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Galaxy Note9: How to trace over a picture with the S Pen

How to trace over a picture with the S Pen. Launch the PENUP app. Select ‘Drawing’. Load an image from the Gallery. Adjust the opacity… …now you can start tracing over the image. Hide image. Done? Just save and post.


  1. 21minute Author

    I'm already using this on my Note9. Now you need to improve on your Note app. We should be able to mix/layer typed letters and written stuff by the S Pen together, not have them seperated by sections.

  2. Michael Owen Author

    Heroshield has the anti-spy and the anti-glare screen protector for Samsung galaxy series(note 9,note 8,s9 plus,s9,s8 plus,s8),and their price is very reasonable. what's more, it belongs only to Heroshield, Nobody else does :

  3. Critique Truth Author

    Wonderful unique inbuilt feature. Samsung software rocks! Absolutely amazing for creative work. Why this video look different. Is it recorded in 18:9 ratio.

  4. LJ Cruz Author

    As a note user, I really want to learn to draw. I love arts. I am inspired to all people who are very professional in drawing, I want to be like them. 😊


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