and happiness! We’ve listed down all the super supportive BFFs from our Star Cinema movies! Let’s go! The first one in the list for today is Arci’s super fun best friend but wait, I don’t mean Arci Munoz but Arci Taulava! Together they starred in 2016 comedy blockbuster hit, “The Super Parental Guardians”! Oh, the late Arci. My god, what kind of executive assistant are you? You’re 2 hours late and we’ve been stalling for you! Did you hit your head this morning? That’s why you decided to wear that? But Madam, didn’t you teach me to dress for the occasion? Anyway, what’s the occasion? Ribbon-cutting! That’s why I’m dressed like one! The only thing missing is the cutter! Don’t you like it, Madam? And why did you even bring these people? Hey, introduce yourselves to Madam, quick! Madam, I am Kath. Kathryn Bernardo? Ah, no Madam. Kath… Kat-tunying Taberna! Hi, my name is Liza! Liza Soberano? Liza Delima. And my name is Nadine. Nadine Lustre? Nadine Munoka! Can you please just do your job, Ariel Ciriaco! Ma’am, Arci. Just call me Arci. Arci Munoz? Arci Taulava! But I’m from Munoz, so that will do. So, you see? Witty! In times of fun, they’re always there! In times of need, you can expect them to be there as well. They really are friendship goals! Sardines is all we have but you gave them away? But I didn’t give them our sardines! Huh, what did you give them then? Porkchop! Oh, so when it comes to guys, you give them pork chops. Then you leave the sardines for us?! But sardines are great. They’re good for the skin! Oh really? Then give them all to me! Hey, are you still going to Korea? Hmm? Maybe I could leave before the year ends. I’m still fixing my documents and I’m preparing my portfolio. Anyway, it really is your dream to go there, right? Yeah, It’s been my dream since I studied in CEU. CEU? Yes, CEU. I enrolled there! Hello, I was a socialite! Centro Escolar University?! Yes! I don’t believe you! Do you know their hymn? Of course. Well, sing it then! I know that! Sarah Geronimo sang it! I don’t believe it! Yes! “CEU, my love for you, CEU” No, that’s “Sa Iyo”. Eh, that’s called CEU. You all should stop! Samnida! Samnida! Mnida-eh-eh chaka chaka! Eh, eh! Chaka chaka! Eh, eh! Approve! Samnida! Samnida! Chaka chaka eh eh! Ariel? Ariel Ciriaco? Who are you? I’m… I’m Sarah! Sarah Nabati! Sarah!!!!! Sarah! How are you? I’m okay! How have you been? What are you doing here? I just got my visa! Korean visa! You see? I’m leaving at the end of the year! Wow, that’s great! It’s so nice to see you, OMG! Want me to stamp your forehead! I just got approved. You see? You know, you owe your godchildren so much! Huh? Where would my godchildren come from? Uhm, mine? Who else is there? Oh my god. I didn’t even know you had a uterus then you’ll tell me I have godchildren? How could you even forget that? Didn’t we promise each other? That we’ll be the godparent of each other’s kids! We even did a blood compact! Here, look! Now, look at yours! See that? Who came up with blood compact? Hey, why are you here? Awww, with a hug! Don’t lean in! What is that? I can feel it go deeper. Why is there blood? Blood! Oh my, she’s been stabbed in the back! Why is there a knife! Calm down! Call for help! Call someone! Get the phone! Quick! Call someone! Here, here, here! Call him! The knife, it might fall off! Don’t waste it! 9-1-1! I’m shaking! 9-1-1! 1-1! 1-1! 1-1? Hello? Emergency! Hello? Yes? Yes! What? You’re 50% off? Okay, wait. So, they have 50% off! What flavors do you want? Quick! With ham? Pepperoni? Pizza! Quick! What pizza do you want? Don’t waste their promo! Ham… Anything with ham! Anything with ham flavor! Hamburger! Do you have hamburger? Hamburger-flavored pizza! Yes! Willing to wait! Can you wait? Sarah?! What! It’s only 45 minu-
– Give me the phone! Hello, 911? Here in Sta. Mesa. I’ve been stabbed in the back. How long before you get here? Okay, never mind. Help! Help! Help! Quick! Sarah! Who did this to you, Sarah? Tell me! Who stabbed you, Sarah? Tell me! Sarah! Who did that to you? Sarah! My… my children. Take care of them. From those who killed you?! Take my children. Protect them… I will. I will take care of them! I swear… They will all get what they deserve. Sarah… Sarah! Sar- Sarah! Who are you? No, she’s not Sarah! But who is that? I don’t know! That could be Sararat! Where’s Sarah! Mom… Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! Sarah… Bro, is that Paco’s sister? Breaktime! Spaghetti! Boys, do you want spaghetti? Are you competing with me? Are you threatened? Bring it on! My spaghetti has sauce made with freshly-picked tomatoes from the high mountains of Italy. What about yours? My spaghetti has banana ketchup with antioxidants, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, with glutathione and silymarine extract, and ginkgo biloba-e! But wait, there’s more! Chicken lollipops made with bouncy fresh spring chicken deep fried in olive oil. It’s all that you have? Chicken lollipops? Like, what the heck? I have some dessert that I concocted. Concocted? Oh, yes. It’s coconut cream with glutinous rice balls and fresh ripe jackfruit! What are you even saying? That’s only ginataang bilo-bilo! It’s what people serve during holy week! Ew! So, corny! How dare you! How dare you dare me like a dairy cream! I’m not there. I’m here! Duh! Duh? I’ll smack the both of you. Are you two fighting again? What, no! We’re just kidding. This child is just so cute! Look, you’re all sweaty! Come on, let’s eat! Come here! Baby! Go eat. Boys, come on! Let’s eat quick. I’m sure you know who’s next in our list! The squad of my baby, your baby, and our baby Laida Magtalas from the “A Very Special Love” trilogy, None other than Zoila, John Rae, and Vincent. They’re the ones who witnessed Laida and Miggy through all the ups and downs of their relationship. They were there from the start! Awww! Five months. Six. Hmm, you really think she’d last that long? 6 days! Let’s eat! Umm, Is this your first job? Yup! Why here? Why not? Do you know who your boss will be? More than you think. So, you’re a stalker. What? No! So why do you have a picture of you together on your table? That was back in college. We interviewed him. He was so kind and allowed us to take pictures with him. You don’t know what you’re saying. What? You have no idea what you just got into. Of course, I know! Editorial assistant, right? Do you know what your life will be like in here? Yes. According to Ms. Violly, I’ll handle the coordination and the content, then there’s the creative input that I will be reporting to Sir Miggy. That’s the problem, you’ll always have to face Miggy. What? Isn’t that a good thing? That man doesn’t have a heart. That’s why no one stays with Mon the Demon! Hey, but what about you guys? We have needs. I’ll stay because I believe in the Miggy that I know. Just believe that there’s goodness in him. I pity him. Pity? What pity? With his attitude, I’m surprised Ma’am Diane even loved him. Oh no, she doesn’t love him. And how do you know that? Because if she truly loved Sir Miggy, no matter how many wrongs he’s done, she’ll forgive him. What? Like a martyr? So, what? Isn’t that what we all turn into when we love? You’ll accept everything about him. You’ll give everything you can. Because you love him. If you love someone, you love them. No buts, no ifs. No matter what. Even though he yells at you all the time? Yes. Even though he treats you like a slave? Yes. Even though he doesn’t appreciate all the things you do for him? Yes. Oh, Good morning, Sir! Hey, guys. You should all come! Actually, I’m not sure if I could make it. You have to. You’re the godfather! Most especially you, Zoila, you should go. What’s the occasion? They’re the friends who fully support you while you fantasize about your crush until you end up together! Isn’t that cute? He’s gone. You can eat now. Don’t be so coy! Last, but definitely not the least! As Ina said, “This really, really is it, is it” best friend. None other than… Rowena from the “Tanging Ina” films! Trick or treat! Six, son, I’m sorry. I thought it was Trick or Treat… turns out it’s retreat. Sixto, is that your mom? Oh, no. My mom works in Hongkong! Are you sure? I’m sure. Do you know the feeling that even when you raised them, you fed them, they’re still not happy. Just be grateful, best friend! Just look at the bright side – a lot of them have jobs now. At least you don’t have to work that much. I’m grateful because my children are all hardworking. And I believe in the saying “A hardworking child grows up tired.” And also you, BF. No problem can bring you down! Oh, best friend. I also believe in the saying, “The woman that can’t be toppled over, is a former bus conductor.” Oh, is that right? Maybe, going back to school is not the solution. Maybe getting a decent job is what will make them proud of me. Best friend! It’s Madam! She’s here! Let’s ask for a picture! Oh my god, no. I’m shy. Don’t be! Let’s go! No, I don’t want to! I’m not even dressed! Okay, don’t you want to have your ID picture with Madam? I do want that. Well, let’s go! She’s gone! You’re so slow! Quick! Quick! Take a picture! Take it from below! I can’t see anything! Let’s wake her up! I got cold so I used Madam’s jacket. Hey, what happened? What happened? Why are you all so tired? Okay, go. You two should rest. Okay, Madam. It’s Madam!
It’s Madam! Hey, did you see Madam? Yes, she’s already there. Quick! Quick! Madam! Let us pass! We need to take a picture! What’s that? Get down! I did not kill anybody! My best friend is not a pig! Best friend, are your hands tied? No. What are you two even saying? You’re not allowed to go near the president that easy! You call that near? That was two steps and you call that near?! And you’re overreacting! We’re just asking for a picture! Here’s the camera! Stop it you two! I said you can’t! This will be the last time. Do not ever do that again. Do you understand? There. And this is where our video ends! Do you have any favorite Star Cinema BFFs? Just comment below! Did you like the video? Then, give it a thumbs up! Don’t forget to spread the good news with your friends and subscribe to Star Cinema!


  1. MJ Buringot Author

    bat ganito mga films sa picture pa lng halatang wlang budget…wlang cinematography.. sa sound wala din. as in parang gumawa lng ng skit ung director tas ginamitan ng camera phone at ni cast ung mga sikat para kahit papano kumita..tsk tsk

  2. AltheaKhaye DelaCruz Author

    Gan da pakyot ka heno kumain ka Jan .ng pizza at ako young anak ninya no at may. Mommy at aleksa vulyera at malande ka


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